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Finding Flow: A Moment by Moment Adventure

Updated on June 18, 2013
Finding Flow We Become Like a Wizard
Finding Flow We Become Like a Wizard | Source

“Finding it is like finding playing …”

This article is about where I usually get my ideas for writing as much as it is about the recent insight I received.

Towards the end of my silent sitting meditation a while ago, I started to wonder why an insight to a topic hasn’t arrived yet. The response came immediately: the moment holds its own insights. Hmm.

My thoughts then wandered to wishing, I wish I could go on something like a sabbatical and just do nothing, i.e. relax and write about things that are important to me, the common thread in all I have written about.

The next insight came: No need for a vacation; the present moment and place is the perfect time and place. I didn’t have to go to the beach or the mountains for my soul searching.

Soul was found in every moment.

The Beauty of Not-Knowing

What was holding me back from flow or being in the zone was my expectation of how the moment should turn out instead. If only I could open to how Moment wants to reveal itself, then she will indeed reveal her secret. And the most recently revealed secret is that if I could flow with the present, moment by moment, indeed I will be in the zone. I will be in flow. Here and now I could experience what I was searching for in a sabbatical-like vacation: soul.

What is keeping me from experiencing the moment as an adventure is my preconceptions of things and expectations of how the moment should turn out. If I could shed those off, moment by moment, if I could let go of my ego identification (for example, the past me that I identify with) moment by moment, I will have the key to the moment’s magic: flow.

Going Back to Center

The usual day for most of us consists of being busy with so many tasks. Ideally, we should find some quiet time every day to go back to center to remind ourselves of our current priorities and lesson in progress, which for the next week for me seems to be flowing with the moment to discover its adventure.

Interestingly, each weekend’s sitting brings the life lesson that I need to assimilate the following week.

Soul Work and Magic: Living the Wizard’s Way

This article is only a glimpse of how we can be in the flow. A previous article, “Soul Work and Magic: Living the Wizard’s Way”, also mentions some other opportunities to be in the zone, such as sports and music.

“The Tao is not a thing but a way. Finding it is like playing. It is not a thing discovered but a process entered. Our awareness of it occurs as we move with it. Awareness of it is synonymous with entering it; the finding is the Way.” –Ray Grigg


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    • Quirinus profile image

      Queirdkus Ω Ibidem 4 years ago from Sitting on the Rug

      Appreciate your constructive critique, Eric. Thanks!

      My being constrained by time made for the brevity of the hub, which may have fostered its clarity.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Writing with clarity on a not so clear subject. Thank you.