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Fighting Cancer with Diet

Updated on March 4, 2013
Veggies | Source
Corn salad with tomatoes
Corn salad with tomatoes | Source

I happen to be very interested in health and nutrition. I read vegan books all the time, because after delving deeply into books, websites, studies, and classes about nutrition and diet, I feel and believe strongly in Dr. McDougall's program as the best and healthiest in the world.

Dr. McDougall promotes a low-fat whole plant foods vegan diet. His website is very thorough and I highly recommend it as a completely free starting point and resource. He is a board-certified internal general practitioner, extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and diet, and a very good writer. He has written plenty of books which I've recommended to others regularly over the years.

During my ongoing quest to learn more about diet and nutrition, I have also read books about cancer and nutrition, and I have attended symposiums about cancer and nutrition led by doctors and nutritionists. These symposiums were put on by the Physicians' Committe for Responsible Medicine. They were aimed at medical students and nutritionists or dietitians who would receive credit. The doctors would present studies and a variety of people who held different or similar beliefs would speak and give opinions about what the data meant. I found the symposiums to be conducted with the utmost integrity and the data discussed with incredible and rigorous scrutiny.

I want to share some of the best books I've read about cancer and nutrition and also the information I've gleaned from the symposiums, because sadly this information isn't well-known among the general public. The books I'm going to review I've found to be life-changing and contain very helpful advice for anyone battling cancer or taking care of someone battling cancer.

Now, I am not a doctor, nor am I a nutritionist. I am a regular person who is interested in health who holds the belief that it's possible for regular people like you and me to get to the bottom of things if we want to. After reading Dr. McDougall's books and other books and websites, attending symposiums and even a "Taste of Health" educational cruise, I've come to realize that a lot of my previous notions about health and nutrition were not backed up by actual science, medical studies, or even common sense and logic. Since I have learned more than the average person about various diseases and how diets affect disease, I think it's important to share this information with everyone.

Cherries help fight cancer by helping cancer cells commit suicide.  Source: the book Anti-Cancer (see resources below).
Cherries help fight cancer by helping cancer cells commit suicide. Source: the book Anti-Cancer (see resources below). | Source

The Science Says Plants

To prevent and fight cancer, get plant foods into your diet and take out the animal products and added fats like butter, margarine, and oils. Don't consider them "healthy fats." Healthy fats have to do with the overall ratio of fats in your body. When you start eating plant foods and take out meat (beef, chicken, fish, rabbit, duck, all seafood, etc.) and animal products (cheese, dairy, milk, eggs, and processed foods with those products in them) ~ your ratio of fats will be healthy.

There are some plant foods that work especially hard against cancer. These are the colorful fruits and vegetables. The color is key. Dark greens, bright oranges, deep reds and purples, dark blue... all those colors are helpful for your body. They have chemicals and nutrients in them that fight cancer deep inside and keep your immune system strong. Taking out the meat and dairy and eggs is also key though. That added protein and fat changes your immune system and weakens it.

Great Resources

The Cancer's Survivor Guide is a book co-written by the founder of PCRM, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Along with The China Study and Anti-Cancer, it talks about the science behind nutrition and its effects on cancer. All three books come to the same conclusions ~ remove the animal products and add in the plant kingdom for better health and to slow cancer growth.

Another inspiring book is called A Race for Life, by Ruth Heidrich, PhD. She is a cancer survivor and ironwoman athlete who credits the plant kingdom for not only helping to save her life but for helping her to thrive. She has another book called Senior Fitness, which is full of information about a vegan lifestyle and disease prevention and reversal.

And the last book I like to recommend is called The Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall. It is not specifically about cancer prevention but it will assure you that not only is it perfectly healthy to base your diet around starches, it is the most natural and common diet in the world, and should prove to you that plant foods are what you should be eating.


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    • carozy profile image

      carozy 4 years ago from San Francisco

      Thank you vespawoolf. I'd like to get the word out about these books -- they're great and there seems to be a lot of anti-cancer power in plant foods.

    • vespawoolf profile image

      vespawoolf 4 years ago from Peru, South America

      Thank you for telling us about these informative books. I've also been reading about colorful fruits and vegetables and how flavonoids fight cancer and cure different health conditions. We have some unusual purple veggies here in Peru that are sad to have similar properties. Voted up!

    • carozy profile image

      carozy 4 years ago from San Francisco

      Thanks Emayordomo! Glad you liked it! :)

    • Emayordomo profile image

      Emayordomo 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      I will definitely start trying this! Great hub! I'll be sure to share with my friends and family as well! Thanks!