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Finding Balance through Meditation

Updated on December 27, 2012

Finding Balance through Meditation

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

There are so many meditation techniques; each one has a particular impact on our psyche and our subconscious mind. For some years I taught several techniques that for a layperson was helpful in establishing a daily routine that became a useful life skill.

The premise of the basic meditation was to establish a mental scene that was both safe and relaxing. It could be at the beach, in a forest or on top of a mountain, as long as it was a peaceful positive scene. Having established that in great detail the student then explores the scene, maps it and commits to memory. The second step was to create a ‘workroom’, a neutral place, separate from the scene where you can mentally work on both physical and emotional problems. This is more often looked at as a doctor’s surgery, a place of healing and the student undertakes this role. This slightly deeper meditation accesses the subconscious mind and can affect change on a more meaningful level.

In the workroom technology can be utilised, known or invented. For example I used a scanning device that scanned my entire body and revealed on a large screen any areas that needed work. I would then use an instrument to apply healing to the necessary areas. Also any emotional problems can be approached in a similar way. This simple mental process at that level can make some surprising accomplishments.

The more you practise this meditation, the quicker and easier it will be to remedy so many aspects of your life through calm and gentle positive attention. The following poem represents my original meditation, and it still rests in my mind as clear and as detailed as when I first created it. I hope this inspires you to consider a daily meditation like this. Only half an hour a day can keep you more balanced and healthy.


Tony DeLorger (20/08/06)

I hover above the crystal clear brook, as it bubbles and trickles over the moss-covered weathered stones,

The sibilant sound crisp and gloriously evolving beneath me.

I sit cross-legged, but relaxed, suspended and weightless.

Around me the forest is alive with life, birds darting, frogs and insects

Singing praises, abundant within the natural order.

The course barks, pine cones and seedpods textured against the greenery,

And periphery of this haven of life.

The scent of decaying matter strewn beneath the statuesque trees,

And the thriving transformations within it surge with vitality

And procreation.

To my left a railing stands in a small clearing not far away,

One that descends into the earth, beckoning me to my inner sanctum,

My workroom.

But for now I rest within my self and absorb.

Not far from the brook a friend awaits, hiding rather innocuously

Behind a pine trunk, waiting for me to attend.

She is excited and I can feel her need for play, her mane rhythmically swaying as she thrashes her head about and rubs her plaited horn against the rough bark.

Her deep blue eyes are flashing and she calls to me to chase her.

Then several multi-coloured butterflies dancing erratically waylay her,

Draw her attention and she is off, rearing up and gallivanting through the undergrowth, the blurred images of their flight taking her into their realm.

I feel the warmth of sunlight above me, shards of light somehow making Their way through the dense vine-covered canopy above,

Descending to the moist bed beneath like tiny spots of white,

Scattered about the floor.

Blooms, now with this encouragement, reach up yearningly

To capture a single shard, and hold it within its petals.

Here life is plentiful and complete, in perfect balance.


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