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Fighting Temptations

Updated on April 19, 2015

I refer to temptation as a woman but temptation can be anything...

Dressed to kill in her designer red heels, looking like natural sex appeal. She roams near the hottest spots in town catching the eye of every man. She enjoys the attention of “taken” men more so than a single man. The ones who were single are never good enough for her. Her purpose is never to love but to seduce the upright man into a downward position. This is how she gains her strength. By leading both men and women blindly into a mirage of lethal ecstasy. Only to leave her victims barren and void. She has no sympathy for the woman scorn nor the man without restraint. Temptation is her name, sabotage is her game.

She is no saint although she frequents the churches on Sunday mornings. She disturbs worship with her powerful scent, causing a mixture of good and evil to pollute the air and falling on whomever is most vulnerable. She raises her hands pretending to praise their GOD, while all along it is a ploy to get her next victim to notice her. She has accepted hell as her eternal place of residence and with this knowledge she destroys everything in her path; wishing they too be cursed to a lifetime of torment. Temptation is so strong.

Her desires come from a dark, evil, and desolate place. A place where some grown adults are afraid to venture to. There she devises her plans and tactics of seduction to see how much more flesh would fall for her. You see, there is no repercussion for her actions, this is her purpose. Temptation the tempest: whomever that lie with her shall forever be cursed. She preys on the vulnerable at heart. Sneaking around your home whenever you have an argument with your spouse. She lingers in your walk space at the supermarket pretending to be a customer while all along following you. When you go to check your Facebook page, she will be there, smiling and teasing with her false claims of happiness. Subliminally beckoning you to entice yourself, “Just one bite Adam, it won’t kill you,” she’ll say.

Temptation, although she looks sweet and innocent, is actually quite dangerous. She will lead you on for years only to leave you broken, cold hearted, tired, and alone. Then she’ll move on to her next victim, playing the same game with different souls. Next time you see her, let her know…love don’t live here anymore. Do not allow yourself to fall into diverse temptations, whatever it may be. What looks good to you isn’t always good for you. We have to learn how to control the urge to do what we know isn’t right. Giving in is always easy because it takes no effort, but fighting to maintain your integrity is real work. If you go around falling for every temptation on the market, how can you consider yourself strong?

When we are faced with temptation there will always be some way of escape. She never leaves you with one option. You can either indulge in her sinful nature or you can ignore her and run far away, knowing she means you no good. Temptation is never unappealing. She knows exactly what you like, and she knows exactly how to give you what you like. She is the most beautiful creature you may ever lay your eyes on, but I can assure you, inside she is as fowl as Satan himself. Ever heard the saying, “Everything that glitters ain’t gold?” This stands to be the perfect example for temptation.

All I can tell you is to be on guard. You never know when temptation will present itself, but when you see her you will know who she is. Don’t make eye contact with her, don’t even hold a conversation. The moment you give your attention to temptation, she has control. With her powers she will continue to reel you in, and before she sinks her teeth into your skin you’ll have the decision to either let her bite or rebuke her and flee. The choice is really up to you. Some people may enjoy the bite of temptation, accepting their fate. Others would have nothing to do with her or her evil ways. Our world and society are filled with these different individuals. Some who indulge in temptation, and some who don’t. They are our friends, our coworkers and colleagues. They are our idols and celebrities whom we praise and model after. Temptation is everywhere, you just have to learn to recognize her when she is staring you in your face. Learn how to deal with her and eventually she will leave you alone. Don’t get me wrong, she will always try to make you fall, temptation doesn’t give up so easily. The best bet is to know her devices, so you will be able to avoid the fall. The most foolish thing an individual can do is see temptation, know temptation, and fall for her anyway.

We all have things we indulge in. Be it chocolate, good food, or even an overpriced pair of heels…sometimes the urge is too much to handle and we give in. We call these innocent temptations. Keep in mind, everything isn’t always so simple and innocent. In life we are faced with real life or death situations and falling for the wrong temptation will cause you to lose your life. It may not be your physical life, but temptation can sabotage everything you have built in your life. Temptation does not give up so easily, it is a real fight that takes place to defeat that urge to indulge in what we know is wrong. However, I guarantee, the more you fight temptation the easier it will be to conquer it.

Live life, have fun, be encouraged, but most of all be beautiful! Recognize temptation for what it is and allow destiny to work itself out. Whatever your temptation is, fight it…you may fail a few times because, as I’ve said, temptation so strong. Just get back up and continue to fight or remove yourself from situations that enable you to become tempted in the first place! The choice is really up to you, I hope you choose wisely.

With Love


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