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Finding Yourself And Your Future

Updated on January 17, 2012
Don't live your life like you're on a round-about.
Don't live your life like you're on a round-about.

Self-discovery is a road we often find ourselves on. Unfortunately it is a road that appears due to negative circumstances.

Whoever wonders what they are doing when life is going well?

This self-discovery is often because of a death. Now this death doesn't have to be a person dying, it can be a relationship ending, a friendship ending, a forced change in career, a forced change in lifestyle and yes, a person’s death.

This road opens up not only because of the mistakes we've made but also the mistakes others have made with us. Regardless of the reason why this has happened we walk this journey alone.

Many people may try to help us and some will even try to hinder us but none of them can walk this road with us.

Life is a combination of the roads we take and the choices we make, the trust we give and the trust that is broken.

When life is good we don't question what we've been doing, that's just human nature.

Human nature also encompasses the fact that when things go wrong we do question ourselves, we try to understand why things went wrong and not necessarily how.

The questioning nature of humanity is an aspect we all share. “Why” and "how" are words representing the questions we have about ourselves and where we see ourselves in the present.

The faith we have in ourselves that we know right from wrong, good from bad and always care for others more than ourselves is rattled as we begin this journey of self-discovery.

Rarely is a self-discovery journey something that we choose rather it is a left turn on the road of life, a turn must take to restore the faith that we do have in ourselves, that we do know right from wrong and that we do know good from bad and that we do always care about others more than ourselves with the exception that if we don't take care of our self we won't be able to take care of others.

You can recognize when this left turn is coming when someone you care for begins to exert control over our own choices. Whether this person is an employer or a lover, when the decisions that affect our lives are taken out of our hands this turn is upon us.

The change of direction, the steps of self-discovery begin with a shove.

Remember the positive aspects of your life and the positive influence you've had on others as you begin this journey. The faith you had in your past life is the faith that will carry you forward into your new life as you begin to a better understanding of yourself.

I'm not speaking merely of religious faith but in the faith of your own humanity and of your capability to understand right from wrong and good from bad.

Remember you are capable of love and that you are loved, this may just not have been revealed to you yet. Or again.

You will find yourself. Just remember to keep moving forward.


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    • Jewels profile image

      Jewels 6 years ago from Australia

      Nice hub on the road less traveled. That road of self discovery is an amazing trip and a continual one. Underneath all that conditioning was me. By geez, are we amazing!