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Finding Health Insurance That Fits You Life a Glove

Updated on August 18, 2012

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There May Be A Snag or Two Along the Way

All those Americans who are looking for health insurance, and have found out that there may be a deadline or you could get locked into an insurance policy that doesn't help you at all, have you run into any problems?

I am one of these people, and let me tell you the problems I have been having. I filled out an application with one of those organizations that helps you to find a policy that "fits you like a glove". They take some of your basic information, and then notify some of the companies that have policies that might suit you and give them you number. You then get calls, and I mean before I even finished the application, in the neighborhood of quite possibly hundreds, from people who tried signing me up with whatever they were selling, without even asking me what my needs were. The calls have not stopped, and it has been a week. I am no closer to getting insurance than when I started. One lady tried convincing me that her insurance company had a plan that paid 20% of all my doctors visits. What good is that? So if I go to the doctor and it cost me one hundred bucks, she pays twenty and leaves me with eighty? What a help.

When I told her that would not work, and was able to squeeze in the fact that I had a primary and was looking for a secondary insurance to fill in the gaps, she continued without hardly missing a beat, and telling me about the very same policy claimed that it now covered 50%. Did she think I wasn't listening a minute ago? When I told her that was not good enough, she said that she could work it to cover 80% but would have to have me talk to her supervisor, please hold......oh sure this is the company for me.

The calls were many and varied, but I stuck with it, taking each and every call for I figured if I didn't do something to figure out this maze of policies I was hearing about and looking at, I would never get what I needed. I got calls for policies that made me pay the first $300. , policies that made me pay nothing up front but pay the first 50% of each prescription and appointment cost. I got calls for policies that paid 60% straight across the board, and others that paid for doctors and prescriptions but no hospitalization. Others that paid hospitalization but not prescriptions. Then finally I got one that seemed perfect for me paying all but 15% but would not sign me up because I had health issues. DAH, that's why I need the insurance....!!!!!!

Now I am getting worried. I have talked to so many companies, and still have not found a secondary policy to pay for my prescriptions that I can afford. The very last call I got I ran down what I needed, briefly, and the woman did not say a word, and alls I heard was a loud click, and I am not sure if it just sounded loud because of my desperation.

This health care problem is being escalated due to the fact that these are not insurance companies interested really in finding a health insurance that fits you like a glove, like they advertise on the television, but because these people selling the policies are all working on commission, they are pushing the policies that are going to put the bacon on their table. They really aren't caring if you get the health care every American is entitled to, they are pushing their product, just like the rest of America.

I have researched this from a different angle, to find out that a lot of insurance companies begin their sales people at entry level and they get paid straight commission from their sales, and no residuals at this level. This means to me that unless they sell the product from this company, they do not eat. Let me quote to you from one of these agencies, from the sales persons point of view, and you will see more clearly what a good portion of the problem is::

I'm a newly licensed agent. I got a call from the owner of a local insurance agency that I had sent my resume to and he said he was interested in speaking to me about a job. He said he sells health insurance for individuals and groups and I would be focusing on individuals at first and then possibly move into group sales.

He pays only straight commission and the commissions would be stretched out over a twelve month period. I would not be eligible for residuals on my sales. The questions I need answered are; Is this standard for a small health insurance agency to offer only straight commission with no residual and if I was to work for this guy and get no residual income what would a fair commission be?

How is this person going to be able to sell me an insurance policy that is right for me, when this person is so stressed over selling as much and as fast as he can to feed his kids, that is all that is on his mind. You cannot convince me that if this problem is widespread and the normal way insurance companies sell policies, how are we going to be helped with our health care? The whole system is no good at all, and is only being kindled into a major forest fire by everyone's need to buy health insurance by a certain date.

When is this going to stop, and when will I be able to go to the dentist? How on earth is this going to work when no matter what this policy covers, I don't have the extra $20 a month to pay for it, because the government that should be paying for my health care, is taking all my disability check back, calling it an overpayment because there really was no cost of living increase the last three years, and I was given an increase. That was not my doing or my fault.

I am beginning to think that the capitalist system may not be a wonderful thing, and I am also considering and wondering how people not as educated as I am are going to be able to get their health care needs met. If a person has no income at all, like the homeless, how will they be able to see a doctor if I cannot get insurance how will they pay for insurance?

What appears on television to be simple, only call up and order your insurance now, is not simple at all. I have been trying for over a month to get this done and am further now than when I started. When I ask any of these agents if there is a no pay plan, they hang up in my ear. What happens to the very, very poor people, huh? We are not any closer to solving our health care issues, don't be fooled.


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