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Finding the Good Things in Life

Updated on February 2, 2017
Do you feel like life is a roller coaster, when all you'd really like is a nature walk?
Do you feel like life is a roller coaster, when all you'd really like is a nature walk?


Life. All of us have to go through it. So, we can either "deal with it" or we can enjoy it. From my point of view, enjoying it is the only way to do it. I've seen so many others who just force their way through life and only focus on the negative things. Or, with some people, it seems like all their focus is on the good things that happen to other people. Though even I am guilty of that sometimes, I have found that life is much more enjoyable when it is enjoyed!

So, none of us are getting older, and I'm sure that we all suffer from a very human-like attribute: Looking back at what we wished we hadn't done, or wished we could change, or wished would have happened differently. The way that I keep happiness the focus of my life is to look forward. Though we do need to learn from the past, we don't need to live in it. Don't let it consume you. Everyone has things in their past that they regret and that they wished would have happened differently, but guess what? They already happened. There's nothing you can do to change it now as much as you may like to.

Now, I am not suggesting that we disregard our past completely, because there are things that we can learn from it. If you find yourself dwelling on subjects that you are not happy about, instead of thinking about how wrong or sad or hurtful it was, try to find what you learned from that situation. Even from the darkest moments in my life I have found some very profound lessons. Though it is hard to see it at the time, there is always something that can be learned from every situation and person we come across.

Finding Happiness in Simple Things

My life is a complicated one, as I am sure yours is too. But, if you really think about it, isn't it simple too? The reason that our lives are complicated is because we make them so. Slow down and realize what you are doing with yourself. Can you remember what you did today? Do you remember who you talked to, and what you talked about? Are there any moments that you wish to keep in your memory forever? If not, maybe you need to rethink the way you are living. There have been far too many nights when I've thought back to what I did that day and couldn't remember anything. That most likely means that I probably didn't really converse with anyone and I certainly didn't do anything meaningful. How I regret those days. We only have so many. Can you and I really afford to waste them? Not really. We never know when our days will come to an end, and if we have the time to think about it, we'll most certainly wish that we had more time to do the things that we never took the time to do.

That said, don't "find" time. Make time. Spend time with your family, your friends, your pets, whatever makes you happy and doesn't harm you. In my opinion there is no reason to spend time on things that you "enjoy" but damage you and your relationships. Seriously, just stop and think about it for minute. Why waste your life that way?

So, dropping the things that cloud up our lives is a good step, but then what? I'll tell you what. Take time to notice the good things in life. Do you realize how amazing it is that we have this planet, our friends, our money, our education, plants, food, a warm bed to sleep in at night, the ability to use all your senses? There is so much that you have that someone else does not. Stop and smell the roses. For real. It will brighten your day.

One good bit of advice that I've heard about finding happiness is to de-clutter your life. When you are surrounded my meaningless things, there is no room for the happiness and joy and opportunities to get in. Don't bar them away. Go through your home, your office, your life. Find the things that are crowding your life and get rid of them. Create some room for you to breathe! I am really good at finding the good things in life, but even sitting here at my desk I can look around at this room and see dozens of things that I never use. Things that I've kept because I "might need them some day." I'm sure that from wherever you are sitting you can see some too. Seriously, think about it. Even though we love these things, we obviously have had some of them for quite a lot of time and we haven't needed them yet, so are we really ever going to need them? Now, when doing this think hard. If there are things that you are emotionally attached to for some reason, be careful. There have been some things that I've regretted getting rid of, but in general, I don't remember the things I parted with.

The Wrap Up

Hopefully this has helped you out a little. I am an optimistic person, and it is hard for me to see people who can't ever seem to be happy. Take a look at your life, and see where you can make room for happiness to come in. Believe me, it will. Pay attention to little details and beautiful things. Once you start to do this, watch out. You won't be able to stop and you'll start seeing life in a whole new way.


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    • profile image

      biplav 11 4 years ago

      Well written . It gives inspiration to depressed people , how to be happy .

    • profile image

      rimmy 5 years ago

      it is good meaningful words . i hope that it will be useful to our future life

    • profile image

      sunanda 5 years ago

      it was really good and meaningful.hope it will help me to lead my life in good way