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First Dose of Suboxone - How Long Must You Wait After a Dose of Methadone, Oxycontin, Heroin, Oxycodone...?

Updated on June 6, 2012

Buprenorphine works great and it can help you overcome an addiction while avoiding the pains of withdrawal. But you have to listen to your doctor and you have to wait until you're feeeling a little bit sick before taking that first dose. Here's why...

Suboxone is a partial opiate type medication that can be used as a substitute for drugs of abuse, like heroin, oxycontin, Percocet or other opiate drugs. By substituting onto buprenorphine (the active ingredient in suboxone) a physically dependent (addicted) person can switch to Suboxone, and if it is taken correctly, they will feel little or no withdrawal pain.

Suboxone works very similarly to methadone (but has several advantages over methadone) unlike methadone though, if Suboxone is taken incorrectly, or if it is abused, it can cause strong and even immediate symptoms of opiate withdrawal and detox.

Before you take a first dosage of Suboxone, you will have to abstain for a while from all other opiates, and you will have to be feeling the beginnings of withdrawal pain. If you do not abstain, or if you take Suboxone too soon after taking another opiate, you can enter into precipitated withdrawal (an immediate symptom of detox pains).

Why does taking Suboxone too soon after another opiate cause withdrawal pains?

Suboxone is said to have high affinity but low activity on the opiate type receptors in the brain (mu receptors).

High affinity means that it is very able to fill and activate the opiate receptors in the brain, and since it has a higher affinity for these receptors than other opiates (like heroin or methadone) if you take suboxone and another opiate together - it will even bump these other drugs out and fill the receptors instead.

Suboxone has a low activity at these receptors though. Although it will bump out other drugs, it cannot activate these receptors in the brain as strongly.


If you take a drug like heroin, and then too soon after take suboxone, the suboxone will kick out the heroin, but it won’t be able to turn the opiate receptors on as well as the heroin. The brain (and body) experiences an immediate drop in the effects of the opiates. This drop in opiate levels of activation causes an immediate sensation of withdrawal.

When your doctor advises you to abstain from opiates for a certain period prior to taking a dose of Suboxone, it is very much in your best interest to listen and follow instructions. If you try to take another opiate drug too soon before your scheduled first dose of Suboxone, you will be making things much harder on yourself!

How long do you have to wait?

Your doctor will advise you on how long you will need to wait prior to taking a first dosage of Suboxone. In general, you will need to wait at least until you are feeling the initial sensations of withdrawal before you can safely take your first induction dosage.

The waiting times will vary depending on the drug of abuse. As a rough guideline, you can expect to have to abstain from:

  • Heroin – 12- 24 hours
  • Percocet, Vicodin, or Oxycodone – 12-24 hours
  • Crushed Oxycontin – 12 – 24 hours
  • Oxycontin 24 hours +
  • Methadone (must be at low dose) 36 hours (at least)

Source *National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment

It is in your best interest to follow the advice and instructions of your doctor, and wait until you are truly in the early stages of withdrawal prior to taking a first dosage of Suboxone. After you take Suboxone under supervision in the doctor's office, you can expect to feel much better within a very short time.

Suboxone can also create this precipitated withdrawal if abused by injection, due to the naloxone contained within.


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    • profile image

      Dan 8 years ago

      This is a great article. aktho very short, the author has been able to not only clearly answer the question, but explain why suboxone works the way it does. it is also very easy for some one that doesn't understand lots of chemical terms to understand.

      i give it 5 stars

    • profile image

      Jeff 8 years ago

      I think this is great info. and anyone looking to make the switch to suboxone should read this.

    • profile image

      rusticradio 8 years ago


      When would it be safe to start taking suboxone. I take Oxycontin at about 300 mg daily. After a 10-12 hour wait would it be alright to do the normal starting dose of 2 mg and so on.

      Any and all help at all would be greatly appreciated.

      Many Thanks, rusticradio

    • profile image

      CrazyLaigs 8 years ago

      This is the most imformative piece I've found after two days of searching. I don't have to wait in this misery as long as I expected!

    • profile image

      theoryofarkansas 8 years ago

      great page, i found more information on here than anywere else. I have been taking hydomorphone and oxymorphone for the longest time and just started suboxone 2mnths ago and its working great and after 6-9 hrs of taking it i can still take my reg. meds for pain and they still work for me

    • profile image

      Marissa 8 years ago

      I waited 14 hours once to take Soboxone coming off oxycotone and got deathly ill and weny into complete w/drawls. How long do you hqve to wait when coming off Heroine? I cant ever have that happen to me. Words cannot describe what I went thru.

    • profile image

      blazed1j8 8 years ago

      I've been reading a lot of what you guys are saying..I am 23 years old, I started doing Oxys at 16 or 17, 2-4 80's daily, when I was 20 I tried heroin(shootin it), opiets are what allowed me to live. once i was hooked, by like 17 years old, i couldn't function in society w/o bein high. i'd get really uncomfortable around people and start sweating, even if i had just gotten out of rehab and wasn't sick. I've tried everything to get sober. I was on the methadone program, 120 mgs for 2 years, let me tell you, unless you plan to be on methadone your whole life, its not the answer. its the hardest thing in the world to kick..but it can be done. I was kicked out of my house and moved to a different state and did it cold turkey. I was sick ( 10x's worse then anything else i ever felt ) for atleast 60 days. no joke. Then I relapsed..I went on suboxone, 24 mgs daily, I did that for 7 months...then i was hooked on that, i was scared to not take it. I had to go to rehab to kick the subs, well they couldn't detox with suboxone obviously, so i was not having it, and i left after 3 days. I came home n used that day, within the hour. then about 6 months ago, after being beat down enough, i checked into rehab again. i had a heroin habit, i was detoxed with subs, 8 mgs daily for 3 days. i stayed for 35 days. i got out, got to a meeting ( AA-NA ) THAT NIGHT, and remained clean and feeling GREAT ( no lie, i felt normal, confident, i didn't feel that uncomfortable feeling at all ) for about 5 months. I was doing great. I got back together with my x girlfriend who i love, she relapsed, soon after i relapsed. but i want u to know, if u wanna get clean, go inpatient, and have an open mind. a maintence program is only for you if you are not ready to live life free of drugs. only you know that. good luck, and wish me luck on my road back to recovery.

    • profile image

      Giovanni 8 years ago

      I have been on and off of everything from herion to oxys. I have been clean for about a year now. I have been on suboxone the entire time. The problem is that I abuse the subs just like everything else. Every month when I fill them, they only last for like 7-10 days. This last little bit without the subs, I hooked up a few perk 10s and a couple valium. The problem is that I just filled my subs and am afraid to take them because I have been taking the perks for the last 3 days. Not real sure what to do, I am going to try to hold on for another day or two and then start my suboxone...

    • profile image

      Phil 7 years ago

      I have been addicted to oxycontin since September of 2008 and just yesterday i began taking suboxone. before yesterday i had been doing 2-3 80mg pills a day but yesterday i woke up at 10 am snorted 5mgs and snorted 3mg or so more at 1230 and 10 more at 245 basically just to keep the aches and chills away until i could take a suboxone. i took 6mg of suboxone around 615 or 630 pm that same day and it got rid of all withdrawal symptoms except a little leg and lower back pain, but surprisingly 4 200mg ibuprofen did the job and i felt as tho i had done 20 mgs of oxy it was amazing! suboxone made me realize theres an alternative to either being on oxy or feeling like death.

    • momaria profile image

      momaria 7 years ago from Detroit, MI

      Great info on suboxone! I do have some more info on suboxone that I will be sharing in the near future. I need a little time to get it together before I can share. Thanks

    • profile image

      Old Bull Lee 7 years ago

      So I've gone through suboxone maintenance for slamming heroin several times and waited a little over 24hrs and it worked great. Once for methadone which I was in withdrawls for three days before I could take my first dose. However, now I'm detoxing again though for the first time I'm coming off from smoking H instead of slamming it, and was curious about the time I had to wait. I've had a few friends go through clinics that had them wait 12hrs from their last dose, but I'm terrified of taking it early. I took it 19hrs after slamming once and instantly got 10x worse. Is there really that much of a difference in the time you have to wait between smoking and shooting? I'd like to take it as soon as possible to put my family through as little hell as possible. I'd rather not spend the latter 12hrs sweating sneezing and flopping all around their living room floor like a pitiful fish. ya dig?

    • profile image

      fred-uk 7 years ago

      thanks for all the info guys its been a great help. im just starting on the suboxone today after smoking heroin for only 6 months it not been a long time but sufferin the withdrawls bad. any way thanks again and good luck to u all

    • profile image

      real b caz mi 7 years ago

      so was doin 40mg dones for about 2 years now and got some suboxone and quit for 3 days and tried to take first dose and got real sick. so what i did was took 50mg of dones because i couldn't take bein sick and it helped a little surprisingly. then i got some short acting got some h and it will be another 72 hrs since i took my last dose of dones after takin suboxone that day first and am hopin that tomorro i can start first dose and not get sick so altogether in the last six days have only takin 50 mg. n e one try that and if so did it work? this is my first time postin

    • profile image

      Nicole  7 years ago

      I have done Suboxone therapy to kick my year long methadone habit. I took 80mg a day. I just want everyone to know how important it is to wait until you take your first dose of Suboxone. YOU WILL become very ill. I have even known people to end up in the hospital. It's no good. Methadone was reccommended to wait for 36 hours. They say the longer you can hold on and wait...even though withdraw sucks, the better your Suboxone will work. I waited almost six days and as soon as I took my first dose I felt completely normal. Absolutely amazing stuff. I am done with my treatment now and I had to quit cold turkey because it was so expensive. I had NO withdraw off of the suboxone. My doc said I was lucky but I had gotten down to such a low dose anyway. I originally detoxed off my methadone because it was too strong for me. I took it for chronic pain. I didn't like it, so I had to detox off of it and start over with my pain management. I am taking opiates again but nothing nearly as strong and my tolerance is much lower. Suboxone is an amazing drug and a life saver for so many of us. I know I had no problem saying, "sure I'll quit taking the methadone, but I AM NOT going through the withdraws." Suboxone helped me in so many ways otherwise I would still be taking the Methadone. If anyone has questions, please feel free to email me at Good luck to you all.

    • profile image

      OscieWoskieslover 7 years ago

      Q: I have been taking Oc 80s and Roc 30 for 2 years now but they just arent doing it for me anymore it basically just puts me to sleep and makes me feel normal during the day. So Im tired of not getting any affects off of what im taking and im def not gonna start doing H so I think the time has come to give it a rest for a little so im gonna start subs what i want to know is how long should i wait to take me first dose and how much should i take ? another Q: I have is I go see my doc very soon and i know im gonna prob start doing them again but how long after taking the sub is it safe to take an opiate im not looking to waste anything or get sick so any info would be much appreciated thanx

    • profile image

      coldkiss 7 years ago

      I just took a quarter of a sub right now, and I feel normal with a little high. I've been taken all sorts of opiates for the last year on and off, but mainly norc's. Subs are good, but one thing everyone fails to mention is that you will get mild w/d's comin off subs also. That's what's made me relapse 4 times now, because I thought it's just goin to get bad again. I guess what I'm tryin to say is stick it out after the sub's...I heard it's a mild w/d for a few days nd then u'll be fine. This drug is very much mentally addictive as it is physically, so keep your mind off it as much as you can. Shit, I even have dreams about takin this shit nd I don't need a dream dictionary to tell me what that means. Good luck to all. This shit is a good way to get youself killed so stop it until your like 90years old nd go out like a G then.

    • profile image

      strugglingcouple 7 years ago

      wow hearing all of this is surprising. i have to say. me and my boyfriend of a year got hooked on snorting roxys over the last few months. i am so sick of it i am always broke and we cant pay our bills we barely scrap by. well not anymore i found 4 suboxone and im done. i just don't know if he is he was the worse hed lie to me about takin them get 100 dollars in fronts it almost ruined us. so yesterday was our last day and today is a new day we are gonna get clean.

    • profile image

      KICK4GOOD 7 years ago

      For over 5 yrs now, I've been on a pretty high dose of opiates every single day (I'm a 30 yr old female, btw). I progressed from sniffing and popping Oxy's to shooting heroin over that time period. A few wks ago, I chose to use Suboxone to kick my 2g a day heroin habit. Before taking my first dose of Suboxone, I waited about 24 hrs and was in complete withdrawals. A few friends and I have used Suboxone to kick opiates a number of different times and I've learned you should not ONLY judge when to take your first Suboxone dose based on the number of hours that pass since your last opiate use (eg; 24hrs usually), but you should also use the strength of your opiate withdrawal symptoms to determine if you're body is ready to accept Suboxone. In other words, you HAVE to wait to take your first Suboxone dose until you are in complete withdrawals from opiates. I tell people to wait until they start consistently yawning, sneezing, OR their nose is running (you don't need all three symptoms to occur; most people are plagued differently during withdrawal. For me, when I start the heroin sneezes, I know I'm ready for my first dose of Suboxone ). Once you begin feeling full withdrawals, you can take Suboxone immediately and I guarantee you will not experience precipitated withdrawals. This advice is based on at least 15 personal experiences with myself and friends. I've only had 1 friend experience precipitated withdrawals from Suboxone and he DID NOT listen to my advice, but rather chose to take Suboxone at the first hint of withdrawal symptoms. Bad decision.

    • profile image

      JohnnyB 7 years ago

      there is a new but old opiate, but not advertised as so, ultram, i've tried almost every other drug and kicked myself, but with this one,wow, up for 4-5 days straight, restless legs, irritable, sweaty, hot flashes, the runs, terrible, don't let docs talk u into this crap.

    • profile image

      Drew 7 years ago

      I have been down all the roads posted previous here. Oxy, perc's, vic's, heroin, you name it. I am the guy my friends call to identify a generic pill cause i know all the codes. I have used sub's many a time to come off of opiates, and not sayin you should, but i have taken sub's right after oxy's, bangin heroin, all of it, and never had anything bad happen.. I have noticed though that sub's start working better in a day or two, so maybe something to it. Take it from me... Use Sub's to come off of opiates. But do not stay there! Taper down, till your taking a speck of sub's, and then quit. No more than five days. If you do, you will withdraw from sub's just as hard. If you taper, withdawls are mild and you can deal with it. I been doin this god awful dance for 9 yrs.. In the end it all is the same. From vicodin, to heroin, to suboxone. An opiate is an opiate. Sub's however do not get you high, (some say they did the first time) But it wont for long. So in my opinion is the reason why you can wean down with it. I have tried to ween with other drugs and unless you have an amazing will power, this will not work. The reason is you know if you take more of the vic's, perk's heroin, whatever your flavor is, you know it will get you high. Sub's will not, and just keep you from being dope sick. I have many tip's and tricks to make it a lil easier if you want my help. leave me your email and i will help anyone. Im not a doctor, or a drug specialist. Im an addict.. I know what your going through from first hand experience. And a lot of study, and trial and error. In the end, you decide to quit or not. I still fight with it. The relapse rate for opiate users is around 90%. So if you do relapse, don't just say fuck it! Its gonna happen, and you have to keep movin! Drew

    • profile image

      lealaken 7 years ago

      Drew: I would like to talk to you about how I should use subs to get off methadone. I know I will need to wait at least 72 hours or more...but I am wondering how to use the subs short-term so that I can avoid a long withdrawal from the actual subs. I need to be drug free in order to get my nursing license reinstated. Methadone and subs are not allowed. I take 22.5 mg of methadone daily. (10mg in the morning and 12.5mg in the evening) I have tapered down from 80mg a day over the past few months. Please email me at Thank You! I would be so grateful. I didn't see an email for you.

    • profile image

      tex 7 years ago

      i have chronic pain in my ankle from acute septic necrosis of the tallus. i've been on opiates for 6 years, and am now at 3 30mg imm rel oxys/day.....however, whenever my tolerance gets high and i start taking 4-5 per day, i detox w/ suboxone to lower tolerance/risk, etc.

      i'm a pain management patient, and it's "management" not a bottom less well. unfortunately it's hard to get both drugs and have a doctor who will work with you on your chronic pain, and it's also expensive as all get out.

      regardless, i can spend 10 days on suboxone and go from a 120mg oxy/day down to 60mg oxy/day, and it usually takes at least 2 months before I start to have tolerance issues again, so i do this song and dance of detoxing for anywhere from 7 days (shortest) to 30 days (longest) about 5x/year.

      i refuse to seek opiates from dealers on the streets. fuck those misery pushers. if you're going to get involved with high dose opiate useage whether it be recreationally or for chronic pain, expect to spend time off of opiates so you don't build a tolerance where you're popping 10 roxy's/day....just to feel....normal.....and if you want to feel "good" have to rail 3 30mg's.......which is a waste of the med in the long term.

      suboxone is a great tool for keeping your tolerance low, but you have to accept the fact that detoxing and not being on opiates every day of your life is a must if you plan on not living a life that is centered around opiate use.


    • profile image

      shell73 7 years ago

      I've been doin this opiate thing way too long to. I was given massive amounts of subox for almost 2yrs, what a mistake that was. And, of course was never warned about the withdrawl. So, when I just could pay for it anymore, I stopped and in 3 days I was dying!! So, knew where I could easily grab some roxy and am screwed again! I am going to try the subox thing one more time, short term. Lots of good info so far. DREW-I would like any pointers you have Thanks and God bless.

    • profile image

      willie9433 7 years ago

      i have been slamming 8-10 bags of heroin daily for about a month and a half. I know I have to taper down off the heroin so that I can start on the suboxone. I don't have the luxuary of tapering down slowly so i am going to try it like this. please tell me what anyone thinks. Tomorrow i will do only 6 bags, then 4 bags then 2 bags and finally 1 bag. I am doing this in 4 days. I plan on taking the 1 bag at 06:00am and then waiting 32 hours god willing i can do it before taking my first dose of soboxone. I am planning on taking a half of stick of xanas to help me sleep off most of the withdrawl symtoms. Does anyone think I am doing this the right way or am I wrong. I have tapered down before from heroin but I was using about 6-8 bags and I tapered off in about 7 days before starting the soboxone. Pleas if anyone can help me with this it will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

    • profile image

      willie9433 7 years ago

      i have been slamming 8-10 bags of heroin daily for about a month and a half. I know I have to taper down off the heroin so that I can start on the suboxone. I don't have the luxuary of tapering down slowly so i am going to try it like this. please tell me what anyone thinks. Tomorrow i will do only 6 bags, then 4 bags then 2 bags and finally 1 bag. I am doing this in 4 days. I plan on taking the 1 bag at 06:00am and then waiting 32 hours god willing i can do it before taking my first dose of soboxone. I am planning on taking a half of stick of xanas to help me sleep off most of the withdrawl symtoms. Does anyone think I am doing this the right way or am I wrong. I have tapered down before from heroin but I was using about 6-8 bags and I tapered off in about 7 days before starting the soboxone. Pleas if anyone can help me with this it will be greatly appreciated. Thank You. you can email me at

    • profile image

      itshard 7 years ago

      I was born with a very rare bone disease called SCFE where your hips become displaced and they are no longer in the sockets"" if you will, with this being said they are only held together by my muscles which luckily are very large. with this being said it is very easy for me to get large amounts of pain killers, i have gone through several surgieries with the outcome only being worst i am 28 and have been in pain since i was 10 i started taking opiates at the age of 22 i found that they worked great for all kinds of things besides pain. well with all that being said it is not easy coming off these things and it became a problem. so i turned to subs and they helped i decided i wanted to live opiate free and i never abuse the subs, honestly pointless after a while the less you take the better you actually feel. The down side: i had yet another surgery and the asshole doctor thought it be best to cut half of my hip off, now i am in the worst pain in my life i have scars all over my body and the opiates barley help and i feel it is because of the suboxone. it actually made my tolerance higher. if you look at an opiate chart the active ingredient in the boxes are about 200x stronger then percs and in my latest time takin the sobos i took it early and went into the worst widthdrawl i have ever had. many doctors have told me that i will be on pain pill forever unless i find other ways to cope, i have and do goto spas acupuncture and other types of hollistic healing and yes you do feel better but it still fuckin hurts. i don't exactly have a point and i am just sharing my story and i am planing on taking my 30's again and going on the same old story.

      sometimes you feel like why me. it honestly makes me feel so depressed that i cant even work or do anything, i always am going on vacation"" to fill my scripts early and i give my doctors 500 dollar watches just to keep them happy

      all in all no one here gets out alive so why live in pain for all your days just do what you do and don't think of yourself as a junkie because you need pills to cope that's the american way. this is all food for thought

      thanks for listening

    • profile image

      Love/HATE 7 years ago

      Herion ruined my life, and ever since I started buying Subs, they just help me stay in my addiction. I go back and forth with heroin and subs on the daily, however I usually start out my day w. 4-8mg of sub and move on to a 10th or two later in the I started my day with tar.. and I'm trippin cuz I got some subs...startin to feel achy and shit but I don't want to feel I'm wonderin do I get some more tar I wait it out...? Damn I should be worrying about school and the holidays commin uo not this bullshit....sometimes I think it would be better to just put a bullet in my head and start over in another life....dueces

    • profile image

      brad 7 years ago

      18 hours is the general waiting period that you have to wait after taking opiates, unless you swallow oxycontins, then wait 24 hrs....

      The other big factor ppl always miss is that you should taper down your dosages that day before you plan to go on suboxone because the bigger doses you take that day before you go on suboxone, the longer you have to wait for the opiates to get out of your system so that you don't experience withdrawals from the suboxone.

    • profile image

      Cherry 7 years ago

      Just convinced my boyfriend to give me 3 last percs we fought but I promised I would start suboxone tomorrow! All I keep thinking about is how I'm going to get more perks or find outwhere he hides them! I am sick of feeling this way! Subs don't compare to the perk high! I don't know what to do? Feel helpless today :(

    • profile image

      Juice 7 years ago


      Please just consider yourself lucky that you are still happy with perk highs, perks used to be my opiate of choice and I would even do oc and roxy and wouldn't be happy because it wasn't percs. I did them everyday(40-160mg) for about a year and a half and things were fine as far as opiatewithdraw battles go. Then the problem came, I couldn't find percs on a reg basis. And where I live, oc, roxy and heroin are most available. My neighbor costantly had roxy 30s, so started buying them every day. At first I would do 2 or 3 a day. Before I knew it I was buying every last pill my neighbor would get rid of. I was up to 300 mg a day trying to ration it out so I wouldn't have to buy more later that day.That was a year and a half ago and I wish I would have stayed on perc or nothing at all. I now am doing 6-9 oc 80s a day, and have to get heroin sometimes to get threw some nights. I get suicidal so I have to keep at least half a gram of heroin around just in case. It's a horrible situation, oc withdraws are so awful because of the anxiety level and depression. I been on heroin for a few months just because of the price factor of oc vs heroin and I don't have too much right now. The withdraws from oc heroin and methadone vary. I have withdrawed off all three before and Mdones are the worst but oc is much worst than coming off H if you are smoking H, shooting is a whole different story. Just do anything you can to stay happy with percs. You don't want to end up like me, I had a hundred perc 10/325 one night and I still almost pulled the trigger. A year and a half ago, I would have been jumping in joy if I had a hundred percs that I could take. Please don't find yourself where I am. I should be in better shape after I taper down with the H. I don't like it as much as oc so it's easier for me to not do all the drugs I have like with oc. This usually isn't the case for most people. I just fell in love with oc in a way that never happened with percs. Just be careful and if you can do it, just be off them or take them every once In a while. But if you need them, take breaks with subox. So the risk and tolerance stays down.

    • profile image

      gabe 7 years ago

      same kinda story I take 80-120 mg of oc's a day but i really take anything i can get. I took 2 8mg's of subd this morning and it got me through work i also picked up 10, 10mg of methadone which i have never taken. I think anything is better than oc's cause it barely gets me the high any more. can i take 20-30 mgs of methadone after i just took 16 mg of subs about 12 hours ago? if not when can i take the meth and how much should i take? my dealer said start with 20mg then take another in about an hour and a half cause they take an hour to kick in. he also told me not to snort them which is hard cause when i take the ocs i usually snort 40 in the morning 40 at lunch then 40 at night. can someone let me know when i will be able to get a good high from the meth? thanks guys, it actually feels good to talk about this since i never have before. :(

    • profile image

      wild matt 7 years ago


      meth will really get you high. they are also v

      addicting. i used them to get off oxy, dope, roxys you name it i did it. then i got a habit on meth. stick with the subs. the withdrawals are barely existant compared to any opioid.

    • profile image

      jennifermarie21 7 years ago


      What u said describes my life right now to a T. I shoot up H, i started out when i was 18 on oxy, morphine, and fentanyl just snorting the pills and sucking/chewing up pieces of patches. Oxy was always available but exspensive everyone here pays about $60 for an 80mgoc sumtimes $80. Luckily I have always been able to afford my habit often supporting a boyfriends and there bro/friends on top of that, but I couldn't snort that much shit everyday so I started banging oxy when i was 19. The high was way more intense shooting them and I was using less than what i had to snort to get fucked up. Over time I graduated to heroin bcuz its a lot cheaper than the pills. Over the past yr I've been in and out of detox centers, 4 just this yr. I started on suboxone my first time in detox. I was amazed at how well it worked, my cravings were gone, i felt good, and no withdrawls... Then my dr cut me off my subs after about 2mos of being on them. Well no one told me that u withdrawl from the subs, so i immediately relapsed that day without my subs. Ever since then subs to me are no diff that any other narcotic or opiate. I just take my subs in between the days that i don't have any H. Ex: i got a bag of H yesterday and did my last shot around 4-6am about 24hrs later i pop a sub and poof just like that i feel great. Im getting pretty good at guessing the best time to take my sub after my last shot. The first time i ever did it i took my sub too soon and the withdrawls i experience were very moderate i felt weird and my pupils dilated, but i was able to function just fine the whole day. I've takin a sub anywhere to a couple hrs after a shot to over 24hrs and the best time to take the sub after doing heroine is 24hrs, but if u do take it between 12-20hrs after u will feel weird as fuck, but not dying. I also think that the subs are increasing my tolerance. My tolerance is increasing faster than it did when i was just using h, or oxy. But I will say that taking the subs can work wonders. If u really want to kick the habit just take the subs for about 2wks but only 4mg a day or less(2mg in am 2mg@pm. Then when u quit taking them u will barely experience any withdrawl, and then ur done. The only thing to battle after that is the cravings u'll still get, i recommend going to any aa or na meetings whenever possible, and after 90days of sobriety u r about 90% likely to stay sober, or so my dr says. I am just dealing with too much shit right now that the last thing i want to work on is my sobritey, I'd rather just get fucked up cuz when im sober i just wanna put a bullet through my head and that feeling of emotions like that is worse than any withdrawls to me.

    • profile image

      jennifermarie21 7 years ago


      What u said describes my life right now to a T. I shoot up H, i started out when i was 18 on oxy, morphine, and fentanyl just snorting the pills and sucking/chewing up pieces of patches. Oxy was always available but exspensive everyone here pays about $60 for an 80mgoc sumtimes $80. Luckily I have always been able to afford my habit often supporting a boyfriends and there bro/friends on top of that, but I couldn't snort that much shit everyday so I started banging oxy when i was 19. The high was way more intense shooting them and I was using less than what i had to snort to get fucked up. Over time I graduated to heroin bcuz its a lot cheaper than the pills. Over the past yr I've been in and out of detox centers, 4 just this yr. I started on suboxone my first time in detox. I was amazed at how well it worked, my cravings were gone, i felt good, and no withdrawls... Then my dr cut me off my subs after about 2mos of being on them. Well no one told me that u withdrawl from the subs, so i immediately relapsed that day without my subs. Ever since then subs to me are no diff that any other narcotic or opiate. I just take my subs in between the days that i don't have any H. Ex: i got a bag of H yesterday and did my last shot around 4-6am about 24hrs later i pop a sub and poof just like that i feel great. Im getting pretty good at guessing the best time to take my sub after my last shot. The first time i ever did it i took my sub too soon and the withdrawls i experience were very moderate i felt weird and my pupils dilated, but i was able to function just fine the whole day. I've takin a sub anywhere to a couple hrs after a shot to over 24hrs and the best time to take the sub after doing heroine is 24hrs, but if u do take it between 12-20hrs after u will feel weird as fuck, but not dying. I also think that the subs are increasing my tolerance. My tolerance is increasing faster than it did when i was just using h, or oxy. But I will say that taking the subs can work wonders. If u really want to kick the habit just take the subs for about 2wks but only 4mg a day or less(2mg in am 2mg@pm. Then when u quit taking them u will barely experience any withdrawl, and then ur done. The only thing to battle after that is the cravings u'll still get, i recommend going to any aa or na meetings whenever possible, and after 90days of sobriety u r about 90% likely to stay sober, or so my dr says. I am just dealing with too much shit right now that the last thing i want to work on is my sobritey, I'd rather just get fucked up cuz when im sober i just wanna put a bullet through my head and that feeling of emotions like that is worse than any withdrawls to me. Sum say Im just coppin out on life. but great article very informative GOOD LUCK 2 U ALL && GOD BLESS ALL THE ADDICTS WHO STILL SUFFER TODAY!

    • profile image

      MichaelValentine Smith 7 years ago

      I have been on 16 mgs of Suboxone for 6 to 7 weeks. I only took 8 mgs on Friday and Saturday I took 8 15 mg oxycodone. I felt it a little so Sunday I did the same thing. Today is monday, can I start my Suboxone again?

    • profile image

      Deb 7 years ago

      I have been on subs 2mg four times per day for 5 years. I know..astounding! I took it for chronic pain, and it is unheard of that any physician would prescribe it for that long! The psych. who was giving it to me dropped me as a patient and another dr. is switching me to methadone 10mg three times a day. Should I wait a full 36 hours to switch over to the meth? I am not happy about the switch over from a class 2 to a class 3. I think the FDA needs to stop the drs. from having to attend this 16 hour course which is preventing many doctors from being able to prescribe the suboxone. It is a wonderful, safe alternative to methadone. I also found that is a fantastic pain killer! If anyone else is interested in helping me present this to the FDA or has first hand experience with subs that it has helped with pain relief, please contact the FDA. In addition, I have not had ANY withdrawal symptoms coming off of the suboxone, which is a big perk from what I hear compared to the methadone. Most people, I hear, go from methadone to suboxone, not vice versa, so I am disappointed that I am doing this backwards. If the FDA changes their policies, there would be more availability of suboxone and some of us wouldn't be placed in this predicament! Please take the time to help! Thanks!

    • profile image

      41819 7 years ago

      i was doing about 10 oc 80 a day waken up in the middle of the nigt to shave to 80s down started to spend all my profit so i wint to a methadone clin and thay had me on 155mg a day and ithough iwas going to die i had to waite to take the subs butt in the lone run fuck methadone subs are the way to go sined 41819

    • profile image

      SAm the Candy Man 7 years ago

      Wow, I have read this whole entire thread. It is amazing. Well my story is 22 year old male been on opiates- heroin, oxys, methadones, everything for 6 yearrs now. I actually had 2 years sober between this. And this was becAUSe i got arrested. So now ive been on oxys and heroin for 2 months now. I have the choice of methadones or suboxone. I've tried methadones before and It just feels soo good. SUboxones really didn't do the job for me last time. I felt like a zombie. If anyone else felt this this please tell me. I was on suboxone for 2-3 months and then relapsed after i felt the withdrawls. Now im going to try suboxone for 4-5 days at a low dosage and its been 24 hours since i snorted 160mg of oxys. Im going to try to wait the night out and take suboxones in the morning. I just want to say everyone here is similar. We are all seeking that "satisfaction" in life, and opiates do just that for us. But short term only. Now im going to try to figure how i can do this without opiates. It's gonna be difficult but wish me luck. Peaaaaaace. And Good luck everyone on here.

    • profile image

      canadian jay 7 years ago

      wow i just read this whole thread and was thinking there are a lot of people out there just like me well hers my story, im 19 living in ontario been struggling with oxi 2-4 80's a day, started out i was sponsered by burton for snowboarding at 17 but my knees would kill after every comp i went to so buddys like here try some oxies and i fell in love and its been 3 years i ve been using, there always around because my dad has a prescripion for 56-40mg oc and 56 20mg ocs and never takes em so i had free shit whenevr i wanted but now i just got back from the suboxone clinic and about to go to the pharmacy to get my script but i woke up this morning did a 20 so now i just wait till i start to feel like shit basicly to get my subs let me no thanks

    • profile image

      OrvilleMauricio38 7 years ago

      I've been injecting heroin for about 6 months (this time), and finally; after minutes that have felt like hours, hours that have felt like days, and days that have felt like weeks of longing for a normal existence, I willed myself into getting a perscription for suboxone... This morning, after a 12 hour wait, I copped. I know. Weak. I am weak. I am writing this post not only to voice my shame, and to see it in black and white; but I also have a question... Something that I have not found addressed elsewhere...sOs there anything that I CAN take during this 24 hour waiting period? Can I smoke weed? Do any pills work? Is there anything that can cushion this waiting period without elongating it? I am going to try again, pray for me in my struggle... As I will pray for you in yours

    • profile image

      lostgirl 7 years ago

      Hello..I am 24 years old and have been on suboxone for the past 3 years. Before that I was taking vics, percs, oxys, and finally sniffing & shooting heroin. I wish my dr. only kept me on subs for a few weeks after because I am scared to come off the suboxone now. I heard it stays in your fat and bones so it takes a while to finally not feel any withdrawal. I feel like I should be concentrating on more important things in life then worrying about going to the sub dr. every month and dishin out $125. I am on the lowest dose (1/2 mg day) ...and still feel like I "need" it every morning...(I feel a little sweaty..uncomfortable..then take the sub and Im great) I heard something about diluting the sub with water?? I am just gonna take crumbs and then lick the powder and maybe I wont feel the UGH!!

