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Final push for the last quarter of 2011.

Updated on September 7, 2011

Little Update

Before I start getting serious with this post, I just want to acknowledge my dearest virtual friends in Hubpages that had asked of my disappearance for the past 3 months. Just an update, I was getting my website and local business up and running. Huge success! Also with Google screwing up with the algorithm and stuff, it wouldn’t be wise to be spending most of my time here. With that being said, hubpages is still my playground writing. It is still great platform for any writer to start their passion in writing (to those who tend to go away fairly quickly). Just don’t depend entirely on content farm websites.

The importance of the last quarter of a year

Okay ! Let us get started, motivated and goal-oriented. Before another completion cycle of 12 months of this beautiful 2011, looking back at the months that has gone by, we asked ourselves what we had achieved. Got an extra $ 5000 from your website or hubpages? That’s great. Found a few new ways of driving traffic? Even better. We are right now hovering towards the end of 2011. We have entered the starting of the final quarter of 2011. Time flies so fast, felt like it was just last week that I had posted my first post. Time flies so fast, happy moments are fleeting. You moaned when was the last time you had so much fun with your kids, families and friends. Although we mourned for lack of time, the great news about fleeting time is that, you are the “pilot”. You decide where you spent most of your time with.

Step up by following the steps

Sure there are multiple set of goals that we set at the beginning of the year. Loss weight, stop smoking, find the one soul mate. (The old general wish lists). It is okay if you dint make it. I set a goal that I will get my first paycheck from hubpages in 2 months joining. I dint hit that target. I got it after 4 months plus. Nonetheless, I still achieve it. What I am trying to scoop up from these ramblings is that, if you haven’t hit your target yet for this year. It is completely okay. What’s not okay is to give up and wait for another set of years to arrive. That’s wrong and a horrible way of setting goals. Here’s what I recommend you do, it will be very simple but hopefully sticky enough for you to take action:

  • Look at today’s date. Take a really good look at it. Not too long, time is fleeting away.
  • List down goals you set to achieve this year. Don’t list it much, I don’t want you to get depressed.
  • Done? Look at the list. There might be some you’ve completed and some you haven’t yet complete it. We’re going to focus on the not yet complete ones.
  • Okay, don’t dwell on reasons why you haven’t complete it yet. Instead, set a new timeline.
  • Be creative on how to execute it this time and make it simple. Go do it.

End your 2011 on a high

The summary of the bullet points above? I don’t need to hold your hand each step of the way. You are creative and unique enough to draw your own sketch life. What you need is a reality check, an awareness of the time that is fleeting. Lastly, get motivated to finish this year on a high. Motivation is just like taking a shower. You need to have it daily to keep you appear fresh and lively. How ironic.


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    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 6 years ago from Escondido, CA

      Inspirational Tweetmom. Just right for my mood right now, and odd that was my purpose for my day off today, besides laundry - smile.