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Fire the Doctor 7 (Flawed Medical Research)

Updated on March 11, 2011

Dr. John Ioannidis ......

....internationally recognized the foremost expert in assessing the credibility of medical research found that up to 90 percent of published medical information, relied on by doctors to determine a treatment, was misleading, exaggerated, and quite often flat wrong. Inaccuracy emerged consistently at every level, and began to paint the picture that most studies were biased. And what is more unsettling, if that is even possible, is that the medical community agrees with his assessment..

Uniquely positioned as an expert statistician, Ioannidis carefully assembled a team, which spent a decade delving into these problems prior to publishing his landmark paper. It found generally an imperfection in research techniques, and a tendency to focus on a novel approch rather than plausible theories. They found these scientific journals are strongly biased towards publishing the most novel claims and the lack of effective safeguards for filtering out inaccurate studies. Both theoretically and empirically, his research paper showed that 80 percent of non-randomized studies, 25 percent of the "gold-standard" trials, and nearly 10 percent of the "platinum-standard" trials were incorrectly executed. Of the 49 most highly regarded and cited research papers published in the past 13 years, 41% had later been disproved when they were tested, and 24% of which hadn't even been retested or brought up to date.

And, to no surprise, economics (the holy buck) is the underlying cause of most of the research inaccuracies. The successful scientific career will depend upon their research being funded and published. This conflict of interest, money versus accuracy, motivates scientists to pursue and produce results that will be funded rather than actually producing healing results.These scientist are more interested in career advancement. 

Worst of all are drug studies that are funded by pharmaceutical companies and commonly corrupted by a much stronger financial conflict of interest. Many medications (legal drugs) originally sold to the public as safe and effective were later found to be very dangerous and ineffective, and the patient would have been better off with alternative natural treatment.  Vioxx, Zelnorm, and Baycol all were taken off the market for safety concerns, and the anti-depressants Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil are now known to be no more effective than placebos.

Levine News:

3/3/2011 - F.D.A. ORDERS PRESCRIPTION COLD DRUGS PULLED FROM MARKET: The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday ordered that about 500 prescription drugs used to treat colds, coughs and allergies be removed from the market, saying that the medicines had never gone through a federal review of their safety and effectiveness. “We don’t know what’s in them, whether they work properly or how they are made,” Deborah M. Autor, the director of the office of compliance in the F.D.A.’s drug division, said in a telephone news conference on Wednesday morning.


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    • profile image

      Rose Chandler 5 years ago

      The body has a remarkable way of healing itself in so many cases.I believe we are better off just waiting out a lot of things. That is what I do. If I really need anything, I find that just one aspirin is suficient because inflamation is the cause of a lot of pains all over. I raised 5 kids and the number of times I took them to the Dr can be counted on my fingers. They are all well and do not get sick now and all are 34 and above. I have an adopted son with CP and his Dr told me to do him as I had mine and he would be better off.