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Finding True Freedom

Updated on August 8, 2016
the silent stillness of peace
the silent stillness of peace

Freedom beckons

even the most untroubled heart,

for tis freedom within

that is expressed outwardly,

but an unencumbered soul is no easy feat,

as we are the grand collectors

of the ever tipping scales of experience.

And who among us can be so clean,

as to not carry a whisper of past,

not feel those fears that taught us,

those loves that beguiled us

and those possibilities that ended wrongly;

for we are the sum of all we have been,

and if freedom we do not find,

then we amass burden.

Freedom within is a serene understanding,

that time is the evolving of souls,

in learning not hoarding extremes,

and when we release the past,

whether seen as good or bad,

we renew life and freedom indeed

releases us from outmoded thought,

and expectation.

The past is a shadow, nothing more,

it may exist in our mind,

but in reality only a reflection of who we once were,

not at all related to now,

and in that, why would we invest our time in a ghost,

a memory of sensual intensity

now dust on a once relevant wind.


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