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Finally, we will know exactly fat cheeses offer

Updated on July 28, 2016

Often fat is the nutrient most consulted on food labeling and for cheese, the proportion can vary considerably, but so far, this information was not correct.

Until recently, regulations stated that the cheeses should declare its percentage of fat in dry matter, that is, everything that was not water, but it may underestimate the proportion of the nutrient they provide. Finally, the OCU tells us that we know exactly the total fat cheeses.

Things have changed and from now on, the cheeses must consider not only the percentage of fat in the dry matter but also, in its aqueous portion, providing a clearer and more accurate information about lipid intake.

If until now escogíamos based on the percentage of fat our

cheeses, we will be surprised when these values ​​are changed, but know that eventually will know exactly how much fat cheeses provide and therefore, how much of this nutrient enters your body with its consumption.

Good news that reveals a failure to hidden and unknown moment for many, thanks to successive claims of the OCU, today it is resolved in favor of the consumer.


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