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First Aid Help

Updated on September 5, 2014

Your First Aid Tips

Many individuals do not get themselves prepared for unforeseen situations like accidents and crisis involving a loved one, their children or ward. The fact that you are reading this article shows that you are a health care giver, parent, teacher or a stakeholder in health care business.

I will not waste much of your time and I promise to make this article as short and comprehensive as possible because I am aware of your urgent need for information as to giving first aid in this time of crisis.

First I will tell you here that whatever method I recommend here cannot be the final solution to the health situation on ground. So, after applying the appropriate method prescribed here and suitable for the type of problem at hand you still must consult your medical officer to prescribe and apply proper medical examination and diagnosis.

Now Let’s Go!

Hydrogen Peroxide and Petroleum Jelly Useful For Treating Bleeding At First aid

We might ask ourselves this elementary question to go to the basics. What is bleeding? Bleeding is a situation of having blood coming out of the body or any organ of the body. This can be minor or major, internal or external. Minor bleeding is common and easy to treat and have little or no health consequence. Major bleeding can be scary and full of challenges and can have devastating after-effect if not handled well by a well informed individual. Following are some symptoms you might find in a bleeding person.

  1. Pale skin
  2. Fast heartbeat rate
  3. Low blood pressure
  4. Dizziness
  5. Unconsciousness
  6. Instant death in serious bleeding cases

Exert pressure with a towel or a piece of cotton cloth until bleeding stops. After, apply Hydrogen Peroxide on all cuts and scrapes. You can apply petroleum jelly or engine oil where you cannot lay your hands on the Hydrogen Peroxide, say you are in an outskirt of the city or a remote area. Petroleum products are impermeable to air and water which breeds bacterial that might infect the person. Seal the affected part with a band-aid them apply an antibiotic ointment to forestall any opportunistic infections.

Iced Cubes Can handle Sprains Effectively

In a situation when a patient has sprains, the condition is always characterized by inflammation and swelling of the joints and muscles area. All you have to do is just to apply a cold iced compress to help reduce swelling which may have affected the part. You are also advised to call the attention of a medical professional immediately. You can also help the patient by placing the affected body part in a relaxed position on the body to ease pains and help blood flow.

Iced Blocks, Poultry Eggs Can Treat Burns Quickly

Burns are scars and marks on the parts of the body as a result of fire accident or having contact with a highly heated item. Burns can be painful with much discomfort felt on the affected body parts

Minor burns can be treated with iced blocks or water. You can also open cool running water over the affected parts. This should be done as soon as possible. An antiseptic spray will be of great help and relief from sunburn or minor burns. Honey is also a well know home remedy for minor burns. I have also used raw poultry eggs for treating burns and this has tremendous healing effect on the person. If you see blistering you should seek medical professional help immediately.

Bites And Stings

Carefully look for any stinger on the patient’s body and remove it if possible. Buy antihistamine cream and apply to the affected part. Use also Benadryl to administer the site. Elevate the location of the sting or bite. Seek a qualified medical officer who will give better treatment and handle other accompany opportunistic symptoms and side effects. Never handle the situation alone.

Plant Poisons

Wash the contact area very well with clean water immediately, (do not forget to use gloves or wash hands immediately after treatment if you know you cannot lay your hands on any gloves if in a remote area). Antihistamine cream or hydrocortisone should be placed on the body part that is so affected. Give Benadryl to the patient to take orally. However, you should seek medical advice if the condition fails to improve.

Acidic Poisoning

Most poisons are corrosive in nature, and the well known agent that controls the acute reactions of most domestic chemicals is oil and fats. So let the patient drink edible vegetable oil. For example, caustic soda is harmful and kids can mistook this for granulated sugar and drink it with tea and so get poisoned. Fat causes the acute nature of caustic soda to reduce drastically. It is the presence of fats and oil in caustic that turns our everyday home soaps to be useable. Most of our soaps are made from caustic soda and would have been too harmful for use if not for the presence of fats.


Prepare some quantity of crushed ice with ginger to make tea. Give to the patient to drink in small sips every 5 minutes. If you are familiar with any anti-emetic herb this will work well. Look for Emetrol to ease the nausea condition. Add small amounts of food as the situation improves. Such food includes:

Toast bread





You may later add more complex food as the health condition improves. If the vomit persists or you notice fever symptoms you must seek a medical officer immediately.


You can procure anti-diuretic herbs or drug. This is good in most cases. Ask also for a pharmacists suggestion. Let the patient drink liquid most of the time until condition improves. The patient will need to take a lot of liquids to control dehydration. Avoid fried, fatty foods or vegetables until the condition is better. At this point you can return to original normal diet. If condition persists, consult a medical professional.

Colds and Sore Throat

Drink a lot of liquid fluid to help flush out congestion and allow the lungs and nasal cavity to perform their natural wonders. An over the counter cold medicine can be very effective treatment. Let your pharmacist chose for you which best suit your symptoms. Use throat lozenges. Follow the direction of use on the label. Hot tea or other such liquids can provide temporary relief. If fever or some other symptoms occur or persist, consult your doctor then.


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