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How Best to Take Care of Your Fingernails

Updated on January 31, 2016

Finger Nails Care Tips

Have you ever thought of how much your finger nails say about you? Many people realize the use of finger nails when it comes to their use. We tend to forget finger ail care is quite important and that for beauty purposes, well taken care of nails rises ones self esteem and gives self confidence when interacting with others. Below are some finger nail care tips that you can try out to give your nails a new lease of life.
Many skin care specialists will tell you that well taken care of finger nails adds beauty in your overall appearance. Achieving these looks requires that you put in a lot of work and time as well. Though people have different finger nail types, the process to manicure them tends to be universal. Some of these nail care tips are quite easy and can be done at the convenience of your sitting or bathroom after all, you deserve that inexpensive look.

Trimming Your Finger Nails

People have different types of nails; some have weak ones while others have strong types. Whether you love them long or short, the bottom line is you will need to cut or trim them and the best time is after taking a shower or just soak them. This process ensures they do not crack and you end up with them evenly trimmed. Additionally, it is easy to clean the underside with a clean piece of cloth when wet.

Finger Nail Cuticle Care

Cracked finger nail cuticles can be a nuisance especially for people who love to pocket most of the time. One of the basic finger nail care tip is to pushing back the cuticles. This needs to be done gently for those sensitive ones. In the event that yours are perched or cracked applying cuticle oil ensures you get a painless experience. If the dryness is chronic, you need to stock some of the oil and use every time you take a bath until they are moisturized. Once you develop the cuticle push back habit, you will achieve and keep beautiful nails.

Finger Nails Care Tools

If you are serious about keeping your finger nails neat, healthy and beautiful, using the correct tools is very critical. You need to have the right nail cutter that fits your size. The small one is ideal for the soft ones while the heavy duty ones are meant for tough finger nails.
Finger nail polish brushes are designed for different finger sizes and it is important to have an idea about your nail shape and size.
Cuticle pushers on the other hand come in different shapes and sizes and choosing the right one ensures you get the best experience when using them.

Finger Nail Care Costs

Depending on your budget you can opt to let your local beautician do the trimming, cleaning and cuticle pushing or you can do it in the privacy of your home. The tools used need to be sterilized or buy yours if you want to hire the services of a beautician as this ensures cleanliness among others.

Healthy Nails Benefits

Once you keep your fingernails well taken care of, you stand out from the crowds in terms of personality. Your self esteem rises and become more confident. It is also a good way of keeping away bacteria and germs that hide under the nails. It also increases your personal grooming levels. Last but not least, you save a lot in medical expenses associated with unhygienic and dirty fingernails.


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