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Tips for Fire Safety in The Home

Updated on January 9, 2016
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A Home


No One Should Perish In a Fire

By fire is one of the worst ways to vanish. People need to be more aware of the dangers that surround them. At home, you can’t afford to go to bed not knowing whether or not the keys to the storm doors are at each door in case of an emergency.

Every Home Should Be Fire Safety Equipped

Every home should be equipped with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and an emergency escape route in case of fire. If there is an upstairs and higher attached to a residence then there should especially be a comprehensive escape route in place. There should be front and rear exit ways on each floor level. There should at least be a five – ten pound fire extinguisher near each exit on each level meaning there should be two. There should be a folding latter at midway of each floor on higher levels of homes that have more than two thousand square ft. Fire safety is usually the last thing on the minds of people.

Fire Drills In The Home Should be Done Periodically

Fire drills in the home Fire drills in the home should be practiced at least three times a year. There should be an alarming device set up that everyone in a household will recognize as an emergency alert system. The device should be heard on each story of the home simultaneously. It creates a panic for someone to run through the house shouting “fire, fire” up and down stairs to alert people that still may not hear the shouting.

Children Are Always Curious About Fire

Children are always curious about fire. Children will always be curious as to what fire is, how it burns and if they can put it out after it starts. Speaking of children, when they see a cigarette lighter or matches lying around then they pick up one of the items to play with when the parent or adult is not around. A child playing with matches is the number one reason for residential fires.

Smoking Is Second Reason For Most Fires

Smoking in bed or careless smoking period is the number second reason for home fires. Negligence and unawareness contributes to a fatality that resulted after a fire. Smoke inhalation is what really overcomes a victim. Often times the fire doesn’t touch them. People must be cautious of burglar bars over windows and doors that may keep them locked in in case of a fire.

10 Steps To Fire Safety


Things to Know and Do In Case of Fire


  • check batteries monthly
  • change batteries when you change your clocks
  • place one at every floor, near stairwells, near bedrooms


  • make sure there are two exits out of every major room in the house
  • designate a meeting place to go to in case of emergency or fire


  • a closed bedroom door will keep out smoke and fire up to 20 minutes


  • when you hear or see the smoke alarm, roll out of bed, crawl under smoke
  • crawl outside to your meeting place




  • exit a door first
  • if door is HOT, do not open, find another exit, like another door or window as 2nd exit, climb out only if on first floor
  • if on 2nd floor or higher; blow a whistle, scream for help and wave a pillowcase or shirt for attention


  • feel the door first with back of your hand
  • if HOT, do not open; find another way out
  • if not hot, open door slowly and peek
  • if path is clear of fire and smoke, exit out


  • never go back in; go to your meeting place
  • tell a firefighter if someone is still inside

9. CALL 911

  • from your meeting place, determine if everyone is out off building, then call 911


  • run through your escape plan once a month;
  • then when you are comfortable with the plan; drill it once every 6 months

Battery Or Electrical Operated Smoke Alarms/Detectors


Mask In Bedroom Night Stand

Outside | Source

Winter 2015-16 Is Here

Let us be more aware, more alert and prepared!

Every Home Should Have Facemasks

As an extra safety precaution every bedroom in a home should store facemasks that cover the nose and mouth to prevent smoke inhalation in case of trying to escape fire and smoke. Children should be taught fire safety at a very early age. One important thing that children should know is that they cannot hide from fire, that fire will burn through anything like closets, through any door or under the bed. Children should not be allowed to think that they can escape fire that way.

These are just a few ideas that may be instituted. Some people may say that some of these items may be too costly but try to have some type of fire safety plan in place.

Fire Safety In Commercial And Public Places

At movie theatres or other public places it is better to be sure that there are not chains or locks on exit doors. If so, the keys are not nearly available in case of a fire or other emergency. You should be aware of exit signs. They guide you to safety from where you may be inside of a building. Exit signs should be lit at all times. The public cannot get enough of fire safety tips. Everything burns. It is too easy for something to catch fire when there is extreme heat in the atmosphere. Thank God that it is against regulations to pump gas while smoking a cigarette. How many times have you noticed a person thumbing a cigarette carelessly into the open air after being done smoking?

The prohibition of smoking really starts in the heart. The lungs were not made to withstand smoke. Fire and smoke are destroyers no matter how you look at them. Fire should only be used for a targeted purpose.

Fire is a Major Evil

At home, at work, at any public place, hotel or resort, always be aware of fire safety. To be overcome by fire is the worst of all evils. As a youngster I was involved in two fires; one that resulted in being burned out of my home and another of where I managed to save the same home after it was updated but this time, I retrieved the yard hose, by hooking it up and putting the fire out. Sixteen years later, my brother and I became firemen for over twenty years. i have been closely associated with people at an Illinois Burn Camp. It's usually sad to see the victims. My conclusion is: people are not taught enough about fire safety or its awareness.


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    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 2 years ago from USA

      Great tips for fire safety. I never even thought about having a face mask in each room. That's an excellent idea. In one of my homes, we had ladders that we could throw over the window to exit in case of a fire. When my kids were teenagers, they decided to "practice" their fire escape techniques on occasions when they wanted to sneak out to a forbidden teen party. :)

    • word55 profile image

      Word 3 years ago from Chicago

      Hello swilliams, You are very welcome. Many lives would be saved if only we are more cognizant of our surroundings, patient and careful as we do things. Thanks for stopping by *

    • profile image

      swilliams 3 years ago

      Thank you for this resourceful information! And Thank you for protecting lives of others. Being a fireman is a risky job. Continued Blessings! Voted up! And Tweeted Out!