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Finding Your Way; Real Life Coaching for Real People: Living Love

Updated on February 21, 2019
Deborah Demander profile image

Deborah is a writer, healer, and teacher. Her goal is to help people live their best lives every day by sharing her joy and love of life.

Life Flows From Love


Love Energy

We all have inside of us an infinite supply of love energy. Whether you're in a relationship or not, whether you're happy or not, the truth remains, that each of us has a wellspring of love that runs deep and is never exhausted.

While the love energy inside you exists without end, it can be slowed and even completely blocked. Feelings of being completely alone, utterly abandoned, desolate, tired and drained arise when your internal energy is blocked.

You can learn to keep your heart energetically open and allow the love energy to continually flow through you. Then, you live love. You are being love.

Live Love


Living with an Open Heart

In this article, when referring to energy, this refers to an internal flow of your life force. This energy doesn't come from food or exercise or sleeping. It comes from deep inside.

To illustrate this type of internal energy, imagine that you've suffered a tremendous loss. Perhaps the death of a loved one or the end of a relationship. Think about how that feels.

You feel sad. You feel drained, tired and quiet. Your energy is low. Food doesn't help. Sleep doesn't help. In fact, all you want to do is sleep.

This state of low energy comes when your internal or heart energy is blocked. Now, imagine that you've fallen in love. You've just met someone who makes your heart sing. You can't eat or sleep (again) and you are full of energy, enthusiasm and excitement. Joie de Vivre. The joy of life. Your internal energy bubbles through you, enlivening you.

Hold onto the sensation of energy flowing through you. This feeling is living with an open heart. You are living love. You are being love.

Two Basic Emotions


Fear and Love

All human emotions come from one of two places. You come from a place of love, or you come from fear.

When you react to a situation or person, at the most basic level you are acting from love or fear.

If you are angry, hurt, jealous, mean, those emotions stem from the base feeling of fear. This blocks your internal love energy. Even if your blood is boiling and you feel energized with anger or rage, your heart is blocked. Fear blocks love.

If you act with kindness, patience, forgiveness, generosity, then you respond from love. When your actions are based on love, then your heart energy flows freely.

With the two basic emotions of love and fear, how do you remember to choose love in difficult circumstances. How do you keep the energetic aliveness flowing?

Be Love


Today, Be Love

Being love doesn't mean you have to go around hugging people and smiling and acting fake happy. True love, and being love is a deeper, quieter, gentler and more genuine expression of your heart energy.

Love doesn't need to be verbally spoken, when who you are is love and what you do is love. Share love, be love without saying a single word. Your energy and your motivation speak more loudly than your words.

Today, think about what motivates you in situations. Are you coming from love or fear? Notice how you feel when your energy is flowing freely and you are sharing love, kindness, compassion and peace with the people around you.

When your heart is open and you tap into the wellspring of love within you, you feel alive, vibrant and connected to everyone and everything around you. This is because we are all connected at a very deep level. Love energy connects us deeply while fear drives us apart and disconnects us from each other.

If you've been energetically blocked for a while, opening your heart and allowing your energy to flow may feel uncomfortable. It might feel vulnerable and scary. Remember, there is nothing to fear. Who you are is love. Breathe deeply, acknowledge your fear and remember that you are safe. You are love. You are connected.

Share the Love


Choose Love

Make a conscious choice to react to situations and people from a place of love. Before you head into your day, close your eyes and inhale deeply. Imagine opening your heart. As you exhale, consciously release anger, fear, frustration and any other heavy, fear based energy that might block your heart.

Inhale clear, fresh love energy. Exhale, releasing heavy, dark fearful energy. That's the first step to living love. Make a conscious decision to open your heart and choose love.

As you move through the day, decide to be love. You don't have to walk around hugging everyone. You don't have to like everyone. But, you can mentally wish for each person you meet to feel love. You can wish them all well. You can stop negative, harmful and hurtful thoughts. And you can speak kindly.

Today, open your heart. Be love. Allow the energy to flow through you. In those moments when you want to close your heart, take a deep breath. You are love. Choose love. Be love.

In this world, where so many have forgotten, you can remember love. It doesn't cost anything to offer love when someone is fearful. Choose an open heart and as you live love, you remind the world that there is a choice.

Today, there is nothing to fear. You are love.

Real Life Coaching for Real People

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Deborah Demander


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