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The Power within

Updated on May 29, 2013

Recently I met Life Coach *Jennifer Powers. She recently established The Portland Powerhouse (PPH) located in 1125 SE Division St. #208 Portland OR 97202. At first I couldn't understand what was the purpose of PPH. I thought they were just a group of women trying to console lost or confused people. Then I realized it wasn't like that at all.

Jennifer actually has one workshop called Masterminding. I found out that with this workshop you can gain the following benefits:

- A safe and supportive environment

- You get new insights about how to deal with your problems from fellow mastermind participants.

- You get to share what you know with others and vice-versa. Thus getting more input.

- You will learn the sense of accountability. Your fellow members will hold you accountable to goals and actions set so you can say goodbye to unfinished projects.

Joining Portland Powerhouse actually opens your mind to finding the power within you. It is actually where you can relax and enjoy a place where personal and professional development. happen. You simply and actually connect to people personally. This is good old-fashioned coming together,sipping tea, learning about yourself and others through a variety of classes and services in a sweet, inviting atmosphere.

If you want to learn more about them you can find The Portland Powerhouse at www.portlandpowerhouse. Their facebook page is or better yet follow them in twitter at @pdxpowerhouse.

*Jennifer Powers, MA, is a certified professional coach, speaker, facilitator and a true believer in the human spirit! You can learn more about her in


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