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Finding the Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Updated on January 26, 2014

The Best Prices on Humanscale Chairs

Whether you are an executive or office worker or small business owner you owe it to your health and your spine to invest in the best ergonomic office chair for your body! If you work in front of a computer for long periods of time you need to invest in a quality ergonomic or orthopedic office chair. Sitting in one position for extended periods of time is actually very hard on the body. A high end ergonomic office chair offers the best solution for comfort and health for anyone who works on a computer.

Many spine injuries occur over time due to poor posture due to poorly designed office furniture.

Because I spend so many hours each day in front of the computer I decided it was worth my time to evaluate ergonomic office chairs. I began my research online of course! And what I discovered I am about to reveal to you.

But first I want you to know that it’s really hard to find a quality office chair at an Office Depot or a Staples. You need to search your city for Office Supply Companies. You’ll need to find the companies that supply office systems to large business in your community. These are the people that will have the high end quality chairs you need. Another way to find the chairs is to simply go to the manufacturers sites and see who the dealers are in your area.

Next you’ll need to do what I did. I gave the four chairs in this brief review a "Hands on Test Drive". You need to ask to evaluate the chair; see if you can take them home to see if they will truly work for you! This means taking it home and using it for a couple of days. Seems like a lot of work I know but it’s worth it. Because these chairs are in the $800 to $2,000 range and are typically sold by commissioned sales people this is actually much easier than you think. I had not problem getting 3 out of the 4 companies I’m reviewing to allow me to do this!

Buying a High End Ergonomic Office Chair is like buying an automobile in some respects. You really have to “test drive” them and see how they feel to you.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

The contoured back takes the pressure off you lower spine. Armrests slope downward for a more natural fit. The front edge of the seat takes the pressure off your thighs, but for me was a deal breaker as it just felt uncomfortable. The Aeron chair has a mesh fabric that allows your body to breathe so you don’t get hot spots like you will with foam chairs. This chair is designed to move as your move your body. And at first it felt okay but over time for me it just didn’t equate in comfort. As ergonomic office chairs go this is a good one, but it is truly an acquired taste, you’ll have to “test drive” it to see if it’s the right chair for you. I had this chair about a week and out of the 4 chairs I’m reviewing here I’d say it was #3. It is very well built and looks cool, but left me short on overall comfort. You can’t really know this until you use it awhile.

Knoll Life Chair

The Knoll Life Chair is not as high tech looking as the Herman Miller Aeron it actually feels pretty similar as it is designed to move as you move. The advantage is it did not give me the weird pressure feeling on the under side of my thighs. I actually really liked this chair. Unfortunately for me I was not able to get a long term evaluation. So my review is based on a short term trial in the showroom. One big downside to all the chairs I tried except for the BodyBilt was the back is not high enough to have a headrest feature which I find very helpful in my home office. This is a solid chair but nothing really makes it stand above the others I tested. This is the #4 chair of the 4 I tested. You could probably think of this as the Toyota Camry of High End Office Chairs as it is priced lower, but still offers a lot of nice features.

Humanscale Freedom Chair

While not the most expensive of the group this in my opinion is probably the best chair for the average person to own. From the moment I sat down this chair just felt fantastic! The Human Scale Freedom chair is good looking and available in a variety of configurations and colors. I just loved the way this chair felt. The only downside is I have a very long back and I just didn’t quite fit the headrest correctly. If I was 2” shorter in the back I would have bought this one for sure. Unfortunately these are a one size fits all proposition. But if this chair fits your body I think you’ll love it!

Bodybilt Ergonomic Chairs

I tried the 3509 Big and Tall Ergonomic Chair. This is the only ergonomic chair that is truly built for tall people, and while I’m not a skyscraper I do have a very long back. I evaluated this chair for a full week. It feels good but in a very heavy duty way. I liked the headrest and the large back area, but it didn’t move and twist and bend like an extension of my body. It was more like a chair for executives who lean back in the movies and tell people what to do. It is comfortable, but in the way that a Cadillac Escalade seat is comfortable. This was in fact the best choice for my body size wise, but not for movement.

So which ergonomic office chair did I buy? That is a great question! Do you think you know from the reviews above? Here is the answer! None of the above. While they are great chairs in their own right and I really liked the Human Scale Freedom Chair, I actually chose a chair that is not an office chair, but is incredibly ergonomic. It’s called a “Perfect Chair” zero gravity recliner. Yes it doesn’t move around, and wouldn’t work in a business office environment. But it is extremely comfortable! I purchased a custom furniture set up from Anthrocart and a 42” monitor extension arm. So I have a very elaborate high tech and fully customizable office environment. I also spent over $3,000 for these three items and I know that most people won’t or can’t do this, but that’s okay I just wanted you to know my experience.

The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chair
Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chair
Knoll Life Chair Ergonomic Office Chair
Knoll Life Chair Ergonomic Office Chair
Humanscale Freedom Ergonomic Office Chair
Humanscale Freedom Ergonomic Office Chair
Bodybilt 3509 Big and Tall Ergonomic Chair
Bodybilt 3509 Big and Tall Ergonomic Chair


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  • Stacy Draper profile image

    Stacy Draper 

    5 years ago

    So it looks like it's been 3 years. Can you take a picture of your office now or describe it. Would you believe it's taken me 4 years to realize that I don't like the Embody chair that much?

