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Fight for what's right!

Updated on March 26, 2011

Fight for What's right!

Body image, obesity, disease, death
It is not easy for so many to be at their ideal weight and to maintain it if they get there.
I see so many people of various ages who are noticeably over-weight here in North America.
I ask myself why this is. I put a lot of thought into it and have come up with several answers, many of which people have talked about over the years, but I have a solution which some people will not like, whatsoever. However, I ask that you read this in its entirety and think about what I have written.

Walk around town and the malls, near schools and fast food restaurants, what do you see? Overweight children and adults, of all sexes, races and heights.
Obesity starts at a young age, we are bombarded by adds everywhere for fast food and junk food and for movies and video games. These things are always advertised. So people eat junk and sit around enjoying their entertainment. In schools, exercise is not pushed or mandatory as it once was.
We need a revolution here in North America, a revolution unlike we have ever seen, and it needs to occur NOW. We need a war, an all out assault on unhealthy eating and sit down entertainment before our children die before their time because of obesity.
Now I must also add that the fault does not only lie with fast food, junk food or movies and video games, but the fault also lies with parents who do not take a firm hand in child rearing and who do not say no to the things which are bad for their children.
So here is what I propose that our governments do:
1) Increase taxes on:
                a) Fast food
                b) Junk food
                c) Video games
                f) Alcohol
And anything else which is unhealthy, and decrease taxes on those things which are healthy, including healthy and fresh foods, gym memberships, bicycles, exercise equipment etc.
In addition, one other thing which must be done is in schools is to make gym class and health classes mandatory and to ONLY serve healthy foods in the school cafeterias.

We are living in an age of laziness, an age where people want everything now, including their meals and sit down in their homes having electronic media entertain them. Remember, walking costs you nothing, get out and walk.
Adults need to be the example of healthy living. I do understand that some people have health issues where they can not exercise, but they can still eat healthy and do something physical.
Lets push our governments to implement what I have proposed. This is our life, these are our children. We have the right to fight for us and to force the hand of our political leaders to do the right thing, after all, we hired them, and they work for us. Let’s fight for what’s right!


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