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Fighting Tooth Decay the Easy Way

Updated on September 10, 2013
Extreme decay caused by soda addiction
Extreme decay caused by soda addiction

By now. most people know about want causes cavities- the sugary foods and sticky ingredients that cling to your teeth causing bacteria and plaque. Both attack the enamel of the tooth and metabolize creating a nasty acid that etches off the protection layer. It causes inflammation and gum disease.

Sugar and the metabolized food create the acidity level in your mouth, which generally is around 7 pH. Drink a soft drink and it drops to 2.5 or about what vinegar is. The acidity eats away the enamel making the took prone to decay. Many will immediately brush their teeth but scrubbing actually makes it worse right after. The enamel becomes even more etched or scratched. The simply solution to remove the sugar off your teeth is to rinse with water right after. If you are unable to rinse water or mouthwash, wait 30 minutes to allow the pH level in your mouth to return to 7 and then brush.

Another thing you can to do is chew on string cheese because this will create a pH balance by the saliva and proteins that mitigate the acidity. You can drink wine and eat cheese also because the cheese mitigates the acidity of the wine. Of course, you can always chew sugarless gum to replace a toothbrush.

Dentists recommend brushing twice a day for a total of four minutes. If you are unable to, then brush before you go to bed and always rinse with water whenever you eat anything with sugar or sticky food.

A long time ago, I came to the same conclusion as a kid. Not sure how that happened, but it just seemed logical-that is, eat candy or drink soda and instead of it just allowing to stay on the the teeth or in the mouth, just rinse it with a glass of water. It works, I have had only a few cavities my whole life.


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