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Finding Love, Hey if You are Not Busy Come Along With Me and Find Love! Yahoo!!

Updated on May 11, 2014

A simple family gathering with about a 20th of us there.


Let us start with early morning.

I love mornings but they do not love me so much. You see I have this ten pound protuberance called a nose on most, a boulder best describes my faithful schnauzzola. It faithfull wakes up groggy and so that effects my whole head. Also I am not as young as I was 40 years ago -- I hope that is no shock. So it takes me some stretching and a hot cup of tea or coffee or two to get going. I am also very large by most non-American football standards. And I have been busted up a time or two so there are some aches and pains.

So here is the love, I do not fight through that period I take my time to work through it and notice it. I go outside and watch as stars fade (or if you like to sleep late - as the day warms) I idle, I do not force it into gear. This is one of the few times that my mind does not race around inside the old head. That will come soon enough. For now just go with that acknowledge that and be peaceful in that.

What has this to do with love you ask. Well let us deal with that right now. If you can stop and notice these moments in your life, and all the little details you can do that in someone else's life also. And if you can learn to love it in yourself you can learn to love it in another. And those are very important and sure fire ways to find love. Let us do it throughout our day off day.

Funny this day, you will see obstacles as interesting challenges.

Let us go into our bathroom

Try warm water first and then cold on your face and really take the time not to just do it but enjoy it. You gotta just love that face and it loves you and well it should just be a big old love fest. Move on to that teeth brushing the same way. Warm at first and then cold as she gets fresh. Don't just brush them say hello to each one (if you are me that should take only one minute as half are missing ;-) Really pay attention and slow down on each stroke.

If you can do this in a loving way for yourself you will start being happy immediately. Happy begets happy for sure. I read it somewhere. Now about those cupboards you are using. Stop hey whats that sound every body look whats going down. While you are at it look at the sink. How cool is that? These are just great "things" we have and they work generally very well to do what we want. Admire them, go ahead nobody else is looking. You are really lucky to have a private or in my case with wife and child, semi private bathroom.

Just think of this, I go hiking and carry everything I need for five days with me. Believe me there really is not the kitchen sink. We love the outdoors but mano o mano it makes you appreciate a shower and a sink and a cabinet when you get home.

So enjoy it in your home whatever or wherever that is. This sense of appreciation of the small stuff will help you to appreciate small stuff in someone else and that is essential for love. Especially that part about your face.

Waking up grumpy for about 3 minutes and then the fact that you are in the middle of the Grand Canyon sets in, and the coffee tastes oh so good.

Life is good and loving if we let it be.
Life is good and loving if we let it be. | Source
Having views like this helps put things in perspective.
Having views like this helps put things in perspective. | Source

I know just how important and busy you are, wow you are really getting it done.

But can you slow down just to find love?

See results

Today we DO something we like.

My boy and I love to garden together, and we are bad at vegetables but great at roses. But we are getting the hang of tomatoes and carrots and pumpkins -- go figure.

Just do what you like to do and take notice of why and what about it makes you like it so. It can be anything. I know guys and gals that like to wash and wax their cars, others who like to organize their closets or garage. My sister really likes to blast some music, smoke something alternative and clean the house in her bathing suit of less not more --- yikes! How about those cooks, how great for us?

But stop for a second and just examine what about it brings you happiness. Remember this is not about you but about you finding love. What about doing your thing makes you happy and love to do it. Not only look for that in someone else to make you happy and love/like them but learn to appreciate it in them for them. That is what we are talking about.

You see this whole thing about share interests is true but hogwash. My wife and I share our home and child as shared interests --- plenty good. Because we can look at each other and find that joy in what they do. We can share not in the interest but in the joy of the doing.

We all know this is over the top goofy --- but so is love so either join the party or go to bed alone.

You cannot get it from this article or from a book or even from another, it is an inside job.

Food and Grog

We are taking a midday over sunny day break and I write and the boy eats a trail mix of mine called gorp. It has peanuts and almonds and cashews in it along with raisins and M&Ms. I just stole out all the Cashews as he has already stolen out all the raisins and M&Ms. And yes it is healthy for you if you have been working and sweating out in the sun.

The point here is, is that we are having fun and taking our time and going after our favorites and sharing. Nothing fancy and actually he scavenged it from my backpack. We will have fruits and vegetables later for lunch. But we really enjoy it. So imagine yourself cooking up what you like. Spaghetti or salads are easy and you can make them just to your taste. The anticipation, the music, the glass of wine and the aroma. (when I am cooking I often put on a fry pan with olive oil, garlic and garlic salt, lemon juice and butter and heat it for no purpose other than the smell, really)

If I can make myself all giddy over cooking up what I want to eat, imagine the other two scenarios. Someone cooking for me or me cooking for someone else. How fun is that?

You thought Louis was sappy, this one is over the top. But it gets the point across.

The big trick!

When you love you do not need to go find it. It is already all around you, it is already finding you. Only real hard core identifiable ill people do not like to be around a person in love. Think of love as a space and place that is like a black hole just drawing things to it, things that will never be the same or even in the same space again. Love changes vision and hearing and taste and feeling and even smell. Love is so real it is nearly palpable.

Now please go out and infect the world.


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