      FYI: Weed is VERY helpful for withdrawal symptoms...nausea, chills, sweaty feelings...I cant wait until Medical Marijuana is legal everywhere!!! yey =)

    • profile image

      babyboo and sugarbear 7 years ago

      Me and my fiancée have been on oxy, perc, and vik for two years. A couple months ago we started snorting heroin. After messing with heroin we decided to get into the methodone clinic. After being in the clinic for a few months i realized it just a legal drug. I quick going because we could no longer afford it. Detoxing off of methadone was the worse drug to detox off. I've never been so sick in my life. I stay awake for three nights and go through the worse pain and weakness i've ever been through. I've been trying to get into a suboxon clinic but i cant afford them. I bought one once and it zombied me. I was not craving drugs or having withdrawl's but I was emotionaless. I actually was considering suicide. But today i bought a few subox enough for a week. My detox usually lasts five days so i got the sobox to cope with the withdrawls. I just don't want this life no more I'm to the point i cant function without them and they are ruining my relationship with my kids, fiancée and my two little girls. I just want to stop but the shame and embarrassment and emotional issues just keep me doing them. I feel so sorry for the rest of you that are like us. I almost feel like there is no life without opiates. But as off the morning i'm going to try to detox myself for a week using subox. If I succeed I can still save my relationship with my fiancée and my little girls if this works. To the rest of you, I wish you the best of luck with detoxing and recovery. I would advise anyone and everyone to avoid opiates unless absolutely necessary because it don't take long to become dependent ecspecially if you suffer from shame, embarrassment or emotional issues. Just know that opiates are a temporary patch and in the end makes it so much worse.

    • profile image

      Luke 7 years ago

      Hey. Im an avid opiate user. 22 years old an ive done it all. was able to quit for about 8 months but sure enough fell right back into it. first an only time i went to the doctor for it he prescribed me tramadol. that shit sucks tho. a friend introduced sub to me when i w/d hard from my old fried Oxy. like another person has mentioned i have taken sub same days as dilauted an did not have a negative effect on me at all. i have also taken sub same day as oxy an did not have a negative effect either. idk. maybe im just weird like that. both times to i was succesfully able to kick it for atleast a month until relapsing again. i swear relapse is my middle name. i am actually about to start or sub again today pickin up my script in a few minutes. but if anyone needs someone to talk to or anything please feel free to email me. i always enjoy having someone to talk to when battling my addiction. people with the same struggles with the right mindset can only help. so any time. suboxone is a life saver.

    • profile image

      818 7 years ago

      Over the counter sleep Aid Medication, Aleve, Xannax or Valium and marijuana HELP A LOT for the waiting period if you try to make it the hours when you can sleep it will help also alcohol(if you don't like Pot) but be careful mixing Xannax/Valium with Alcohol, stay with pot way better try to do last dosage in early morning so when its night time you can use the drugs above to knock you out for the last 9hrs of the waiting period.

      Hope I helped

    • profile image

      machinehead 7 years ago

      Don't be confused by suboxone.I was on it for a little over a year,(I was a ten year opiate addict). I just 2 wks ago decided that it was time to get off subs too. The withdrawal was HELL! The first few days I was so fucking hostile! I was sweating thru all of my clothes, yawning, eyes watery.....not cool. Even on the most beautiful warm day I was wearing a sweatshirt because of cold chills, yet when I took off my sweatshirt I couldn't stand how cold i was. The sweats stopped about a week into withdrawal, then came sleeeeeeepless nights.Every sleep aid i tried just fucked me up and not in a good way. I lost ALL motivation and felt drained. Now, at 2weeks with no subs or any other opiates I finally feel good in my head. The sweats and insomnia have also stopped. The only thing I am dealing with now is acid reflux. My doc put me on prevacid which works wonders!!!!! My addiction ended up with heroin but for many years was all and any pills i could find. My stomach is soooo pissed now. I have had the shits for over a week and haVE lost a lot of weight, whatever i eat comes right out. I feel great otherwise and have kicked it all in 2wks. Don't let anyone tell you that ur not gonna withdraw from suboxone cuz they are fucking lying to you. Its just as bad as opiate withdrawal and just bides time.

    • profile image

      Slarson 7 years ago

      I'm 19 started doing vics when I was 14-15 then moved to oxys then moved to H and got to a point where I was sick of living like I was school was turning to shit my girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me. I finally heard about subs and tried it I managed 4 days of withdraw before I started using subs. Throwing up, the runs, cold sweats, restless legs and arms everything. I'm tellig you wait it out because once you take your first sub you will feel completely normal 15-30 mins later. It does work IF you use it correctly almost 95% of doctors have no addiction knowledge and you none of them have gone through it so they don't know what the fuck they are talking about. Wait to use your subs stay on them for around 3-5 months each month moving down your dosage you will not feel anything from lowering your dosage if you let your body get use to your previous dose I then for a month did a half of a 2mg pill one day and then a 1/4 the next for a month then finally for 2 weeks I did a 1/4 every other day you will feel uncomfertable but I think I would rather be feeling uncomfortable then completely withdrawing or living the rest of my life fucked up and just scrapping by. Get into a program or aa or na meetings ad stick to it. It can be done I am proof I might have fucked my D1 lacrosse scholarship but I'm in college and plan to do something with my life if you want help or need someone to talk to I'm here for anyone if you want to do it ad you want actual help no one can do it for you and there is no fucking wonder drug to get you off with no pain there is always pain but I know atleast 50 people who have fixed there lives with suboxone. Get your shit together and get help it is upto you to fix what you did to yourself. Hit me up if you need help sober for a year yesterday and love life addiction is a disease and only a small part of a way bigger picture for me it was actute depression and anxiety but those can't and won't be treated until your sober. Trust me opiates can be kicked but there isn't a wonder drug there Is only things to cope and help with it I strongly advise suboxone. Hit me up for anything.

    • profile image

      miserable 7 years ago

      I've recently stopped taking methadone after 12 years. For the last month or so i've only taken 70mg once a week, my last dose was 7 days ago. I've been doing oc's on the days that i didn't take the methadone. I've been trying to do just enough to get by, like today i've done 80mg throughout the day. I'm wondering how long I have to wait before taking suboxone, how much should I take as a first dose, what do I do if it throws me into worse withdrawal, should I take more? This will be my 4th time trying to switch over to the sub's and I am sooo scared!! I have felt like shit over the last week, i've lost 30 lbs in the last 8 days! About 12 hours after I do(iv)oc I start feeling ill. Im not sure if that's long enough or if im sick enough, is it? I'm not confident in doctor's recommendations, I think this a live n learn situation although everyone is different. Can any one help answer my questions? Please and Thank you!

    • profile image

      xfender4182 7 years ago

      hey everyone this is definitely the way to go. im living proof ill stand by subs any day, still on them but down to half from 3 a day, did oxys heroin everything under the sun you name it. subs are my saving grace, the final step will be kinda uncomfortable and i admit i did abuse them for a short while because they give me a great buzz but you gotta want to stop to be able to, none of us need the crutch we have created for ourselves, and remember, we won't be cured overnight, it took years for me to get this way, don't be afraid to take your time and move at a pace your comfortable with. god bless, good luck on your journies

    • profile image

      machinehead 7 years ago

      The ONLY drug that will ease opiate withdrawal is another opiate, therefore, just sweat out the withdrawal because anything you get prescribed will just prolong your sickness.TRUE MOTHERFUCKING STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are looking at 2wks hard time for a lifetime of a clearer view. Its sooooooo wrth it. You will barely remember who you once were and its awfully nice getting to know yourself again!!! Not to mention its mighty nice to be able to get off again!!!!

    • profile image

      carly 7 years ago

      hi ppls, question: i started smokin heroin 6 months ago, got up to 50 quids worth a day. went cold turkey 3 wks ago, then relapsed last week, bk on to around 10 quids worth an evening, got prescribed subs and really scared as to wen i shud start takin them or if they r gonna be too strong for me? plz help,

    • profile image

      mikey d 7 years ago

      I was blowing roxy's, oc's for 2 years straight.. i got up to about 240-300 mg a day sometimes more. I got off of this by taking subs for no more than 5-7 days. First off you should WAIT AT LEAST 24 HOURS, OR UNTIL YOU ARE IN FULL WITHDRAWAL... if you do i promise that once you take that first dose of 2mg sub you will instantly feel better. once you start feeling the withdrawal symptoms again, wait as long as possible again before taking the next dose of sub. after about 5 days you will be able to come off sub and u will feel absolutely normal and not want to take an opiate again.

    • profile image

      Big AL 7 years ago

      This piece was very informative I believe that suboxone Is in most cases a wonder drug......very effective.....Although I must say it start with you first having a desire to quit mos def helps but I also belive that if you were to do a control group and shoved it down peoples throats it would have a success rate of about 90 percent

    • profile image

      Beantown rider 7 years ago

      I've been hooked on oxys and and painkillers for the last 5 years of my life I'm 31 years old now and this life style for me does not work in the begining it was cool and ok but then soon after I was hooked BAD,it was so bad that my doc cut me off and I started to snort heroin(never used a needle) but then that when shit got worse,now thanks to some friends and family I started my suboxene treatment today 2mg 2x a day I already feel beter I just want to stop everything eventually so I have a review in 1 week to see if my doc will up the does to 2mg 4x a day I'll just have to see how this week goes.

      If your new to the pills like oxy or percs or heroin please get help ASAP ,I lt will get worse fast and by the time you realize it years have past,

      wish me luck I hope my new treatment helps I'm a first time suboxene user(never took methadone) and for the young people out there PLEASE TALK WITH SOMEONE THERE IS HELP FOR YOU.

      Sincerely yours


    • profile image

      zcory 7 years ago

      Hello everyone how long do u have to wait till u can take an painpill after u r doing subs r mdones?

    • profile image

      craig 7 years ago

      hello all i of all people know what you all have experrienced i have repeatdly done detox after detox yet i still find myself in this yet again horrible and painful predicament why do we do it to ourselves? my plan today was to again start my detox so like you guys acquired some subutex or suboxone as some call it anyway as like many of you also i did not leave it long enough and now find myself in full on withdrawal shall now leave it a good few hours to see if i can take a little more to try and feel better how you choose to take this next part of what i am about to say is entirerly down to you i don't wish to feel selfish but im sure i speak on behalf of most of us when i say it helps to know your not the only one experiencing it as much as i would never wish this on my worst enemy its still good to talk to others going through the same thing if any of you need a to kill a few hours just write to me on this addressing it to CRAIG and we will gladly chat thank you and good luck to us all may the future hold great prospects for us.

    • profile image

      mike 7 years ago

      i been a heroin addict since the age of 21 i am now 34, i been to a rehab and a detox once a year whein i turned 22 , until the past 3 years , now i go to detox and leave after 2 days, i put off getting on methadone all these years , and my girlfriend thinks i am in a program but i'm not, i tried subs and it lasted one day, i thought it would be the miracle answer for addicts, i wasted my life doin this bullshit cycle and cant stand it, i too want to out a bullet in my head and end this , i got a bottle of subs in front of me now that i tried to sell cause i 'm broke tonight and want my fix, i've pawned all the jewlery in the house and i pwaned all my video games which love along with my cd collection, the only piece of mind i get is when i am locked up for brief periods of time and often wanted to tell the judge to give me a year just so i can stop and get away, i even moved to florida to live in halfway houses for few years , now i been back in ny and cant stop i hate it

    • profile image

      Toto 7 years ago

      Trying to kick heroin. Someone gave me one 5mg methadone tablet. I am to get a few suboxones tomorrow. Can I take the 5mg neth in the morning and start sub tomorrow night or next morning. Will I even feel a 5mg methadone tablet? Advice please. Thanks in advance.

    • profile image

      rebecca  7 years ago

      I do heroin on a daily basis with my husband. we split a half ounce every 24 hrs. I got a script for suboxone and waited 20 hrs. after my last shot which I should mention was 1 1/2 grams at once. so i took the sub and after 20-30 minutes i felt like total crap. Has anyone here come of of that much heroin successfully onto the subs? I felt so bad I downed 100 mgs of methadone and felt better within the hour. I'm planning on doing half the amt of heroin this coming week and then trying to go on the subs next sat. does anyone know how long i should wait before taking the subs and how many subs to take after that. thanks.

    • profile image

      Megan 7 years ago


      Depending on how much H you have been doing that 5 mg of methadone isn't going to do much. take it from me - i have been an on and off user for almost 3 years now and when i was going from shooting H to methadone I had to get to 60 before i felt relief. now it may make your withdrawls milder for a few hours but that's all i would expect from that. It would probably be best to not even take the methadone because it will not help much. and as im sure you have read the othr posts about when you should take the subs, you need to wait about 18 hours from your last H use. And if you decide to take the methadone you should prob wait atleast 24 hours,unless you know how your body reacts to the methadone, then take the subs.

    • profile image

      Kyle 7 years ago

      Didn't read through everyones comments, but read through the article. I found this to be the most informative articles about starting suboxone. Short and sweet... Right to the point without any B.S. Anyways I'm going tomarrow to try and get started on this, I've been trying forever "it seems like" to find a doc. to get me started on something. I would assume that morphine would fall into the 12-24 hour time range. Anyways thanks for the info. and wish me luck. I got my fingers crossed right now. lol

      Props and thanks again for the easy to follow article.


    • profile image

      peaceout 7 years ago

      I have a friend who is withdrawing from percocet addiction and was prescribed suboxone 8mg 2 x day (16mg) per day steady (no tapering off) with no supervision. The doc just keeps writing 30 day scripts. it has been 5 months now and i think they are hooked on this now. does this dose seem excessive? Can anyone comment on this? Thanks.

    • profile image

      B-rye 7 years ago

      i have been hooked on subs for at least 3 months i am down to 2 mg.a day (snorting it) what is the best way to come off it? i have not been hooked on any thing else but sub. please let me know what i can do my e mail is and the message above yes that seems like a lot i only take a 1/4 of one ant that seems like to much i hope you get the advice u need and wish u the best of luck

    • profile image

      msfrustrated 7 years ago

      I am in my 40's now and I have been to 4 rehabs and still can not stay away from the opiates. I also have mental illnesses to fight. I have been abused my entire life starting at the age of 3 until 2 yrs ago which I am now 41. I now have post tramatic stress bipolar severe depression and anxiety. Opiates are the only thing that makes me feel good. But unfortunately there are awful side effects and painful withdrawals that I don't think my tired body can go through any longer. This was the most educational piece on subs that I have read. My problem is that I can't find a clinic in my area who are accepting any more patients. And then some are to expensive. So now I just called the cheapest clinic and finally I have some hope. The nurse said to call back in a week to see if there has been any discharges. God I hope so I don't know how much longer I can keep buying my fixes off the street. Wish me luck and a speedy opening and thank you for the information

    • profile image

      Ann 7 years ago

      This is going to be the third time that I am trying Subs. I ended up in the ER the first time because I did not wait long enough! As anyone is pure hell to go through precipitave w/d!!!! On top of that, they treated me like shit in the ER, and they did nothing but give me a shot of Ativan! I should have let the time pass, but I was back to my oxy's within 2 hours of being home from the hopsital. Second time, I waited 14 hours, and the w/d came on really hard, but not as bad as the first time! I take the 30mg. instant release, about 20 per day. I am so ashamed of my weakness and the lies. I cant share this issue with anyone, and I am tired of the anxiety, the scrambling to get it, and all just to feel normal! I don't even get a high anymore! I am starting them tomorrow! I took my last ones at 1PM. I am going to try to get through to what I feel is full w/d. Someone stated that when your eyes are running and you are sneezing is the best way to calculate when to start! I am gonna take that advice! I have a beautiful baby that is 10 months old! I cant keep living my life like this! I am flat broke! My house looks like shit!

      I am not one of those "faith/God" people, but believe me, I am asking....begging for him to give me my life back! I will be a better person....I want "ME" back! I want to dump all these fucking scrub "friends" that I am financially supporting! I am tired of paying big bucks to pain management docs! NO MORE!!!!! Please....pray for all of us! White Collar/Blue Collar/Black or white...we are all fucked!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Jill 7 years ago

      Hi I'm addicted to lortabs (this time) and BADLY want to quit. I'm broke all of the time from buying them. My 120 10mg only last a week that get filled every month. I was going to go to detox but I found some 2mg subs and bought 6 of them. I'm thinking I will start after it has been 18 hrs (god willing) since my last lortab? My only concern is the person I got them from put the subs in a lortab pill bottle. It hadn't been washed out so it's got fine blue chalky powder inside of the bottle that my subs have been stored in last night. Should I brush the subs off before I take it? Should I take them at all? I'm just worried don't know what to do any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • profile image

      Debz 7 years ago

      This has been a very enlightening site and thanx to all who participated...2moro I am goin 2 c my doctor 2 go onto Subutex after almost 25 years on methadone rangin from 100ml to 60ml....though have cut down lately to 20-40mls. Gave up H a long time ago but I did think of going onto that again for a week as a quick fix!!!! Have changed my mind now after reading this...

      So wish me luck n good luck to all you peeps doing the same. Keep up giving up! All the best will come back n let u no wot appens lol!!!

    • profile image

      Kate 7 years ago

      I'm well impressed with all of the above.... I'm also a heroin addict, but i have 14 days worth of meth aswell as some subs. I've been browsing for days and kept hitting brick walls trying to find out what to do, but now i know. Great author, and good luck to everyone xox

    • profile image

      Kate 7 years ago

      i just did a 2mg sub, 30 hours after my last dose of meth (15ml) and it was absolutely fine. Just thought i'd let peeps know, although we're all different!

    • profile image

      Purplebrat 7 years ago

      If Drew is still on this site please email me. Would love some tips!! If someone else could help with some better insight with subs - well actually it's a clinical trial - possibly subs or Buprenoophine or could be placibo.

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      I have been off and on (mostly on) pills for seven years and I tell you it is a rollercoaster. I went to rehab and they put me on subutex which I think is a miracle drug. But, I did relapse. On Thursday I ran into a friend of mine and he sold me 5 methadone's (10mg) and 3 suboxone’s. I just started the suboxone yesterday and I am so psyched to do the sober thing again and for good this time. I took vicodin 10mg 120 a month / 120 Norco 10mg a month to 60 50mg morphine sulfate to 50mcg Fentanal patches every 3 days / 120 percocete a month. When I first started taking pills for the first time it was for a legitimate purpose; PAIN but then I started loosing control and using them to get high. I never snort them or inject them but that’s only because I am scared of needles and I have a deviated septum so bad I have a hard time eating drinking and even breathing sometimes. Towards the end I was taking anywhere from 70 - 100mg a day. I am just at a loss of words for this epidemic and I don’t really know the answer but I do know that it is so easy to get on the pills and way to difficult to get off, and this angers me. Some of us can’t afford a clinic or rehab because the lack of funds and or time away from work. I know that I will need to attend meetings and hold high self control always but thank god I was able to find the methadone and suboxone. Otherwise I would have gone to my next pain management appointment and stayed on this rollercoaster for who knows how much longer. I don’t think it is right that a pain management doctor can prescribe pain killers and not suboxone and/or subutex. What is that about??? Money, control, dirty politics, I don’t know all I know is I am thankful that I was prescribed pills when I was but very disappointed when I told my doctor about my dependency and he pushed me out with-in three visits. I found other doctors and the same thing happened just with a few different details. Good luck and God bless all of you. It is a hard and scary battle and the odds are not on our sides but at least we have eachothers stories to make us feel less alienated from the rest of the world. I have done some crappy things to people I love just to keep high or keep from becoming sick and I am stocked to move forward and never look back. Like many others if anyone has questions feel free to ask I am not a doctor or licensed but I am a recovering addict and have become quite knowledgeable in this field and have received allot of my advice from pain management doctors and rehab facilities. We all know they are not always right but I would love to be there for anyone on here like you all have been for me.

      Love Always,


    • profile image

      hardheadedbutterfly 7 years ago

      I have struggled my whole life with trying to feel normal and wanting badley to live a normal life without having to take something. I have read your comments and believe it or not they helped. I am probably one of the most stubborn person in the world. There was nothing nobody could say to me that i would listen too. I had to do everything the hard way but it was worth it. I have been an addict since i was 14 and now i am 32 and i have also tried everything possibe. The one thing I will advise out of all my experiences is "NEVER, EVER" resort to going to a Methadone Clinic. They lied to me and used me like they do everyone else in believing that taking this medicine is ok. They don't care about any of us. All they want is the money that flows in on a regular basis which is outragous. This medication rules your life completely, and they know it. They know that they have you right where they want you so eventually we all know the price will go up and they know that you will not hav a choice but to pay. I have recently been put on Suboxone 8mg.a day and should be done with this treatment in about 6 months and it has so far worked beautifully.I do agree that this is the better way to come off of the opiates rather than switching to Methadone. I know I didn't listen at first to anybody that told me not to get on Methadone because I was excited at the time to be getting a regular high everyday without having to worry about trying to go to hundred of doctors and working the pharmacy system to get scripts for my habbit and buying pills off the streets. I was on 125 mgs.of Methadone a day for 3 years and I am only 5ft.2in. and 115 lbs.My tolerance was ridiculous. But I finally sweated out the withdrawals and switched to Suboxone 8.but I did wait about a week of unexplainable withdrawals symptoms before I started the Subs. Now Im slowly tapering down and Im fine. I am so blessed to have survived through everything. And finally I feel normal again. It is not impossible I promise.

    • profile image

      hardheadedbutterfly 6 years ago

      I just wanted to say one last thing if I wasn't clear in my last comment.If you are truly ready to get sober and take control of your life start looking for a doctor that will help you with Suboxone treatment. They will tell you that you will need to be in withdrawals before you start the program. This is the only way that it will work properly. You should not have to be on it longer than 6 months or less if possible. This is the only way to go and it will work. It don't matter what drug you have done and how much you have tolerated. In my opinion I think Methadone is the strongest drug out there to have to stop taking and detox off of. So if I could do it coming off of 125 mg. Methadone a day then you can too. And if I had known about Suboxone at the time I could have bypassed the Methadone procedure which was the most horrible experience of my life. All I can do is offer my advice and pray that you will listen because I did not listen. I do hope the best for all of you and please know I understand and know exactly where you are coming from. DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!!

    • profile image

      yerrrrp 6 years ago

      who ever up there said

      "suboxone just bides time...just an opiate"

      get it right man

      suboxone is wayyy different than methadone, u don't get high at all off it...

      now methadone biiides times...

      do not go on methadone unless u want to be on it for the rest of ur life, which ur better off/ same/ just copping once a day if u can

      suboxone works


      depending on ur dosing before using subs depends on the first hours to days...

      first day of a heavy user 300-600mgs a day (not like a first timer, im talking that erday!), first day transfer will suck, mental and phys weakness, disphoria, nausia, not as bad as it sounds... second day is a lot better...

      if ur thinking of using suboxone (which if u are reading this u prob are)

      don't read any stupid doughbtful shit about suboxone

      all us addicts KNOW 100% of suboxone success stories... but one person who doesn't succeed comes on here and blabs how bad it is, making us all wanna fuck it and junk up

    • profile image

      dolores 6 years ago

      hi drew any info you can send me will be appreciated my email is please help

    • profile image

      z man 6 years ago

      hey guys all i no is i have been taking all kinds of opiets through iv for two years now and in the past few months ive been regulating on 30mg of methadone tried to swich over to early to subs and booooom soo sick i wanted to die so then i decided ok ill get enough roxy to get me through three full days with no methadone and i took my last roxy last nite at 9 woke up sick to my 8mg sub at about 8 in the morning and it helped me plenty although i feel much better i still have a slight irritability overall and its still kinda hard to sleep i was just wondering in this case if i took 4 more mgs of sub a few hours later will it help or just make it worse because ive heard both adding more can either help or have an opposite affect anybody kno.

    • profile image

      lisa 6 years ago

      I think that this article is very good information. but everybody has to realize that there system is different from everybody else. i am 32 years old, back two years ago i had gotten blood poisoning from salmonella, since then in the past year and a half. i have been on pain pills. i have had 9 surgeries since i have gotten sick. in october of 08 is started with hydro's for about one year, then i transferred to percocet, then about 3 months i got transferred to oxycontin's. i have been on them now for 9 months, i do take them for the pain and not to get high, but somedays i have more pain then others and i have to take more then my 3 dose a day. so sometimes when i run out i have to take morphin or methadone, until i get my script again. i took methadone for 3 days at 2 and a half a day, then i waited 25 hours and i took a little piece of a suboxone in the morning at 7 am, and that didn't work so i got methadone again and took that at 2 pm the same day, and i am perfectly ok. i am not sick at all. thank you everybody for your stories, and for those trying to quit good luck on there recovery. if i can help anyone please don't hesitate to email me.

    • profile image

      tinfoil 6 years ago

      just wanna see if my message wil appear then ill type my story

    • profile image

      ex burner 6 years ago

      hey all....enjoyed reading the posts.....obviously you would all know that buprenorphine (subetex or suboxone) is a partial agonist, meaning you only get say 20pc of the effects of the opiates as say heroin , methadone and the contins which are full agonists.....using suboxone will stop the effects of any full agonist opiate for a long taking suboxone then trying to take methadome or heroin is pointless as you might as well throw the meth or heroin straight in the bincause your not gonna feel it....your opiate receptors are like fully shut off to heroin when your on matter how much you use you will not get high of heroin though you still could overdose so don't bother...if you still wanna get high off opiates stay on the australia its easy to get on a maintenance only costs 30 bucks a week and you dont have to pay a cent to the dr writing your my scripts are written for 8 weeks at a time, and i only have to pay the pharmacy 30 a week....i get 4 takeaway doses of suboxone a week...i was burning .25 of a gram a dayup till march 09, when i finally decided to get help...unlike most people (i assume) i actually work full time the entire time i used to burn on foil heroin, and i only knew a dealer to drop off my rocks to my house every 2nd day....i don't have any friends that ever used heroin and the entire time i used heroin i kept it a secret from all friends and workmates...i burnt heroin on my own...never in front of friends and im guessing this was because i never really met "nice people who used heroin"...let alone any users that i would dare invite into my house....i know a lot thieve and would do anything to get money...even my dealer was never allowed past my front door ...even though i gave him large parts of my pay i knew he was pretty hooked and a crim who would have loved to rob my house.....he even made up lame excuses to just wanna use my toilet to take a leak so i told him to use the front yard....he knew me and my gf work full time in medical research and he had 10hours a day of opportunity to rob i never let him in and he never got to scope out my possesions..probably helped that i was paying 200 bucks for half a gram and most people pay only 150 in australia...anyway i have never felt better since taking suboxone....i started on 8 mg a day then the pharmacy told me my script says 8-14mg per day, so like anyone of us would i immediately told her to start giving me 14mg per day. then after 2 months back in the doctors room i was asked how its going and i said awesome but doesn't seem to be working as good the last week (which was a lie) so she put 10-18mg daily on my i went straight on 18mg per day.......since late 09, and after reading on the internet that the receptors in the brain are pretty much saturated with suboxone on just 8mg hence the ceiling effect where taking 8 mg is the same as taking 18 or 28 mg you will not feel any higher or any difference using those with my takeaways i began to just take 8mg (saving 10mg, 4 days a week) and even began just taking 10mg a day, well i only go to pharmacy wed to fri (sat to tues are my 4 takeaway doses,)so ihad to take 10mg at the pharmacy cause that's what is written on the script.....i didn't feel any withdrawls going from 18 down to 10 and over the last few months i been skipping sat and mondays dose completely...and now dropped to 4 mg daily at the pharmacy, and they still give me 4 takeaway doses at 18mg per day....i haven't counted my pills of suboxone that i been saving up for a long time but over 4 months ago i had over 200 8mg tablets, at that time i was taking one 8mg tab on sunday and tues night so now im only taking 4mg and not always daily i have probably 2yrs worth of tablets and the best thing about never hanging out with people that used heroin is that no one knows i have the pills, none of my friends would even want or need them, and i can soon stop going to the pharmacy and know i have yrs worth of meds, and can wean off at my own pace......i even quit from smoking an 0z of weed every 2 weeks to nothing when i started suboxone and found no probs sleeping at all..infact maybe its just cause i only burned heroin on foil (chasin the dragon), i never ever used a needle, i find i still nod on suboxone whenever im tired or really warm.....i will stay on the script legit so i can take a holiday overseas and take my suboxone with me legally but once back ill self medicate at will all probz hate this,but i have actually saved over 500 per week since quitting in march 09,receivedf a massive inheritance etc (which has nuthin to do with what i'm about to say.....but i never really hit rock bottom on the opiates ...sure i burned all my money in my free time but i earn a lot of money and still had enough to pay off my house and my bills etc....i did really enjoy me it was like most people enjoy beer or wine, except i loved chasing the was always done in private and no one knew i was doing it and im thinking of jumping on again for a month and then using the suboxone goal is to wean off the subs, and then be able to reward my self on friday nights with a nice rock...trouble is i need to work out the time it takes from last sub pill to when burning opiates would give you the full euphoric effects again....trouble with not having heroin friends is i have no one to ask and im sure my dealer would say you can use straight away just to try and get the cash off me again......if anyone really knows the answer /how long to wait after sub pills of 4mg to how many days till you can get high off heroin by burning it i would love to know my email is ps enjoyyour opaites pills while you can for pain cause in my university they are using conefish toxins as the future of pain medicine....1000 times stronger than morphine and 100pc non addictive...just trying to get strength and dose right and clinical trials at melb uni start me in less than ten years opiates wont be used in pain i eneded up in ER with kidney stones on suboxone early 09....after 5 iv morphine shots i finally stopped screaming louder than a lady in soes suck on subs they think your after free opiates and don't listen when you say its an opiate blocker, i told them i need insane amounts to kick off the bupe and they didn't want to listen, soi had to put up with 5 normal person amounts of morphine till the anaethist finally knockedme out.....i bet there are heaps of sub horror stories in the er....time to educate all healthcare proffesionals that us suboxone ppl have made a positive step by using a drug that's stops us being able to get high on opiates, thus we should not be treated like some junkie after a free fix......good luck and peace and love from melbourne don't diss me for wanting to use again...everything in moderation is sweet..and i at the peak of my addiction often went overseas for 2 weeks and never had anything worse than the odd tear drop roll down my a lil pissed that sub withdrawals last longer than heroin withdrawals cause i didn't mind heroin withdrawals they were nuthing to hard for me...but rememebr i work full time and only burnt .25gram a day, on foil so only prb half ever got into my bloodstream compared to an iv user they would have that amount for breakfast me i have facebook to, email me and ill add long as your not in melb lol

    • profile image

      exburner 6 years ago

      forgot to add my email to above post...its me up....keep on rockin lol

    • profile image

      dimsum 6 years ago

      ive been on any pian killer you could think of for bout 10 years now. ive never gone more than 3 or 4 days without. i started the subs about 9 days ago and have not had an urge to do anything since. very happy with the results. ive gone from 200 to 300 mg of oxy or morphs to 1 to 2 8mg subs. even had people offer me stuff for free and was able to not only turn it down but have them do it near me without sucomeing to the urge. i feel totally normal and couldn't have asked for anything more.

    • profile image

      sporty505 6 years ago

      i just took a suboxone 8mg..after i snorted 3 oxy 80s yesterday..just ten hours after my last dose and i got kinda sick, i got real sweaty, and clamy..but after about 20 min i was fine..i guess it just depends on how much opiates u take, if u snort them, and how much subs u take. for instance like me,,,i use the subox as a cushion so i could take more pills and when im out of cash or just get tired of it i take subox again..its not like im taking them to get off its just kinda like a buffer inbetween pill missions..its a vicious cycle i wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.. good luck and remember just cause u have subs you shouldn't use them like me, its just harder to get off alltogather when u abuse the subs too...

    • profile image

      Alexa 6 years ago

      I was in w/draw yesterday (not in a suboxone program or an y kind of program for that matter) & a friend gave me one of his suboxone's. Then today I scored some oxy, but when I tried to just a little to see if I could feel it or if the subs were still blocking my opiate use I couldn't feel a thing! So, my question is how long until I will be able to feel anything again. I do not want to waste my oc's so really need to know. Oh & if you were wondering I only took one suboxone @ around 8pm to pm. It's now 11:30a.m. the next day. thanks.

    • profile image

      exburner 6 years ago

      alexa...i would fully wait a week...or until your atleast in full withdrawals again.....rememebr the suboxone binds very tightly to the opiate receptors in our brains...when you try and use the oc's they wont be strong enough to kick off the have to wait, wait and me i rarely try and jumpon the opiates, cause i know the suboxone is strong and at a dose of 8mg that's already higher than the ceiling effect it prob should have just taken 1 or 2 mg next doc started me on 8-14mg once daily, i realised its easy to drop to 2 mg a day and not even notice you have dropped to a lower dose....dr's wanna put you on higher doses than necessary......i now only take 2mg every 2nd or 3rd day....i kept all my takeaways and have like 200 8mg pills stashed so i can now soon quir the chemist and just wean my self off....the higher the mg suboxone the longer it will keep you feeling normal...but even 2mg lasts easy 2 days....go to wikipedia they say it like it is

    • profile image

      Dan 6 years ago

      I have been a heavy opiate user for 20 years. The last 2 years I was on 65 mg of methadone.I heard about suboxone and i decided to give it a try because i was tired of making the trip evryday to the clinic.The doctor gave ne 12 mg a day.Oh the last week prior to taking the subs i was on 20mg of methadone.Well i waited about 10 hours "big mistake" was miserable for about 4 hours. the next day i tried again "same deal real sick".It took 2 weeks for the subs to work finally have some relief now i take one 8mg in morning and im fine till next day. My doc wants me to stay on because he makes 150 every visit but i want to taper i am open for suggestion

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      waiting to start sub. treatment. don't go till the9th of sept. just concerned how much meds are... have independent blue cross/medco

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      to the exburner.. need to know ur name so i can facebook ya.. im a 37 yr old female pill popper for 20 yrs. now did not start my sub treatment till sep. 9th.. would love some help.. let me know asap.. im from to hear from ya

    • profile image

      Slick 6 years ago

      I read most of your comments and am astonished about how many people today have the same addiction to opiates. I am no different of course. I started out in 2006 doing about 5-10 7.5 vicodins. Then i wanted the 10mg percs did about 10-12 a day. Of course you gradually go up and up, i went to 15mg roxys then to 30 mg roxys and 40 OCs and then 80 OCs. After telling my family about my addiction in Sept 2007 i went on suboxone 8mg a day. To this day im still taking 8mg a day!! I am scared sh!t to stop taking it. Well, my wife who takes opiates for her back pain got into a little trouble with opiates as well. I had to start giving her half of my suboxones to get off the opiates. I told her to get them herself but she wont. Anyways, she started calling a friend over who sells 40 OCs and 80 OCs. I know the guy too. I haven't relapsed 1 time since 2007. Well, i finally relapsed, i took 4 80 OCs from the guy without my wife knowing i stopped taking my subs this past mon so tues and today i took 2 80Mg OCs a day. I want to take my suboxone right now! but after reading this i cant, have to wait till tomorrow late. I cant believe i went through all these yrs w/o relapsing and i finally did. What a mistake!!! i feel guilty.

