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Finding hope in darkness

Updated on November 5, 2010


Holding on to our faith

It's been said that at the most darkest of times in our lives when all seems hopeless we seem to find our faith and spiritual ways and we are able to believe in the lord and ourselves and redirect the pain and sorrow we feel so we can truly heal. I am reminded of the wonderful poem "Footprints in the sand" which is very touching especially when the writer questions the lord why there was only one set of footprints at the most difficult times in her life and the lord replied that those were the times when he carried her. I literally had tears in my eyes when I read that.

Life is about living and experiencing and no one said our lives would be perfect. We all have to go through the ups and downs in our life and ride them out with a firm belief in God and in our own self and a strong faith and sense of hope that we will get through it and move forward. As we live our lives it seems the days pass quicker and the years fly by and the memories begin to fade. This is the sad reality of life as the aging process seems to catch up with us and as we begin to age we wonder how our youth seemingly passed us by and we find ourselves going from the innocence of our childhood to the world we live in now as adults. I always thought that as an adult life would be more settled and predictable.

The hardest part of growing up aside from losing our youthful innocence is learning to accept loss and things we have no control over. In our childhood we have many wonderful memories of visiting our grandparents and celebrating joyous occasions together. It is a sad part of life when we are confronted with the loss of a loved one and we usually are unprepared for it. I know when I learned of the passing of my grandparents it was very difficult emotionally and I had a really tough time with it as all I could think of were those wonderful times especially during the holidays when we would visit both my mom and dad's parents at Christmas time, Easter and Thanksgiving.

I now see it from my son's perspective as he and my dad had a wonderful relationship and they would enjoy each other's company as "Pop" would spend a Sunday at our house and help Matty with his legos and building the tallest skyscrapers as he would talk about his experiences in working on the Verrazano bridge, the World Trade Center and other New York City skyscrapers. My son always enjoyed when "Pop" would visit and it is sad not having him here with us. Matty understands but has a difficult time accepting it. We try to explain to him about life and death but it is a very difficult and emotionally charged subject and to try to explain it to an autistic child is more of a challenge as they struggle with change and are more sensitive to things.

The lessons to be learned in life are to always cherish the happy times we share with others and to always be strong throughout the difficult times and to respect and love our parents and all who come into our life and always be grateful for the gift of life. It is also very important to believe in a higher power and to be very devout in our faith and our devotion to God.

In my life I am very grateful for having such wonderful parents who always were there for us and gave us everything they could. It is sad that they had their struggles but they never lost sight of the importance of raising us and giving us every opportunity they possibly could. I am eternally grateful to them both and I will always cherish them and hold on to the precious memories of them in my heart.

I am also very grateful for having such a wonderful wife and son who make my life so much richer and a joy every waking day. Maria and I also wish to provide our son all the wonderful opportunities that our parents provided us and realize how blessed we are to have Matty in our life. We will do everything we can to give our son all the wonderful opportunities he deserves in his life and we will always stand by his side and teach him to always have faith and to have God in his life.

Edward D. Iannielli III

Footprints in the sand


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