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Finding Positivity in the Negative

Updated on June 6, 2017

Finding Light Through Darkness

2 years ago my Father passed away when it happened, it happened unexpectedly without prior warning. It’s unfortunate how such tragic events suddenly take place and really take you out of balance. The day he died I felt that I had it altogether what I didn’t know is that beneath the surface I was slowly withering away. There were times where I would force myself not to cry because I wanted to be strong as he always believed me to be. There were moments where I would get sudden flashbacks of all the happy childhood moments I spent with him and then the tears wouldn’t stop streaming down my face. No one prepares you for that moment, for the death of a family member, a parent, a loved one.

After my father’s death I was no longer the same person. I guess you could say I was stronger in some sense but definitely not the same. Year 1 wasn’t particularly easy I had trouble sleeping, eating, and just functioning as a normal human being. Stress affected me more than usual. Year 2 has been a bit easier even though I think of him often I don’t think of him as often as before. His death made me realize how short life is, how we can’t leave life to chance. His death took my breathe away and yet bred a new life in me. One minute we are here the next minute we are gone. We truly need to cherish everyday as if it were our last though I know that is often difficult with all the stress that we experience in our everyday lives. Always try to find something positive out of a negative experience maybe that experience happened to guide you towards a better path. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.

We must always remember to tell our loved ones how much we love them because we don’t know which moment will be their last.

Always remember that self-care is important as well whether that be eating a favorite meal, spending time with a loved one or friend, engaging in a hobby, or just reading a book.


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