    • profile image

      moon 6 years ago

      soboxone works very well with crsvings thought pattern do dot continiue thinking of using opiaties thought give yoursels a couple days clean before starting or you will go thru hell a couple days but this only lasts acouple days then everthing gets better quickly and feel the best in a long time ihad been doing 160 to280 mg of oxycontin a day i would very much prefer this to any kind of 12 step out there

    • profile image

      Flawless 6 years ago

      Wow all this is good to read... Ive beeb an opiate user for about 3 years on and off... Iv read a lot of peoples habits on here but i have to say with all honesty i had a habit waaay worse than u all can imagine.... I started dealing them 3 years ago norcs that is... I was selling about 2-3 thousand a week... I wasn't taking them at first but coureousity killed this cat... I was wobdering what was soooo great about them that i was selling soooo damn many... I startes off taking 1-2 at a time a blue loratab and yellow norc... Well that didn't last long... Before i knew it i was taking 80-100 per day 10s NOO JOkEE my habit was 6 grand plus a month and i could afford it onlyyy cuz i dealt pillz along with trees... Well it soon fucked up my life and i lost everythinggf literally... Packed my shit called my mom whos a natual health professional and moved in with them... I completely had to kick that many cold fucking turkey.. If i ever wondered what hell was i found it thata forsure... I have to tell u all though it lasted about 7-8 days the aches shitz sweats ect. Then the game was allllll mental from there.. I got my ass a gym membership to keep my mind off of it and boooy did it help... I gained about 30 pounds solid musle and felt the best of my life... Btw ive had ten surgerys ten plus broken bones and i was prescribed 240 norc 10s a months yea those lasted no more than 2-3 days pretty bad huh...ok now on to the subz... I relapsed about 6 months later due to a wack ass baby mama and got into much harder shit... I started seeing a pain management doc i was refered to and started getting 3 80 ocs and 5 30 roxys prescribed per day so that's 90 80s a month and 150 30s sound like a lot haha yea i thought so too... Well guess what i could go through those in 4 or 5 days Tops after a while... Well shit hit the fan again couldn't afford it and had to do something... I knew i didnt want to visit hellll again (withdrawls) and my older brother had abused norcs an had been on subz for 4 fucking years COMPLETYYY stupiddd wtf is wrong with doctors...he was addicted to those now obviously.. Well i gave them a shot ane let me tell u they are a miracle drug being the person i am knew i have an addictive personality and didn't want to b hooked on subz... I took 4mg to start and nevet looked back..i took my last piece im going to today and didn't really need to i completely have kicked off 4 8mg subz NOo JOKe people... I have to tell u it is 99.9%mental once u get over the initial sweats pains shitz ect... U don't have yo b on subz nooooo more than 7 days i don't give a shittt how much opiates u indulge in...ive wened myself off 5 or 6 times with subz and NEVERRR longer than a week on them nomatter how bad my habit was at the time...also i had tried to smoke an 80 less than 24 hours after taking my second dose of subs lezs than 15 hours apart and puked my ass off didn't get thrown into withdrawls though and then took a sub the next morning and didn't get thrown into them again again its alllll mental once ur through the body pains so u can alll seriously kick ur habit in a week NOO problem if ur mentally ready to quit... The reason i got on here today is cuz my same brother has a terrible habit to... He just ran out last night at 6 of doing about 10-15 80s a day and called me this morning asking me when to take the subz cuz he felt like shit... He took first one at 12 today and he said he felt a little better but still had little withdrawls... I told him he willl b fine tonight just keep ur mental state straight so i hope he kicks them hes just not very mentally tough as i am hate to say... Anyways i loved reading all this info i hope i can help atleast 1 person quit that would b nice... If anybody has a ? Or commet u can email me at good luck to all of you on here im out!!!

    • profile image

      mikeyc312 6 years ago


    • profile image

      mandy 6 years ago

      Dude I been like fuck them subs for the longest time.. my boyfriend is on the sub plan and he told me mandy just take them bla bla i live in a small town and when towns dry its DRY period. ppl would pay 80 bucks for a 40 mg oxy and now everythings gone to ops nobody wants that shit so anyways ive had this sub sittin around here for like 2 months and just took it and i feel great :) id def recommend it to ppl addicted to the oc they really work! oh and i took it about 8 hours after i last did a 40mg oc.

    • profile image

      hates opiate 6 years ago

      I've been shooting 24mgs of hydromorphone a day and want to know how long I should wait to take my first dose of sub

    • uykusuz profile image

      uykusuz 6 years ago from England

      Nice share thanks .

    • profile image

      goshen 6 years ago

      Its time to take suboxone when you're sick. I mean really sick not just needing to take the edge off. I took sub before I was sick. Well then I got really sick with Precipitated wd's. PWD's are bad but can be cured by taking 2mg an hour until they disappear. Atleast this worked for me

    • profile image

      oPiAtEd 6 years ago

      I usually wait until i can go in the bathroom, look in the mirror and see my pupil's dialated until i take my suboxone after opiate use. Turn off the light for a second and then turn it back on and look at ur eyes in the mirror when u do this and if ur pupils are big than you have No opiates in your system.

    • profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago

      man, i want to try so hard to take the suboxones bec i have like 8 but, every freaking time i do i get sicker or just irritable with some withdrawls. I don't feel like i do when i take methodone. yet, methodone is worse bec. it puts me up higher when i go back to percs. I have waited up to 36hrs i kicked u not! Please email me at my url address and let me know what to do!!!!! I need serious help!!!

    • profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago

      Ok, i don't know where to view my url so let me put it down so who ever can help me out can reach me easily lotsoflovehere for myspace or just look under jessica baer thank u for any info u can give me on why i have waited up to 36hrs after taking opiates and didn't get any comfort from a suboxone 8milligram pill. I have like 8 suboxones to. it sucks not being able to take them bec. im so scared of going into instint withdrawls again and again. I tried suboxone three freaking times and waited each time more and more time. up to 36hrs+ help me Please!!!!!!! or text me at 5053825552 thank u so much

    • profile image

      Evan 6 years ago

      I just took suboxone and got sicker than all get out . I was on methadone for a year tapered down to 30mg and ithas been 3 days since I took any nut I got sicker than I cam ever remember after taking the 8 mg sub. Had to do300mg s of morphine to feel better feel strange now what's going on I know I'm not ODING what is the problem can I wait 24 hrs and try again without sickness?

    • profile image

      Lindsay 6 years ago

      I've been on some form of opiate for almost 2 years now. It started with percocets and soon developed into a heroin addiction. I did my last shot of dope about 12 hours ago. I searched everywhere I could looking for more when I got off work, even asking random people in the city. I had some suboxone I got a few months ago when I was thinking of quitting but I like heroin so much that I just kept using. When I couldn't find any dope I decided that I would take a sub thinking I wouldn't withdrawl. 10 hours after my last shot of dope I shot half a sub. TOTAL MISTAKE!!!!! I have never felt so terrible in my life!! I went into immidate withdrawls and couldn't even walk. I crawling into my roommates bedroom to wake him up because I thought I was dying. Unfortunately I didn't get to this website in time and had the worst hour of pain I have even felt. Fortunately, it only lasted about an hour and a half. REALLY bad for about a hour. It's been almost 2 hours now since I've done the sub shot and I am no longer having chills or cramps. So, whatever you do, please take it from me and wait as long as you can after an opiate use to take a Suboxone. You WILL regret taking it at your first signs of withdrawl. Good luck on your road to recovery.I hope this is the end of my herion use!!

    • profile image

      Evan 6 years ago

      Day 2 feeling a little better today . Was in precipited withdrawl yesterday horribl terrible but stopped after an hour . Slowly started to feel bettter over the course of the day . Felt great around midnight . This morning started feeling bad after taking second dose . Now can't tell where I'm at but it's day 2 on the subs and moving forward. Just waiting for some sense of total relief that hasn't come yet this is definitley a battle. I wouldn't want this for my worst enemy

    • profile image

      will 007 6 years ago

      must i lower my heroine use of 10-12 bags per day before starting on suboxone. or can i just wait until i am very sick or heavy in withdrawl and start the suboxone? if anyone knows please let me know asap because i am planning on starting suboxone tomorrow after about 24-36 hours

    • profile image

      oPiAtEd 6 years ago

      Ok, Jessica i tried lookin you up but there are lots of girls w/ your name. Will- You can taper down if you want but either way, like you said wait 24-36 hrs before you take the Sub, and if your doing 10 bags a day i think you will def. need 16 mgs of the Sub off the bat. Just be sure you wait that long b/c you really don't want to go in immediate withdrawls from having the dope still in ur system!

    • profile image

      WOW again 6 years ago

      OK.. This is me talking.. I was doing it all for the last year Oxy's, Roxy's ,dones whatever was around every day.. Needed for my pee size brain..Took a 3 day break wasn't that bad, Just took Lots of Xanax's to sleep it off.. Started Suboxone and I can honestly say its ME again.. Now I'm scared to death I wont be able to kick the Subs

    • profile image

      lee 6 years ago

      ok iv been hooked on ocs now for about a year im at around 100 to 150 mg a day i just think its stupid and a waste of money i started off with just vikes then ocs and my bf was on opanas which i hated it caused us to fight and later just break up he finally just got clean and i want to so bad but iv been so scared of how i will feel i never really went thru withdral i could always find somhing and i would be subs and then just never take them so today is the day i wana try subs but i found this website and i don't know what to do my boyfriend told be to do a lil piece of oc and then when i felt like i needed something else take a sub he told me to snort a line and then put the rest under my toung if i need it i started withdrawing with hot and cold getting chils around 9 am did about 30mg oc and its now twelve and i want to either do a oc or sub i want to do the sub but iv been reading this all morning and im scared now that ill get sick cuz i just did 30mg 3 hours ago when should i start the sub should i snort that lil bit he left for me i duno what to do should i just do ocs the rest of today and wait till i withdraw in the morning and then do the sub i just don't want to be sick please help anybody!!!

    • profile image

      THIS SHIT SUCKS 6 years ago

      OK I New to all this I been taking roxy for a year now and finally took the suboxone i think i only waited 8-12 hours and then took it its been three days still have stomach cramps, throwing up, sweats, etc, the stomachache is the worse part and the runs i haven't been able to eat or drink. What should I do I think I took the sub to soon!!!!! Fuck I wish I read this first. Do I wait it out and continue with the subs???? I started with one and been doing pieces here and there. Is that making the withdrawls worse.??? HELP what should I do? I know its mind over matter but I feel like my stomach is going to kill me.

    • profile image

      oPiAtEd 6 years ago

      Just wait it out bro, don't take anything else for about 12-24 hrs after ur last dose of suboxone, then when you do take it, take maybe half of one and see how it makes u feel. Just wait til you totally feel like shyt and it'll make you feel all the better! Hope this works for ya!

    • profile image

      RE: This shit sucks 6 years ago

      Hi, I am Vicodin addict that is now in recovery on a suboxone treatment program. I had to respond to you because I know exactly how you feel. The wait time for opiates such as Oxy/Roxy/Vicodin is 12-24 hours, that's what doctors recommend. However I was told to wait closer to the 24 hour mark, and I did. The results I had from the suboxone after waiting the 24 hours was remarkable! I was able to function just as well if not even better than I did when I was on vicodin. I had no withdrawls, no cravings, and i actually had money in my pocket again! lol I laugh now but my problem was very bad and was growing every week, by the time I finally admited to being an addict I was taking 20 to 25 Watson 750-7.5's per day. So as you can see I was very very addicted and had built a huge tollerance to Vicodin, which is why I was so amazed at how great and normal I felt as soon as I took the suboxone. So do your self a huge favor friend, wait almost 20-24 hours from the time you take your last roxy to the time you take your first suboxone, and you will feel just as good as you did before you became an addict :)

      ps. if you are on the 2mg Suboxones what i have found works the best is to take one when you get up in the morning and then take one around dinner time or around 8 hours after the first pill. I wish you the best of luck and only use the subs as they r ment to be taken, place it under ur tougne and wait for it to desolve otherwise the Naloxone will block the effects of the buprenorphine and you will go into withdrawl symptons that hit you very hard and fast. If you have anymore questions just ask Ill check back here daily

    • profile image

      correction for my obove post 6 years ago

      i said i was on 2mg suboxone im sorry I ment to type that I am taking the 8mg Suboxone. if you are taking the 8mg ones follow what I said, if you are taking the smaller ones i would talk to your doctor about taking 8mg at a time, it is much more effective for addictions such as yours and mine. and again good luck to you!

    • profile image

      RE: mikeyc312 6 years ago

      stop bouncing between the treatment and the heroine and stick with the suboxones and join a treatment rogram or a support group, suboxone alone wont be the end of an addiction, proffesional help is required to truly and totally become clean and to help ween you off of the suboxone once it is time. I wish you luck, but if you keep going back and forth from heroine and suboxone you will die.

    • profile image

      Charlie 6 years ago

      Hi all great site and info ive been on the gear (heroin- its called gear in melb) for about 7-8 years on off anyways my problem is ive got this piss test for my job on monday it will be 2 and a half days since i played will i pass it?? I smoked half a g if any1 can help be much appreciated and also is there anything i should take to help me get a negative thanks

    • profile image

      oPiAtEd 6 years ago

      Charlie - You might be good, hope you read this in time, You HAVE to drink lots of water, piss midstream and make sure your color is almmost clear. Water does wonders! Try to get off the H though bro, take some subs and get off the shyt!

    • profile image

      medic1966 6 years ago

      even though i've switched back and forth from methadone to subs to oxys ...I still some times screw up and take subs to soon and get sick,,,1 took 100mgs of meth 3 days ago.I.m wondering if I take 2 subs tonite with a big xanax dose (big but safe) can I SLEEP THROUGH ANY POSSIBLE PRECIP.WITHDRAWLS .

    • profile image

      re: medic1966 6 years ago

      if the xanax is precribed then you should be just fine. if its not i would suggest you stick only to the suboxone and stop abusing prescription drugs, take it from someone who lost everything and had to claw and scratch his way back to mediocrity that its not worth it. everyday for me is better and better than the last. I can honestly say that ifI hadn't decided to get clean the only place I would be right now is in the ground.

    • profile image

      Re opiated 6 years ago

      Yh right now i take bup and then usually play on weekend i know 1 day i have to bite the bullet and go for the detox but right now im not ready currently my situations not too bad i work hard during the week and reward myself on the weekend its not perfect but it works for me atm plus in aus bup is cheap i think the gov pays for most of it bcos i pay $50 and get dose for 2 weeks included takeaways of 20 8mg pills i called in sick on monday tuesday so now im booked in friday aus time for my pissed test my work place was pretty cool about it so unless i fail it il be ok btw thanks for the info & advice much appreciated

    • profile image

      Charlie 6 years ago

      Also just wanted 2 make sure subs don't show up on the urine test right? Btw i can take subs about 6-8 hrs after i play and don't hang out i guess after a while ur body gets used to it weekend coming up this week has got to be 1 of the longest weeks of my life just 1 more day & i find out what lies ahead for my life either everything works out and il be sweet or il be rock bottom such is life i guess... And god damn it phillies lost a close 1 had $100 on them

    • profile image

      Pain&pain 6 years ago

      I've been on roxys for 8 months now due to akylosing spondylitis in my lower spine and as u all know it's a never ending cycle. My pain comes and goes with varying degrees of numbness in my legs butt and hips but everyday I am in some pain that is only abated with opiates. I've tried them all especially suboxone and have had many different reactions to it. The first time I used it to detox off roxies bc I felt my pain was tolerable with OTC meds. I took it about 8 hrs after 100 mg of oxycodone and it worked wonders. I got a weeks supply of 2 8mg pills per day and weened down on my own so that amt lasted a month. The suboxone actually treated the mild pain I had. I was clean off everything for another month and then had a flare up and my first instinct was to try a small piece of sub about .5-1mg and it did nothing. Within a week I was back at my pain mgmnt doc and back to the roxies. Since then I've tried to detox with subs 3 separate times and each time went into pricipitated wd. I've even waited 24 hrs after only a 30 mg roxy and it still happened. The last time I stuck to the subs for 3 days and while the wd eventually dissipated the subs did nothing for the pain and I was stuck in bed the whole time unable to function. Has anyone had problems with subs working after multiple tries? It feels like they helped me get off opiates once and now they won't do it anymore. The only reason I keep trying is bc after 2-3 months on roxies my tolerance exceeds my prescription and I know once I cop from a dealer I go down a neverending tunnel that drains my funds and leads to me abusing roxies to make them more intense (snort) causing me to need even more. If anyone with serious pain can get by on suboxone is there some dosing method or synergistic drug that blocks the pain without rebounding to opiates? I've tried 800mg advil 3x a day, considerably more Tylenol and aleve without any success. It's nearly impossible for me to sleep without some opiate/benzo combo and even then the sleep comes in 3-4 hour worthless sessions which leave me tired all day. I have phys therapy twice a week and seem to get almost nothing out of it other than a place to go where I'm not popping pills. Also if anyone has any specific experience with this particular disease I am willing to try anything. I hate feeling addicted and pills control my life. If addiction is your problem your in much better shape than I. Trying suboxone will probably save your life and money and anyone who takes the step forward I know how hard it is u just gotta stick to it and mentally overcome it. I've seen friends and family beat it and I want to get there too. I read every post and those of u that are making the move to subs you will not regret it. Be strong and know that in the end it will be worth it when u can wake up with a smile instead of the nausea runs sweats and all the bs we know and feel everyday when our dose has worn off. It's mentally exhausting to have to listen to people everyday say just stop takin them and sweat it out for a few days. Those people have never been down this road and only other addicts really know what were feeling. Sry for my rant but it really does feel good to spit this all out to a group of people that actually have felt real pain like pricipiated wd or kickin mdone for a week waiting to take a sub. It's not an exageration when death actually seems better than life like that. Good luck to all and just know in ur head u can beat this shit bc at some point most of us were happy and healthy without it.

    • profile image

      Tom 6 years ago

      As great as usa is your doctor system sucks big time its free where i am from government pays for it that's what tax are for

    • profile image

      Charlie 6 years ago

      Hi all i just did my piss test and i dunno if i passed but i looked at the form and they wrote nab for my urine test what does this mean? They will tell me monday but i am desperate to find out what nab means so if any1 can help that would be so great thanks in advance

    • profile image

      when will i learn 6 years ago

      i have been opiate user for about 4 1/2 years started with oxy now heroin i iwould like to stop but i have only one sub does anyone know if that will help me in my withdraws or is it pointless to use and should i just go cold turkey i have been using about a g and a 1/2 exept for the last week i have been using only cotton shots and residue off of a plate any good advice out ther

    • profile image

      Purrtygurl 6 years ago

      Iv been back and forth between trying to get off perc tens for three years now. Iv never taken an oxy or was ever curious to try anything else. for the past year iv been taking ten perc tens 6x`s a day.......sickening right? I cant help it I love the feeling.....i just started taking subs again and Iv been having lower back pains and my legs are aching, so iv been taking perc and subs at the same time doesn't make me sick at all and I still get that little rush of being high.......i only plan on doin this to the aches and pains go away, hopefully my plan works cuz god knows that every day is a struggle....iv tried group meetings but I think its all just bullshit....i believe the strengh to do it and the drive has to come from with in yourself......they say when people do drugs they do it to suppress something or to block something out.....i never understood that,....i do it because i love the feeling and theirs nothing like it........but i do know if I don't stop im going to die.......can whoevers reading this please pray for me,.......i just want my life back.....

    • profile image

      pocket 6 years ago

      so I took an 8 mg suboxone today at about noon I've been an almost daily heroin user for... damn almost 8 months now. My girlfriend and I stocked up on subs so that we could quit heroin but after I took mine today, she decided to go get dope. Soooo actually my question is how long after taking my suboxone do I have to wait to shoot up? It's only been 5 hours or so and I really want to I don't have any real withdrawal symptoms just craving really bad and the stuffs been in front of me all afternoon.

    • profile image

      juicy 6 years ago

      i have been taking perc 10s for 4 yrs now every day about 10 - 14 of them, 20 mg a dose every 4 hours. i have gone thru about 100$ a day for the longest time, and had no choice to stop. i am on the subs now for about 9 days and really do feel awsome. i started taking 8mg 2x a day, am,pm. then after 3 days 4mg 2X a day, am,pm..and im still doing it bc i don't want to feel any pain.. my energy is back and my life is just comin back and it feels good to have money again.

      purrtygirl - i have been to @ detoxs..1 for 11 days about 3 years ago and was on meth n xanax and went thru ccrazy withdrawlas, the worst feeling ever.. then i tried about 2 years ago, another detox for like 5 days.. and they had me on subs. i did ok but after a week i was back on perc. i love the feeling so much i couldn't get myself to quit and didn't care about the money i was wasting.

      i get scripts of percs and xanax - ligit.. and i take a xanax througout the day to calm down the anxiety and one at nite to sleep. i really want to have will power n not take the perc. i did slip today bc the bottle is staring me in the face. TEMPTATION IS A BITCH!!! but i don't even feel it bc of the xanax i took last nite, so i want to take my suzie instead and i don't kno if i shud yet.. i prob am goin to rite now. but anyways if u need to talk or anything or just to bullshit about out addiction n updates on the pills/subs watever.. i understand wat everyone is going thru and how it sux to stop something u love, sounds pathetic but it is wat it is..

    • profile image

      juicy 6 years ago

      pain&pain - i totally understand what u went thru and evry word u sed is me! i feel i can now overcome the addiction bc i hate havin them control my life. i hate when i have to make sure i have for the morning and go and chase them. i hated that i cudnt function n get outta bed without it. my fav combo is opiades and benzos as well.. but now that the subs have givin me my life back, i cudnt b more happy. ur words r my story. it feels like i kno u bc u have sed everything that ive felt and think.

    • profile image

      juicy 6 years ago

      oh p.s. (sorry)

      benzos and suzies r also a good mix.. if anyone is having problems with sleep and anxiety, crawling outta ur skin. take a benzo.. trust me

    • profile image

      sean c 6 years ago

      Ive been a heroin addict for 12yrs and recently clean for about 9 months until last week and already have a small long after my last use do i take suboxone??

    • profile image

      lex 6 years ago

      for some people who - want to take an oxy/roxy after taking a Suboxone...

      i have tried it but only when i take a QTR or less of a Suboxone and wait about 8 hours or more you won't feel as high but you will feel it mostley No pains.... but then you will have to wait 12 or more hours before taking a Sub or at least wait until you go to mild WDs

    • profile image

      SEAN C FROM LONG ISLAND N.Y 6 years ago

      ive been addicted to heroin and xanax for 12 years.i have been in 61 detoxes,5 inpatients,4 outpatients,drug court for a year,methadone maintence for 5 years and jail appx.13 times,a total of about 4-1/2 years in jail all because of my drug use.IT WAS NOT WORTH IT AT ALL,THE ONLY GOOD THING ABOUT BEING LOCKED UP WAS I WAS CLEAN,FELT GREAT AND MY FAMILY WASN'T WORRIED ABOUT ME DYING.we don't just hurt us but our family even more!anyone can do it,THIS MEANS YOU 2!!!most recently i was arrested on a direct drug sale,2-B-FELONYS-vary serious,9(years on each felony).a good friend of mine asked me to get 7 bundles of dope for him and his friend and me being a drug addict i thought i could make acouple of bucks and some dope WELL HIS FRIEND WAS AN UNDERCOVER DET.when your using you really don't things through!it could be your best friend or really anyone,soo be careful...i live in copauge,long island,new york so if you know or run into aguy named (MICHAEL SAVAGE)STAY AWAY BECAUSE HE IS A RAT AND STILL WORKS WITH POLICE,HE HAS ALSO SET UP OTHER PEOPLE AND RUINED MANY LIVES AND YOUR LIFE CAN BE RUINED AS WELL BY DOING A FAVOR FOR SOMEONE,PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!i know first hand how hard it is to get clean and stay clean,its very HARD,its much easier to stay clean,at first you'll be uncomfortable but everyday YOU will feel BETTER,and the trust from family and friends will come back pretty fast.I HAVE EXPERIENCED IT ALL...IF YOU GET ANYTHING OUT OF THIS BECAUSE ALL OUR STORIES ARE VERY SIMULAR,I WOULD LOVE TO HELP ANYONE WHO READS THIS BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT ADDICTS DO!!!YOU CAN TEXT ME @ 1-631-671-0708 AND I WILL RETURN YOUR CALL PRONTO.I AM NOT A DOCTOR BUT VERY EXPERIENCED IN ALL ADDICTION,im a 33 yr old male drug addict and maybe you can help me as well.and just like every addict i have lost it all family,jobs,license,money and the RESPECT from addicts have all been there or will SOON be there if you don't get HELP,ITS UP TO???? IF I CAN HELP ANYONE OR JUST ANSWER A QUESTION ID BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO.REMEMBER IVE BEEN WHERE YOU ARE-GUARANTEED..

    • profile image

      somebody 6 years ago



      Hey! God I hate reading but actually read this whole thing. (pretty much) GREAT POST. I feel so bad for you guys and myself. You may laugh if i tell you what my addiction is..I never touched an Oxy and what the hells a Roxy? or H or coke etc. By the way: 24 year old female. My problem is 5mg perks haha. Im laughing, but there is nothing funny about it. To make a long story short...I remember my Mom gave me my first one for some damn period cramps or something and i LOVED it. The way I felt, all uppity and talky..HAPPY. A half would do it for me....then later I messed my back up (herniated discs)I got prescribed them..When the doc stopped prescribing them I would just get them off my mom...FOR FREE. I know that sounds awful :-( But i was taking like 4,5, then like 6 a day I realized I have a PROBLEM. I am dependent on these pills. What the fuck. The girl who use to HATE DRUGS...So, my mom has a friend and so do I that are on the SUB program...I was acting CRAZY and so emotional. ANGRY. short... I just stayed online in my room that all i did....I was so messed up man. My room got to be a disgusting mess. dirty dishes, etc. Me and my boyfriend of several years broke up...and I was up to like 8 a day! just felt so alone. and i didn't care about anything i had no passion anymore...for anything. Nothing can make me happy..i have no friends. I am a loser. It was a day away from my sub visit...I was taking the most i ever taken thinking, Fuck it. I'm about to stop anyways, right?

      Just didn't want to have to think.

      I was fucking heartbroken.

      HERE'S THE THING. MY PROBLEM WASN'T ALL THAT BAD. THE DOCTOR SHOULD HAVE NEVER PUT ME ON SUBS. when I took the first half I got soooooooooooo high. I was freaked out. Turns out the subs are so much stronger then 5mg perks....So now my tolerance for pain pills is higher! because I relapsed because of a very painful urinary track infection....and a 5mg perks didn't hardly even give me a buzz anymore.. BECAUSE OF THE SUBS. I was on the subs for like a few months bouncing back and forth:(




      lets say it together.....

      FUCK YOU, PILLS!!!

      LIVE.!!! ;-)

    • profile image

      somebody 6 years ago

      A little bit more.......

      sometimes its really good to talk to someone... don't be scared/ ashamed..

      most doctors don't give a shit.

      don't just use subs, and bounce back a forth...come on' that's so sad. Its what always ends up happening...if your gonna go on the sub program and cant deal with the withdraw..well, its not like you CANT you just don't want to....and if you can just take a pill and feel better, why suffer right? WRONG.

      sorry, theres just so much to say....

      don't let pills / H rule your life, PLEASE. you're the only one who can help yourself. the time is NOW. Not tomorrow not in a week not on this date not on that date, excuses...excuses..... theres always gonna be one, and you will think of anything "Well, I'll just finish these then...." NO~!

      don't you see the vicious cycle?

      lets stop being so lazy...and weak, and just settling. what kinda life is that?

      Lets shout it, and mean it.

      (((FUCK YOU, DRUGS.))

      You're not gonna rule my life, anymore...

      -somebody, A nobody....

    • profile image

      swings and roundabouts!!!!!!!! 6 years ago

      PPPPPPFFFFFFT i really don't kno where 2 start after reading sum of your stories but MASSIVE RESPECT 2 ALL OF YOU PEOPLE"trying" 2 GET OFF HEROIN! iv done it before and i'll do it again,but what i will say first is defo use subutex 2 cum off heroin....i have many friends who are still on methadone and they started there detox the same tym as me 2/3year ago!!!WHAT I WILL SAY IS THO 'IT HAS 2 BE YOU WHO WANTS 2 COME OFF HEROIN NOT BECAUSE UR WANTIN TO PLEASE OTHER PPL!!! I MYSELF STARTING USING HEROIN AS AN EMOTIONAL BLOCKER AFTER MY BOYFRIEND OF 7 YEAR WAS FOUND DEAD {NOT OFF HEROIN} AND I FELT I HAD NO1 SO HEROIN BECAME MY BEST when i finally decided 2 come off the drug it was lyk loosing the only bit of comfort i had....i would defo say that the 1st 3DAYS are the worst because the doc will only start u off on a small dose!which i aint gunna lie done fuk all....i was so weak by my 3rd day of my detox i had 2 get my m8 2 drive my own car 2 my appointment 2 get the dose of subutex i needed! 12mg was the highest i went and i was SWEET AS A NUT!!! I SHIT U NOT PEEPS!!!

      and i was sumtymz smokin anything up2 £150 a day!!!!

      BUT in august this year i was goin thru loads of shit so i thought id have "CHEEKY BAG" 2 sort my head out 2 block any pain i was feeling.....BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!! my old best m8 was bak in my life and took control of it VERY QUICKLY! soon as i realised i had a habbit i was gutted as i had been clean for over 2 year thanks to 2day is the 1st day of staying off it i had my last smoke of it 1am this morning and woke up 7.30am feeling lyk i had been kicked all over so by 8.30am i took half a number 8 subutex(THAT I BOUGHT OFF A M8) and im feeling FINE AND IM NOT CRAVING 4 A TOOT!!!!IF I FEEL ABIT ROPEY AFTER...I'LL TAKE ANOTHER HALF.....IM GUNNA BE DOING THIS 4 THE NXT 3 DAYS UNTIL THE EVIL HEROIN IS OUT.....SOON AS IV FINISHED WRITING THIS IM GUNA DELETE EVERY HEROIN DEALER OUT MY PHONE AND STAY AWAY FRM ANY1 WHO IS STILL ON IT.....UNTIL I FEEL STRONG ENOUGH TO SAY NO!!!! LIKE I SAID BEFORE IV DONE IT ONCE ILL DO IT AGAIN.....I WILL MISS MY M8 "H" AS IT GOT ME THRU SUM THOUGH TYMZ BUT I MISS HAVING MONEY AND CONTROL OF MY LIFE.....WISH ME LUCK PEOPLE COZ I KNO ITS GUNA BE A ROUGH RIDE BUT ITS WELL WORTH IT TRUST ME!!!

    • profile image

      zevehad 6 years ago

      Ok, this is what I am going through and any help would be appreciated. I wa saddoped to 400mg of oxys a day. I went to NY detox and was detoxsed with methadone...I felt great and stayed clean for a year. Then my gf introduced me to dope. I shot only like 4-5 bags a day and at the end was shooting just 2 (and the last one I shot was garbage). I bough suboxene off the street...this is how I am handing it...

      I did 2 full 8mg for 2 days

      I did 2 4mg for 2 days

      I am going to do 1.33 for 3 days

      Then I am done....what if any withdrawals should I feel. I almost feel cause I used dope for only a month and tapered downklonopin suboxene over 7 days I might avoid it all, but I guess this is the place to ask...thank you all so much for your help.

      Also, what's the best way to detox of and ambien?