    I used to have a lazy boy recliner and sat in that thing for 16 hours or more in it at a time. Sometimes I'd even sleep in it. That was 25 years ago and I was a lot more resilient then. Your Perfect Chair took me back to those days and I thought Yeah! I have now idea how I'd set the up. I have 3 30 inch monitors and thinking about adding a 20something 1920x1080 above the whole mess so I can share my screen reasonably. So I'm ready to redo my home office.

    I'm kind of wondering if you lean all the way to zero gravity or do you lean up just a bit.

  • MikeNV profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago from Henderson, NV

    Fortunately for me the BodyBilt Rep was local and delivered and picked up the chair no cost to me. I was not on any kind of advertised "Free Trial". I found they representative, called him, told him my story and he agreed to provide the chair. I guess in this case I was lucky.

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    i got a call from a representative of Ergogenesis / BodyBilt chairs. Since it was a "free 30 day trial" and I have chronic back pain from two surgeries, I decided to try it. It would be worth the cost - approximately $1,200 if it helped. It didn't help. The chair was too large and bulky and weighed about 74 pounds. when i had to move it, it hurt my back. I also used the chair fitting video several times to make sure I had it in the correct position. I had great difficulty reaching some of the position levers. After three weeks, I realized that this chair was not for me. I contacted the rep and told him I wanted to return it. No problem or so they said. I had to pack the chair even though they kept telling me that UPS would do this & UPS said that they do not. The worst part was that I had not seen the phrase if you return the chair, they will pay for the return shipping but you have to pay the initial shipping charges. They have this clause buried in the Design & Try Restocking Fee which will be waived if you meet certain condition that I knew I would. The initial shipping charges for my chair were approximately $170 and would cost more the greater the shipping distance. The box is 27x29x48 and is not easy to repack and it took a lot of duct tape to go around it. Make sure that you read every word very carefully before you initial anything for a free trial from really isn't free if you need to retur it.

  • MikeNV profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Henderson, NV

    I really like the Human Scale Chairs. Every chair in this article I actually went and demo'd... actually I made arraignments to take them to my office for a couple of days. Most real business furniture distributors have loaner models. The Bodybilt rep lent me a loaner for a week... and he actually brought the chair to me. They are a pretty good company for customer service. It's a very nice chair. Herman Miller chairs are nice but they are an acquired taste... they cut a bit into my thighs which I didn't care for much. The other chairs including Knoll I went to local furniture/office supply dealers and made arraignments to demo in my office as well. I think most people that will buy them online - and Amazon has pretty good prices will know what they want before buying. Most will probably already have experience with them from their place of employment. I never worry about negative feedback because there are not perfect products. No matter how great there are always going to be people that don't like it. When I personally buy anything from Amazon I figure if about 80% of the reviews are 4 or 5 it's a very good product. Also a lot of times you'll see someone rate a product a 1 star then say how great it is... because they don't take the time to rate properly or don't understand the star rating at all. And to be honest again when it comes to my office equipment I will spend the money on a $1,000 chair because I spend as much time in it as I do my bed. I don't worry so much about "selling" as just providing good solid information and letting people make their own decisions. People want to buy quality and they will spend what they need to get the products they want. There is a market at every level. I tend to also write about products I own or have actually got real hands on experience with. All these chairs are of very high quality and adjustable in pretty much every way you would want. I just had a preference for the way the Human Scale chair fit my body.

  • SaiKit profile image


    8 years ago from Toronto

    hey Mike, I have recently been looking at Amazon as monetization. What do you think about the few feedbacks and negative feedback the more expensive products have? Do you find it harder to sell those as affiliate?

    For example, the Herman Aeron chair was something that I myself was looking at buying, but there were just few feedback and 1 negative, I am not sure if it's good to promote this product. Maybe products with tons of feedbacks are better? But they are cheaper

  • ClaudiaP profile image


    9 years ago from California

    Thanks for this info -it is definitely useful with so many people spending all day sitting in an office chair.

  • MikeNV profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Henderson, NV

    You can do a lot with a regular recliner and a cart with a monitor arm. Or the Dental Arms they use at the Dentists office that allow you to mount both a LCD and a Keyboard in the tray. Or you can elevate a recliner a few inches by building a base under it with a platform then mount a bar or table the pivots over the chair. There are not many commercial solutions, but a lot of ingenious ways to create your own. "Head Forward" postilion puts a ton of pressure on the discs and muscles in your neck and ultimately can cause so much damage that you may not be able to work. It's very important that you have an ergonomic work environment. I like the furniture from Anthro Cart, but there are many solutions.

  • Storytellersrus profile image


    9 years ago from Stepping past clutter

    I find that my neck is in an awkward position and I wind up having upper spine issues, lol. I always sit forward and lean into the computer screen, ugh. I have thought of getting one of those balls, which are supposed to help with the spine. But do they help with the neck as well? I am glad you made me think through all of this. I really do need to do something... that doesn't cost $3000, either. Thanks.


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