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First Aid for Burns

Updated on September 30, 2011

Fire breaks out in some villages in summer season. Some people burn while trying to extinguish burning houses. Some children burn if they play with fire.

The skin protects our body from germ. But, the burnt skin does not help us in keeping our body safe from germs. So, the burnt people should immediately be given first aid.

First aid of burn

1. Let the burned person lay down comfortly.

2. Cool the burnt area immediately.

3. Cover the burnt part of body with soft and clean piece of cloth.

4. Give boiled milk or tea to the casualty.

5. If blisters have developed, they should not be disturbed.

6. Do not try to remove anything stuck to the wound.

7. Call on the doctor or health worker as soon as possible.


1. Use fire in safe place.

2. Keep matches, lighter, lighted lamp etc. away from reach of children.

3. Keep kerosene oil, petrol, diesel etc. away from fire.

4. Keep children away from burning things.

5. Be careful if you remove fire or burning things from one place to another.

6. Do not put on highly inflammable cloths while sitting near fire.

7. Do not play with fire.

8. Put out fire properly if it is not needed.


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    • profile image

      Garry Stephens 5 years ago

      Do not use cloth as this will stick to your skin! Use cling film