    • profile image

      kc 6 years ago

      I have been taking percocet 10's and 30's for about 2 years now off and on. I was on 8mgsubs for 6 months n then relapsed because i just couldn't take the pain of withdrawl. Finanlly december of last year, i went into rehab n got back on subs and just relapsed a week ago again! its so depressing and the reason why i keep doing it is because the suboxone withdrawl is so dreadful! the 3rd day is when the withdrawl peaks and i just can't take it anymore! Suboxone withdrawl is a very long lasting withdrawl and sucks really bad! but what i can say is that without subs i don't kno where i would be today. I took my last perc 30 last night at 9pm and i am going to take my first dose of subs around 3pm today. That will be like 18 hrs so i should be good. The only thing i am feeling right now is hot and cold sweats n im sneazing so hopefully by 3pm i will be feeling worse so i can start my first dose. I thought that i was ready to come off of subs once again but i wasn't. What i can say to everyone is that unless u are ready to be on nothing for the rest of ur life< do not try to even come off of subs! Stay on them n when u are ready, tapper all the way down to a 1/4 of a 2mg for 2 weeks n then come off. the withdrawl symptoms will not be so bad. I hope that i have helped out a little. I am tired of going back n forth from percs to subs. it makes me so angry! i just want to be off of everything but, I AM JUST NOT READY! good luck to everyone! if anyone needs to talk u can email me at

    • profile image

      SunniDayze 6 years ago

      I would just like to say how inspired I am by everyones story. I have been addicted to H in the past then cleaned up for 2yrs until my mom got sick, there was a large supply of meds in our house and the stress just got to me. I started taking her pills and worked my way from viks 5z to 7.5z to perks n then I kinda stayed right there at about 12 to 16 perks a day. I had been addicted to H and ocs before and knew that once I hit that mark I wouldn't stop. It has been only by the grace of god that I couldn't find any H in the place I was now living, now I'm thankful for that. I was a big H smoker about 7yrs ago now but I had started the same BS that I was doin b4 my whole day was findin ways to get more. I have no life. I saw all of these postings when attempting to find ways to cope with witdrawl symptoms. I have never Ever had the strength to make the decision to stop using on my own, I have always needed to be locked up to find my moment of clarity, but last night I had a moment of awakening if u wanna call it this. I knew I wanted more than anything to find myself again. I was paying hundreds of dollars to feel what my daughter felt every morning for free. I don't want to wait for my world to come crasing down around me, before I attempt to save myself. I am not a "happy" user I dnt do it because its fun anymore, I do it to live... To do the shit normal people do. When I have those pills no matter how many hundred I might have, its never enuff. Its going to be gone within a matter of days n its back to the same shit again. I called and got an apt to a sab. Doc near where I live and am going to ask for help. I want to feel free from this fear and guilt I feel every day, every moment. I just hope that it works for me the way so many others claim it worked for them. I have no reason to attempt to bounce back and forth between meds n Subox. I jus wanna be able to have my life free from these toxic thoughts that plague me all day everyday. I want to spend 30min with my daughter that I'm not sneaking into the bathroom to do more damn meds. I hate who I become when I'm on this shit!!! It has to stop. I hope and pray that Subox is my way out. I will keep all of u in my prayers as well. I want to look into the mirror and feel proud of the women looking back at me. hope to continue to keep anyone who cares posted by updating my status. Email me if u need to talk I'd love to feel the connection with people that aren't fulla bullshit when it comes to making positive changes in themselves.

    • profile image

      SunniDayze 6 years ago

      I would just like to say how inspired I am by everyones story. I have been addicted to H in the past then cleaned up for 2yrs until my mom got sick, there was a large supply of meds in our house and the stress just got to me. I started taking her pills and worked my way from viks 5z to 7.5z to perks n then I kinda stayed right there at about 12 to 16 perks a day. I had been addicted to H and ocs before and knew that once I hit that mark I wouldn't stop. It has been only by the grace of god that I couldn't find any H in the place I was now living, now I'm thankful for that. I was a big H smoker about 7yrs ago now but I had started the same BS that I was doin b4 my whole day was findin ways to get more. I have no life. I saw all of these postings when attempting to find ways to cope with witdrawl symptoms. I have never Ever had the strength to make the decision to stop using on my own, I have always needed to be locked up to find my moment of clarity, but last night I had a moment of awakening if u wanna call it this. I knew I wanted more than anything to find myself again. I was paying hundreds of dollars to feel what my daughter felt every morning for free. I don't want to wait for my world to come crasing down around me, before I attempt to save myself. I am not a "happy" user I dnt do it because its fun anymore, I do it to live... To do the shit normal people do. When I have those pills no matter how many hundred I might have, its never enuff. Its going to be gone within a matter of days n its back to the same shit again. I called and got an apt to a sab. Doc near where I live and am going to ask for help. I want to feel free from this fear and guilt I feel every day, every moment. I just hope that it works for me the way so many others claim it worked for them. I have no reason to attempt to bounce back and forth between meds n Subox. I jus wanna be able to have my life free from these toxic thoughts that plague me all day everyday. I want to spend 30min with my daughter that I'm not sneaking into the bathroom to do more damn meds. I hate who I become when I'm on this shit!!! It has to stop. I hope and pray that Subox is my way out. I will keep all of u in my prayers as well. I want to look into the mirror and feel proud of the women looking back at me. hope to continue to keep anyone who cares posted by updating my status. Email me if u need to talk I'd love to feel the connection with people that aren't fulla bullshit when it comes to making positive changes in themselves.

    • profile image

      IssaAnn 6 years ago

      First of all to those of u asking about using opiates or other after taking suboxone don't deserve the suboxone! There are so many people out there that are desperate to get suboxone, but can't afford it, and your abusing it to try to get HIGH! Get off the internet, this is a place for people to get good advice on how to get clean, not how to get HIGH! I'm a ten yr user of Methadone, tapered from 60mg to 20mg, stopped for 39hrs and started Sub.(as a buffer to the w/d) am going to taper down and off a.s.a.p. I am doing all of this under a dr's care. Anyone with a similar exp. would love to hear your input. To those of u serious about getting clean, I wish u all the luck!

    • FrankiesGirl6Yr profile image

      FrankiesGirl6Yr 6 years ago from South Carolina

      Thank you SOOOO much for saying that IssaAnn! I have been clean from Oxy's and H for 3 yrs, thanks to Suboxone. Suboxone is the only life line my husband and I have, the only reason we can be together, the only reason I can be a good mother and it pisses me off when I read shit with people trying to manage their dope and suboxone at the same time!! They are ruining it for the rest of us who take recovery seriously. Do they not think that the docs that prescribe this and detox orgs that support it, read this stuff??

      This is why Doc's have started prescribing Suboxone only for the goal of reaching total sobriety, something I am not interested in. In other words, they will prescribe it, but you have to go into the office daily to take your dose and they only allow a limited amount of time for you to be on Suboxone. In fact, they start cutting the dose back after 2 months, continuing until you reach "total sobriety". I have no plans of getting off Suboxone, I’m content and works great.

      So those who continue to manage their dope vs. soboxone and never really planning on becoming clean, either do the dope and hit rock bottom like the rest of us or shut the hell up and keep it to yourself.

    • profile image

      rawnj 6 years ago

      I've been on and off oxy's roxys, perc,s for the past 2 years, and have come off with thhe help of dub's about 4 times. The lates time being in the beginning of novemeber. Last week I had 2 doc appointments, one with a sub dic and one with an accupuncture doc. I chose the accupuncture doc becaus it was cheaper than the out-of-network sub doc. Well after meeting with him and going thru the accupuncture, I told him I was taking subs, but needed to get a real script and continue to ween myself off. He insisted that sub's are worse for you body, more addicitng, and that he would rather ween me off opiates than subs, so he handed me a script for 120 roxy's and I was on my way.. I completely regret listening to him, I felt like shit going back on the roxys, I took them for about 4 days, gave my wife the bottle yest, she flushed them, and now im waiting to go back on subs today. I took my last roxys at 4pm yest, and I dont want to take the sub too soon, Im starting to feel anxious, my stomach hurts, and my nose is running, but ive taken subs too soon and gone through the hell that brings, i really cant believe how fast my life has been destroyed by these f@ckin pills, all pain meds are the same ass H, and should all be banned, how is it that weed is illegal in most states, but this crap is not?! it's a conspiracy, has to be... I wish everyone the best of luck, I know the pain, the guilt, the depression, the anxiety, it sucks, but there is life beyond opiates, good luck and god bless...

    • profile image

      corey 6 years ago

      I know there aren't many success stories here, but that's only because people don't care to come back and look at these sites once they get clean. I had a wicked roxy habit for the last 4 years, tried to quit cold turkey but ended up having to the doctor for subs. After the first few days on subs, I started feeling good again and kind thought it was over... and physically it is over, I haven't taken oxys or roxys for a month, but I woke up yesterday feeling strangely depressed. Still feeling that way. In a way, this depression is worse than being dope sick, I feel like my head is fucked up now. Hopefully this shit goes away, I was feeling so good just a few days ago and I don't know what happened. I'm not gonna go back to pills, but I gotta shake this "panic" feeling soon, it's not cool and I've never really had this problem except during my withdrawals. I'm not religious, but I'm considering church now just so I can be around positive people. I have a wonderful girlfriend who is trying to help, but I just can't seem to be happy. I have a job interview on thursday, I'm hoping that work will be the cure. Maybe i just need to get out of the house... sobriety is boring, but I never thought I'd have suicidal thoughts. I have to get better, I am capable of great things, but not when I keep thinking about death and sadness in general. How do I get my mind off this crap??? anyone?

    • profile image

      kashka 6 years ago

      hi i am a52 year old female who has been on drugs most my life, i for the last 3 years have been taking 240 mg of morphine i tried to stop cold turey and was never so sick in my life i have come off off heroin when i was younger and was sick believe me but nothing like the morphine. so like a dummy in the midst of the second day of the morphine kick i was screaming bloody murder drank an entire bottle of brandy which mae things worse. people were so worried about me someone came over with a bag of h at that point i would have done anything. i did it my eyes rolled back in my head and they thought i oded in a few minutes i was fine and my dumb logiic says well every day without a morphine is better so for the last four days ive been doing heroin, today i did the last of it and got a couple valiums. i live in a remote area and there is no drs around here that help with addiction they look down on you and ignore the problem. even ttell the cops. so my only choice which i want more than anything is to be free of this vicious cycle i dont believe i need rehab i know i am dead serious today i actually prepared for my demise and have done things like try to flush my kidneys out took some really strong nutritional subsitutes changed my sheets locked my gate when i was younger yes it was miserable but now at this age im afraid it will be fatal. i dont have the money to get this new wonder drug ive never heard of and drinking isnt the answer. so do you think valium will help. my bdy cant go through this anymore. i hate these opiates so much i dont even know why the fuck they make them. they might take pain away for couple days but after that you cant stop taking them or your in 10 times the pain they ought to be outlawed. please pray for me and if im still alive in 4 days ill tell ya what happened. thans kashka

    • FrankiesGirl6Yr profile image

      FrankiesGirl6Yr 6 years ago from South Carolina

      I think Suboxone needs to be prescribed with anti-depressents and a small dose of binzo's. After the physical withdrawls the mental withdrawls set in, like "there's nothing to do, being sober is boring" and just the anxiety of reality. That was my biggest problem and it seems to be for many others. I mean how do you feel the time with something you were doing 24/7. Any-ways, I didn't quit thinking this way until I was prescribed "other" psy meds and made a big decision that would take up my time, College. Ha! That sounds like a Life Time Movie, "From Heroin to College".

      Most of us do drugs because we have under lining issues any-ways and Suboxone can not fix that, but other psyc meds can...

    • profile image

      FaLLeN 6 years ago

      I hope posting this comment works and somebody soon responds I'm leaving my phone number on here I trust that everybodys an addict of some which means we shld all b adults!..I'm on day 5 of sub treatment...I was takin over 800mgs of percocets (codiene worth) a day not to mention all that tylenol or w.e...I know the opiates clear ur system usually 4 days and I haven't taken a sub since yesterday night round 7 (half a pill) I'm feelin little w.d but I'm wondering is it ok to stop everything or is the subs still workin in my system? I dnt wanna take anymore if its workin nor if I'm completely clear to go and get addicted again so plz if u can help send me a txt 1st dnt just call I trust everybodys an adult. 7 days ago I spent 5.000$ on percs.ocs.roxys. and in 2 days all was gone*promise to god...that's wen I knew it was time..I do have pains but id rather suffer than get rid of all I own..well nvm I can't leave my number it'll b traced and it'd ruin my career so ill try and find my way back to this page

    • profile image

      FaLLeN 6 years ago

      Since I can't put my number just answer me back on this forum plz

    • profile image

      FaLLeN 6 years ago

      Ok so try callin a hotline they gave me good advice 1 888 477 6672 its been bout 3 days since I've been off everything..I wld recommend a lot of hot baths which is sumthin I never used to do. everybody struggles people u just want to quit bad enough I'm in the military and after all the countless years in training I've done I'm still havin problems with this. I'm still havin coldchills and diarhea..I wld recommend also pepto and theraflu daytime to get through ur days and for my pain I've been takin tylenol xs and ibuprofen 800mg.. since I'm sittin on base right now I've also just figured that me blasting music is helpin a lot right now as immature as it may b idgaf watever helps. My wife is a day behind me on saboxone so I cld explain wat will help and wat to expect if I can do all this I'm sure y'all can too I hate it but what matters more...your life and family or a crutch that'll destroy ya like it almost did me. I'm sure I wlda gone to heavier but wth my job if I wlda pissd hot then I wldnt been able to afford my habit..its day 3 and I have so much energy but the coldchills are right beside em. And so I wnt get addicted to benzos again I've been takin finergin I'm just sayin here's an almost success story I hope this helps ill come back tomorrow to let y'all know...oh and u think just saboxone is bad withdraws I'm withdrawin frm my opiates still and I took saboxone for six days I wld recommend to take subs up until 8 or 9 days at the most just my opinion yes I'm w.d through both but I feel like a million bucks...I wish to god I cld give y'all my numbr to help but I can' besides me pretty much havin the flu I've got a lot of energy even wth the pain also I recomend poweraid or gatoraide water orange juice and chocolate milk...f*ck sodas right all these will comfort the symptoms I hoped this helpd I'm goin to smoke a cigg and back to blastin music...also unlike me I heard that marijuana has helpd a lot of people I cldnt test for obvious reasons but a indica strain at night and a sativa during the day will help ill see y'all tomorrow

    • profile image

      lalalala 6 years ago

      oh gosd help

    • profile image

      FaLLeN 6 years ago

      Well its my 4th day..last night round my 72 hr mark off saboxone I felt everything's your success story I hope this helps y'all were my motivation to quit as well. I'm feelin a little bit of cold chills not constant maybe 5 10 min inbetweens. Also you'll still have diahrhea just nowhere near as much...I was able to eat for the 1st time in forever I feel like I did b4 my addiction I have normal energy I'm awake and happy...I can't talk long I gotta go to formation but it feels like I just have a mild cold...get theraflu to help sleep and make u feel better I sware it works its 10% alcohol so it'll help sleep to...I didn't measure doses I just swiggd it..I relly hoped this helpd good luck y'all can do it...don't do any drugs in ur cleanin process ull end up startin bak 2 day 1 y'all take care

    • profile image

      kandace 6 years ago

      I was on meth maintenence for 2 months went from 100mgs a day to 50 going down 5 mgs a day yesterday at 12pm itook my sat dose 55mgs and my take home 50mgs.its been 33hours igot subs from doc but dont know how long i should wait. can i take one tomorrow? lets say 40-45 hours what do i do

      "? i have to go to court at 1pm tomorrow that makesit 48 hrs help someone

    • profile image

      JP 6 years ago

      I used heroin for about 8 months. I only ever snorted it, and went from spending about $20 a day on it to like $60-80 or more. I've gotten suboxone off of the street, but I don't have reliable sources anymore. I'm scared I might relapse since I've been off of the sub for about 2 days now and am feeling sort of crappy. I am thinking about getting my own script for it, and I am scared that being prescribed something like that could follow you around--as in, make you less eligible to get jobs and such. I work in the health-care field and am currently trying to become a doctor. Will they search your medical records to make sure you don't have a history of drug abuse or is that discrimination and against the law? Thanks for any answers you might be able to provide. I'm just really weary about getting a prescription in my name....

    • profile image

      pat 6 years ago

      What ever you do please listen to your doctor and wait untill your in withdrawl before takeing subs, i took subs to soon and it made me feel like crap so wait as long as you can. I was useing 3 grams of heroin a day and suboxone has really helped me out a lot. Dont give up

    • profile image

      aquartercorpseofdrugs 6 years ago

      i have been a strong opiate user for ten years an and off but for the most part on i definately feel that over the years i have seen my share of the good bad and ugly of this wonderfully life dibilatating disease.. opiate addiction..ive kicked it all from your flavor of codeine edibles to shooting oxy,heroin,fentynyl you name it ive kicked it once and the various treatment center that use methadone now once again on one of my sobriety binges i tend to really like the subs first as an addict i dont recomend using suboxne to get your high its like lemon when you want lime just about does it but missing something and if you are a daily addict chances are your not going to be able to wait that 24+ hour period and o my god holy shit if you get that full effect of naloxone on your still tainted receptors ive seen bad but when it comes to the worst experience on drugs i can hand it over to the suboxone raining supreme the first time was like an hour after a verry full system of oxy and i truly thought i was going to die not that comfortable heroin it all ends here nod a full withdrawl times ten effect coinciding with a strong unforgiving yet familiar high like cotton fever and withdrawl truly horrific then the second time i had waited a 24 hour period but i was a strong user of a 500 mg a day diet i still got the same effect but this time death didnt seem likely but for three hours at least experiencing that horrid withdrawl and then like i was saying if you are a strong addict you have to wait another 18 hours or so before you can get back on your normal opiate routine or you just waste your shot or what have you so as an addict,in the midst of your addiction and abuse dont even bat an eye at this stuff my fellow junkie but as of now i am a weekly user recreational if you will and this stuff is great for that its a good long lasting high in my opinion is simalar to methadone i could definately see a daily use or abuse of it and what had inspired me to come here and write this was the fact i took about a hundred mg of morphine yesterday and was curious how long was needed to wait not wanting to suffer the horrid naloxone effects what so ever so at about the 16 hour mark i went for it and no negative effect very what i conclude with the waiting to avoid the naloxone effect is that not only does it depend on the last opiate used but the duration how offten and how strong of a user you are if your a daily user of 60-80+ mg a day be safe and wait 36 hours at least or just gauge it yourself once you start feeling sick wait 8-12 hours after that and if you just use every now and again i would say 12 hours after your last shot if your shooting or if your eating like oxy,extended release morphine ect. wait 24 hours then snorting any opiate or eating hydros wait 18 hours and with my seemingly trial and error approach to drugs im confident it saying stick to that hour chart and you wont get the dreaded naloxone effect.....never stop..opiates are our god

    • profile image

      subsrgreat 6 years ago

      Keep trying people. Call me for advice. Been clean for three years. 414 5506552. Have done it all. Been there done that and it feels great to not be depending on drugs or drug dealers. Also b careful cause some doctors just want you hooked on subs for money just like methadone

      . Peace and good luck

    • profile image

      messinwmamind 6 years ago

      I'm day 11 totally off. I've experienced almost every side effect associated with any regular painkiller, but yes, this (SUB) is definitely more drwan out. Have cautiously taken some percs in small amounts to help me wean. I know about the 7-10 day borderline threshold for re-addiction. Slippery slope. I'll say this, I woke up better yesterday and even better today. Still am feeling jittery and little motivation. I still have a rare bout of 'runs'..but only twice in a single day. I started them at 16mg 3.7 years ago. Dropped to half that in the first year rather quickly with no ill effect. Then stayed with 8mg for a steady 2 years. Began tapering early last year, 2010. Got on 4 mg, not much difference,,mean didn't notice any loss of mood, anything. In April began 2mg and stayed with it, no changing, slicing it up until about Sept. Then down 2mg for another 2 months. 1mg for around a month and then jumped. WD symptoms appeared within 2 days. Became increasingly worse, each day something different. But overall, everyday I've felt unmotivated. Now 'runs' are predominant feature, but no where near severe. I dunno, I did read of PAWS. Scary stuff. the writer used the word 'inevitable' esp for long term users of sub, which is me. Oh, and insomnia was pretty bad, (still is but lil less) but did manage to get an hour here and there, incrementally. There's no way I feel like working on ANYTHING. I hear tell my endorphin system is forever wrecked. If the other show drops with that PAWS I'll have to return to the sub and begin over tapering longer, and ending at a crumb of a dose. It's true what some have posted on here about doctors and drug companies. THEY DO NOT INFORM people that 6 months is a long time to be on this garbage. They're only real motivation seems to be making a steady income off vulnerable, unwitting people like myself. I was never a hard cord drug user, only pills, mainly Hydrocode up to 12 10's some days, avg about 8-9 pills. I can now see hoe very insidious all of the opitates are. They sneak up on you and before know you're increasing. Took chances carrying them around. Is a serious crime if caught with even 1. Then again, in the as late as early 1900's heroin aND coke were readily avail to all OTC. Wonder how they made out. Well, waiting for what hits the fan next.

    • profile image

      Norco Help 6 years ago

      I have been on sub's for a year now. Down to 8mg's a day. About 3 weeks ago had severe severe pain in ribs. Went to er and found fractured ribs. I was on the floor in pain. The dr gave me norco. Now I am starting feel better stopping norco. How long should I wait to go back on subs? Its been 11 hours since my last dose of 40mgs of norco. Would it be safe to take my subs at 12hrs? I'm all ready starting to feel the anxiety come on from not taking the next dose of norco. Clammy hands and sweaty feet. So far these r my only symptoms but I don't want it to get much worse. I can't handle it! Been there a year ago after my first induction. HELL would be nice compared to where I was last year waiting for first dose.

    • profile image

      mizzjaded1 6 years ago

      I had been taking opiates since i was 18. i am now 30. i started with heroin. however i knew i was about a few bags away from ruining my life. i am/and was an exotic dancer who made a lot of money. I stayed clean a year and than i was hospitilized and given demerol and percocet. it was such a similar high! I took to perks. 10/325's i started with 50$ a day and ah about 3 weeks in was dancing for a perk habbit!!!!. I supported my kids dad too but i would only give him 2 tens after i got bad. when i was 25 i went to a detox after i went through withdrawel so bad i needed iv's from a hospital. i loved the methadone in the hospital! they wanted to put me on a clinic for methadone and i turned it down after talkin to a friend about 3 month withdrawels.......I instead went from detox to an impatient. within 2 days of no sleep i left. i went home with the lowest tollerance ever i could take 2 tens. That lasted a week. before ya know it i was at a 200$ a day habbit ~again~ after so many years and sooooo much money (ad up 200 just for 3 years) I am sure you all been there. I saw my kids pediatrician and he became certified to perscribe subs. i started at 3 8 mgs. 2 months into treatment i was run over by a car. i stuck with my no dalaudid and instead was perscribed 6 8 mg pills instead of 3. however my doc(also with nothing more than 100 bucks he handed me a script for 180 subs) i was on that dose 2 years as well as 1 mg xanex. (a lethal combo~ but great high) this nov 2010 my insurance was dropped. i couldnt afford my subs. i was forced to deal with the withdrawel . after 1 day i copped 20 methadone pills 10mg i swore i would do like they did in detox. Ya right sure i ate them all in 3 days well i diluted them and drank em. i was high as hell and loved it. they ran out and i was forced on prcocets AGAIN 200$ a day habbit again. today i started pain mnagement they want me back on subs. but at a "normal dose"of 2-3 8 mgs. i took 4 perk 10's and wore the last day of my 50 fentanyl patch(took perks at 7 am and took off patche at 3 pm) the sneezing and aches have started...its 7 pm. we know our own bodys when the withdrawel gets bad. so i will take my subs a bit later. i reccomend if you are using subs never ever take 6 or take long term. i would not wish it on anyone!!!!!!!!!!! the dose i was on the doctor told me could kill an elephant and i am 100 lbs . i wish you all luck.

      if you havent been on opiates long i reccomend you run away from them. i have watched many many years go by spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have lost many many people to opiates. read these posts. we all share a common bond~ fuckin opiates~ a damn nightmare

    • profile image

      Amanda 6 years ago

      HELP!!! I have been an user of any kind of opiate for the last 11 yrss the last three yrs on and off I went to rehab the first time the last two on and off of suboxone, first ime on suboxone I threw myself into presipritated withdrawl and it was hell. About nine months ago I got clean again broke it off with a man that has been feeding my addiction for yrs I was doing great found a man that is amazeing to me but the last 5 months of our relationship I started useing again and I feel so stupid cause I dont want to lose this man cause of my addiction he knows I had a problem but doesnt know Ive been useing and I feel so guilty. Well Ive been takeing up to 90mg of methadone last night actually was the first time in five days that I was able to find any before that I had a 100mg Fentenol patch 15 percs, 2 80mg ops, a 100mg morphine sulfate and a 60mg op I want to stop and I have my script for my subs but Im terrified to throw myself into withdrawl, please can someone give me some advice on how to lower myself down so that I may start without going into severe withdrawl... I know im going to feel like shit no matter what but I dont want to do this on methadone how can I make this transition a lil easier... I dont want to lose my life, my kids, and a man that treats me better then ive ever been treated by anyone... PLEASE HELP im desperate for some help a lil incouragement some support I cant do this alone yet im terrified to tell the truth...

    • profile image

      Amanda 6 years ago

      I as well wouldnt wish this on anyone... and I feel like Im going to lose everything in the drop of a hat if I dont change something... theres only so many times the people in your life are going to believe you before they relize nothing will change and thats where im at this is the last straw and ive been burning the candle at both ends for along time... I can see my parents are sick of it... Im 26yrs old this has been going on since I was 15 yrs old and still cant climb out of this hole... Its exhausting mentally, physically and emotionally it takes a toll on your soul... I agree with Mizzjaded if you just started this visious cycle run for the hills cause if you dont be ready for a world of pain, this is no joke... I only hope that my children dont fallow in my footsteps as I did in mine, I cant imagine how ive made my family feel I wouldnt want to feel so powerless... I know I can do this ive done it before its the first ennitial getting clean part thats hard but the hard work starts when your trying to stay clean....

    • profile image

      Perry 6 years ago

      I would like to pass on a little differant story than most of you who got hooked on some type of drug and tried many things to get off. I was prescribed by my pain Doctor Morphine 40 mg a day for 3 months when it quit working for my pain, so they swithched me to Duragesic patches which are 8 X the amount of heroin as I am told. They started me with 25 mg per patch that lasted 2 days and I stayed with 25 mg for 2 months until my body started to get use to it. They the up my dose to 50 mg every 2 days for about 3 months, then 75 mg every 2 days for 3 months, and last 100 mg every 2 days for about 2 months. The problem was my body was getting use to it and needed more and more so they kept increasing my dosage. It would work for a few months then I would start having wd's and need to increase. After about a year of hell with clinic they then told me that I was addicted and either had to go up on dosage or taper down to get off. But they also recommended suboxone therapy because it would be easier to taper and get off slowly. I had to be in moderate to severe wd's to start my first dosage of suboxone. That was the worst torture ive been thru in my life for 24 hours. I felt like climbing the walls, pulse was racing at 150 min, throwing up, cold sweats, hot sweats, and my blood pressure was 110 over 160 before I took my first dose. My doctor made me wait that long. 24 hrs. After taking the 8 mg suboxone finally within 30 minutes I was normal. I also wanted to kill myself during those wd's. It's terrible. But finally starting subs, I was told it would be 1 year of taper and I would be free of all. I did 8 mg twice a day for 1 month then she dropped me to 4 mg twice a day. She wanted me on that for 4 months. So on my 6 month she dropped me to 4 mg once a day for 2 months. Then we went to 2 mg once a day for 2 more months. She wanted me to stay for another 2 months. But I cheated and started to break 2 mg in half and went a month without her knowing it, then I broke the 2 mg pill in 1/4's and went 2 weeks. Then i started to just break a tiny piece maybe it was 1/8 mg for 1 week and decided to stop completely Jan 1, 2010. Made it my new year resolution. Its been 10 days and I feel totally normal now. I went through about 3 days of dirrhea feeling sick, couldn't sleep, and couldn't be still. But about the 4th day I started to feel better, and by 10 days Im the happiest person in the world now. It wasnt as bad as I thought and read about. My doctor doesnt know I stopped. I have to make an appointment soon to let her know. I was suppose to get a new prescription next week and see how much I was to go down. Shes probally going to be mad, but I wanted off. If you taper slowly and gradual its easier than you might think. Hopefully this helps someone out there. Thanks

    • profile image

      whatever 6 years ago

      some dumb comments. Some people are born with opioid systems that do not work...they NEED opiate treatment. Some have screwed up their receptors so bad with opiate use, those people as well need opiate treatment. When it comes to opiates and drug addiction in general, a lot of the time it goes far deeper then the addict just looking to get high. If your one with dual diagnoses, suboxone will be just another medication. And when i was on it for 6 months i decided to cold turkey off of it, i didn't even get a runny nose, so i would say its perfect for some people.

    • profile image

      Blake 6 years ago

      Subs are A miracle worker if you use them right , to be safe i would wait at least 24 hrs and dont wait untill you feel withdralws because your mind is sooo strong that majority of your symtombs are mental and i personly would start feeling withdraws so soon but i came to realize that my mind made me think i was withdrwaing when i truely wasnt and there for took the subs too soon soo to be 100% safe just wait it out 24 hrs I know it seems long but you can do it and also God is the answer to all our problems He did create this world , and he loves us Dearly i know some people think how can a god let me go through this but he actually wants to help were the ones that fell into the devils trap and he wants to pull us out sooo the answer really is so simple JESUS CHRIST ! And the lord allows us to fall becasue he wants us to realize we cannot live this life with out him . The bible says "If we Draw near to him , He'll Draw near to us" So try it read your bible and pray and he will be there to help you through it , The bible also say "I can do all things In Christ Who strengthens Me: Philipians 4:13. If Any one does not have a bible Go to Your local christian church they should be able to get you one for free and if any one has more questions on how God truly is the answer and how he Saved me Email Me At

    • profile image

      thisgurlhere 6 years ago

      I really liked this article. I don't remember when my opiate problem started, but I knew when I needed to pull the started subs about 2 years ago, and recently relapsed and not because I had any cravings either...because I thought i was rationalizing by saying to myself that I was already dependent upon subs and I don't get high, anyways my relapse wasn't as intense or as long. i think I really needed to know what I was missing out on....NOTHING !!! i wanted to get off subs 3 times now and have realized I would rather be on them than not and take the chance of relapsing with those nasty feeling 30's...they don't even last that long and by the middle of the night I'm going thru withdrawal,sooo I would say that it makes more sense to stay on the subs. I just need to get back to my Dr. asap..I'm not going to think about getting off of them for awhile, because i've been obsessed w/ getting off them since I started. We need to face the fact that we have a disease, regardless of what our loved ones think...don't keep that guilt with first you don't succeed dust urself off and try again..good luck with whatever decisions you make, but keep away from will get u nowhere but back on subs anyways(damn vicious cycle lol)..Oh yes also please do not attempt to take subs after your DOC until you are in withdrawal, and you will know it..Methadone probably a good 2 full days, but everyone metabolizes differently.

    • profile image

      jim 6 years ago

      HI, I was using morphine. but the last 7 days i took methadone 10mg in the morning 10mg at night. to last 10mg 42 hours ago. Is it to soon to take a suboxone? Thank you!

    • profile image

      WonderMel 6 years ago

      This thread is amazing. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories, although I wouldn't wish this disease of addiction on my worst enemy it is nice to know I'm not the only one going through this. I'm a 32yr old female that has struggled with addiction for several years now. It started with percs, went on to oxys and morphine and eventually was shooting as many bags of herion a day that I could get my hands on. July 2009 I went into treatment and began suboxone. I began at 2 8mgs a day and weaned down to 1 2mgs a day, which I have been on for over a year now. So after a ton of clean time, 5 days ago I relapsed. Ive been trying SO hard to het my life tougher and something happened that made me feel like I just can't ever I used. I've been doing about 5 bags a day and I shot the last of it around 230 pm yesterday. I was already sick and tired of using again (thank god that I wasn't enjoyig it!). I knew I needed to get back on my subs but I was scared to DEATH that I'd do it wrong. There were several times before I tried to switch to suboxone on my own and took it too soon. Anyway around 10pm I took some Benadryl and managed to fall asleep. I jolted awake around 330 am and I knew it was withdraw but since it had only been 13 hours I was really worried. I took 6mgs of suboxone... And it worked!! It's now 530am and I feel great. I actually felt the subs kick in and take away he discomfort. Idk what the hell I was thinking using again. So it seems that because the H hadn't built up on my system I didn't need to wait at least adayfor he subs like I had to in my full active addiction. Figured I'd share in case anyone else slips up briefly and is is possible to get back on the subs and not have to wait as long. Good luck to everyone also in this horrid struggle!

    • profile image

      pdxchic 6 years ago

      This thread literally got me through today so thank you everyone for your poignant, honest, heartbreaking stories.

      I have been an addict for about 8 years. Well, addicted to opiates that is. The weird part is I took opiates when I was prescribed them years before I became an addict. I thought they were fun but when they ran out..they ran out.. no biggie. There were plenty of other substances at the time to satisfy me and pills were just one more thing on the long list I played with.


      Ha! We all know this part. I started taking pills from my "best" friend. She used to give me shit loads free. Every day. We were next door neighbors so I saw her all day erry day. After about a month or two of giving me what I found out later as an addict was probably thousands of street dollars worth of drugs for free..she told me I should just start buying them myself. I was bartending at the time and always had tons of available cash so it was easy to buy them. I had one reliable dealer ( who is still in business to this day!! ) who had work hours..9 am - 9pm and he was like Domino's..thirty minutes or less. So whats a girl with tons of cash and a dealer who is on his game to do? Get hooked ..thats what. I see now that my "friend" was not a friend but misery loves company and she wanted me to be just like her. And I was...we ended up trying to kick a few times together..and years later when the friendship waned after she stabbed me in the back one too many times ( we go back to middle school so we are talking life long so called friend here ) I found out she is still trying to kick.

      I found out what opiates could do to me. How I would lie, steal and do what ever the fuck I had to do to get my drugs. I kicked when I was pregnant with my son. By that time I was up to OC's and needed to kick for the baby and it was fucking hell. Then..after I have him what do the DRs give me in the hospital? Percs..I should have said no.. BUT I didn't and I enjoyed a month long warm fuzzy bonding with my baby with Percs supplying the comfort for all those sleepless nights...

      Fast forward to 5 years later.. I am doing the same. Hundreds of dollars a week in pills. I would stress out about the rent every month but I got my pills damned it all!! But there was that voice inside saying are going to die....I am actually surprised I didn't a few times...I tried to quit several more times. I can tell you about the pain...the hating myself..the disconnection to life..the not caring about anyting but my child and my that order. How I fought and battled and lost and lost and lost until...

