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Finding Beauty In The Ability To Wait

Updated on January 28, 2017
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Ayonna is a Inspirational Author and Blogger who is passionate about serving others. She loves writing and serving as a Lyft driver.

Psalm 27:14 (NKJV) Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!

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Created with InstaQuote App

We want what we want when we want it, but if you received it when you wanted it do you think you would be ready? If you received it when you thought, you were ready to have it would you know how to treat it or what to do with it? We often think we are ready for something, but sometimes, we have more growing to do so we are ready to receive what is waiting for us. Everything happens in divine timing and when its meant to happen, and when we decide to make it happen on our own, we bring chaos and turmoil to our lives. Whenever we are instructed or led to wait on something, it’s the universe letting us know, it’s not ready for us or we are not ready for it. We have a hard time waiting and we may feel we deserve it, but the beauty happens in our ability to wait on the timing set by the universe.

What if you were praying for 1 million dollars and you put this out into the universe and you say: “if I were to receive 1 million dollars, I would give to the needy, pay off debt, travel and save the remainder.” I think the universe is waiting for us to show we are ready by our actions, because we intend to do all this when we receive the money. How are we blessing others now while we are waiting to receive? If you have a job and you are making money, you can show you are ready by giving from your little now! If we can’t give from the little we have, how can we give when we have much? Giving can also be in the form of time and service if you do not have money to give, but if we say we are waiting on 1 million dollars to do this, it will never come because we are not ready. We may think we are ready, but our soul knows when we are ready.

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Created with InstaQuote App

What if you were praying for a woman/man who was independent, supported you, treated you with respect and appreciated you? You are introduced to a woman/man of this caliber, but because of your past control and abuse issues, you are not ready to receive this blessing. When we have issues from our past and we have not taken the time to work on them, we will fall into the same relationship sequence. When we take the time for ourselves and heal we are ready to receive this supportive, independent, respected and appreciated partner. We are ready, because we have taken the time needed to become this type of partner ourselves. We may want this type of partner when we think we are ready, but the universe and our souls know we are not ready. When our souls are ready to receive, is when this will manifest in our lives, but we must be ready.

When we wait for the universe and divine timing, we can work on ourselves and heal from the issues we need to heal from. In the example of the money, if you have a hard time being financially responsible, your waiting period may be teaching you financial responsibility. In the example of the woman/man, if you have had a hard time with relationships, your waiting period may be teaching you to love yourself and heal. Maybe you witnessed abuse and control in your childhood relationships and have carried this into your own relationships. We need to heal from this past trauma and love ourselves so we don’t try to abuse or control the partner we are praying for.

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Created with InstaQuote App

Whatever the universe requires us to heal from, we must take this time and heal from it before we can receive and appreciate the blessing. When we allow ourselves to go outside of the universes divine timing, we create more trouble for ourselves than we need. Waiting can be a beautiful thing because waiting teaches us many things:

1) It teaches us patience and not only to wait patiently, but to have a good attitude while we wait on our blessings to manifest.

2) It teaches us how to be a good steward over everything in our lives, because we own nothing and everything we receive is a blessing to be treasured and not neglected.

3) It teaches us how to look inside ourselves to see where we have these old mindsets, ideas and beliefs which are keeping us from receiving from others and the universe.

4) It teaches us to enjoy and live our life while we are waiting for what we are praying for. Pursue your passions and go after your dreams, and patiently wait for all that is in store for you, because you deserve it.

The universe is not saying NO, the universe is saying WAIT! Work on yourself, heal from your childhood traumas and past relationship traumas. We unconsciously have ideas or beliefs ingrained in us from our childhood, we are not aware of and they are holding us back. If you have dealt with abuse in your childhood, unconsciously if you are not healed from this you will project this in your relationship. If you have dealt with poverty in your childhood, unconsciously you will spend everything you have not realizing this causes more poverty. You will wonder why it seems like you can never get ahead, but we have these beliefs and ideas regarding relationships and money which we need to heal from.

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Created with InstaQuote App

We have this inherent need to control, we want to control people and our situations when the only person or thing we can control is ourselves. It’s called self-control and not people control or thing control for this reason. When we learn self-control over ourselves we will no longer have a need to try and control someone else or our situations. Frustration only comes when we are trying to control something or someone which we have no control over. What has happened is we have lost control over ourselves and we are frustrated with ourselves and therefore we are frustrated with others. The way we learn self-control is to journey within ourselves, because the reason why we try to control others is because we don’t know who we are.

When you know who you are, you recognize the things you have power over and that’s everything within you! When you know who you are, you are able to have peace in your situations, because you know you can’t control the outcome. When you know who you are, you can patiently wait on the universe and the universes timing in every area of your life. When you know who you are, you can enjoy life and all it has to offer, because although you may not be completely satisfied with your current situation you find happiness in every circumstance. Your peace is no longer affected by outside circumstances, but by inner tranquility. When we are not peaceful we are frustrated and feel the need to have control over the outcome.

When we learn to get comfortable in waiting on what the universe has in store for us, we enjoy life, and when we wait we get the best of what the universe wants to give us. There is such a beauty in waiting on what the universe wants to provide for us, because sometimes we think we know what we want, but when we wait on the universe, the blessing is so much greater than we ever imagined.

© 2017 Ayonna Suttles


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