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Finding Your Primitive Mind to Elude Mental Manipulation

Updated on December 22, 2010

Taking Control of your Instinctual Mind

      While undergoing a particularly vigorous "beaming session", I discovered the part of my consciousness which feels afraid/gets angry.  I found that it resembles a reptilian creature buried deep within the subconscious.  Furthermore, I could directly control this part of my mind to avoid becoming stressed-out/angry.  No matter what subliminal/bad subconscious thought I had, I could command this "animal self" to neither run nor lash out - keeping me from experiencing any panic attacks. 

     It looks like a translucent, very small reptilian.  All you have to do is keep it from running away or lashing out.  This I labeled my "anger/fear center".  When my ears rang, I would see this portion of my mind.  It is as though FINDING this portion of the self enabled me to control it.  Just today, I was getting "beamed" at a movie.  I looked deep back inside my mind and visualized this creature.  I asked myself the following questions:  "Does my Lizard run away? No!"  then I asked: "does this lizard lash out?  No."  This way, I was down in my Subconscious mind and keeping my animal self "non-responsive".  Down here, you don't see the subliminal/electronic stimuli very clearly.  Usually, the images become weak and undefined, short-circuiting any emotional response.  It takes a lot of focusing while listening to the "Slower Frequency", not the ee-ee-ee!(maddening frequency) to do this. 

       It doesn't matter WHAT you are doing, focus deep down into the self to find this image.   Maintaining your composure is the goal of this session.  Your mind is under attack and deserves your FULL ATTENTION.  Convert the rapid ee-ee-ee!  into longer and longer electronic syllables.  Combine this with delving into your "anger/fear center".  It may look like something else for you, but imagining it as a reptilian creature seems to really help FIND YOUR FEAR/ANGER RESPONSE CENTER.  This is all that matters:  That this imagined creature does not react to anything.  With your focus here, it is SO MUCH EASIER TO CONTROL YOUR BASE EMOTIONS.  You've discovered your "button" and denied access of any disturbing thought whatsoever TO IT.  From this position, you can stop ANY STRESSFUL THOUGHT FROM SETTING YOU OFF. 

     Like I said, this demands your FULL ATTENTION.  You might be watching television with your friends/loved ones and you'll miss what is happening because you are down inside yourself controlling all fear and anger.  That is O.K. because otherwise you might "lose your head", which is very dangerous in this day and age.  This perceived portion of your mind corresponds to your brainstem/amygdala.  You can probably locate OTHER parts of your mind this way.  I've yet to discover them, but you can bet I'll be working on this in the weeks to come. 

     These days, fear is being subliminally-transmitted through the media and OTHER MEANS to elicit very compliant people.  You feel too scared/angry to do much of anything.  It grows on you like an ever-increasing burden.  The more frightened/angry you become, the more it strengthens it's hold on your mind..........until you become non-functional or WORSE.  In an age of fear, we must control our primitive minds like a master controls an animal.  Upon finding this place, you will feel much more confident about being out in social situations.   You'll need fewer medications to PREVENT DISTURBING THOUGHTS BECAUSE YOU HAVE A HOLD ON YOUR FEAR/ANGER CENTER OF YOUR MIND!   



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