      I finally entered rehab.. I had to tell everyone I loved I was an addict. I was good ..or at least passable..and since I am the matriarch of my family ( my mother is useless as one so I took over the role ) no one ever really questioned me because I was always in control. And a fucking bitch if you called me out on anything! BUT..everyone was there when I needed them the most. After rehab I started with the PAWS bad and at one month clean and sober I thought I would I started SUBS. They have saved my life!!! Six months ago I was a fucking DRUNK because I hated myself for being addicted to pills. I looked like shit...I felt worse inside. NOW..I am opening my own business!! I am happy and healthy. I work out every day ..THAT IS THE KEY!! If you work out your body produces MASSIVE endorphins..1000xs stronger than opiates! I have gone from 16mg of subs a day to 4 and I tell you DONT START AT A HIGH DOSE!! You don't need it! In another month I will be down to 2mg then 1mg then a half..etc etc.. and I am OFF. I would suggest the week maintenence route of subs then go off..not the 4 month program I am in. But if you are like me..I did 4mg of Bupe in rehab for the first week then cold turkey but after a month the PAWS was killing me so I had to go to the SUBS just to make sure I didnt use again! 8 year addict dude my brain is fucked up!! It is going to take a while for my receptors to go back to normal. But my DR says the science shows..after 4 months of being plugged its safe to unplug them again and they won't cry for the pills...or the SUBS...

      Its the hardest part..MIND OVER MATTER




      I will light a candle for all of us tonight.

      please feel free to email me at

      respectful sane and real people only

      creepers get a boot!!!

    • profile image

      pdxchic 6 years ago

      I also wanted to add that I did relapse! I did do pills again. A TON OF PILLS ...I needed more and more after the subs so I ate at least $100 a day or more of them...for 2 weeks!! I hated myself..I couldn't believe I went back. THat I am that afraid of SUCCESS..t

      Then I was so afraid of being addicted to pills again that I was AFRAID to start the subs again because I was afraid of getting sick. BUT I DID IT FINALLY!! And you can too!! Its ok..ITS ONE DAY to be sick then the Subs will fix you right up. I am good and healthy and fine again! I felt IMMEDIATE relief after I took 1 8mg sub 18 hours after my last pill. I was in FULL withdrawls.. jerking leg, sneezing, chills and the sure eyes were not pinned! With in half hour of the sub I was out of W/Ds and by the next day I was 100% again.

      Dont be afraid.

      Honor yourself...get through the sickness and then enjoy your life!!

    • profile image

      Holls 6 years ago

      Wow. Came across this site and def dont feel alone. I wish there was a cure for all of addicts. People dont understand, they look down on us. I have everything going for myself but this drug. I have been addicted to pain killers for 3 years. First it started with Vicidon then perks then ocycodone and oxycotin..then whatever i could get my hands on just to function through out my day. I wasnt even getting high wasnt bout the high, As is was to function and feel "normal". These drugs r perfect for people who need it and are in pain..but beinf young and listening to what ur dr says. U take them not knowing they r highly addictive. I have never had a drug problem nor took drugs growing up. I have a child and cant live like this. U try to make people get an understanding or ur situation and no one gets it. 6 MONTHS ago i said enough was enough. Found a dr. Who took my insurance and got on subs and have been going to group and couciling. Untill one day i couldnt make it to my sub dr and went three days without my meds. I started getting very sick. It was a nightmare all over again. So i got ahold of perks to make it go away and now im finding subs on the street because im having no luck finding a dr who isnt full of patients. Now my boyfriend is on my case and hes not an addict so he doesnt get it. Now i failed not only myself but him and all my family and friends. This is the one and only thing that stands in my way. Good luck to all who r trying to kick this nasty habit. Never give up, keep trying. If u slip, get back up!!!!!! Love yall

    • profile image

      can it end? 6 years ago

      Just read this whole thread over the last hour or so. I am that person in my family that no one would ever exspect to ever struggle with anything..however at the age of about 13 I started getting pills here and there. Now at 24 years of age I have beeen very addicited to pills yet I can still fool anyone I want...every month I get 120 10 mg oxycodones because like all of you addicts we can play friends family docotrs spouses and whoever else stands in the way of our pills. Once I take all my 120 pills in about 6 days I start to but oxycpoticor opana diludia..really anything I can get to not wd..I also have a sub connect and it does wonders I. Buy two or three take about 4mg a day for a. Week or so and I'm fine...but then what happens...I get my script again..and I say to myself that this time I will only take what I am supposed to..and I never ever make it past around 15 days..I've danced this dance for about 3 years now with my script and I'm tired..and ideas on how to contol myself on eating my script so fast? Honestly noones knows that I get anything but my script besides my sisters because she is who I get sub from..I'm tired of taking money for gas I never get or stuff I never buy and lying to my own wife..I know some of you have been in my shoes ..what should I do?

    • profile image

      Friend 6 years ago

      Guys I wish you all the best, were all opiate addicts and we must help each other. my experience has been going back and forth from true opiates to suboxone has not been a big issu. Granted I'm not banging H but taking large amounts of Oxy, 200-300mgs, and as long as I wait 24 hours I have no precipiated withdrawals when taking subs. But it will taje 5-7 days for the other opiates 2 wear off and the subs 2 REALYY work well. Subs are not and have never have been a quick fix. It takes 2-3 weeks just to get into the flow and ur body 2 respond 2 them. But subs r the only way to get off opiates and I guarantee u its the mildest wds u can have. Get down to 1-2mgs of subs and then stop. It will suck, and u will hurt, but it is tolerable. You can do it, but u gotta want it.

    • profile image

      A-Dream-Gone-Bad 6 years ago

      You can read through some of the saddest and most depressing stories on here, and I think I have one that rivals all of these.

      Read through most of the thread and it both inspires and saddens me. I was a three sport athlete with the entire world in front of me. I had an academic scholarship to a Big Ten University. I was set to play baseball division-1. I had a great loving girlfriend who is now my wife (barely).

      I got injured at work. They gave me Vicodin. I was not hooked, just relied on them for the pain periodically. 60-120 Vicodin lasted me months. I talked with some friends about my injury, then Vicodin didn't work anymore. Percocet was the kick.

      I would get anywhere from 10-40 5/325 percocet from the doctor every other week. This went on for about 6 months, until the clinic I grew up going to basically black-listed me. Meanwhile, I am not playing baseball because my injury ended that dream. I could not play my position anymore and also had some vision loss.

      School began to go to hell. My full-ride for all the work I had done in high school began to wilt away. I passed all my classes in my first three semesters of college with A's - C's. After that a C was a blessing from God. I rarely went to class. Between the meds, the casino, and wherever else I could avoid my disaster, I would.

      I found a clinic to fill a script under a PAIN CONTRACT for 120 5/325 percocet. Damn, I hit the jackpot. For about 6 months, I would make these 120 last about 25 of the 30 days. The doctor would be upset, my excuses worked sometimes, sometimes they didn't and I had to scrap from friends and family for a few days. Eventually, I went the surgery route. This doctor decided to wein me down, one month before surgery. Then the surgeon picked up the month I didn't have any.


      Went fine - Out meds (60 percocet, 30 Oxycontin)

      I had no problems at all post surgery. Survived on pain killers from Vicodin - Percocet for 3 months following. Then I realized it wasn't working. I went to docs, surgeons, orthos, physical therapy, and got back into getting scripts for 20 - 60 percocet 5/325 for a few months, until a few more doctors realized what I was up to, and then I asked about a pain-clinic.


      This place seemed awkward. I filled out the longest questionaire in history. The people all looked like junkies. At that time I was too good for them, and made jokes when I got home.

      First Day: "What do you take?" Says the doc "4-6 percocet a day when I have them". He asks a few more typical questions. Listens to my heart. Checks out my injury (which is healed and would not require any narcotic at this point) And says "OK, Lets start you on 150 percocet a month." I am thinking "JACKPOT!" I got another doc to do it monthly.He tells me all I need to do is show up and I'll get them with random drug tests as well.

      I dont care at this point because the only drug I take is what I am prescribed or have been in the past.

      I eventually got the 150 bumped to 180 about two months later.

      A couple months after that 240 a month. I was on top of the world. I would never run out again right. WRONG.

      I was running out in 20-24 days every month, no matter how many were prescribed and their strength did not matter because I was becoming tolerant.

      I then got Oxycontin thrown in the mix. 240 percocet, 30 Oxycontin (Damn they're spendy, even at the pharmacy)

      Long story short, at the peak of my visits to this clinic, I was up to 3 40mg Oxycontin and 8 percocet a day. I hit the wall hard. I took all my meds in about 14 days. I was chewing the Oxy because swallowing it was worthless to me. I never snorted or shooted, but I was taken an extraordinary amount.

      I still have not graduated (10 credits short). I have lost some of the best job opportunities that people would die to have. I am still so smart that i have gotten in some major companies at entry level positions.

      At this point here has what happened the past few months. All my resources and the clinic through me out. I found a place and doctor to give me suboxone. I waited 48 hours after taking some Oxycontin last, but realize I was weining down as I ran out. I took from 24 - 40 mg a day of that because I could not control the prescribed 24. It worked, I had no withdrawals, but it costs a fortune ($1-$1.50 per mg from the pharmacy)My insurance wont cover it all. $75 off does no help. I decided to take a pill one night after I took my subox that morning. It did nothing. It had no effect cause of the suboxone, but I didn't care. It made me happy.

      I stopped them completely, cold turkey.

      I got back in where I went in the past and they have started back on them again. 3 Oxycontin 20's a day to get by.

      I'm already abusing again. My wife who I have been with for ten years, can't stand me. She works in the medical field and hates my guts. She has watched me flush my life down the toilet. You wouldn't believe some of the stories I could tell. DR PHIL would get his best ratings.

      It doesn't matter what you do. There are family docs who just want to cover their butt/ Surgeons who just want to schedule you,do you, and move on. Pain Clinics who get people hooked. Suboxone doctors supply addicts, addicts visit them all. It's a big phucking circle of fun.

      Choose your route. I have got mine. The doc writes me a dozen 3-day scripts so I don't overuse, if I do, I suffer til three days goes by. HOW LONG WILL THIS LAST? When will my NIGHTMARE end?

      I sit here tonight as I took 6 mg of the suboxone sublingual films roughly 8 hrs ago. I know tomorrow morning will come and I have my source for my drug of choice Oxycontin.

      The beginning...

      I never took a single drug throughout high school. I never smoked a cigarette (I still hate them)

    • profile image

      Steven 6 years ago

      Listen Up please. I had a 400 to 540 mg oxycontin habit for 4 months straight. I was on and off with opiates before that. I asked recovering addicts and friends about suboxone. This is my first day on the drug. I take half a low doasge 3 to 4 times if needed a day. This drug really works. You will not crave or withdraw from opiates. For me right now this is a life saver. I havent even thought about taking oxy;s. But even if you did it wouldnt work one bit no matter how much you take. Please dont suffer find yourself a suboxone dr and do not abuse the drug.

    • profile image

      pauly 6 years ago

      i have been taking the 10mg pills of methadone(not the liquid)everyday for the last month. the ammount i was taking varied but was atleast 50-60 mg a day(5-6 pills) i switched to heroin the last 4 days to try and get the methadone out of my system with no withdrawel. how long do i have to wait before i can start taking my suboxone. is it better to start with a low dossage of suboxone whe you first start. please post if you can help me out,thanks

    • profile image

      tim 6 years ago

      i have been an opiate user (addict) for about 7 years using every opiate in the book and im now 22 this is my experince with my recent suboxone experience. I used (H} last at around 1:30pm and it is now 12:30am. I cut a 8mg film in half so i took 4mg worth about. I have no withdraw and feel fine. Dont get me wrong if your system is loaded with opiates waiting only 11 hrs might not work for you at all. In the past ive made the mistake of taking a sub to early and had the worst w/d i have ever experienced. Before i took this sub I was using for 2 days but the 2 days before that i was withdrawing because i thought i was getting my subs early. so mayb that why i didnt have to wait as long.

    • profile image

      Just_LIke_U 6 years ago

      I was unable to fill my suboxone script last week. which had me taking oxy's and opana;s all week. So yesterday I tried to take my suboxone and went into full withdrawal holy shit. I waited 18hrs and still went into withdrawal thats why I am looking this up right now. I finally feel a little bit better but not 100%. If your reading this wondering if you should take it early don't wait to you start feeling sick. So save yourself from what i went through yesterday. Because within 5 minutes of taking the suboxone I was yawning those anxious yawns, cold sweats nose running what a mess. Godbless

    • profile image

      BACKWOODC 6 years ago

      I just took 8 mg of suboxine 2 hrs ago and im in full wiyhdrawl i waited 12 hrs after 2 x 30 mg roxysthis sucks what a waste!

    • profile image

      JB 6 years ago

      Just took last dose of oxys now the clock starts till i can take sub. Normal daily regiment over past year was 4 30mg oxys 4 15mg roxys 3 10mg opana ERs add it all up equal aprox 245 oxycodone. This is my second trip down detox road first with suboxone. First time i went 36 hours cold turkey until finally my body crashed and went to ER so dehydrated i was admitted for 4 days and given a 5 day methdadone taper. I vowed to never experiance WD's again also vowed never to end up back on pain meds again even though there taken for valid reason. When it comes down to it it doesnt make a damn diffrence. Were all end up at the same place (HOOKED bound to the next dose always afraid we'll run out before we can fill next script!! enough!! Really hope i wait long enough before sub dose figure dont need to go 36 hours again but prob 24. Dont know if its better knowing whats to come unlike last time. Well The journey begins I hope im able to get back to comp tomorrow to update. For all those That made it to the other side godbless and wish me luck. I'll see you there!!

    • profile image

      JB 6 years ago

      Just took last dose of oxys now the clock starts till i can take sub. Normal daily regiment over past year was 4 30mg oxys 4 15mg roxys 3 10mg opana ERs add it all up equal aprox 245 oxycodone. This is my second trip down detox road first with suboxone. First time i went 36 hours cold turkey until finally my body crashed and went to ER so dehydrated i was admitted for 4 days and given a 5 day methdadone taper. I vowed to never experiance WD's again also vowed never to end up back on pain meds again even though there taken for valid reason. When it comes down to it it doesnt make a damn diffrence. Were all end up at the same place (HOOKED bound to the next dose always afraid we'll run out before we can fill next script!! enough!! Really hope i wait long enough before sub dose figure dont need to go 36 hours again but prob 24. Dont know if its better knowing whats to come unlike last time. Well The journey begins I hope im able to get back to comp tomorrow to update. For all those That made it to the other side godbless and wish me luck. I'll see you there!!

    • profile image

      Jwormy40 6 years ago

      I am currently on suboxone I was taking about 100 micro gram patch every two days witch was alot ive had many experiences going back and forth from that to suboxone and ive put my self in severe withdrawls it all depends on your dependancy how long u have to wait I know this cause ive done it avout 6-8 times if your high dependancy even o.xe u start subs u wont feel perfect for about a week but it does work great so good luck

    • profile image

      Michael T 6 years ago

      after reading most of the comments and advise in this article and in the comment board from other users,I have a question myself, ive been taking opiates for about 5 years, im 22 now, just Hydrocodone, and occasionally oxycodone but not both everyday, just one or the other, which ever is available that day. but my daily doses of opiates range from 30-50MG of hydrocodone every single day, in the past 3 months or so if there is no Vics (or "Tabs"(as we call them here where im from) I'll take a 60MG Oxycontin OP. .. My daily dosage compared to some other people who have commented on this forum may seem amateur, but im still an addict nonetheless... I recently got a hold of 5, 8MG Subs..and have access to plenty more .... could someone knowledgeable give me some advice on how I should use these subs, if i should take the whole pill my first dosage when i feel some withdrawal symptoms? Id appreciate any advice!

    • profile image

      dopesux 6 years ago

      i was able to transition from methadone to sub with the help of a good doc. i had to wait 5 days after being on 20 mg of methadone. i took short acting opiates (not dope, cause it could be cut with methadone) for the first 4 days and then i had to go 18 hours without. it was one of the hardest things i've ever done but totally worth it.

    • profile image

      2weakthistime 6 years ago

      this article answered my question & reading everyone's posts is giving me some much needed strength. thank you!! anyway... some backround about me. i am a 35 year old mother & (soon to be) wife. looking at me you would never know i am a heroin addict. this shouldnt be my life. i grew up with a junkie mother. some of my earliest memories are of her shooting up & popping pills. plus she was an alcoholic. i had seen her OD many times, as well as her friends, in my childhood home. i knew how to call 911 as early as age 3. now she is 60 (but looks 80) & is still getting high whenever possible. as a teen i never drank or did drugs. instead i was the sober one out of all my friends & made sure everyone was safe. i got married at 20. after 2 kids the relationship was falling apart. his bright idea was for us to smoke weed together & have sex. we did this every saturday night after the kids went to bed. i really didnt want to smoke but if i did not he would take a tantrum until i gave in. eventually i really enjoyed smoking weed but on my own or with one of my girlfriends. i worked in the medical field & had a constant supply of samples of cialis & viagra & had a patient that would trade me weed for these samples. after my children went to sleep, i would sit on my bed & roll joints (using a rolling machine). at some point i hurt my back lifting a patient. the doctor i worked with had vicodin in his desk drawer & offered me one. at first i said no because i was afraid but i gave in & took 1/2 a 7.5/750. I LOVED IT! that was the beginning of the end for me. after a crappy marriage (10 years) we split & 3 months later i met a great guy (who is now my fiance). he treats me like a princess & loves my kids & they love him too. unfortunately, he not only loved weed (which now i think is fine) but he loved his opiates. the stress of my divorce got me deeper & deeper into pills. it went from vics to percs pretty quickly. my fiance's mother was taking dilaudid for phantom pain after an amputation. she didnt take them very often & since my fiance has legitimate back problems (he is supposed to have surgery sometime in the near future) she would give him her pills. at the time they were the 2mgs. then it went to 4mgs. he went to his doctor & was prescribed 90 of the 8mg dilaudid (we called them DILLY'S). i was getting scripts for 90 vics 7.5/750 & 90 10/325 percs. i was eating ALOT of my pills & snorting his dilly's all day long at work. eventually i lost my job & we ran out of pills (& money) but i still had my health insurance for another month or so. i woke up sick with withdrawals (as did my fiance) so i went to a doctor friend of mine & he gave me a script for 60 of the 8mg suboxone. because i am a nurse i didnt have to take it in the office & wait i just got my script, went home & took my first pill. it worked like a miracle!!! I WAS FREE!!! it didnt work too well for my fiance because, unbeknown to me, he was injecting the dilly's a few times a day but i'll get to that shortly. after a few days i was forgetting to take my suboxone & had no withdrawal symptoms. GREAT!! (this is where things get bad) like i said, i was free from addiction to opiates but i was unemployed & home with my fiance all day & thats how i caught him shooting up his dilly's. stupid forgot to lock the bathroom door. i couldnt believe what i was seeing!! i went nuts on him but in a moment of weakness i said "you know what?? if u can do it, i can do it too!!!" i thought he would say no way but he made me a shot from the residue left from his last shot. i tied off, found a vein (which at the time was not a problem. "virgin veins") & i saw heaven. we did alot that night & made love with such passion. it was amazing. but all good things must come to an end. his tolerance went crazy high. eventually he was shooting 5 8mg dilly's like 5 times a day & i got the res in the cotton & the spoon. at this time i still had suboxone left over from my very brief time of being clean. so when we would run out, i popped a suboxone & he would get admitted to the hospital & would be released with a script for his dilly's. eventually i was shooting a pill or 2 at a time. he would see 3 or 4 docs a month for the dilly's & i would see one as well. we had a never ending supply or so it seemed but all good things must come to an end. eventually i had no more suboxone left & he couldnt get any more docs to write him the scripts. both of us were terrified of withdrawals so in desperation we ended up shooting heroin. you would never in a million years guess that we are junkies. we have money. we look immaculate at all times & everything in our home is new & modern & i keep it spotless (i'm a clean freak). but we havent made love in over 9 months. he can no longer get it up & if he could i cant come because of the long term opiate useage. anyway... a few months ago we decide to quit. an old junkie (a neighbor/friend of my mother) gets scripts for 84 8mg suboxone but, of course, he doesnt take them so we buy them from him (for $2 a pill!! SUCKER!). i currently have 239 8mg suboxone in my nightstand drawer. 3 weeks ago we set a date to quit. i made sure all of the household chores we done & we had plenty of provisions (a carton of cigarettes, advil & advil pm's, gatoraid & vitamin water (for me. its all i drink.) plenty of bluray movies & kindle books to keep us occupied for the next 5-7 days). he shut his cell so the dealer cant call (we are his best customers. he calls us every day & literally drives to another borough just to deliver to us. fiance does all the wheelin & dealin with this dude for my safety, of course.) we were pumped & ready. i wasnt scared because i have my crutch, suboxone. he is sick of the amount of money we are spending on this crap everyday. we usually do our last shot of H around 12am then go to bed & wake up & do our first shot of the day. i very rarely wake up with any WD symptoms on H but on the dillies i woke up sick everyday. so its monday morning & its to be our first day of getting clean. believe me when i tell ya... we have both been through bad WD's before. i have had it coming out of both ends at the same time, if ya know what i mean. so we were ready. or i was anyway. i was still asleep when fiance wakes me & says he cant do it. he needs a few more days. i tell him he's weak but i am a junkie too so i say OK & he makes the call. we set another date. guess who's weak now. yours truly! we were both goin through it. the yawning, watery eyes, aches, anxiety, restlessness, etc... i feel like crap. so does he but he was really committed this time (he felt so bad the week before cause i was so ready). it was like 16 hours after my last shot of H & i was so anxious to take a suboxone & get this started that i took one. i let it melt under my tongue & halfway through it i feel my body buzzing & i knew it was a bad idea. i dont think i waited long enough & in a few minutes i started with the sweats. i panicked. he felt bad & he caved & made the call. within 45 minutes we had our dope & we were back to square one. that brings us to today. we tried again. same thing. we had our provisions ready (smokes, books, movies, drinks & this time we get some good weed. just to take the edge off). we did our last shot at 12:30 (wanted to do it earlier but time got away from us) & went to bed. we decided to stay up late so we would sleep later & hopefully wake up sick enough to take suboxone soon after. its the waiting to take it that gets me crazy. i dont want to take it too early & get really sick with the dreaded WITHIES but i hate sitting in bed or on the couch & feeling uncomfortable & waiting, waiting, waiting. WHAAAAAA!!! so i got up before him & got the weed & the pipe & i smoked. i smoked too much & got paranoid. i couldnt tell if i even had any symptoms of WD's & i just felt blah! i caved again. we set another date for 1 week from today, next monday, & this time i m gonna do it. i will cut down on the H this week & wait 24 hrs before i take the first suboxone. i dont get it. i've gone through 2 natural childbirths but i cant do this?? once i get the yawning & whatnot i fold like a

    • profile image

      Kim 6 years ago

      The best info.. Thank u!!

    • profile image

      turtle  6 years ago

      trying to get off oxy's doctor told me to take subxone to get off the oxy's but i have an uneasy feeling because i don't want to have to try and get off suboxones. Bascially what i am trying to say i am trying to get off one pill and taking another does not sit well with me

    • profile image

      Digerati 6 years ago

      Suboxone is a double edge sword. I would advise a 24 hour wait before first dosage or you may go into withdrawals. Its extremely hard to get off the suboxone though. In my experience if you are not on a huge amount of opiates then clonidine and benzo's for a week is the way to go. I had to spend $15k on Ultra Rapid Opiate Detox to get off of Suboxone (1mg). Even after that it took two months before I felt alright. Synthetic opiates much harder to get off of then more natural. I got on suboxone because of a fentanyl habit. Quite honestly the easiest kick there is in the opiate family is heroin. If I had to do it again I would have gone from Fentanyl to IV heroin then Clonidine/benzo detox. Most Dr's are not good at dosing Suboxone and will give ridiculous amounts (16mgs etc). Suboxone is so strong there is hardly any habits that require more that a 4mg dose.

    • profile image

      lost blondie 6 years ago

      Thank u all for your stories. I feel for everyone who has had to deal with this hell we have walked into. I have been on sub for the past 3 years now and have been taking a quarter of a 8 mg pill a day but some days I take half a pill. All I want is to beable to not have to relay on a drug to get me threw the day. Just when I thought I was getting closer to light at the end of this dark tunnel my nightmare has started all over again. I had ran out of my sub and I have delt with the WD for 2 days before in the past but any longer then that and I fell like iam going to go crazy. So to find out that my doc couldn't get me in for at least 2 weeks I thought I was going to die. It doesn't help. U out to have a family full of people who doesn't understand what u are going threw and keep telling you that it is all in yourr head I think makes matters worse. Because all I want is to get better and prove to everyone I can be strong. But the scariest thing is the thought of WD to me. So once again I have turned to all the painpills I can get my hands on until I can get to the sub doc. Will this ever end or will I always need a pill to get me threw the day

    • profile image

      George 6 years ago

      I read about 30 posts and didn't see anything about opiate half life. I've been taking opiates off and on for about 5 years and have used subs many times to get clean. I have a lot of pain issues and doctors usually care more about stigma of addiction than your pain. Anyway, if you are new to subs: research the half life of what you are taking. You will find there is a half life range for every drug. One of the main reasons methadone is used to kick is that is has a very long half life compared to other opiate drugs, for example. And it is one of the reasons it is so hard to kick because it is accumulating in the body. There are also various types of oxy, some are more immediate release than others. If you have been using for a while you should have a pretty good idea about the time it takes before you have one of the key withdrawal symptoms, like yawning, sneezing, chills, dilated pupil, etc. My first advice would be to get medical guidance, if you can. Otherwise use your personal experience along with the half life info, which is always a range because of the range of different metabolisms. The first step should be to spend at least a week, if not longer, weaning. Don't get high and take a slightly smaller amount every 2-3 days and you'll find you can get down to a pretty low dose in about 2 weeks. Then wait as long as possible before taking suboxone. Do not take subs if you are looking to get high. If you are truly in withdrawal it doesn't take much, usually between 8-20 mg, to totally make you feel "normal". I'd suggest starting off with a small dose rather than a large one, it should make you feel better no matter how small the dose if you are truly in withdrawal. Remember that sub binds to your opiate receptors much better than any other form of opiates, with little opiate like effects, so it always wins that battle. Again, it gives very little opiate like effects and your body needs to be producing naturally some before you start your sub treatment. Or to reverse the scenarios, if you are taking subs and take a relatively high dose of opiates they can literally have almost no effect (tried crushing an 80 once on a small dose of subs just to verify and it didn't do squat). I'm about to kick and currently I take about 200 mg of oxy orally every 24 hours. Because taking oxy orally it has more time release properties I plan on waiting 24 hrs plus. By 24 hours I should have very little oxy present and when I finally take the sub I'll quickly find the right dose and be on my way. And if you are truly trying to kick for good keep taking subs, at a relatively small dose (4 mg or less after slowly tapering) for 6 plus months as this will allow your brain to heal and you will better avoid the depression and other side effects of the cold turkey approach, which I simply do not believe in since suboxone. You also will not be able to take other opiates and this will both give you some opiate relief and nurture your brain/body back to health. If you are fighting pain like I am I still recommend taking a break for as long as possible using low dose of subs simply so lower doses of the real pain meds can remain effective for pain relief. Personally I think this should be the standard approach for those who must take pain meds indefinitely.

    • profile image

      big dog 6 years ago

      my girlfriend is starting suboxone tomorrow.she has used heroin for 6 years.she was clean for the last 22 months but has now relapsed.i hope this works.we cant keep going through this and putting our 3 kids through this hell.pray for us.

    • profile image

      SEM 6 years ago

      Fuck, I have a problem and I haven't found someone with a similar situation anywhere on the net. I've been using heroin many years. Snorting it. I managed to stay clean three years until 2004. Then started again. I did successful off with Suboxone in 2008 Successful I mean no cold turkey but unfortunately I got addicted again very soon after. Problem is that I live in fucking Greece that they don't want to really cure the people as it is a whole system taking advantage of them. No real democracy in the country that democracy was born. Disgusting politicians and law. One of the worst places if you want to detox. Anyways, I don't go to further detail. Straight to my problem. I have decided to do off since first week I got addicted again. Two and half years of typical "junkie" postponal have passed and a fortune spent to a habit that now is about 1,2 g a day. I have tried to lower my dose but as soon as I'm on it,I fail to go down. Sometimes it can get down to 1 gram. I had enough of it and need to do off. Methadone is easy to find in the black market but with meth I always fail. Still though I have like 25 pills on the side. With effort I managed to find two subutex of 8mg. Nothing else I can get hold of as I don't have the luxury of time to search abroad.

      Regardless my habit,I know that 800 mg's of heroin are enough for me to not be sick. So I wonder if I divide those two pills, 16 mg's of subutex to doses that can last me 3-4 days would I avoid cold turkey. Has someone here managed to come off 800 mgs-1 g of heroin habit a day with 16 mg's of Subs? If subs are not enough and suddenly I start not feeling good would methadone help? I made a chart and thinking todivide doses to something like 2-4-3-2-2-1-1-1 and take them according how I feel. After I manage to do the off I will try to stay clean with the help of my girlfriend - work and the good things I have in life. I still have a life thankfully. But I'm in the verge of loosing myself and everything if I don't do something now. So my question is anyone who did off with a small quantity of subutex, while he or she had a habit of a daily 800mg-1,2g of heroin a day (snorting). Hopefully by the time I see an advice I'd be already with some progress. But I had the need to express my problem. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks for reading :)

    • profile image

      Addict Girl 6 years ago

      I would like to share some concerns with everyone about subutex/suboxone..same difference. I am almost 7 months pregnant right now and have been taking subutex since my 3rd month of pregnancy...i was in a car accident not long ago that caused me to have to be cut out of the and the baby are okay though thank God. i could recieve any pain relief because it wasnt working after finally about 2-3 days they switched me to hydros and i took those for the week they were prescribed at home and then stopped sub doctor told me to wait 24 hours after taking my last dose of hydros to take the sub.. so i did... i waited 24 hours and took it..and its helping me gradually...i am glad to get back on the sub, before the wreck all i wanted was off the sub, but being in so much pain..real pain..and having to have pain meds to actually not hurt woke me wasnt that grand it actually sucked pretty big time and i didnt like the feeling that the hydros were given me i just wanted to feel clean and sober again and that was my goal but i knew that wouldnt be so easy i did what my sub dr told me to do and i suffered pretty moderatley and severely for a whole 24 hrs maybe even an extra hour actually and then i took 4mg of subutex and that was my starter dose again and ill be going back to 2mg...i was on 2mg a day before the wreck because thats what i had tapered to but i decided to do 4mg to just ease my severe symptoms and get back in my system and then im going to try and get back to 2mg and then eventually quit it..i will have to pain severe pain relief in a few months when i have my baby and i know ill have to go through this all over again and im not happy about having to take the pain meds again, but i got to at that time...subutex or subox is a miracle drug if u ask me..u may feel like poop on sub when trust me going back out there on drugs is far worse my friends..just keep in mind nothing is going to happen really is u take pain meds on subs..u can play with that as much as u want and good luck...but....its a whole other story when it comes to stopping pain meds to feel relief from the subs...u have to do it right and i would reccomend u get a cows sheet and wait 24 hours on the clock after u last swallowed,slammed,used drugs howerver u were using them and then take the sub ...u will feel better...and everyone hang in there.. alot of people dont talk about what would really happen if u were ever in an actual car accident where u needed true pain relief and i know it sounds odd but i guess i beat the odds and i was actually in a wreck and needed pain relief , i even refused like 2-3 times before i allowed them to give it to me and it was like pissing in the wind i felt took many doses and a few days and many hydros later to feel better and out of pain and then a whole entire 24 hours of withdrawals before becomming comfortable again! so in other words u are not going to feel any kind of receptor relief while subs AND pain meds are in ur system BUT u will feel relief from SUBS once ALL pain meds are out of your system after 24 hours is how long it takes a drug to be out of ur system where u would need more is what a dr told u can either ease ur symptoms by taking pain meds and just staying on that road or u can suffer for 24 hours and be strong because i know u ALL are very strong..all addicts are..and take the sub and get back on a good track again or for the first time..start out with 4mg and u can always go up but u cant go down if that makes sense... 8mg at a time or more is only really used with people who are severe heroin users ,etc.... like a 300 dollar a day habit of heroin would leave u need 8-16 mg at a time and as a starter dose of sub to feel relief after stopping heroin...i have alot of knowledge on detox,and maintenence with this stuff and i am just trying to help if anyone has any more questions just ask and ill do my best, God bless u all and hang in there..the road to recovery is better than your past trust brain was trained from going to group and meetings and getting clean it changed my thinking to that of a normal persons and i wanted to feel clean again when i was on the hydros thats how i knew recovery is working for me.. normally all i wanted to feel was high again but i wanted to feel clean..its take therapy by meds and by group and meeting to achieve that point of recovery and its a great thing or so many people wouldnt do it and keep doing for 20 plus years ..think about it


      God bless and thanks for reading my post.

