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Finger Tip Revolution

Updated on November 2, 2016

FTR - Finger Tip Revolution

Have you ever heard of healing any ailments just by touch of your own fingers? Yes, the new holistic approach of healing diseases by means of touching fingers in a certain prescribed pattern is called as Finger Tip Revolution. This innovative holistic approach was first formulated by the Dr Balakrishnan.

Who is Dr Balakrishnan?

Dr. N. Balakrishnan is the founder and Chairman of the IIHCC [ International Integrated Holistic Cure Centre ]. People believe that he has the divine gift for curing diseases by means of this technique. His dream is to create a “suffering less” Society and to help people to get peace Of Mind and Prosperity.

Dr Balakrishnan, an engineer turned - homeopath.

I was planning to bring out this hub for a very vital reason. This hub would help people to find remedies for ailments just by using their fingers. It's a science It is not a magic but the best gift given by God to cure ourselves.

Dr Bala


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