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Fill Your Cup: Your Body Needs Sexual Intimacy

Updated on January 27, 2013

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis

Seek the Water
Seek the Water

Mode Of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology: Experiencing the Sacred Sexuality Encased in Water!

The problem is: lack of water: sexual intimacy! Your body craves water, not only in the consuming but in the immersing in it. Sure, you take showers or baths, whatever your preference, but in reality you bathe because of the necessity involved. Missing the ‘sensual case in point’ entirely, you unconsciously immerse yourself to fulfill a need.

The act of bathing is intended to be one of the most sensationally titillative captivating pleasures known to man. The sacred embodiment of bathing in water, in addition to the consumption thereof, is designed exclusively to indulge your body, mind, and emotions in an erotic self-serving pleasure filled experience, irreplaceably satisfying and rewarding.

You deprive yourself of the sensations so desperately needed to relieve stress, anxiety, negativity, exhaustion, including the over-all accumulation of self-defeating ‘psychic debris’ brought on throughout the day when you don’t take full advantage of the riveting physical fluid explosion. We all are aware that water is essential to all living things, most especially the human body!

I read somewhere, along time ago, that up to 60 percent of the human body is composed of water, and that as we age our cells grow less capable of procesing the osmosis invovled in distribution. With the brain needing 70 percent for its make-up and the lungs comprising 90 percent, I'd dare say that, as a living breathing human being, to function we probably need to drink water.

Aha! If We NEED water to breathe then how mcuh more enjoyable is the process of mere bathing? How interesting!

And, with 83 percent of our blood defined as water, we should, in all actuality, pay a little more attention to the vital essence of the role that water plays. Our blood does a lot of inconsequential things, like helping to digest our food, get rid of waste, and of course {no small matter} controling body temperature. Not that I need to emphasize how important that ‘tid bit’ of information is since our LIFE is mysteriously maintained in the blood!

Do you realize that on a daily basis we need to ingest at least 2.4 liters (that’s 2 2/3 quarts) of water, (some of it can come from foods, incidentally) in order to function optimally? What I’m saying is that you need, at least, that much water in order to establish and maintain your sense of well-being as an energetic sexually attractive enthusiastic vibrant lubricated human being!

In addition to your not drinking enough water, or taking the time to really soothe your body in the luxurious sensual feeling of water while bathing, when is the last time you walked in the rain for pure enjoyment? And, what about beach trips?

Do you allow the ocean of cosmic erotic pleasure to sweep over your body like an insatiable lover? [JUST listen to the deeply responsive infusing moaning groaning blissful sounds] Can you make love to the universe! Yeah. That’s right. I said, "Do you languish in the arms of the irresistible celestial fluid as it adoringly engulfs and envelops you?" Caressing and removing your every fear and woe?

I didn’t think so. The fact is: we overlook so many of life’s greatest sexual experiences because we have a preconceived idea of what something is supposed to be and HOW it is supposed to be. We are not willing to expand our consciousness enough to embrace the hypnotic wooingly enjoyable offerings made available because they are not specifically coming from a certain place or person, in a customary way.

Back to the essentials: “You simply don’t drink enough water.” I’m talking about pure, unsweetened, undoctored, unflavored, unadulterated water. You may think you hydrate yourself enough, but you don’t. You are like a parched desert.

Your body is in so much need of the soothing refreshing replenishing effects of cool, clear, H2O, you are growing older by the second. Not only are you depriving yourself of the life-sustaining benefits of drinking enough water, but, you are not submerging yourself “IN” the loving embrace of water long enough. Go get yourself a large glass of the clear mesmerizing jeweled fluid; 32 ounces at least, turn it up to your parched lips and begin to guzzle the life-sustaining liquid solution. Take your time.

Feel the sensual pleasure flowing down your throat, sliding from your tongue, dripping into the warm cavities of your body. Did you do it? Did you really, really feel it? If you did, you can openly say, “I have been penetrated by the loving cosmos in the most spectacular way!” Furthermore, because you have neglected to submerge your body in the wet angel liquid , your robotically invoked actions have become dominant.

Your words have grown ineffective. Somewhere along the deserted path, you have given your intriguing power and your heart-throbbing self away. It’s time to reconstruct. Drink up!

Water is the attracting magnet! You can no longer afford to be so negligent. Everything in your life is suffering from it. You’ve simply got to limber up, become more spontaneous and flexible. Only you know how bored and edgy you are. Restlessness has taken you to new heights; disinterest rules supreme.

You simply can’t concentrate, anymore. Familiarity has become a ‘bob-wired’ gate, and instead of you being able to experience the “veiled surprises’ in each moment, you are ready to detonate. You need and want to open up but can’t find the doorway. Nothing appeals to you. Have you noticed how biased you have become? Not as punctual, alert, attentive, aware or involved? What about how sluggish your movements are lately, even with the best of preparation?

