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How to Find your Passion in Life

Updated on October 5, 2016

It can be as easy as taking that first sip of wine, tasting your first spaghetti bolognese, listening to Pavarotti or watching James Stewart master the big screen. It can be that easy to suddenly hear that mental click. To find the niche that makes your heart pound, your mouth water and your creative juices start to flow.

Like putting pen to paper the movement from experience to passion is a fluid one but also one that leaves an unending mark for all to see and sometimes to recall in the great halls of fame. How can one person find this in an instant is a question we all want to be answered. Where will my flash of inspiration come from if I haven’t already found it? Will it be on the next walk I take, the next song I hear or the next lover I kiss?

One thing is clear, it’s out there waiting to be discovered and all it takes is a little self-belief and a willingness to try something new or to at least open yourself up to the possibility that something out there fits your inner self like a glove.It can all happen in an instant or through the accumulation of experiences and memories gathered throughout a lifetime, but when it does happen it is truly a profound realization and one that evokes a greater cohesion and sense of ‘being’ than ever before known.

We all dream and we all the have the ability to see beyond the roads we currently walk along in life to the possibilities that lie ahead. We just need to allow ourselves to remove our inner blinkers. But how do we discover what it is that truly shapes our destiny? That’s the eternal question. Some of us find the answers as young children, others in the winter of life, when suddenly the clouds clear and everything is bright and shiny, forcing us to ask ourselves “how could I have never known that this was what I was created to do?”

One that thing we can do immediately to help remove those inner blinkers is to continually challenge ourselves; to repeatedly present ourselves with new flavours, experiences, personalities and opportunities. By constantly pushing our own boundaries we allow ourselves the ability to look beyond them and see what we are truly capable of.

The author and motivational speaker Doug Firebaugh once wrote “Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow” By opening ourselves up, taking chances and walking forward with an open heart, we take the steps necessary to discover our true destiny in life and the passion that drives us towards fully embracing it.


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