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Disabled and Going Back to Work? Here Are the Rules!

Updated on November 16, 2014

So Should You Tell Once Hired?

The answer is definitely yes! They get a tax break for hiring you. You can explain what accommodations you need, and you can see if they are willing, and most likely they will accommodate your diability. If they fire you right away, you can file a lawsuit through the ADA. You can also get help for free from an attorney as this is a very horrible thing for an employer to do once they know of your disability. There are many attorneys that would take your case as they would get a third of your pay for them firing you. But it is your responsibiilty to let them know of your disability to keep your job. The fact you are disabled doesn't mean that a company cannot get a great deal by hiring you. Many times your pay is lower because there are gaps in your employment so they offer you less money because of those gaps and again the tax credit. So don't be afraid to tell after you get the job.

American Disability Act (ADA)

Going to an expert in the American Disability Act, lead me to a great understanding what the act protected The act specifically covers the discrimination of a disabled person from being unable to get a job due to a disability. As long as reasonable accommodation can be made for you, your employer should be advised that you have a disability, but when do you tell your boss or the company? Certainly if you are in a wheelchair, are blind, or deaf, there is no need to tell them, because they can see. However, you may tell them how your visual disability would make you no different than other workers. But most disabiled people have hidden disabilities. So if you tell them before they hire you, then you may be passed over and not know you were discriminated against. The issue is would you want to work somewhere who did not want to support you working? I recommend you find advertisements for jobs which require the least amount of accommodation. Then during the interview, you can say you took a break in employment for parenting, to learn more, to experience travel, to invest in some time for personal growth, etc. You are not required to tell them unless the reasonable accommodation requires special equipment or a change in the description of the job. For example, if the job says you need to lift 20 lbs, and you can only lift 10 lbs, you may want to explain ask the person interviewing why you need to lift 20 lbs. If you come up with a way to fulfill that requirement without telling them.

Don't Get Bummed Out! Keep trying!

Do Your Homework on the Business Before the Interview

If you get an interview, don't go too early or be late. Look professional. Keep your listening ears on so that you can know what type of person they are wanting. Give yourself time to question a question they pose to you for extra time to gather your thoughts. Know when you were not liked. People simply form opinion of peope right away so if you don't get the job. Don't worry. You will eventually. It takes a month for every $10,000 a company spends on a salary for them to hire someone. The economy is down so looking for a job may be a time consuming activity. Work a little each day. If you get bored or bummed out that you aren't getting anywhere, you still have your social security check to cover you needs. This is better than some people who have nothing.

Appeal to the Interviewer that You Deserve a Job as much as any American!

Best Ways to Find a Job!

Finding a job through friends/family is the best way.
Why? Because the employer knows the people you know.
67% effective
Going To A Business
Going to a Business and Giving them a Resume is Great!
Instead of an impersonal email or letter, they see your are honestly looking. You become more than a name, you have a face!
Around 30% effective
Internet Websites
Yes this works...
It is only 15% effective!
Calling for a Job
Could work, but low end high turnover jobs are like this.
The least effective. You seem a bother on the phone.
Use your network!

Make Each Cover Letter Match the Employer Ad

So do your homework and write a cover letter to match the job description. Ask a recruiter for a cover letter example. Go to youtube and look at videos on making cover letters. Just don't be lazy and skip this cover letter. If you going on site to hand out resumes, get the email address of the HR Manager and send the cover letter and thank the staff that you met. Cover letters do matter as much as a resume.

Learn How to Write A Great Resume

Resume Tips for Gaps

For age discrimination, drop all age or years. Just put the years in the format of "5 Years" instead of a time period. Make sure you use very appealing graphics that set you apart. Go through all the tutorials on resume writing. Many Internet sites will try to sell you their expert on "resume writing" costing you hundreds of dollars. Don't pay just look and ask recruiters to see you the best example they have of a resume. I got a recruiter to do that for me, and that resume got me the job. I was out no money. Change your resume to reflect each position. A resume driven for the job excites recruiters and HR managers.

Summary - Tell Everyone!

Be bold, be happy, be enthusiatic, and keep that attitude until you find your dream job. Don't let others take the wind out of your wings. Find people who can edit your resume and cover letters. Let the information you get in an interview help you with the next interview. This is a process and the economy is bad. You may take six months to a year, but don't give up. Part-time jobs are great for disabled people. Self-employment is also a great way to work. (Please see my other hubpage on your disability status and earningsl) Look for other hubpages that help you motivated to get the job. As the movie "Jerry McQuire" showed the energy of the football player that would not give up. He said, "So me the money! You have something to offer the world. Please write me any comments. I know finding a job for a disabled person is harder as we have gaps in our resume, but there are many good traits you can highlight for your resume and cover letter that will set you apart! Happy Hunting!


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