Do I detect a hint of bitterness in your responses for the intrusion on and in your space for no apparent reason? More eager to blame another for your own ‘dry’ shortcomings, you take a subtle pleasure in (thinking yourself to be so right) relishing the position to tell someone else what is needed to be done in his/her life. You gossip way too much.

You complain more than is necessary. Your mind is filled with the material things you don’t have. You perceive yourself to be misunderstood wanting a close, intimate understanding relationship but are incapable of fulfilling your part of the bargain. You just don’t have it to give. You’re depleted.

YOU NEED WATER to sustain. It’s a natural born fact: when you have exhausted your own personal resources (in energy), you don’t have an ounce to give to someone else. You are simply dried up and of no benefit to anyone else, much less yourself. You need to drench yourself in water. Break open the floodgates in any way you can.

Get in the shower; turn it on FULL BLAST. Go to the pool. Purchase a waterfall for your home; listen to the sweet, sweet sound for hours. Do something to wake you sexually!

Stale emotions have turned you into to hard brittle sandspurs. You were not always this defensive and foreboding. People are afraid to be around you for fear of your spiking disposition. You snap off for no reason at all.

You really don’t know why you are miserable but you do know that you don’t like being this way. You want to do something about it but simply don’t know how or what to do. Drink water, lots and lots of water, until your eyes are floating. The negative energy state will begin to dissolve when you soak your body. Cry if you have to. Cry until you can cry no longer. Tears wash away resistance.

Give it, at least, 30 days to begin to feel the affect of positive re-enforcing balance. It’s up to you to work on what you perceive as unfulfilled, unsatisfied in your life but the resolve is backed-up in you like a bad case of constipation. You can’t do “anything” about “anything” until you see “Anything’ in a different way. You are looking into a stranger’s face, your OWN.

You are searching for usable authenticity. The ‘picture’ of your deepest desire continues to remain hidden from view. Water…thoroughly experience the life-imbued regenerating properties contained in water.

You will come to terms with the fact that you are sulking and whining because of your refusal to move beyond what has become so customary, safe and familiar. Fear has you lodged in. Fear of moving in the direction of your unexplored aspirations.

Embarrassment has you ‘hemmed in.’ You WILL dispense of the need for approval and the haunting threat of ridicule of what others may think of you if you pursue something so preciously utterly ridiculous. Somehow, you have convinced yourself of a secure type of existence in which you feel needed, but that false sense of identification has locked you into a sphere of reference with no possible room for growth. No good.

You must pierce the veil. A deep need to penetrate the counterfeit stays with you all the time but you won’t stop long enough to puncture the veil of pretension. A matter of ritualistic cleansing is called for to dislodge and remove the collected insecurities. These self-depreciating insecurities are associated with long held worn out ideas and notions that you are not in a position to get, do, and have what you truly desire. Not true!

Ingrained incapacitating thoughts need to be blasted away through a torrential process of cleansing, flooding them out with water. Drive those life-snatching thieves from thy temple…

In the process of cleansing, you will notice many unnerving emotions. Do not discount them. Allow them to surface. Deal with the embarrassing accusing feelings. “But, I can’t sing, write, act, run for public office, become the director of my own company.

I’m too old, fat, sick, ugly, uneducated, poor…” etc. Don’t judge or condemn yourself. The water will force you to see things in a more elevated perspective. If you follow this ‘soggy solution’ to its conclusion, you will see a difference in attitude and behavior. Why not start now? Get into your car and drive.

Drive somewhere, anywhere with no destination in mind; just go. Seek the water. (Wherever that may be.) Follow its persuasive resonance. Notice the signs along the route. {Especially, the billboards and license plates!} IF you decide to stop for some water, along the way, notice the ‘things’ relevant in your quest. What’s the name on the tag of the counter person? How does that relate to you? Don’t overlook anything!!! What’s the background music?

Pay attention to the first song that comes on in your radio AND the very last one when you return home. The next time you are drinking water after this, stop and seize your thoughts, feelings, and erotic sensations. Don’t worry, they are present; they may covered up, but they are still no less prevalent. These feelings are ‘creativity in motion.’

Do the same when you shower or bathe. With committed effort and diligence, and little fun, too you may be surprised with the refreshing and replenishing things you discover about yourself and your deepest needs. Fill your cup many times.

It’s such a sacredly expressive sensually soggily soaking exuberant physical/mental experience loaded with tender passionate affection!

Bathe in ecstasy!
Bathe in ecstasy!

Delving Deep

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    • Paula Andrea, MA profile imageAUTHOR

      Paula Andrea, MA 

      10 years ago from www.mode of cosmic


      Thanks for the comment! "Seek the water, always."


      Paula Andrea

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      So very true, God made water a vital componant to our bodies.


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