    • profile image

      addict girl 6 years ago

      to the guy or girl above me...the question about heroin...i was in detox with a girl who was coming off heroine all she said was it was a 300 plus habit a day and 4mg starter dose wasnt working for her...i think 16-24mg at a time would be a good starter dose for a heroin user like urself..start with 8mg wait 30 mins..see how u feel...if u think u need to do 8mg again..and wait 30 mins and keep doing that after 30 min intervels until u reach a comfort zone..then remember how much it took and take that 4 times a day for the first day..the next day 3 times a day...the next day 2 times a day and the next day once a day at noon and then stop it..and if u have problems after stopping it ..u may need a maintenece dose...good luck ill pray for u all.God bless

      and and p.s my dr told me it was up to me how much sub to start back on that only i knew my body and what i needed..and before i was using sub i was taking alot of roxies a day..just letting everyone know what i was taking and no i wasnt prescribed to those and i got addicted really bad..roxies are like hillbilly synthetic heroin and me and my baby got addicted to them but i did what was right and got clean before the baby got her for its sake...and i can do this! so can u all! good luck and GOD BLESS YOU ALL...KEEP me updated please..and thank you.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      This truly is the most informative info on suboxone out there. Thank you! I was a heroin abuser for about 10 yrs on and off. Even while on methdadone for about 6 yrs. I was on suboxone for about 3 years and it saved my life. I am so proud and happy to say, its been a month and I'm DONE. I weaned myself down SO slowly. It was'nt easy, but so incredibly different from methadone/heroin/or any other opiate pill wds. The hard part now is the anxiety and depression. It makes me cringe to say this cause its SOOO not me, but the advice about exercise, vitamins, HYDRATION! SO important. Mix gatorade with water and drink it often! Be with friends, if you're lucky enough to have friends who really understand. I know after 10 yrs of heavy abuse my body and mind are not going to feel back to "normal" whatever that is, in a months time but I pray all of you find freedom from this. It really worked for me. My body is dragging, I'm really depressed, but I have to believe its going to get better. If not, well, we all know where that leads. God Bless!!!

    • profile image

      Kacy 6 years ago

      I transitioned from methadone to suboxone. I had to wait 5 days while taking short acting opiates for the first 4. I was on 20mg of methadone and was taking 18 vicodin a day for those 4 days. The last 18 hours, I took numerous klonopins try balance out the awfulness and writhing. Since then I've relapsed and I have like 4 bags of dope left before I have to wait to get back on suboxone I'm nervous, and hoping that I don't send myself into PWDs. The link to the cows test is super helpful. I hope that I can do this without going crazy. I just wish I didn't have to give up dope. It's my best friend. My confidant. Well good luck to everyone.

    • profile image

      jay30uk 6 years ago

      somone help im from the ukan have been on methadone 22ml per day all taken in the mornin for over 6 mth but a heroin user for 15 yrs im goin on suboxone in 3 days from doc but havin been usin a bag a day along wi the meth how ling should i wait to take my suboxone on the first day should i take my last dose of meth tuesday to go on subs wednesday or skip it ?? advice pls an shittin it :/

    • profile image

      HELP ME 6 years ago

      Im so sick of doing opanas

    • profile image

      cant deal 6 years ago

      This won't ever end. I don't need to explain my drug history. I'm on this site for a reason. Been doin the dance forever. Just happy to read everyones story. Love life, I've tasted sobriety and never felt better. Can't deal with the fight.

    • profile image

      Suboxone Doctors 6 years ago

      I think suboxone will definitely help people get rid of their drug addictions

    • profile image

      SEM 6 years ago

      Well, I did off with just two tablets of 8mg of Subutex from a habit of 1,5 to 2 g's a day of heroin. I waited 15 hours to take first dose that was about 3 mg of subutex. I have divided the pills. I ran out of subs at the end of day 3. Day 4 I was OK. But now I understand why you need more subs even if the first three days pass successfully without withdrawals. In my case I felt so happy that I wasn't sick and on day 4 that I was about to enjoy freedom, what did I do? A little bit of heroin! If I had more subs I wouldn't be able to. 3 weeks later I'm back to a habit of about 800 mg to 1 g of heroin a day. Snorting always. It's psychologically impossible to succeed without taking something that blocks my receptors. I am addicted again but with less amount. Still cold turkey the same. I just found subutex in black market, so expensive, 30 euro a tablet of 8mg and tomorrow I'm gonna buy three and do it all over again. And after I finish subs I'll start nalorex to make me stay clean. Also I just thought of something. That if you are hooked on heroin and you want to do off with subutex without worrying about withdrawal in case you take it to soon I thought of something that makes sense. After last heroin use and about 8 hours later I can take methadone to keep me OK for the next as many hours as it lasts, let's say 12. And then take subutex. If I'm hooked on heroin only and not methadone, regardless the fact that subutex will kick the meth away, still I won't get withdrawal as I'm not hooked on meth. Does somebody understand the logic? Of course it's something you can't do too many times as you don't want to play with your tolerance but I think it makes sense.

      Anyways, I just thought of that as I happen to have about 10 meth pills left. I wonder if anyone did that. My best wishes to all of you who try to escape the mess you (and I) are in.

    • profile image

      BaFLe 6 years ago

      I have been using oxycodone for 6 years and for the last 4 mnths slamming H. Most of the time I will shoot first, wait about ten min. and then snort a couple 30mg oxycodone. DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE AN EXTREMELY HIGH TOLERENCE FOR OPIATES!! It's ok to have fun but know your limits. A golden rule for myself is that if I have used any type of opiate I will wait a minimum of 6 hours before taking Suboxone. Subutex is different because it does not contain Naloxone in it which is the chemical used to fight off other opiates from filling your mu and kappa receptors. Now if I thought there was no way to find anything and I was hurting I would take about 4mg of Suboxone and let it dissolve under my tongue knowing this will still leave me with a slight withdraw feeling I know I can use more Suboxone later if needed but it is also a little enough amount that if I do happen to find another opiate such as oxycodone I can take the oxycodone immediately and still feel the euphoria without feeling some intense withdraw from the Suboxone. Why it works one way and not the other I don't know! Recently I have only been able to find the Suboxone that comes in the form of a listerine strip, I think they work much more effective and they dissolve much faster than the chalky orange pill. If you have a choice get the strips!!

      P.S. Heroin sucks compared to oxycodone! They are totally different highs, you never know what your getting when you use heroin. The only good thing is that it's easier to kick heroin than it is to kick pills!!!!!!

    • profile image

      joe m 6 years ago

      To those that take suboxone and end up in an ER for some type of medical emergency, fentanyl is the only painkiller strong enough to bump the buprenorphine off the receptors. It may (probably) take a larger dose, But often no more than 2x. Good info to share with the medical community as morphine or dilaudid (hydromorphone) seems to be standard affair. This will be blocked as it has a low affinity.

    • profile image

      andrew taubert 6 years ago

      read them all, can relate i am 47 shot heroin and coke in 1982 when i was 19 a great athlete in many sports still playing basketball but soccer i played division 2 and college basketball division 3 and a couple yrs of college then quit due to drugs, grew up upper middle class always thought i was in control with drugs "yeah right" been locked up many times been on 3 methodone programs in ny ct and ma a long histry to say the least in 2001 went to a long term program 15 months residential 9 months of that i was allowed to work and live at the program 5 of us out of 90 addicts in the house spectrum house in ma.stayed sober no meth no subs till 2007 6 years relapsed and have been on subs for 4 years rel;apsing every year or so,.My maintenance dose with suboxone is a 1/4 of a pill (2mg/8mg) sometimes a half, word has it that 1 suboxne pill is equal to 120 mg's of methadone, so it's like i maintain with 30 mg's ???, but i just recently went on another 60 day tear, needless to say that after being sober most of this decade i have a small business with 5 employees now i have 2 so i have money, i've been doing about 1to 2 grams of dope a day so easy to slide back in again,and sooner than you know it your wife is all over it she knows nothing about the subs,but when the dope starts and i confess she loses it!my point is wait 24 hours after your last shot make it your goal i waited 18 hrs and it didn't work as well as when i waited 24 hours. i was actually miserable my first day but tyhen again i'am a pussy when it comes to detoxing i just laid in bed for 48 hours today was almost normal 3rd day i took more suboxone this time i started with 1 pill at 9 am 18 hours after my last blast then another pill at around 6 pm then another at 6 am then aother at 6pm then another at 6 am so every 12 hours or 2 a day i didn't do much took 2 days off from work now on day 3 i took just 1 my symptoms were nothing like a real cold turkey detox i wasn't comfortable but not uncomfortable ,and didn't crave dope becaause if you do dope on top of suboxone nothing happens, it actually took me a couple of days when i initially relapsed to get high and i was only on a quarter a day of subs, my wife doesn't understand that part that you don't crave dope during your detox with suboxone you can, but if you end up copping you don't get high especially with 2 pills a day in yaon day 4 take a pill day 5 a half then maybe later a 1/4 day 6 the same day 7 a half, take a half for a week then 33% of a full pill under a half for another week then a 1/4 for a week then maitain or quit completly 100% sober or maintaining on suboxone i"ve been active in na, i live great. being 100% sober is the best,but suboxone maintenance is expensive easy solution tell your dr that you take 2 pills a day get 2 60 pill bottles 480 days over a year that will last you a year and and 3 or 4 months daily cost about a $2.50 a no brainer just have to have the initial $650 dollars for each 60 pill bottle thats me with no insurance just cash and if i wanted to i could sell them for $15, $20 a pill. but i got my issues just want to get to were i was when i had 6 years clean before suboxone when i didn't even think about drugs, but god knows there was reason from that 9 month run in 2007 i started my own business, using my last 6 yaers of sobriety as my credibility "no one knew except my boss who fired me causing me to get a job hence my own business" i paid back credit cards took healthy finacial risks hired employees therre a reason for everything if there isn't then make one up that works for you in your life, suboxone is harm reduction, you save money ,you can be reliable, stay healthy, and be therre for family i do still struggle with just not feeling right about it ,but it works and your not tied down to a clinic either maintaining on 2 pills a day is ridiculous the lower the dose the more you feel it!!!! andrew

    • profile image

      MusicMan 6 years ago

      Hello all, I just took my first dose of subs ever, although the problem is, I took a 7.5/325 mg of perk about 8-9 earlyer, and before that I was clean for a day. I usually take 30 mg roxys or "doctor" an OP which just sucks. I kinda pissed cause I didnt look into how long you have to wait to take subs. I thought 8 hours would be enough but im not sure, I also took a small ammount of tyenol cause I had a serious headache... which was the reason I took the sub to begin with.. im not sure if was a good idea or not, i really just want to get clean. anyways if anyone has had a similair expirence please respond to my post. thanks! .. oh and my history with opiates has been for 3 years, mostly roxys, perks, ops, did herion a few times, strangely I never had any type of withdawrel from H, probably cause I always had some perks to take the day after, anyways id love some advice! thanks all.

    • profile image

      UrsTruly 6 years ago

      I have just spent the past hour reading everyone's stories and have to say i am no longer scared of what tomorrow will bring. 8 months ago i got back with my boyfriend who had just started to use H, we used to use oxy quite often but i was never addicted. I started to use H when we got back together and promised myself i would never be addicted,that is a promise i will regret breaking to myself forever. Even though life was great it was horrible at the same time.during the last 8 months i have lost all my friends i have lost the trust of my loved ones and have spent all the money i have worked hard for on getting me and my boyfriend high.. Last month we starting selling H and life felt like we were on top. We had endless amounts of money and the drug we loved the most.We were having the times of our lives and everything else that had been wrong before didn't matter because we had each other and everything we need to be happy everyday. Everything has changed for the worst in the last two weeks. We were set up and arrested for possession and sales.We lost everything all of our money and everything we had.The next day i experienced withdraws like i hope i will never feel again and since then have gone back to spending all my money on supply H for me and my boyfriend.

      In the beginning i remember looking at my boyfriend and telling him that that was not the life i wanted for him.I even went to a doctor and payed for treatment and for received a prescription for suboxone. I am sad to say that those are still in my purse and we never touched because our lives got taken over by something else.

      I have thought about quitting everyday for the past two weeks but have been scared of the withdraws until now. After reading everyone's stories I have taken notes and made sure i have everything i need to quit tomorrow when i wake up.I have no excuses to continue doing something that is ruining my life.I hope that after i finish writing all of you and can inspire my boyfriend to do the same or i will have to turn away from him and live my life the way it once was.

      It is 3:12 am where i am and we are about to smoke the last of the H that we have. I have read all about taking my subs too soon and will wait until i am in full withdraw so i do not make the same mistake others have made.I have work @ 11 am and hope that my withdraws wont appear until i am off because i have the next two days off to detox. The only thing i will do different then most of the stories i have read is stay on suboxone.After me and my boyfriend are out i refuse to get a refill i will not allow us to be taken over by yet another drug. We can smoke weed and drink out with our friends like we used too. Im making a new promise to myself and will not break this one.I will have the happy amazing life i once had and will never let it go again.


      Urs Truly!

    • profile image

      Jessika 6 years ago

      I just want to tell you all what I know and have been through.. For over 10 years now I have been hooked on oxy's and heroin.. Most people would OD trying to do as many as I can and I don't even get as messed up as I should for that amount.. I can take a sub within 12 hours of useing 90 mgs of oxy. I get high than go to bed and within a few hours of waking up I'm sick and as soon as I feel sick I can take a sub and be fine. I took 1/4 of a 8 mg sub at 11am and at 11pm I took a roxy 30 mg and felt it. So it depends on you, your tolerance and mind set. The one thing I can tell you that methadone is the worest drug I have ever withdrew from I only was doing 10 mgs a day and I was sick for weeks when I stoped taking it so beware. Go suboxon if you want to stop using and only take it for a short time and you will be fine.. A few days of being uncomfortable is nothing compared to cold turkey withdrawal from methadone or pain killers.. I hope this helps somebody..

    • profile image

      B n CT 6 years ago

      Real injuries /real pain, destroyed my lower back and hips as a firefighter, bad enough that they pensioned me out 9 yrs ago at age 39. Ok its a job and tough shit for me but here ya go pal, take these Vicodins,months later more Vics then we added Percocet 5s then 10 then oxycodone 15 Next came the pain management doctor..40 mg OC twice a day with break through oxy 15s...Up and up to 320 mg OC. After refusing to allow surgical crap they decided to cut my dose ! Next visit, again I was asked about sticking things in my body [that seem to fail everyone] and they reduced my dose again. I was told that we are dropping 20mgs a month until I reach 160 ...half of my dose that I was fine with for 2 years!

      SOO I said to hell with being sick all the time and lets go on subutex which will leave the door open to take medication in a hurry if Im in severe pain. The good doctor did not like being beat at his money hungry game but agreed and instructed me to find a doc on the Subox web kind of him ! The good part is its summer and the pain level is way down and I hope to lower my tolerence. My question is how long should I wait before going on subs after my current 280 mg of OP most of which I dissolve in my mouth tomakeit work quik and gives a nice buzz something like the old OC...never snorted or shot it by the way and this is my only poison..then again I wonder about the 3 mg of klonopin I take a day for post traumatic stress ? Been on it for 16 yrs...why? work a fire rescue in the inner city for 2 decades..lots of ugly things dont go away and come out to play in my dreams...lifes a bitch right?

    • profile image

      Bloodrock 6 years ago

      B n ct : I suggest you wait 24 hours and start out on 2 8mg's a day for one month then step down to one,and so on.It sound like you have been on Opiate for awhile.This will work if you want off opiate.I still take it for pain.Why? cause with opiate I just wanted more and more.You know the nightmare ! 100 plus mg's a day.Suboxone I take one 8mg or less a day,If I forget no real withdrawal for me.My Buddy is a Doctor so I got it pretty good.I am also a vet and they were sending me my pills through the mail LOL, And the demons never really go away,but with time they don't haunt as much.Try and get off the anti depressants you really will feel better.Think about this, every morrning when you take them,your reminding your self that your takeing them to forget,just to remind your self that you need them.Put it behind you Brother !

    • profile image

      Do the do 6 years ago

      I waited 33 hours before taking first does after being high on oxys for 9 months. Taking at least 6 80s a day. Anyway. Was sooooo scared about taking sub too early. Happy to say within an hour I feel 80% better. Good luck

    • profile image

      Help me 6 years ago

      I've been taking Vic for years and want to stop. I currently taking 8/10 my a day. Today I took 6/10. I want to taper off. I need got to find a doctor to help me. I've heard bad things about sub.

    • profile image

      chance4me 5 years ago from Ohio

      I will begin suboxone tomorrow after a 2 1/2 year battle with injecting heroin. I am afraid but am ready to "get the monkey off my back". I read MOST of the comments here and am confident that this will work as long as I keep my mind in the right place. Thanks for everyone's comments!

    • profile image

      bdwag 5 years ago

      can i take 4mg 4 hours after taking 10 lorcets?

    • profile image

      2weakthistime 5 years ago

      believe me subs are the way to go. not only am i an addict i am also a nurse (i know... stupid right?). i am an opiate FIEND!!! i went from vics to percs to snorting dilaudid then shooting dilaudid. when we couldnt get dilly's any more we turned to H to avoid the dreaded WITHIES!! we shoot alot of H daily but we can literally go 12 to 15 hours before we feel any withdrawal symptoms. i take my first 8mg sub at the 24 hr mark. at that point i m sweaty, sneezy, yawny & achy (sounds like an F'd up version of the 7 dwarves). i take that first sub & wait about an hour to see how i feel. i usually have to take another 8 & a 1/h mgs to feel ok. the only problem is that my BF cant take the subs (they make him gag) so at the 36 hr mark he is BUGGIN for a shot & calls the dealer (who delivers the bags & fresh works cause we throw all of our pins & what not out after we do our last shot). for some sick reason i feel obligated to do the H with him even though i m "OK" with my subs. this time we are getting help by going to an NA meeting tomorrow night, getting sponsors & i m taking his cell phone away. dont get me wrong, i have been the weaker of the 2 of us on many occasions but this time is the end of our time with opiates. we not only need to quit we WANT to quit & you will be surprised to know that that is really the most important element is wanting to be clean. your loved ones can put u in rehab, send u to an addiction specialist, or lock u in a room for a week but if u dont want to be clean u will relapse! good luck to all & god bless! wish us luck on our new CLEAN life!

    • profile image

      Meat 5 years ago

      Hi Folks,

      Thanks for the info. I've been on pills and patches (F those patches -- fentanyl was made by the devil himself!) for years due to 2 crushing back injuries (10-12 vertebrae crushed between the two incidents) and surgeries. Although I did just fine for a while, eventually I ended up doing some stupid things. My wife caught me a second time (thank God!), and even though I had agreed in writing that the next time would be the end, this time I faced it with honesty. Scared witless, I told my doctor about everything I had done, and to my surprise, he agreed to handle the medical end of it (most pain docs will just cut you off right then and there, due to liability issues. You can actually successfully sue them for neglect at that point, since it is against both state and federal law, but they believe -- rightly, in most cases -- that drug addicts won't bother to sue them). My wife, seeing that this time truly is different (there was no honesty last time, only vain attempts to obtain more and cover it up), has given me a chance to save our marriage (and my life), and I'm taking it. I've been weaning off the oxy's, in preparation for my first suboxone dose on Thursday. On the one hand, it's really scary to get off the meds that let me lead a reasonably "normal" life (physically, anyway); on the other hand, having read your experiences with suboxone, and seeing that your comments are almost universally positive, I'm actually kind of excited about it. You have the gratitude of some dude you'll never meet, and I wish you all the best of luck in your lives.

    • profile image

      Fresh Out Florida 5 years ago

      I too have spent the entire day reading the posts. The ones that began a year ago were extrememly moving and I FINALLY feel like I have a place where I can talk about what this devil has done to me. I have been shooting/snorting pills and H for over ten years. In 2008 I went to prison and for the first time in my life I honestly wanted to get clean. I spent 18 months in DOC and when I got out I was clean and I wanted to stay that way so the next day I went to an AA meeting. For the 13 months I went to meetings everyday and I can honestly say that if you work the program IT WORKS. But you have to be at the place where I was spiritually for it to work. That place, is the one that so many of you have described over the last 20-30 posts. Complete desolation. Bankrupt. When I got out of prison I wanted to get high so bad, but didn't have any money or friends. Even after a short 18 months all the people in my life refused to talk to me, even my parents. So I went to AA and my life got BETTER. Immensely better, better than my wildest dreams. I stayed completely sober for over 13 months. I did not put a single mind altering chemical in my body. And I was truly happy. About 3 months ago, I met a girl. This was going to be first relationship in sobriety. Needless to say, it did not go well and after a few fun nights she told me she didn't see it going anywhere. Being the hopeless romantic and having the relationship issues that I've had in the past I began to feel hopelessy depressed. I was admired by my associates at work, I was respected by my friends and family. AA had returned to me all the things in my life that I thought I had always wanted. And yet I was feeling worthless (like a junkie feels worthless when he steals from his family and friends to support his habit). All over some stupid girl. So I took my 14 months or so of sobriety and flushed it down the toilet. I began using OC 30's again and I was off to the races. I started slow but soon I was spending over $500 a week on dope. The worst part is I, have no one to talk to about this. Not a single human being in my area that is going through what I am going through now. I still attend AA but I don't feel like I can talk to anyone there about my problems with drugs... shit they nominated me to host and speak at a convention about young people in sobriety. But I'm not sober, I'm a fucking loser drug addict stoner fuckhead, who doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself. I don't want to come clean with my homegroup, because I don't want them to look at me and turn me away. It's so terribly aweful and lonely to have no friends and these are the only friends that I have. I know something has to change.

      So last night I got 10 of the 8mg Suboxon films and I thought I would use them to do a taper and detox. I had to chair a meeting today and did 16 mg of box right before the meeting. This is about 11 am today. My last dose was 30 mg of oxy insuflated @ 10 pm the previous night. I also pontentiate my oxy use with benadryl and grapefruit juice (if you're still using, trust me IT WORKS). I don't want to get high, but I feel like I can't live without the blissful numbness that comes with a few blues, or a couple bags of dope. Particularly IV, in this world I have found no greater joy than getting some really fine dope, cooking it and watching the blood rush back into the rig. When I slam it home... it's like God has reached into my brain with his fingers and is gently massaging away all the hurt and worry and worthlessness that pervades my every thought. I don't know what I want to do... I want to stay clean, but I feel like i have nobody to talk to. I can't drink, or goto bars. I had a real bad alcohol problem too. I have the money to get dope but I took the sub and I know that right now to have any would just be torture, because I know if I do it, it'll make me sick and I can't just sit there and look at it.

      The thing is, I would just like to start a network of people that are in the same place that I am now. I can't talk about this kind of stuff at my AA meetings or with my friends. The truth is, there is not a single person on this planet that knows how big of a hypocrite I am for going to meetings and talking about how "sober" I am, when all I can think about is when I can get that next shot.

      I don't know if there's anybody out there that feels this pain as well, but if anyone would like to, I could sure use some conversation. Email me @

    • profile image

      Piglet 5 years ago

      Iv been reading these posts all day. I'm a perk addict, a single mother of two small children and really want to "love" my life again! I went through a bitter divorce two years ago at age30.. That's when I first started taking pills. It made the pain and loneliness go away! Stupid mistake I ever made. I tried detox this winter... I was clean for a few months but I still had cravings and finally caved in. I went to a suboxone clinic last week.. And withdrew for 18 hours today before taking my dose. I'm feeling ok now. I have no urge to smoke butts or drink, which is weird for me.. I'm just worried about getting addicted to the suboxones. They tell me at the clinic that I'll be one these for at least a year or two. They say it takes 9 months to change your old habbits and get your life back. But what about the detox of the suboxones? People have posted it'd so much worse.. I have a new man in my life, who supports me and we want to start trying for a baby soon!!

    • profile image

      finally 5 years ago

      Hi everyone. It was so refreshing to find this blog. It is a weird feeling to actually have a chance to be myself and talk about my deep dark secret of opiate addiction. I have read many of posts above and God bless each and every one of you. Before I had my addiction I just couldn't understand why anyone would live this way. Well, I now completely understand. For anyone who suffers from depression or has a very stressful life finding opiates seemed to be the best damn antidepressent ever. As all of you know that feeling goes away after about a month. Then it is all about the chase to feel "normal" and to avoid withdrawals. I just found out about Sub 2 weeks ago online. A person very close to me knew about it, but never told me about it so I would never leave him. He is afraid that if I no longer need his pills I no longer need him. He couldn't be more right. I have suffered years of verbal abuse but he always got away with it because I couldn't handle seeing the pain in our daughter's eyes. I found opiates two years ago and they numbed me up enough to stay married. The man I am with took full advantage of that. Well, the jig is up. I have found something that can help me without relying on him. He never physically abused me just always made me feel low enough so I would not think I deserved better than him. I do. Time to get my life and self worth back. I appreciate ever one of you sharing your personal stories, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I hope you all know that your stories help and motivate others that have no one they can talk to about their dirty little secret.

    • profile image

      nickyt 5 years ago

      Awesome info u don't have to wait that long only if Ur taking methadone.soon as u start feeling shit just take a peice if not more

    • profile image

      nickyt 5 years ago

      Awesome info u don't have to wait that long only if Ur taking methadone.soon as u start feeling shit just take a peice if not more

    • profile image

      Js 5 years ago

      I just want to thank everyone for their posts. Im on my 21st hour off oxy waiting to take my subs with no sleep and its 7:15 am. Ibe been reading these posts for hours its been the only thing helping me through the withdrawls. The past five months I have been taking around 120 mg of oxy a day after around.6months of sobriety but have been struggling with the addiction for almost four years. I am 23. I hope this is the last time but have doubts. I have little to no support and no family oxy is the only way ive found to stop caring but in the end everytime it brings more pain. I feel like there is no way out of the pain I feel. I am truely touched by all of you and hope I have waited long enough for the sub amd it works this time. For good.

    • profile image

      Js 5 years ago

      I did it! I took about a third of a sub and 30 minutes later was amd am fine. I waited around 22 hrs. It was worth it and I hope the pain of the wds scares me from relapse. If anyone wants to talk more regularly for support I would love the help and to give it. Leave your e mail. Thanks for listening

    • profile image

      Jason 5 years ago

      I went to the doctor today and was put on suboxone for heroin withdraw, he prescribed me the orange 8mg pills but he also gave me 6 white pills called subutex, he said I need to wait 24 hours to take the suboxone but nothing about the subutex, someone told me he did this so if i am not quite far enough into withdraws i will not get thrown into instant withdraws, is this true ,please help i never dealt with this medicine before.

    • profile image

      Suffering WithYou 5 years ago

      I don't feel so alone and depressed. Will take the suboxone in the am. God Bless. What a way to live.

    • profile image

      My testimonial 5 years ago

      I was on120 mg oxy a day for 8 mos. I took my first doe of suboxone 5 hours after my last use. I was just starting to feel uncomfortable from wd. The suboxone kicked in in about 30 min and it was a smooth transition. Today is day one on suboxone. This is only me. I am not a dr and would strongly recommend you listedn to your Dr before taking it. I heard of terrible wd by taking too soon but for me five hours after my last oxy use I took the suboxone and It worked like a charm. Thank god.

    • profile image

      Drew London 5 years ago


      I've been hooked on Oxycontin for the last 12months. It was given to me after an operation on my leg. I'm in the UK where you cant buy Oxy off anyone. You HAVE to wait for a prescription. I've managed to get hold of some Subutex and am currently going through my 20th hr of withdrawal, waiting until after 14 hours before I take it. I'd like to chat with other people and hear their stories. I was taking 300mg of Oxycontin a day... Just to feel normal.

      Please get in touch if you are in a similar situation. It would be nice to hear your story. thanks everyone. Its such a support just hearing I'm not alone. All the best, Drew. :)

    • profile image

      ChrisCotton 5 years ago

      JohnnyB 23 months ago

      there is a new but old opiate, but not advertised as so, ultram, i've tried almost every other drug and kicked myself, but with this one,wow, up for 4-5 days straight, restless legs, irritable, sweaty, hot flashes, the runs, terrible, don't let docs talk u into this crap.

      ChrisCotton:Johnny,Idk if you were actually shooting about two grams a day of dope but thats the same symptoms you get from kicking this habit exept you dont sleep for at least 2 1/2 weeks,or at least I didnt,so it doesent really sound like youve kicked everything....and try kicking methadone,if you couldnt handle 5 days....ha

    • profile image

      beaturfeet 5 years ago

      Ok I read alot of posts n I got one thing to say;u must be sick as hell before taking suboxone cuz it has naloxone in it which is basically an opiate will strip the opiates left in ur body and make u sik.if u can gt subutex its better cuz there is no naloxone in it just be safe fellow addicts

    • profile image

      Mr Recovery 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Karen 5 years ago

      Hi I have read most of these comments and feel i might as well

    • profile image

      Karen 5 years ago

      Hi again tha was aweful. I have read most of this and now understand why I have so many problems trying to be seriously pain managed. I am a cancer patient and have been shifted around alot for treatments from chemos to radiation and now in remission and trying to deal with many other things wrong in my body to get back set up on a good pain management. but after reading this.Im in shock some that so many still want to do other meds beside the suboxone. The whole point is to get clean. seems some of u are just looking to get the high from it not really caring about getting clean. Well its those that get pain meds with no real pain and messing it up for us that truely need pain management for real pain. i finally decided with the help of my doctor to go on suboxone. I want to be off meds for as long as possible or at least most of them. I see most are not truely commited to stopping thier playful habit for enjoying getting high to seriously want to stop them. I have taking pain meds for 20 years and find the suboxone great so far. I went into a rehab place first to detox then put on suboxone now. I am sure with all that are abusing this wonderful new drug it will eventually be hard for those that are serious about becomingn clean to even get the help the need.. so please be serious about getting clean or get back out there and do ur drugs.. but give those that are serious a real chance .. dont mess it up me and others who want this to work.. thanks and God Bless

    • profile image

      kay 5 years ago

      im going to make this short and simple its 12:00 p.m. right now at 5:30 am this morning (so about 6 and a half hours ago) i took my soboxone if i shoot up right now will i not get high and start with drawing even worse??

    • profile image

      kay 5 years ago

      and by that i mean shoot up herion

    • profile image

      Jupi 5 years ago

      Hei Kay, If you cut your head off but manage somehow to keep on standing on your back legs, do you thing you are going to bleed from your neck??

    • profile image

      TritonSD 5 years ago

      Thank you so much to the author of this article, as well as the many contributions from users. I started reading this page about two weeks ago when I made the decision to "clean up" and stop taking pain medication.

      I have been a daily user (150-250mgs of Percoset, Norco, etc.) a day for almost two years. It started after a car accident I was in where I broke my jaw and suffered several other injuries and subsequent surgeries. Obviously, I was on some pretty intense meds in the beginning (Oxys, Dilaudid) and as I healed, I was prescribed high doses of Oxycodone. Eventually my docs switched me to Percoset so I could function during the day, but I slowly started taking more and more each week and eventually got to the point where my monthly 120 pill prescription (10/325mg Percs) would only last about 10 days or less. I found another doc and was able to get another 120 pills a month, but after a while, 240 pill would only last me a couple weeks and I'd have to wait another 2 weeks for a refill. Being in San Diego and close to the border, I started crossing into Mexico to score some Oxys and Norco to get my fix until my refills came through back home. I was spending upwards of $800 a month.

      The challenge for me was that I did (and still do) suffer from chronic pain from my injuries a few years back, so I was in need of pain relief, and it was so easy to get any kind of pain killers I wanted, which made quitting that much more difficult. Eventually, my addiction caused me to lose my job and get into massive debt. I would literally spend each day of the week doped up in my bed and watching TV and movies. My money went to getting my pills before anything else.

      Finally, I got to the point where I admitted to myself that I was destroying my life by allowing myself to let this addiction take control on me. I sought out a doctor that could prescribe Suboxone, after doing a ton of research, and made the decision to take this huge step. It took me two weeks to gain enough courage to stop taking the pills and prepare myself for Suboxone.

      I waited about 20 hours from my last dose of Percs to my first dose of Suboxone, and tapered done my dosage of Percs from 20 a day to 5 a day prior. That week was absolute HELL. I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to just give up and throw a handful of Percs down my throat. I couldn't sleep, had the shakes, hot and cold sweats, severe diarrhea, body aches and stomach cramps. It was horrible, but I did find things to help make it bearable. Hot showers seemed to help and drinking TONS of cold water. I think this is essential before taking Suboxone since it will flush out any opioid faster than if you don't. Tylenol PM helped me sleep and relieve some of the pain, and I drank a lot of smoothies to keep my stomach full even though I had no appetite. These things wont make it a lot better, but they DO help. There's no getting around having to go through withdrawals and as tough as it is, taking the time to suffer through it BEFORE you take Suboxone is way better that just starting the Suboxone sooner... I have a friend who did NOT do this and he actually went to the ER because the withdrawal was so bad.

      The morning I woke up, after 20 hours of not taking any pills, to take my first dose of Suboxone was nerve wracking. I was terrified that I hadn't waited long enough, but decided to bite the bullet and do it. Within 15 minutes, my withdrawal symptoms started to go away. No more sweats, cramps, body aches, nausea... It was a MIRACLE for me. I felt like myself for the first time in ages. You don't get "high," but you do feel a little bit of that opiate feeling. I haven't looked back since that day.

      I finally feel like I have my life back thanks to Suboxone. I'm working again, I never feel sick, and I have almost no desire to start using opiates again. I'm also taking a non-addictive pain killer for the residual pain I still have and it's just fine. I've learned that you don't always need narcotics for pain relief. Unfortunately, prescribing these pain killers is the norm, which is part of the reason SO MANY people are becoming addicted to pain killers. Three years ago, I would never have believed that I could become an opiate addict. I'm an executive-level professional with a graduate degree and have always been a hard and determined person, but once pain killer take root, they WILL control your life. Many people will never understand if they have not gone through it. I used to scoff at addicts before my experience, and not I have the utmost empathy for them. IT IS HARD. Especially once you get to the point where you life seems like complete garbage and all you have are you precious pills.

      Good luck to anyone out there that is trying to break the chains and free themselves from opiate addiction. YOU CAN DO IT and I think Suboxone is an absolute miracle drug to help you do this, but you MUST want to quit, otherwise, you will just fall back into the cycle. Yes, there are withdrawals from Suboxone, but if you taper off of it, they are extremely mild... almost unnoticeable and short lived. Thanks again to the author and all the wonderful posts. I can honestly say, this page helped give me the courage to make this step.

    • profile image

      Carla 5 years ago

      I really want to start the suboxine strips which I got from a friend. I am gonna start with a quarter. I took my last perc at 9pm....12 hours ago and only took about 60mg. yesterday. Do you think it is ok to take the strip yet?

