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Finding Peace in a Time of Chaos

Updated on June 2, 2020

How do you find peace when the world we live in is in total and complete chaos right now? Ah-ha, a question I have been pondering over for days now. There are many ways to answer this question as we all have different outlooks on the world right now. Not the whole world is a horrible place, and there are things we can do to find the peace we are seeking.

As I sit outside and write, the butterflies flutter by and the birds’ sing, I am reminded that there is a sense of innocence left in the world. It is in this innocence that there lies not only a shred of peace but hopes as well. How can an animal or a child not bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart? They live their lives day by day and to the absolute fullest. So why can’t you? Is it because they don’t know what is happening in the news and media? Is it they don’t have to listen to hurtful words about themselves from those around them? Did you ever think they do listen but ignore those words?

Children have faith and believe in themselves. They also have hearts of pure gold, all of these things until someone teaches them otherwise. What a world it would be if children were left unscathed by what society thinks is right and wrong.

So what does this mean for you? Does it mean you ignore everything going on in the world and those around you? No, of course not! I want you to try a little exercise. Try and live your life through the eyes of an innocent child or animal for one day and see what happens. Try this exercise because it may be very freeing for you.

The fact of the matter is there is always going to be news and media, and where they are hate and negativity will follow. As there will always be news and media, there will also always be hurtful and hateful people who say awful things to you so they can feel better about themselves. However, it is up to you to see how you let these occurrences affect your life. Once you try this exercise, come back and let me know how it made you feel. Did completing this task change your outlook at all?

Did you try the exercise?

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I have found there to be some activities that help me to find a sense of peace with everything going on. If you take just a few minutes out of your busy everyday life and look around you, or engage in one of these activities, it will make all the difference in your day to day living.

Take a Walk or Hike

Do you have a favorite hiking trail or walking path you love to visit? I think this must be my favorite activity! Taking a nice walk through nature and spending time to look at what surrounds you while you’re there is very refreshing. Have you ever noticed Mother Nature is a great teacher? All you have to do is be open to what she is trying to teach you.

While in nature, take time to listen. Listen to the birds sing, and the water flow from the nearby stream. Listen to the trees blow in the wind, and the dirt rustle as you take step after step venturing further into nature. Where does your path take you? Does it take you to a breathtaking view or a beautiful waterfall? Does it take you to a bench where you sit and think your best thoughts? It is here that you’ll find peace?

Step Outside

I love swinging in the hammock outside and listening to the birds while the sun is shining down on me. There is nothing more peaceful to me than this, and it brings all of your senses to life. I could stay here for hours and hours on end, especially with a good book!

As I swing, I watch the chipmunks run by me looking for the seeds which have fallen from the bird feeders. On their way back by me, their cheeks are full of seeds, all day they do this!

Then there’s the dragonfly, a unique creature indeed. When I stop the hammock from swinging, I’m delighted to have one land on my knee for a moment before flying off again. I find such magic in all of these creatures, and it is so calming to watch them. So I ask you to step out of the chaos for just one moment, take a deep breath, and see what else is around you. Go; see what else you can find as you step out into the great outdoors.

Time for You

What is it that gives you that good feeling inside? Is it giving to charity, visiting a neighbor, or maybe even just taking some much needed time for you? Today, make time for one of these things.

What makes you feel good?

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With so much hate and discontent in the world, you need to do something that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Not only that, but life is too short to get lost in the everyday hustle and bustle and not take time to enjoy it.

So as the world spins and the chaos continues, I hope you find peace. Maybe you will discover it in the path behind your home or a visit with a neighbor. Did you find it there? If not, do you remember your favorite chair you stuffed in the attic a few years ago because there was no room for it, there is your peace? Where ever it is, find it and hold on to it. Once you do, share how you found peace with the world. Maybe, just maybe, if everyone tries it, then the world will know and be at peace.

© 2020 Carissa Nason


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