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Finding inner peace and tranquility

Updated on July 24, 2010


Inner peace and tranquility

Life is passing us by so quickly and as we age we wonder where the time has gone. As a child it seemed like we had forever to live and adulthood was far far away. Now as an adult we measure the years through our children. I remember when my son was first born how amazed I was seeing him cradled in my wife's arms and how he was so delicate and tiny. I was so thrilled and nervous all at the same time. His years as a baby now seem to be a blur as it was very tense at times tending to his needs but it was also a pleasure. As I look back on those early days when my son was a baby I remember the crying, the feeding times, the change of diapers, the vaccinations and the things that made it all worth it which were his smiles, his "firsts" and when he said Da for the first time. I wish sometimes we could wind the clock back and go back to the times when our kids were babies as that was a wonderful time. It goes by too fast and by the time you start getting used to it they are now toddlers which takes a little getting used to especially when they start teething but in looking back I remember fondly.

I try to remember my times as a child so I can have insight into my son's development. I wish I could slow time down as it seems to go by in a flash as my little baby boy is now 11 years old. I find as our son gets older he seems to have fears and worries which we try to ease for him and just try to help him through. I kind of remember having those same feelings as a kid too. I try to encourage my son to have a good sense of things and a proper perspective of what life is all about. It is not easy trying to explain all the feelings we will go through and all the experiences we will have. I know that in our life we have to have a strong belief in ourselves and we have to have confidence, a feeling of acceptance, a feeling of being loved and an inner peace that helps us through life experiences.

I know from sensing my parents concerns in raising my sisters and I and from my own personal experiences in raising my son how stressful life can be. We must realize that we can not lose sight of the important things in our life. Family always comes first and we must always remember that our children learn from us so we have to provide a good example to them and provide a safe and nurturing home life for them filled with love, hope, encouragement and happiness. I always think back to that wonderful poem about what a child learns based upon their experiences.

I believe we all need a safe place to go when we feel overwhelmed and we need to find inner peace and tranquility to help us through those difficult times in life. I believe even children need to find that safe place so they too can find the inner peace and tranquility that is so important in their lives.

If I could offer my son valuable advice in life it would be to always maintain a sense of hope and confidence and to always find inner peace. I would also encourage him to try to find a talent and skill that will take him places and to always be positive and also learn to have an entrepreneurial spirit so he can rely on himself. Life can be difficult at times and it seems that we have to be able to rely on ourselves for our livelihood as employment and the job market seems to be changing in ways I am concerned about.

Edward D. Iannielli III


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    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 5 years ago from london

      An interesting article and shows sincerity. Great advice to your son. Very practical and a powerful topic.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 5 years ago from london

      An interesting article. It shows concern, which we all share, true. Still, your hub title is quite powerful. Draw us more to its Source and a reliance on Something Higher, which is perhaps what you are trying to do. A very sincere approach. Lift it a little. Much love.