    • profile image

      jvl622 5 years ago

      DREW: U seem to be a knowlegable person on this subject i have been on oxy 30's for about 3 years and have come to the point where i'd rather suffer or die during the withdrawl than have this drug eat up any more of my life and sanity if theres any left. I only take 5 or 6 of the 30's a day and recently obtained 10 of the suboxone jellys to get me through. I work 5 days a week so i would like to make the worst days at home, so would appreciate any info u could give me on a schedule of when to take first one and how often to take them. Email is bcbbam22@yahoo. Good luck to everyone taking this journey hopefully when we all come out on the other side we will stay there. God Bless!

    • profile image

      Lonely Girl 5 years ago

      Hey jvl622.... I'm in a very similar situation as you! I snort 3-4 oxycodone 30's a day and have 3 8 mg subs that im not sure how to use??? After finally admitting to myself and my. family a year ago that I was an addict... I cleverly "faked" my sobriety and continued to use after jus a few days of wd's! Up to this point I have been able to lie my way through every day and I'm tired of it! I'm so sick of the ups and downs, the praises from friends and family about how good I look and how well I have done only to go into my room and rail a 30! I'm a fraud and a liar and it hurts me deeply! I want this ride to end! I just turned 33 yrs old, I'm a mother of an amazing 10 ur old daughter, and I have the perfect boyfriend of 6 yes who supports and adores me! What more could I ask for right? SOBRIETY! I WANT TO LIVE A SOBER LIFE! thank you everyone for sharing your stories and making me see that I am not alone in my struggles and that there is a light at the end of this lonely hallway of hell

    • profile image

      daniel 5 years ago

      I was on 140mg of methadone for about a year. I dosed at the clinic on a Monday morning. Afterward, I went straight to my primary care physician, and he put me on a fentanyl regimen for 7 days. I was still sick the fentanyl wasn't nearly as strong as the methadone (at least the dose). 2 50mcg patches a day. I was still sweating and uncomfortable. On the 8th day, I'd had enough and admitted myself to Austin Recovery. I still had patches on when I went in. By 6 pm I received my dose of suboxone. No negative reaction whatsoever.

      Everybody's body is different.

    • profile image

      canilive32 5 years ago

      I am going thru the same as all have subs but still use H how and when do you get strong and i only take a tiny piece how long does that stay in your system?

    • profile image

      EmEfEl 5 years ago

      depends on how much you use a day......

    • profile image

      Bone 5 years ago

      Hey guys i have been doing pills for around 7 years. U name it i have done them. I am currently using around 300-400mg or roxis a day. I have done the suboone treatment several times as well. They really are miracle pills ifmumreally want to quit. I have relapsed countless times and been broke more times than i can count. I really feel like this time i am going to kick the habit. I am 31 years old and enough is enough! I start my subs on tuesday and it cant come soon enough. If anyone wants to talk or if you have any questions about opiates of any kind feel free to email me at I am no doctor just an addict. I believe in a support system and if anyone needs one i am here for you. This is a life long battle and im ready to fight it! Hope to hear from anyone of you soon. Goodluck and take care.

    • profile image

      Hellyes 5 years ago

      I have been on Subs (16mg/day) for almost 3 months.. Wow! has it changed my life.. I hope everyone that suffers from opiate addiction finds a wonderful Sub doctor to help them. It is soooo nice to not have to worry about finding my next load of pills just so I can function that day.. If you are prescribed the accurate dose, you will not feel withdrawals, deprived or tempted.. At least that is how I feel.. If you live in or near Austin, Texas, please contact Dr. Peter Pelogitis. He is totally cool and has a lot of experience with helping people suffering with addiction. Stay strong everyone... Take your Sub everyday with NO shame... Much luck and love to all.

    • profile image

      Grey Goose 5 years ago

      Does anyone no how long you should wait after Tramadol? Ultram in the States. I'm so pissed off with my doctor I'm feeling murderous, I've been through the hell of heroin, methadone, benzo's, subutex and my doctor prescribed me this shitty drug and now i'm hooked! You don't even get high it's the shittest opiate drug ever synthesized. So now I gotta get on the sub's to come off em but i don't know how long to wait. ?

    • profile image

      Liasis1 5 years ago

      I've been reading this thread, & others like it, several weeks. I've been using opiates most of my life (the last 35 years out of 59). It started with migraines, progressed to fibro, osteoarthritis then herniated & degenerating disks, now I've been dxd with sticky blood & latest labwork shows I may have bone marrow cancer (go for more testing after my vacation)

      I'm also bipolar & am 1 of an unlucky few who had bad reactions 2 psych meds, both Stephens-Johnson syndrome & Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (my temp went over 109 at one point, NMS is so rare it took drs 4 months 2 figure out what it was). Needless to say, I'm leery of drugs, especially if it's something Ive never heard of before.

      My neurologist started me on ms-contin in 2004, it was instant love. Before that I'd been eating fiorinal w/codeine, dr-shopping 2 get enough 2 last a month. Finally got caught at it, by a dr who read me the riot act then was busted 2 months later high on coke & OC having a meltdown in the middle of a huge electronics store (plenty o good footage 4 evening news!).

      Anyway, after I was dxd with fibro & bipolar all my drs (PCP & specialists) told me to go to a pain clinic, as new FDA guidelines were makin it uncomfortable 4 them to write my RX for morphine.

      The 1st pain clinic was a joker who wanted 2 experiment w/different drugs, put me on Kadian, which I hated. I blew out a disk & went to the ER, they gave me lortab which I reported 2 dr. I didn't take it all at once, but took some b4 a p test a couple months later. They fired me 4 it, sayin I never reported getting the lortab (I showed the dam nurse the bottle, she wrote it down, but they claimed she didn't).

      Found another pain clinic, a dr who had just come over from India & set up shop. Wouldn't take insurance & booked 4 patients @ same time. If my apt was 10:00 I was lucky 2 c him by 3:00. At that time my psych doc put me on lamictal & I got Stevens-Johnson. It left me with huge sores all over my skin. Pain doc said I was shooting & fired me. (well, I was, but not anywhere he saw. It really was the sores from the S-J he was seein).

      Found another PC, this 1 seemed good. They did other stuff besides throw drugs at me, like medial block injections, which really helped the pain. They gave me my beloved ms-ER (endo's gr8 4 slamming) along with percs for breakthrough pain. A few times they tried me on other stuff like the fentanyl patches, OC, but I preferred the morphine. Then I failed a p test. My body metabolizes meds really fast & the morphine didn't show up, even tho I took it the night b4.

      They sent me 2 a Suboxone clinic to be "caged", the patients scared me. Chairs full of zombies all intoning "I love Suboxone. You'll love Suboxone." I had no idea what the stuff was, but I didn't wanna b what those people were on! Thankfully they sent me back to pain doc & said I should stay on the morphine.

      I have a neighbor who stole my meds for years. She used to visit dying friends & family so she could steal drugs from them. When I caught her stealing my morphine I shoulda turned her in but she said she'd go to rehab. She did, but didn't stay. Over the years the only time I heard from her was when she wanted drugs. So I told her about Suboxone. Thank God she's on it now. But she was taking my meds b4 her appt & I came up short & got fired from my pain clinic.

      I panicked & raced to the Suboxone clinic. I was under the impression it was a pain treatment center, til they told me they didn't do procedures on patients. I took Suboxone a few days & found myself another pain clinic.

      My new pain dr. is a very well-respected neurosurgeon, very knowledgeable. He looked at my history, did a physical exam like no other pain dr did, told me I had antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (sticky blood), which blood tests confirmed. Told me I'd been misdiagnosed all my life. All my miscarriages, migraines, mini-strokes, sight loss, yada yada, were all caused by this.

      He also said I have dystonic syndrome as well as fibro & needed painkillers. BUT he refuses to give me morphine. Instead he gave me dilaudid. I didn't like that (got interdose withdrawal & ferocious headaches) so he gave me roxis. I don't like them, I get inter-dose withdrawal from them 2 & end up running out early. Also they make me hyper as hell.

      Both my PCP & psych drs think I should b back on the morphine ER, they can't understand y he put me on stronger drugs I'm having bad reactions to. I ran low on my roxis this month (I squirrel small amounts away then 4get where I put them, too) so I've been taking Suboxone. It's good 4 pain but I don't wanna b on it the rest of my life. Plus my neighbor keeps running out of hers & keeps asking me 4 mine.

      This is probably a confused-sounding jumble. But, can anyone tell me what my dr could possibly have against morphine? Y will he give me stronger drugs but absolutely refuse to consider morphine? He won't tell me, I've asked. He just says its not the right treatment for my fibro/sticky blood/migraines/& all the rest.

      Side note, I took Suboxone, 1-2 mg/day last week, had about 1mg yesterday. Didn't seem to do me any good, so took a Roxi a little while ago. Its working, but it doesn't last all that long & don't have enough to take til my next appt

    • profile image

      carl james 5 years ago

      Wow this is great post very incouraing to help the problem i am havin, thank you to the poster you have set my mind on solving my issue i have been considering suboxone for serval months now and this has made me fur sure dicided to do it ! thank you agian

    • profile image

      Kim/back surgery sufferer 5 years ago

      I just had the worse experience with Suboxone that was so intence and scary I thought I was dying. I went to a Suboxone clinic after taking Methadone for 12 years. I had told the physician how long I had been on it and the dosage I was on. After informing him he acted like this was no big deal and proceeded to put me on the film/dosage was the 8/2mg taken 2 strips at a time. As I left his office a fellow nurse approached me with the script and a few instructions on how I should proceed with the drug. She told me to go as long as I could without the Methadone and then start the Suboxone. Well I went 4 days, not the 36 hrs that is suggested, and when I took it immediately I started feeling like something was wrong! I came upstairs and layed down and in 30 minutes my boyfriend was calling 911 and I was off to the hospital. After telling the doctor what had taken place I was told I was lucky I didn't have a heart attach on the way down! I have never been so sick and so scared in my life. I am a 47 yr. old mother of 2 that just finished passing my boards for nursing and had just started my first job as a charge nurse. I felt so stupid!! But are we not suppose to be able to trust our doctor's and what they tell us?!! Off of everything and feeling like shit!! Any suggestions?!! I even have attorneys calling now saying I have a law suit, I just wanted to be off of all meds and feel like my old self again, will that ever happen?!!

    • profile image

      Liasis1 5 years ago from Nashville

      @Kimback surgery sufferer

      Wow, that sounds awful! I've never had methadone (tho, for some reason when they test my urine with sticks it comes up positive. Something about the allergy meds I take) but I've heard it's hard to go off of.

      It sux tryin to go off any drug, tho I have to admit I have an easy time of it usually (except that I really do have legitimate bad pain & need something stronger than over-counter stuff). I've had IBS since I was 16 & immodium barely helps...I apologize for talkin about me, know you need help.

      I learned a long time ago that doctors are not infallible; many times they can be very wrong. (like 40 yrs ago I breast fed my first baby & the pediatrician said it would cause mental retardation! My son's IQ was measured by Duke U when he was 14, his was in the upper 3 percentile in the US for any age, including adults. Oh, woe! What damage have I done?!? He could have been in the upper 1% if only I'd listened to that dr!).

      It sounds like you may have had a bad reaction to the Suboxone itself, cause it sounds like you waited long enough before takin it. Did you start out takin the full dose, or did you take a partial dose? When I started Suboxone the nurse said to take half a strip (I was prescribed 12 mg/day), wait half an hour & if there were no side effects go ahead & take the rest of the dose.

      Me, I never took an entire dose. Just 4 mg had me itchin like crazy, but Benadryl helped. After I took the other half-strip the itching was so severe & in places you don't wanna be scratching. I used a lot of Vagisil that night! Plus the soles of my feet & palms were like pins & needles. I take Neurontin for neuropathy, which helped a little along with more Benadryl, but I didn't sleep at all that night. My pdoc (psychiatrist) has me on 20 mg of Valium a day for anxiety as well as .5 mg of Halcion for sleep. I was so afraid to take any of my benzos that first night, had heard too many horror stories that it'd make me stop breathing. Next day had a violent headache, which the Suboxone didn't help, then barfed for 2 days. Still gave the Suboxone a chance, maybe 10 days, but decided opiates were the only thing for it & went to a new pain doc. Which was good, cause he found I have an autoimmune clotting disorder that's pretty bad.

      I don't know if maybe your dose was too high initially or if you just can't take Suboxone. Maybe other recovering methadone "addicts" (I used the quotes because there's addiction & there's dependency) who've read your post will have an answer.

      A few parting words...1) if they say you have a lawsuit then do it. I had a couple of instances where I could've & didn't & now regret. Like when we were rear-ended & the guy's insurance contacted me & offered me money-I was scrupulously honest & strict with my claim, not realizing I'd have pain & suffering & loss of income for years after I signed an agreement that netted me less than $1000 & promised to never sue this guy in future. Very bad mistake.

      2) I have so much respect for nurses. My mom was an RN, my own LPN studies were interrupted halted dashed ended by a pregnancy. My husband's family are all doctors (well his mom was a teacher) and when I say his family I'm talkin way back the family tree, like back 200 years. One has his painting hanging somewhere in Vanderbilt Medical University.

      3) doctors rarely really listen to you & think they're never wrong. Example: I went to ER with a migraine & the dr wanted to treat it with compazine administered by IV. I said I was allergic but my then-neurologist said it was that or nothing. So I let them do it. Half an hour later a very shaky white-faced attending said "you're allergic to compazine, don't ever take it again!" duh? This same Neuro, supposedly one of the best in Nashville 12 years ago, went on to mis-diagnose my father-in-law (a physician) with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). then there's the dr who 12 years ago read me the riot act about dr shopping & my paltry 5-6 fiorinal#3 per day habit then HE gets busted while buying a TiVo cause he miscalculated how much coke to shoot up with his OxyContin & had a major meltdown. Electronic shop, cameras everywhere, loads of video for the evening news AND HE DIDN'T LOSE HIS LICENSE.

      It seems we cannot trust our doctors implicitly. It would be nice if we could, but they are as human as the rest of us and just as prone to mistakes. Your case sounds like sheer negligence on someone's part. We, as patients, are now under obligation to educate ourselves about our conditions & medications. My first husband was dxd with bladder cancer a little over a year ago. The dr gave him very little info, just told him to see him again next month them left the room. On his follow-up appt my ex was again given some RX's, no info & told to come back next month. When he attempted to question the dr, said dr turned back to him & asked if he had a computer, & Internet. Then asked him if he knew how to use google. And this "doctor" was serious!

      I know I haven't been much help, but hope I've at least been able to entertain you. Good luck!

    • profile image

      art 5 years ago

      im kicking heroin right now and ouch !!! i have soboxone wich i took for 2 days and today the 3rd day i havent took it at all and im going thru it.not as bad but its not like the wort..i can maintain i think a lil longer..reasom i havent took it today is because i dont wanat to get hooked on it and then have to kick out the soboxone.but yea if u are taking heroin wait atleast 24hrs unless u had sum real bunk dope lol cuz i waited 12hrs and wow the wait wasent long enough cuz i went into nasty withdrawl.the longer u wait the better..after taking soboxone for a coupl days try going with out it for a whole day after u get sick to lower ur tolerance way down.then go back to it but take a lower dosege by cutting the pill/slid in half or lesser.good luck to those kicking i feel ur pain especially right now !!!

    • profile image

      manda 5 years ago

      ok i took a suboxone and was still sick so bout 45 min later i went and bought some herion and i was able to still get i have not tried to take any since then but i need help and dont know what to do.i have lost so much over this shit.i was pregnant december of 2009 i told my doctor and he refuced to see me a was naked on the bed in the doctors room and i had been there 3 times before but didnt tell them well they wanted to take blood so i had to tell then.well he walked in and refuced to see me.he wouldnt even see if my baby was ok i was already undressed and in the bed.then that friday befor i could get into see another docoter i made an appointment i lost my baby.i so sick of this shit.i have my own place and work 2 jobs but if i dont stop im goin to lose it all.AND THIS IS NOT EVEN THE HALF OF WHAT I HAVE DONE AND BEEN THROUGH.I JUST LOST ONE OF MY FRIENDS SHE OD AND THEY FOUND HER IN THE DUMPSTER AND MY BEST FRIEND I KNEW SINCE I WAS A KID OD TOO.I KNOW 5 PPL WHO DIED IN NOT EVEN A YEAR AND 4 WAS OF DRUGS,R.I.P TO ALL MY FAM AND FRNDS I LOST.IM SCARED IM GONNA BE NEXT

    • profile image

      rusteD62 5 years ago

      I see a lot of back sliding and relapsing in the stories posted here.It appears to a lot of "self-administration" attempts at getting off of opiates.These are usually futile.Many start abusing the medication they are trying to use to get off of another.To get off and stay off,one must have their inner-voice instructing them,and feel the desire to be off drugs forever in every ounce of their being and soul.Short of that it will be useless,and trying to do it with a handfull of Suboxone one has accuilated or scraped together is not going to do it.A doctor has to be involved,no way around it.Getting addicted is the easy part.Getting clean is tough,and requires a combination of medications,but also a management system to provide for the spiritual/emotional end of things.Big part of the process,as those are the reason many are addicted.They tried to doctor themself,to make a hurt stop.It quickly gets out of control,and if you're lucky,you can beat it.Millions have and do,and will.I hope the best for all who have posted and reached out,thats the start.

    • profile image

      jjjj 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Barry Slaven 5 years ago

      I have been on heroin for 13 years, and been through methdaone and subutex reductions many times, but this is the first time ive ever been told i have to wait 56, yes 56, hours from my ast methadone fix to take my new medication, suboxone. I am currently half way thorough those 56 hours and am on the verge of ringing dealers to sell my posessions as i cannot take any more of this. You DO NOT have to wait so long to swap to subutex or suboxone. 24 hours has always been sufficient time previously. God bless any one who is also in this dreadful situation.

    • profile image

      mary 5 years ago

      I feel for all of you!Although I never got to where some of you of you are,I don't stand in judgement either.There but for grace go I.10 to 20 vikes a day,I know what withdrawal is.The suboxone program has so far saved my life.I am now down to 15 strips a day,although I've heard horror stories,I am a little nervous once more moving down further.Please, try it everyone!the doctor will prescribe according to your use.The first time you take it( if you can make it through the period of withdrawal)you will probably get high .There after it will be to just maintain you.Please we owe this to our families,children,and grandchildren. Good luck!

    • profile image

      mary 5 years ago

      sorry everyone!The above comment,I meant 15 strips a month.

      Again Good Luck!!

    • profile image

      johnCmorris 5 years ago

      There is a lot of interesting information posted in the comments. Here are my two cents:

      Heroin is dangerous, so is cocaine.

      Quit while you are ahead, do not look back.

      If you are having trouble with drugs, you need to rotate your drugs better. Heroin is good to substitute with soboxone and alcohol or a benzo or maybe a sedative like a muscle relaxer or gabapentin. Do not mix cocaine with alcohol. Heroin should be used to come down from heroin, or ideally a benzodiazopine. Gabapentin is useful for heroin withdrawal, especially if one tapers and possibly uses suboxone for mild withdrawal symptoms as well. I would not recommend taking a benzodiazapine long term for heroin withdrawal, which is where gabapentin's value comes in.

    • profile image

      johnCmorris 5 years ago

      for Barry Stevens: Here is some advice. Your new medication will not be like what you are used to. You are familiar with methadone, a high half life, high dosage, imagine your body, you are dosing every receptor in your body, where as before with heroin, you were most likely crossing the blood brain barrier and just dosing for a limited time. This natural swing of things is what keeps normal people from becoming unrealistic about not feeling shitty when they quit because they are used to feeling shitty, the only thing is they have made a decision not to go injecting it. Furthermore, people who are used to getting suck can confront their problem more easily when they run out. If i feel like my tolerance is going way up, I just get sick for 1 day and bam, I am back to zero. It isn't that hard to get our tolerances down, guys, getting sick isnt the end of the world you fucking idiots. Oh, dont be an idiot and OD. I snort my shit, if you want to get sick you better not inject because you will die after you fuck up your dose. GOod job you idiot some coroner will be thinking.

    • profile image

      Brian W. 5 years ago

      Although I didn't likethe last post,u know calling people iddiots for being in the positon the people are on here when u do it itself,but I guess that's the snappy part of the withdraw talking,with that said the info was helpful,I'm lucky I wanna get clean.I'm really on here to hear people's story's for and to support those like me that are trying to kick it I have been taking the Roxy 30's for years.I know I'm way to smart to not be living to the best of my abilities,it's a very hard thing to do,especially alone like I'm doing.I was taking around 5-10 a day n I just adobe's down to 3,2,1 a day n I'm gonna start the windows in a day or me it's more I want them than need them n even tho I'm in pain,from injuries that haven't healed right n I have DSTIMULUS disc friends n a few other probably I'd rather be in ppl pain till i can afford other means of pain relief.i just dont wanna live this way,and from what i read on here people go fred on pills to h,i remember in the early 2000's telling ppl its synthetic h, n i eventully went from perks to the roxy knowing i shouldnt,but we all learn,im lucky i wanna change n i think if u can beat the mental part n really wanna quit u can with support,i will be back to tell my success story,n i have decided to partner with a church to help others that want it i miss being me the doctors in miami are driving bentaly,n boats cuz of us n i just hated it there,i then moved back to the orlando area n its the same so im not running,gonna stay n fight this n ill be back to share my out come,good luck

      to everyone!!

    • profile image

      dfowlaaa 5 years ago

      I have been an opiate user for over a year now and it started off as all fun and games. I thought I had control of my drug habits, which I did for the most part ( when only taking norcos and percs). Then one day I couldn't get any norcos so I copped some oxys. I really liked oxy and everyone told me how addictive it is but I thought I had control over it. A year later I am still going through the annoyance of running out of drugs and dealing with withdrawals. I am in college now at UCSB and I really need to get my act together. I believe suboxone will allow me to quit. I never got to the point where I did oxy every single day for a year, but it was close to it. I know oxy is bad and I noticed I only did oxy cause I needed it not cause I wanted to get high. This is when I knew I had to quit. I am at the point right now where I do oxys for maybe a week straight, then I use suboxone for about 4-5 days and then stop everything. After about 4 days of suboxone use taking 8-12mgs a day I felt great even without any subs on day 6. After 4-5 days of suboxone I usually feel good and can go about 3-4 weeks clean. The hardest part about stopping oxy completely is that I'll go sober for 3 weeks and feel that it's ok to go do oxy again as a "treat". This is the problem I need to solve and im sure all of you do as well. I need to not relapse after a month. I want to be able to go 3 or more months without doing oxy. Any advice let me know. Oh and btw suboxones do help. I just took 8 mg tonight. Yesterday approx. 24 hrs ago I smoked 2 roxi 30s. After taking the subs I didn't go into precip withdrawals. I plan on doing subs for the next 3 or 4 days and then see how long i can go without any opiates. it sucks alot tho cause I live in isla vista at university of Santa Barbara California and my friends have roxi 30s for dayssss. I need to avoid him I guess once I'm done with these subs.

    • profile image

      Disgustipated 5 years ago

      Been a heroin addict for 10+ years on and off. More on than off, though. Recently I have been kicking a lot and realized I have been taking my subs way too soon. It weird though, because the first time I ever used subs to come off H I only waited less than 8 hours and felt great. But I'm pretty sure if you have used subs before you need to wait longer. The last few times I kicked I was going into those precipitive withdrawals. Worst thing ever. Anyways, suboxone seems to be my only hope, as I have stayed clean with them for a while. It just sucks knowing that you still do have to take something everyday just to be ok. But it's way better than the hellish cycle that is heroin or pill addiction. Good luck everyone.

    • profile image

      Del 5 years ago

      I feel solo lucky after reading you guys and gals story. I was only stuck on oxycodone 30mg I was taking them every 3 hours and I had surgery they fused a disc in my neck will I have another herniated disc in my neck and they want to take this one out and replace it with pins and plates. But I only had to wait like 10 hours to take the new film subs and they work so great. I am off the roxys and feeling fine I take 2 2mg 8mg every morning and I am sure in a week or two I will taper that down a bit. So hang in and don't do ne thing stupid and ask for help all u have to do is ask it might be hard to admit ur wrongs but wtf we are all human beings and we all have our faults.

    • profile image

      Bryan 5 years ago

      it is saturday, dec. 10 i just took my last dose of methadone: 175mg The suboxone Dr. I am going to told me to be free of methadone for 24 hours. i am seeing the sub DR. monday dec 12 at 12 30pm- is that enough time?

    • profile image

      help 5 years ago

      do you have to get suboxone thru pain management or will my primary Doc prescribe it?? I have no insurence and pain management cost way to much for me. I can afford my primary doc. any help would be great thanx!

    • profile image

      Olddad 5 years ago

      Family doctor can't prescribe subs

    • profile image

      Nirvanna 5 years ago

      Drew! Your story touched me I thought I had found someone finally willing to help me. Heroin ruined my life.... I started with OCs and one of my oldest friends told me to "try" H... I was going through a break up with a girl I still to this day LOVE, I mean it , I've tried killing myself numerous times over her... Which led me to this fuck it heroin junky mentality. My friends all knew I was using, but when Ash found out, she got mad at me, then 10 mins later asked me for some. After finding

      Out how much it cost she tripped, then told me I was going to quit. I wish I would've instead I started cutting myself and freaking out because she said she had to leave me.. If you ever read this Ash... I'm so sorry... Anyway after she left I became a WRECK!!!!! I tried quitting and relapsed tons of times making my best friends leave my life aswell. THEN I got REALLY bad

      Stealing like crazy from my parents, recently inherited coins, lead to Gs of H to two Gs a day, which has lead to me stealing most of their jewelery. I'm really smart if I want to I can take everything from you from your safest places. I've tried killing myself(that was my plan... But I cant I dont have the balls..) im on subs in a sad attempt to quit this spiral. The only thing Iwant is Ash back.. She's all I care for, not even myself. Thats why I'm going to relapse when I get back home. Maybe we're doomed? Oh btw waited 10-12 hrs before I took subs. WAIT TILL YOU'RE withdrawing!!! It will make it worth a fuck. I still havent slept. Drew come back I need your help... Ash you too . I need you

    • profile image

      hope 5 years ago

      Wanted to know if I could take pain med tomorrow even tho I took suboxone yesterday just been taking it for five days? I wont take any suboxonr tomorrow so can u guys tell me if I will feel them the pain meds

    • profile image

      Rizz 5 years ago

      Is it common for pain specialist to ween u off high doses of opiates with sobos.....just to put u back on pills at a lower dosage

    • profile image

      SICK 5 years ago

      I have been taking compounded Oxycodone (roxycodone) for a year now , I have been on 300mg a day ..I did this 3 years ago and was able to stop w only using suboxone for 3 days - this time I find this much harder and I see no light at the end of the tunnel . Last night at 5pm was my last oxy and I only took a 15mg tab - I went to sleep on xanax and awoke at 6 am trembling sweating and acute muscle pain - the suboxone was in my nightstand drawer and half asleep I grabbed for it ..they are 8mg tabs I was instructed to start w 2mg BUT I was asleep and accidently took half by putting it under my tongue along a another couple xanax - I didnt realize I took the 4mg and woke up 4 hours later feeling ok ..BUT now I am feeling like crap again - I was instructed to take the Sub only in am and at night - any advice would be great .would it be bad to take another 2mg now or should I wait ?

    • profile image

      Mark 5 years ago

      Suboxine is great for dealing with the with draw. The only think they do not tell you is how hard it is to get off of the subs. These are addictive as well. There is a long process weening off of the subs, a little less each week. I had to use percocet to get off of the suboxine. 7.5, then 5mg percs. Subs are very hard to get off of. Very addictive drug. However they do help when one is on high doses of Oxy. I was under a doctors care when on the oxy.

    • profile image

      Shannon Cavanagh 5 years ago

      I am asking for some advice before I go onto suboxone next Thursday. I am an alcoholic, all my urine tests do not test for alcohol and I have gradually came down to 20 mg per day because I was on it about 5 years ago at 160 mgs. a day and I was taken off the program at 10 mg. a day and I will never forget the day my late mother took me downtown for my last 10 mg. and it was Dec. 18th 2006 and I went without for years until my mom was dying and now I have struggled to get off it on my own, but I drink everyday and I am scared to start next thursday (I took the 5 days off work) and I go off as of Tuesday am. and I need some advice thanks, shannon

    • profile image

      shannon cavanagh 5 years ago

      By the way, I was talking about taking methadone and before I did them I injected around 240 to 310 or more a day and I was kicked off the methadone program for reaching around and grabbing my own after she did not serve me for a while and I had not slept for a couple days doing methamphetamine.Anyhow, my question remains the same. thankxs


    • profile image

      jj kicker 5 years ago

      its good to hear honest people talking about there problem is addiction.i just move from one thing to another. first pot, then working out, and now pills. well, was pills. im on sub now and im telling u it helps. it helps for people who really want to be done getting high. its not for people that have real pain. i sure it helps some, but for the most part it helps u change your life. just wanted to say something. i read these alot and have never said anything. i will pray for u folks and please pray for me as well. god mad all of us, so he can save us from being a slave to things of this world. god bless

    • profile image

      jj kicker 5 years ago

      sorry, he made all of us. not mad. he has the power to do anything.

    • profile image

      Bobby 5 years ago

      So here is the deal. Subs just make it easy to have a habit . However when u need and WANT because the only way u will stop is when u Want to. I uses dope for 8 years. And quit only thing I took was a few xanies to help sleep. Also went to 2 meetings a day for 1 year. Ur gonna use if u don't have support. My advice subs meetings and just live day by day for a few months once ur done withdrawaling took me 3 months to feel good and I felt great but it took 3 months! But the main thing is quit! When u get locked up and have to withdraw in jail they give u NOTHING!! So before that happens stop and start really living again soberity is a high after being numb for so many year. Good luck to all of u and I know if I did it. Everyone of u can do it! It hurts bad! But it is so worth it so worth it.

    • profile image

      imnothuman 5 years ago

      hello all i dont know any of you but were all connectet by this shitty addiction im 30 yo never was in to any drugs other then weed i was scared of them then i tooh a bannana 10 mg percoset excuse my spelling anyhow next thing you know year later im sniffing 10+ roxis a day didnt hit rock bottom cuz they are free "doctor shoping" so i 1 day went from being a juice head body builder to a pos piece of shit junkey i belive in god alot god it real to me he real i see him when i sleep when i wake up i dont see him but i see how he made us and us humans are amazing anyhow i made a promise to god that i will not do it again waited a day full 24hrs i just slept i took xanax and it knocks me out then for 3 days i did suboxons now suboxons are adictive too my dr told me to stay on them for 3 months i told him no dr ill tell you how to get clean im gonna do it for 3 days so my first day i slept 2nd 3rd and 4th i did subs then the withdraws ware just about gone the 5th day im off everything had a bit enxiaty and smoked me some weed took it away made me hungry so i been clean ever cence i realapsed ever cince i wanted a blue pill 'roxy" ok i did but before i did i took a suboxon so the roxy tht i did i did not feel it did that few more times everytime i wanted a roxy i took a sub then did the roxy and didnt feel the high so now i dont do shit i have roxis around me 24 7 cuz i like to look at them sometimes and laugh at my self and say "dude you ware such a loser how the fuk can you let this pill run your life" so to make the long story short that pill is the devil i dont want the devil inside of me i keep the devil locked up in that little box i can hear them screaming the roxis let me out im not that bad you beat me once you can beat me again and i say nope i have other things to use my fight and energy over i work out i have a nice car i have alot of hot girls and i have a beautyful gf that i got her clean to so im not clean for just me im clean for you im clean for me im clean for my gf im clean for that guy in the ghetto near my thats homless and i go give him 10 bucks every day he needs me clean most of all i promised god im gonna be clean TAKES A WEEK TO GET CLEAN ITS NOT THAT BAD TO STAY CLEAN HAVE FAITH IN YOUR SELF IN GOD IN YOUR MOM IN UR DAD IN ANYTHING MAKE UP A GOD JUST KEEP YOUR WORD WATCH MOVIES THAT INSPIRE YOU AND ONCE UR CLEAN YOUR ENEMY ID BORDEM AND FREE TIME SO GO DO THINGS GO TO THE HOSPITAL HELP OLD PEOPLE TALK TO THEM THEIR STORYS WILL MAKE YOU FEEL ALIVE AND THANKFUL DONT BE A NIGER DONT BE A WHITE TRASH DONT BE A SPICK DO BE A LOWLIFE BE THAT NICE BLACK DUDE BE THAT GOOD WHITE GUY BE THAT HELPFUL SPANISH GUY AFTER YOUR CLEAN 1 IS WAYYYY TO MANY AND 10000000 IS SO NOT ENOUGH IF YOU DONT LIKE HAVING MONEY DONTATE IT DONT GIVE IT TO YOUR DEALER HES BUYING LAP DANCES PEOPLE IN AFRICA ARE STARVING DYING FROM HUNGER PLZ BE HAPPY YOUR ALIVE FIGHT IT FIGHT IT WITH YOUR SOUL FIGHT IT WITH YOUR BRAIN FIGHT IT WITH YOUR ANGER CRY FIGHT IT WITH TEARS AND YOU WILL WILL I CAN GUARANTE IT I BEEN CLEAN FOR OVER A YEAR YOU KNOW WHAT I SAY I DONT EVEN LIKE TO ADMIT I WAS ON IT CUZ THAT WASNT ME IM NOT A JUNKY NEVER WAS LOL SO YOU GUYS WHEN YOU READ THIS HAVE PRIDE IN YOUR SELF END IT IF YOUR A GIRL GIRLS HAVE THIS THING IN THEN WHERE A WOMAN CAN HOLD A BABY IN THEIR ARMS LONGER THEN A GUY CAN ALTHOUGH WERE STRONGER BUT YOU WOMAN ARE SPECIAL AND CAN STAND MORE FIGHT IT FIGHT OFF DO IT FOR THE PPL THAT DIED IN A WAR DO IT FOR THAT HUNGRY BABY IN IRAQ THAT THEIR PARENTS GOT KILLED DO IT FOR UR MOM UR DAD UR ANYTHING AND ANY REASON JUST DO IT EVEN COLD TURKEY DO IT PUNISH UR SELF SO YOU NEVER GO BACK JUST FUCKKING DO IT THEN SHOW PPL THAT THAT WASNT YOU LOOK AT THEM AND LIE TO THEIR FACE THAT WASNT ME I NEVER GOD HOOKED THAT WAS SOMEONE ELS LOL LET THEM LOOK AT YOU CRAZY ITS BETTER THEN LOOKING AT YOU CRAZY WHILLE UR CEAN THEN LOOKING AT YOU CRAZY LOW LIFE ITS NEVER 2 LATE AND DO IT GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL I GOT MAD AT IT I HATE IT I HATE IT SO MUCH THAT YOU DONT KNOW HATE TILL YOU SEE ME AND SEE HOW MUCH I HATE ANY OPIOUM KINDA DRUG IM NOT GONNA TELL YOU WHATS THE EASYEST WAY DONT MAKE IT EASY MAKE IT EXTRA HARD SO YOU CAN GET MAD AT IT AND REALLY 5 DAY THATS IT AND YOU CANT DO IT THATS A LIE

    • profile image

      Happy 5 years ago

      Jello All,

      I'm going to try and make this as short and TTP. as possible for all you ate ate reading. You cannot argue with a fact, but you can an opinion:

      Fact- (at least 95%), wait until you feel feel are withdrawals. Roughly 24 hrs. I know it's hard dude, but trust me. Take your last PK'r at like 6 pm of Friday (or night before your day off), this way you can sleep most of next day off. Edit until about 4:30-6pm, then take recommending dose of Suboxin recommended from doc.

