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Fight Stress with "Stress"

Updated on June 23, 2017

Are You Stressed?

Now a days, "stress" is one of the most popular words you will hear, from school, office at home ( specially with Mom and Dad lol! ) even kids know this word.

The statistics shows how stressed people are now a days. Being stressed up will not do any good to you and you might lead you to a worst situation.

Fight Stress with STRESS

That's why there are many articles written about how you will win over stress. If you haven't read one, or you wanted to try another way, here's a little tip for you :). Fight stress with STRESS!

S - Sit Back and Relax

1. S - Sit back and relax -Take a deep breath, get a good chair, couch or even in your bed, then sit back and relax. Grab a glass of your favorite ice cold drink (mine ice tea) to cool off your head.

T - Take a Walk

2. T - Take a walk -if you are stressed out, wear your super convenient soft rubber shoes and take a walk along your neighborhood wearing your "fit tracking" device to count how many walks you'll take and how many calories you'll burn the more miles you walked, the more calories you've burned the more stress you'll burned too.

R - Read a Good Book

3. R - Read - Instead of reading some stressful text messages and emails, why not try to read good vibes books! magazine with health and beauty tips, romantic novels and "Hub pages" :)!

E - Eat Your Favorite Comfort Food

4. E - Eat - Hmmmm, turn your stress to your fave food! open your fridge and cook whatever you like. Bake some yummy cupcakes and send some to your friendly neighbors.Spread love than stress.

S - Sing you Stress Out! S - Say a Little Prayer

. S - Sing - La,la,la,la,la,la,la! Sing your stress out! put on your mp3 tune in to your favorite song and sing while listening. Open your karaoke and make 100 points! listen and sing some of your favorite christian songs that will comfort your soul.

6. S - Say a little Prayer... is one of the best things you should do in times of stress. Just say a little prayer, open your heart to God, He's listening and be able to give you peace and comfort.

The next time you got stress, try to remember to fight stress with STRESS! have a stress free day :)


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    • Rhoda Jose profile image

      Rhoda Jose 9 months ago from Taytay,,Rizal

      Thank you Denise W. Anderson, It is also very effective for me to relieve stress listening to music. I can see your a person with a wonderful and caring heart. God bless you Denise :)

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 9 months ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      This is great acronym to remember when we are stressed! Relaxation is difficult to accomplish when we are so up tight we can't see straight. For me, it helps to put on some relaxing music, lay down, and close my eyes. As I listen to the music, the thoughts that are keeping me stressed just melt away.