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Smoking vs Vaping

Updated on July 18, 2016

There are over 1,000 chemicals in one cigarette. Most of which are carcinogenic, poison, or harmful to your body. From Acetaldehyde to Nitric Oxide to Quiniline. Acetone destroys your kidneys and liver. Butyraldehyde damages the lining of your nose and lungs. Carbon Monoxide decreases the functioning of the heart and muscles. Nitric Oxide is connected to Asthma, Huntington's, Alzheimer's, and Parkingson's disease. Polonium is extremely radioactive. For those who smoke a pack a day, Polonium that is released from a tobacco cigarette is equivalent to 200 chest x-rays a year.

The only ingredient that E-cigs and cigarettes share is nicotine (the addictive stimulant). E-cigarettes only contain Glycerin (is to be found naturally in vegetables), Propylene Glycol (often used in asthma inhalers), and food grade flavoring which as you could imagine is used in many different foods.

Vaping does have its side effects. You may experience an irritation or cough in your airways or a resistance. Your heart rate and blood pressure can increase. If you are not use to vaping, you may also experience vomiting or nausea.

It goes without being said that YES smoking is bad for your body. It also is bad for the environment. It has the ability to make your house smell, along with your car. If you don't mind the smell of a stale cigarettes, then by all means, continue. But, maybe you prefer that nice new car smell to stick around.

E-cigarettes (Vaping), depending on the flavors you prefer, do not stick around in your home or car.

Smoking cigarettes causes a lot of litter in our world. On the streets. In the homes of a smoker. In yards. Everywhere. Just tossing that cigarette out the window not only leaves a disgusting mess, it also causes a fire hazard. In 2011 alone there was 90,000 fires that had been started by smoking. That is only 800 less than in 2010. These fires caused damages to properties and homes, civilian injuries, and deaths.

Compared to a continuously buying packs of cigarettes, purchasing an e-cig is cheaper. At the rate of tax increase, soon one pack will cost $10. If you are a pack-a-day person... You don't want to know how much you are spending a year... BUT LET ME TELL YOU THAT IT EQUALS ALMOST $3,000 A YEAR! Imagine how many New Car Air fresheners you could have purchased instead. Or maybe even a new car, with the savings.

One concerning aspect of the e-cigs, is that it is easier for the under aged to receive on their own. These are sold online, along with the coil, ejuice, and what ever else you need for them. Although, if you are the parent of a child ordering these, you would think that you would find a credit card bill with a suspicious order on it.

Which would you do?

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