      Opinion: that's it will fix everyone addicted or you will get hooked on it.

      Fact: It is solely up to you and how bad you want off (I know, easier said then done).. No! Just have screws on that is true to you and only you to get off. I mean something do dear, that even if you took a PK'r , you'd disapoint yourself from the idide out.... For me, it was my 6wife and kids. I took Suboxin 48 hrs after last PKr, it worked immediately. I also took another prescrip at night called "chlonidine". You see. Suboxin is just for the pain, you need something for withdrawals i.e. lack of sleep, twitching leg and arm muscles, watery eyes, headaches, flu like symptoms. But that makes you look and feel like a junky with the nods. Long story use both of these drugs for 6 days, and the seventh day, you shouldn't need or want anything. Worked for me. So much for not too long, but those card the facts and opinions.

    • profile image

      paul 5 years ago

      I have been taking Suboxone for a couple of years, about 4 mg a day at this point. I ran into a problem where i wasn't able to get any for about 2 weeks when i was making a doctor switch. In that time i got some 10mg methadone pills. I took 1 or 2 a day, never more than 20mg a day during the last 2 weeks. I now have a script for Suboxone again but was wondering how long i should wait to take it. It's been 48 hours now since i took a methadone 10mg pill and i don't feel good but not completely awful. Do you think it is ok to take the Suboxone now since i only took the methadone for 2 weeks at a low dose?

    • profile image

      Lily 5 years ago

      I've just read all of this and it makes me very sad. I have been a rec user of opiates for about five years. However in the last year that all cahnged. I began taking a great deal of pain meds, then switched to heroin..I then went one month clean off everything cold turkey. At this point I didn't get bad withdrawl..I didn't know what that truly was yet. Then it was back to pills, until I found myself back on brown again. This was six months ago, after about a month I found myself smoking almost two grams a day, and after five months of that high amount I knew I needed to stop, I was SO sick everyday ALL DAY ! So I went to the methadone clinic and started at 70mgs, stayed on that for two weeks then dropped to 60mg's for a week, then I stopped that, wanting to get on subs and be truly clean. Well, I used a very small amount of brown for four days then had nothing for two, before taking the subs. Those were the only two days with no opiates in 7months, and mind you it was A LOT of opiates EVERY DAY HA. So now it's day two of subs, Im taking between 10-16mgs per day, as dosed by my doctor. Although, I am no longer wanting to kill myself from the pain a coiuple days ago, I am still sick and feeling pretty run down. On top of this, I am VERY worried about how long I should use the subs, as I cannot go through another INTENSE withdrawl like I just expierenced ever again. I am not a strong person when it comes to pain and hurt, hence why I started using, life was hurtful in my eyes..........

      So that's my story,

      BUT if anyone knows how to avoid withdrawl from subs, while staying on enough of them for enough time to no longer have the brown and methadone withdrawls, please let me know.

      I am not trying to keep trading one addiction for another, Im afraid if I don't feel better soon I will become very suicidal, I also know if I have to go through withdrawl again because of suboxone I just might not make it out alive..

      I can't do this again, I am still in a lot of pain and don't want to be.

      So advice, on how to use subs correctly and not have withdrawl when I stop???

      please & thank you

      &God bless all of us, this is hell and we are all in it

    • profile image

      Lookinaheadnotbehind 5 years ago

      I am a 53 year old white female I started drugs when I was about 8 yrs old when I found Heroin at about 17 I had found heaven that's all I wanted in life that's all I cared about it filled up the big hole in my soul that had been empty pretty much since I was born (unwanted, unloved, barely tolerated was always aware that I had to get lost at the age of 18, could go on about the family of origin issues but very long story, and we all have one, anyway as I said I found my heaven and I didn't want or care for anything else, of course this changes after the consequences started stacking up and I'm committing crimes that I had never in my life thought I would allow myself to do, but I did, we do, we all do, as the partying becomes a monkey and that monkey becomes a gorilla and then his whole family jumps on the band wagon, the good times are pretty much a fading memory while the invisible line has been crossed to full blown addiction, and once crossed, there is never any turning back, it will never be a partying thing, or a week end warrior thing, it's a full time 24/7 never ending job thing. So as time goes by of course jail starts coming into my story and eventually Prison enters the picture of course I am still in denial and I needed to keep that denial in place just because I could not come to even contemplate that it might be the drugs that were making my life so miserable of course somewhere inside of me I knew this to be the truth, but for me and for a very long time I needed to keep my denial in place because surely I would have killed myself if I would have tried to look at myself and accept what I had become and admit that I truly was an addict I would have been too overwhelmed I of course was not ready, I was however starting to get small moments of clarity and I would be hit with the realization of my situation and it would take my breath away because I hadn't a single clue of how to change any of it. So of course I would swollow it back down and go do more dope to keep my denial in place however after the last time I got out of the Penitentiary these glimpses of coherency were occuring with more and more of a frequency, and of course by this time I had done another geographical and I found myself in Portland Oregon, which was the last stop on the train for me, I was arrested once again ( Wow, how the hell did that happen?) Judge put to me one year in patient treatment or six years back in Prison, I had to think about that one I knew Prison had no clue about recovery and what if it didn't work for me, So I finally told the Judge I would go to Treatment, best choice (only real choice) I had ever made for myself, I stayed clean for l4 years, which brings us up to 2 years ago, My Doctor put me on Percocet's for chronic back pain, I thought I could handle it, well I thought wrong (everyone is aware of what is said about an addicts best thinking right?) Well I started spiraling my Mother was dying, I was in pain physically all the time, and I wasn't working a strong program I was working in Treatment had been for 7 and a half years well I started using my job as my Program, so a whole bunch of bad situations happened simultaneously and low and behold I'm sticking a needle in my arm, so I am here not really knowing where I am going with this except that I have tried suboxone also one time and it worked for me I went to De-tox after my family gave me an intervention and the tx there was with suboxone for Heroin withdrawl, they made me wait about 20 hrs before the first dose which was 1/2 pill didn't do much calmed a little still doing the fish out of water all night, but the next a.m they gave me a full dose 24 hrs later with a valium and that I felt immediately frankly I was amazed I had a pretty decent habit going at that time Percocets 10/325's 100 each fill, then I was doing about 8 balloons of Heroin daily and about 4 balloons of Coke love those speed balls, anyhow the next dose was another 24hrs later and it was 3/4 dose next day next 24hrs 1/2 dose then nothing and it worked for me. I think thats the trick it's going through a little bit of pain for 2 days then feeling like a normal human being with the rest of the doses, and after that I walked out of the clinic free of my habit a little shaky and with the jones but that's the price of the play and that's when you get to a meeting and ask for help and keep asking and keep going to meetings, it gets better it gets easier and you do not have to keep yourself going on the drug merry-go-round you do not have to get strung out on the suboxone, you can use it to kick, and screw what the Doctor's say about remaining on the crap, it's just like Methedone that is one of the most lethal and ugly drugs out there and the people that run those clinics are just legal pushers I was on Methedone for a minute 110 mgs daily this was Methedone not the diluted Methedose, and I kicked that stuff cold I have never felt like I was going to die from a withdrawl as I did when I kicked that stuff and I have never experienced anything like it again, I guess what I'm trying to impart here is that if you're sick of the jungle of the scandalous people of the in and out of jail of the homelessness if you're sick and tired of it all then I suggest you get off the opiate (whatever your flavor) you are on use the suboxone for a few days and start going to meetings, when you get there believe me you will find people who care and want to help and little by little you will start having a life, with self respect love companionship and happiness, it takes work but anything worth having and keeping is worth working for. Sincerely u b u I b me

    • profile image

      Pavel 5 years ago

      I waited 24 hours until my first dose. From taking 2g heroin a day in aus - that's arounfmd $450 a day. Felt no withdrawal from the suboxone. Although the 24 hour wait was painful - though better than precipitated withdrawal.

    • profile image

      Confused 5 years ago

      I have been on methadone off & on for the past 7 yrs. Recently a yr straight. Went 2 the suboxone doctor,& he said don't take methadoe for 48hrs, so I waited,& then took my first dose of suboxone & went into withdrawals. It's day 3 now, & the suboxone has me feeling really depressed, almost empty inside. I've heard subutex dosent make u feel this way. How can I get my doctor 2 switch me,&has this happened 2 anyone else?? I can't take being depressed like this,& almost wanna switch back 2 methadone. Any help?

    • profile image

      loooza in boston 5 years ago

      im a 41yr old total junkbag!!!have been 4-23yrs!there is noway out 4 me i feel i will neva quit.the only time ive quit is in prison total 4yrs off n on.the d.e.a.just raided my boyfriend n i hes in the feds n im out on 10tho cash soo lost w/o him!!been 2getha 11yrs.ive tried 2 o.d 2times so far since hes been gone n 1st time woke up 5nhalf hrs lata 2nd 7hrs!!do not want 2 live like this anymore have lowered myself 2 prostitutin 4 the shit!(HEROIN)so all u young kids out there pleeeze its the most miserable life imaginable stop now or u can look 4ward 2 prison if ya lucky or definet death!!take ya pick.goodluck pleeze u guys quit!!!

    • profile image

      micheal 5 years ago

      i,m so happy because dr shant tami, just cast a spiritual spell to stop me for taking cocaine now i don,t drugs again he can help you stop drugs..instead of you searching for help online... you can email the great spiritualist @ INDIANSPELL@YAHOO.COM

    • profile image

      StrandedTexan 5 years ago

      I wanted to take a min to tell my story because i have seen mention of it but only slightly. ULTRAM !!!!! This Drug ruined my life plain and simple and because i was told it was Safer than any of the opiates because it wasnt a opiate. I Started my spiral in 1999. I ended up blowing out my Rt knee in a jetski\boat accident. In my opinion it initially wasn’t that bad. But the doctor immediately threw 120 10/1000 Vicodin HP at me, along with Soma. I didn’t really care for the SOMA, but I really liked the Vics. In the beginning I only took 1 maybe two a day. I felt great had no problems. I was 26 starting out my career and I was on top of the world. I had a good girlfriend and we were always on the go. After several months my usage increased and my doctor upped the dosage to 180 a month. My addiction pretty much held there for a couple of years, but my knee’s just started to give out. I got married in 2000 and by 2001 I was up for my first surgery. Ill try and shorten this to get to my point between 2001 and 2006 I had 9 knee surgeries 5 on my rt. Knee and 4 on my left. All the time I maintained a great Job and though I had times where I would run out I never really had a problem. In 2006 my daughter was born and by then I was up to about 4 10s a day. All the sudden my Dr. Booted me , for no reason . he said I was exhibiting drug seeking behavior. I was LIVID, I felt betrayed ! I probably put one of his kids thru college. It was then I realized I was hooked. So I sought help I still was having problems with my knees in fact they were getting worse, I found another doctor that suggested Ultram ER 300mg 2 times a day. At first all was good it worked flawlessly but in a month I found myself crushing them up for them to work and then taking an extra a day. Well my pharmacist was out one time when I went to get a refill and he suggested that he just fill it with the regular ultram but I would have to take 6 of these to = one of the ERs. I was like whatever it’s the same doseage and I crushed the other up anyways. By early 2007 I was in trouble. Believe me or not but on my baby’s eyes I was taking 20x50mg Tablets 3 times a day. My pharmacist “friend” was adding zero’s to the scripts when it was called in so 1 refill was 10. I was getting 120 every 2 days and paying cash for them. I went to work one morning sat down at my desk and the next thing I wake up in an ambulance. I was told I had a Grand mal seizure. My boss called my wife and she met me at the hospital. They had no Clue what happened , I did…. Noone know how much I was taking except me and my pharmacist “friend” . My company put me on a months leave till they could find out what went wrong or I was cleared. In this time I didn’t slow down and some doses I would take 25 at a time. I knew I had a problem but I just didn’t care anymore about anything. I went back to work and wasn’t there 5 min and BAM I wake up with 2 paramedics asking me what my name was. I didn’t know it. I again went to the hospital. Things at home stated to unravel. I didn’t care about my wife anymore, I didn’t care about my friends, family , my home I worked so hard to get. December 28, I walked out…… left my house my wife, and my daughter , I continued to use until my credit cards ran out, I lost my job, I lost my 40,000 Hotrod Truck that I only owed 3k on. My wife divorced me in 08. She got custody of my daughter. Only then did I come clean to her. She forgave me and has never not one time badmouthed me to my daughter or my family. She even tried taking the blame. I ended up moving to a different state and here I could get nothing so I went thru3 months of hell Steven King couldn’t imagine getting off of ultram. I stayed clean for about 6 months and have been using sporadically since. I have had a few jobs off and on but I can hold them down because if I don’t have meds I get sick. The funny thing is, is I'm only clean when I'm jobless cuz I don’t have money. I got remarried to another woman , she uses too, we constantly chase, Everyday its “where we gonna get something” I'm now 39 and I Live with my In-laws. The only thing I have going for me is I have worked hard the last 8 months and I have a GREAT job. But I'm always broke because I spend 400 a week on meds. I decided to get on Suboxone. I found a Dr, that’s 200.00 and My Insurance will cover my meds. She is actually willing to meet me tonight at her clinic to help me. I have been clean for 32hrs and I'm dying but I want her to see how I am. Anyways ill be on it tomorrow, and my wife too. Hopefully this will save me, I'm soo ready to be normal. I'm ready to fix the things I destroyed…. Wish me Luck !!

    • profile image

      mikey 5 years ago

      This is an old thread I know. I just wanna say once an addict always an addict. Wether it be ulfram, h, bikes, or subs it will always be there in the back of your mind. I've done it all. And then some. To those struggling everyday I wanna say good luck n God bless. It will beat your ass down , pick u back up, and beat it again. Sometimes its best to give in (my situation) . The best thing that you can do for yourself is get on sub maintenance. It saved my life. Allows me to live and take care of my family. I hope everyone finds a way suitable for them. It's a battle to be lost. Subs help u help yourself. Good luck

    • profile image

      joseph 5 years ago


      I smoked (yes, smoked, not railed or swallowed) my last roxies (about 2 or 3 30mgs) last night around 1030 or 1100 pm. It is now 1000 am the next day, and i have a slightly runny nose and am feeling a little uncomfortable. Its only been like 11 it too soon to take my first dose of subs? please someone let me know....I want to wait it out as long as i can but im also at work right now and want to take the sub as soon as i can. Thoughts? does the fact that I smoke my roxies make a difference in how long it stays in my system?

      Someone please answer ? :) thanks

    • profile image

      Douglas 5 years ago

      I took my last dose of methadone exactly 48 hours ago and took 4 mg of suboxone an hour ago and I feel fine. I am not feeling any sign of withdrawal currently as I was before I took the suboxone. I feel comfortable and much better after starting the suboxone.

    • profile image

      Andrew 5 years ago

      Thanks alot to whoever wrote this .I was very helpful

    • profile image

      sdwbrib 5 years ago

      I switch back and forth between subs and other opiates all the time. I do 80 ml of OP or OC or percs, tabs...then when I run out I fall back on my subs I keep stocked. I take them within 6 hrs of each other. The subs always calm me down within an hour, they really do take away the urge and thoughts.The reason docs want you in W/D before giving subs and/or methadone is they want to make sure you are a real addict, a person wanting help. Not someone looking to score legally. Just my thoughts and experience. :)...its been a long decade of love and hate lol

    • profile image

      unSub 5 years ago

      As to the original question: How long after an opiate should you wait before taking a sub. I can speak on a few cases of this:1 Oxycodone/Oxycontin original o.c.s that you could snort/bang/eat i always waited 20 hours min. before taking a sub=never any precipitated wd...I tried the 20 hour window after ingesting and 80op and bam==immediate w/d symptoms which were horrible..w/d at peak...I ate another 80 to fight off the w/d symptoms and it did ease the symptoms greatly...but I didn't get high from it.....the next time i ate an 80op...i waited 24 full hrs before I took a sub and all was well...I felt normal---which to me--in this game---is a win. Subs are by far the best treatment to cowl w/d symptoms when done correctly...stepped down. I started on 24mgs of subs and was comfortable with that dosage--but I wanted to get off the subs and EVERYTHING associated with that lifestyle. so I stepped myself down from taking 24mgs down to 1mg a day...I felt sick for 1 day and after that started to realize how much stress and angst had been lifted from my mind and took a few weeks to get my energy level up to a good rate...all the same im still fighting opiates with my mind and body...if anyone wants advice about breaking the cycle

      START LIVING AGAIN..with love..with..peace. thats my word

    • profile image

      Happy today, anyway 5 years ago

      Thanks to the instructions, and all of the very helpful advice from all my friends here!

      I went from 60mg daily of percocet for the past 6 months, to 30mg the last week or so. Waited 12 hours after taking my last 7.5 mg (snorted) last night, and took 1/3 of the Suboxone film. Went from aching and waking up this am a bit groggy, but not a withdrawal symptom in sight! Wish me luck!!!

    • profile image

      run'nwscizzrs 5 years ago

      Been 14 days off from a 5 year suboxone habit. Been hell.

    • profile image

      verosdad 5 years ago

      Thank you to all that have posted here, I'm tryin to kick a tidy habit and find that reading about others that feel the same way really helps me through,I'm at about a week and with the help of subs feel "ok" again thanks to everyone that has posted. I can't wait for thus to be over completely

    • profile image

      verosdad 5 years ago

      Thank you to all that have posted here, I'm tryin to kick a tidy habit and find that reading about others that feel the same way really helps me through,I'm at about a week and with the help of subs feel "ok" again thanks to everyone that has posted. I can't wait for thus to be over completely

    • profile image

      verosdad 5 years ago

      *roxy habit, not tidy lol

    • profile image

      jmac 5 years ago

      The dirty little secret Lysol won't talk about and most docs don't understand (not their fault, really, they make it pretty easy to get certified without actually understanding much beyond the regulations)is long term buprenorphine use beyond three or four weeks will often lead to severe and lenghty abstinence syndrome (withdrawls). I discovered this through experience seven years ago. After six months suboxone maintenance, I tapered down to literally shaving crumbs off the tablets with an x-acto knife to minimize the dose before going to the terminal dose (0). Even so, I was in severe withdrawls for two full weeks. With oxy, heroin or any of the other short acting opiates, withdrawls were 5-7 days max. I didn't give it much thought for years, except to file it under experience until a conversation with the medical director of an OTP confirmed this as a known, but not talked about phenomenon. Caveat emptor!

    • profile image

      Eclipss 5 years ago

      Used to have a alcohol/cocain problem. Now About 2 years smoking H. Quit by using subs twice. Started again a week later both times, sort of cuz I could quit again later. My habit was smaller the last 2 times, and I took the 1st sub about 8-10 hours after last H. I'm at a g a day now, think I should wait longer?

      Exited to get back to enjoying the activities I used to, get close to friends and family again, and to feel healthy, have money, and escape this repetitive slump and slavery to H.

      Thanks for sharing everyone:)

    • profile image

      Mommaof5 5 years ago

      I took my last 1 1/2 norco 4 hours ago. How long should I wait? It's not like it was enough for me to get high. Thanks

    • profile image

      Cane 5 years ago

      I took my sub too soon after my last tram dose and feel like crap now (10 hours). How long do I wait before trying to take the sub again? Thx.

    • profile image

      48 hours? 5 years ago

      I have neen shooting Heroin for about 8 months now. My boyfriend got me into it and ive really lost sight of everything i want in life. So yesterday i decided to leavr that dangerous situation and move home to my parents house to get help. I also made myself an appointment to start suboxone on Monday. But i was in shock when the doctor said i needed to be 48with hrs in withdrawal before taking suboxone. Ive never even gone 24with hours without shooting which is what a friend told me was the required withdrawal tine.time. can someone please clear this up for me? I dont think i can last 48 hours, so maybe i should just cancel my appointment and go find some dope..? Please help.

    • profile image

      sick 5 years ago

      I only waited about 18hrs to take my suboxone dose aftr methadones. It threw me into horrible wd and iv been feeling if for over 24 hrs now. So shuld i try to take another dose of sub dc the methadone has to shurely b gone by now. Its been about 40hrs since iv had donez. I just wana feel better. Please help. What shuld i do.

    • profile image

      Me 5 years ago

      Hello all

      I have had a smaller habit compare to some of you. Been on pills on and off about 1 year now. Lately i was takin about 10 roxy15 a day. I know if i dont stop it now it will get worst and worst as time pases by. I waited about 14hr after my last dose of 45mg i took 2mg of sub and everything was fine. After 2 more hr i took another 2mg and after 4hr another 2mg. The next day i took 4 mg all together the next day 2 mg the day after that i didnt take any and the 5th day i took 1mg the 6th day i took 1mg the 7th day off the 8th day 0.5 mg(basicly just a tiny crumb) the 9th day 0.5 the 10thday off the 11th day 0.5 the 12th and 13th day off the 14th day 0.5 and than 3 days off than the last day(day18th) 0.5 than that wAs it

      When u go down to 2mg till the end u will fieel a little uncofortable but without a little will power u cannot acomplish anything in this life.

      Please do not take suboxone or any subs for more than 3 weeks. Otherwise u will be addicted and never get clean in your entire life. You will allways relapse. The best thing about the sub is that is never to late. U can restart the procces of tapering down whenever u want, u just have to do it from begining.

      Olso no matter how hardcore u have been into drugs this will work. With a little support of family or friends or church or metings u will be ok. Like i said u gonna have to want this otherwise you will alweys going to be a pice of shit.

      Contact me at

      And i will personaly walk you step by step.

      Love u all

    • profile image

      Tarheels 5 years ago

      Cant speak for all but I have no problem taking subs at the ealiest hint of w/ds usually 4/5 hours after railing roxis works fine never had precipitated w/ds I do 10/12 roxi 30s daily for last 10 years

    • profile image

      Mike 5 years ago

      Hey All,

      Okay, I am just a white college guy looking to come help one another out! I got a car and a rx for subs, kpin and adderalls. I also have enough cash too.

      I need some raw or some pills but Im not bout to go cop downtown or some shit cuz well, I am what I am. But I am a straight up fucking dude and would never dick around.

      Hit me up and I'll COME TO YOU and that is AS SOON AS you're tryin to!!!!

      No jokes on my end people- just really hoping to help one another and I will make that easy as possible for you!

      First, email me then Ill give u my # and were off. Thanks dudes. Take care.

      Please EMAIL ME ASAP

    • profile image

      Finally feeling good 5 years ago

      Hi all, I just wanted to relay my story in hopes that it will help someone else. I started out taking 20 mgs of Oxycontin. Just for fun. I am 32, married with 2 kids. Well this was around the time they were switching the formula. I knew I had to quit but I had to do it for myself, not because my husband wanted me to. So 3 years ago I quit cold turkey and it was 9 days of hell. I was good for 2 months and slipped. So now I have been on whatever I can get my hands on, mostly 10-15 15-30 mg oxycodone a day. It was so stressful everyday figuring out how many I had, when I could get more, blah,blah,blah. I was spending $3000 a month. Needless to say my husband was over it and said if I didn't quit he would tell my mother, which would mean I would be at a rehab within the hour. So I got some suboxone. I was so scared to take it too early. I waited 18 hours and I had the strips. I found it very easy to cut them up, I cut it into16ths. So I started small and took 1/16. I waited an hour and took another 1/16th. I did that until I felt ok. I ended up taking 3 mg all together over the hours. So the next morning I took 1 1/2 mg in the am and 1 1/2 mg at 8 pm. And I'm good!!!! I went on a bowling fieldtrip with a bunch of 5 year old yesterday! My goal is to be off them in a few days, I don't want to stay on these. I'm already tapering. I started 4 days ago. So now I take 1 1/2 mg in the am and 1/2 mg at night. I'm sleeping great, I'm not starring at the clock all day and scrambling to find more pills. I am having headaches at night but I take 2 advil and I'm good. I also get really anxious around 4 or 5 pm so I usually take my 1/2 mg when it gets really bad and I'm good for the night. Tomorrow I'm going to take 1 mg in the morning and 1/2 at night. I feel really good and I'm so excited to end this chapter in my life. I will update this and let everyone know how my taper goes, like I said this is not a long term plan but I want it to work! If anyone has any questions, or I can help in anyway please feel free to e-mail me at I was so scared to start the subs too soon and letting go of those little pills was so hard, but I really want to live my life and I really want to ENJOY my life, I was just sitting in my house and getting high all day, I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. So I'm excited to start over! Thanks guys and subs are really helping!

    • profile image

      dj 5 years ago

      I've been an opiate addict for about five years. I had always done drugs recreation-ally since middle school but never felt as though i was addicted to anything. i dabbled in oxys and heroin but never went through actual withdrawals.What fucked me up was when i ruptured my L-4 & L-5 disks which, to alleviate sciatic nerve pain, had to have a laminectomy done to my spine. My Dr. gave me a total 400 OC 40's and 1500 perc 10/325. After the healing process i got 120 norco 10/325s a week.on top of all this i had ambian cr and some type of muscle relaxer. pretty much since then ive been an opiate addict.i was 20 then im24 now. Ive had a hip surgery and an additional 2 back surgery's. and ive gone through what seems like 10,000 pills for my back. now i do heroin and i do around $500 a day. ive goten off heroin multiple times thanks to subs but after a death in the family i started shooting heroin. and broke my 7 months of sobriety of being on nothing but suboxone. my heroin use got bad bad enough to where i to deal with withdrawals when i couldn't find subs id shoot meth. my life had become shit and i decided to switch over to methadones, i started taking 150+mg a day with an additional xanax bar or 2 a day. i did this for about a month while amassing a substantial supply of suboxone. i had 40 8mg strips and 20 8mg pills. i slightly tapered down to 60mg of methadone a day then moved out of state, with subs in hand assuming i could kick like i had done so many times before, boy was i wrong. i waited 33 hrs before i took my first sub, thinking that at the time i was going through withdrawals. but about an hour after that strip i was going through the worst withdraws i had ever had period. and for 4 days after i tried taking 1-2 subs a days and they just made me feel even worse. so i sniffed out some heroin and went back to using. i feel now that hopefully ill be able to get off the heroin with the subs but i would put a warning out there for everyone NEVER get on methadone the withdrawals are extremely bad and can last months. withdrawals from subs aren't nearly as bad and you an eventually get by on 2mg a day which the withdrawals from that, feel to me like they were 90% in my head. the thing with opiate withdrawals is, i can handle the sneezing, yawning, puking, soreness, shits, etc. but if i cant sleep i cant function. every time I've kicked subs i could at least get some sleep as opposed to methadone & heroin/oxy where i don't sleep a wink.

    • profile image

      SLMR 5 years ago

      I used for 3 years 5 80 oc a day , I desided to leave my ex and get clean went in and out detox for a year, went on suboxones and felt I was living a norm life, I got prego while I was in a sober house and stood on subs my child is now gunna be 4 years old, Im still on subs I had 4 years clean and then I got fired from my job I didnt think I'd ever relaps because my kid means everything to me, but I did, and rite now I'm on sub and once in awhile I use h every now and then, I used yesterday and today I realized how far I was and I prob should have started using when I was working lol but I was happy then and now I'm not sometimes I wish I would die, I could care less bout physical w/d it's the emotional w.d that gets me.It just really sux cuz we are really stuck not doing drugs but dealing with being an addict it never goes away u could be clean for 10 years and relaps it's a never ending disease that we have to deal with for life..... B carefull and never let ur guard down ....... Guess gotta touch on subs they are awesome when not abused and I've taken subs. As close as 6 hrs after using, it really all depends on how much or how long Uve bin using , and every one reacts different.......

    • profile image

      steph 5 years ago

      Okay so i have managed to cut down to 15 mgs of perk a day amd on bad days i take avic 8.5 as well from 4-530mgs perks a day but i still get sick i have suboxone strips how long should i wait to take them im only going to take them in quarters and see what happens i have a 4 month old will i be too high to take care of her???? Help please need help asap!!!

    • profile image

      shell7679 4 years ago

      Hello all,

      I wanted to post to answer this question and share my story,

      first of all,You have to wait a full 24 hours to start the suboxone.

      My first time taking this pill I didnt listen and waited only 12 hours and was so sick I went to the E.R. i couldnt even lift my head up without throwing up! Like most people have said you know your body and when your in the withdraw stage.Everyone is different.24 hours is best.

      With that being said as long as you take it at the right time within 20 min. you will feel so much better!I am a thirty two year old woman and was taking around 20 vics a day more if i could get them. It was ruining my life and my family as well.I forgot what it was like to be me.My day was waking up and finding pills My husband would have to work extra hours to pay for what my addiction costed us because I was spending all our money and getting cash advances I couldnt pay back just to get some pills.I felt so guilty everyday which just fueled me to take more pills to cover up that feeling.I almost made us loose our home,lost several jobs from not being able to go to work when i couldnt get meds to keep myself from being sick.My life was falling apart!My child had to see me sick and wondered why Mommy was sick and wanted to lay down all the time.This illness and it is an ILLNESS controlled my life.

      I give all my glory to God but I can say that this medicine helped save my life.I highly recommend it to anyone serious about being sober again.My prayers go out to all of you.-Shell

    • profile image

      be a leader not a follower! 4 years ago

      Wake up get professional help from addiction medicine Dr or be prepared from know on to be a rider on the junkie express there is NO MAGIC CURE but with education treatment and meds there is a chance to live a somewhat tolerable live just don't listen to way others post- talk to your Dr and follow that plan to the letter, there's no shortcuts in sobriety you have to do the work if you want it!!!

    • profile image

      Chenz 4 years ago

      Today I took only 5mgs of methadone. About 8 hours later I accidentally took a 1mg Xanax. I NEVER take Xanax. I hate that drug. What I really meant to take was a 30 mg percocet. I instantly got tired because I snorted the xanax (not proud) thinkin it was the perc. An hr later I snorted 15mgs of the perocet. I'm a little nervous but I honestly don't feel too bad. I have very high tolerance when it comes to percs. Im thinking bout finishing off the other 15mg in a couple hrs from now. I also have subox which in saving for tomorrow and the next day to help me kick the shit. Will I be ok. I'm very nervous about going to sleep tonight. I know I won't pass out on my own before bed though.

    • profile image

      HTM 4 years ago

      Hi to all, Subs to me are the best way to quit opiates. Dont really want to share my story cuz its very similar to the rest. I have been an addict on and of for 5 years, ive taking subs after 12 hours of my last H fix and it work wonderful to me. managed to stay clean for about 3 years then had a relapse. Right now Im waiting the 12 hours again to start the subs. I got 5 sublingual films which will last me for about a week, enough to kick my 6 bags a day of H habit without getting hook to the subs. I Thank God for the subs, great medisine for us addicts. Last thing I wanna say to all of u beautiful ppl is dont let anyone put u down we have to go thru a lot as it is to be getting put down by an idiot that probably has no clue of what we are going thru. God bless everyone that posted here and all the addicts out there in need of help. I will include u all in my prayers, plz do the same to me. wish u the BEST of luck, be strong dont give up. Its possible!!!

    • profile image

      Holly 4 years ago

      I've been smoking heroin on a daily basis for about nine months now. I'm getting clean for the third time now so I've been through this before. However, this is my first time using Suboxone to help ease my withdrawal symptoms. First and foremost, I think it needs to be noted that I cut down my portions greatly before stopping altogether. During my worst times, I was smoking half a gram a day. I have tried getting clean twice via cold turkey. Excruciating as it was, I made it through but always ended up back on dope. Now I really need to get my act together because for one, I'm only 19. I start college in a week and I have no money to my name. I've spent close to $2,500 on dope in the past couple months. I can't live like this anymore. So now I'm getting clean for the third time and hopefully the last. I got an 8mg sublingual Suboxone strip off a friend and for a week, I cut down my usage to less than .2 mg a day of heroin. I waited 24 hours after my last use. I was feeling the typical tell tale signs of withdrawal such as sweating, goosebumps, running nose, watering eyes but not on an intolerable scale. Nevertheless, I took a quarter of the strip and put it under my tongue and let it dissolve. I also took three 200 mg Ibuprofen to ease my aching back. Approximately 30 minutes later, my symptoms were greatly relieved. I highly recommend Suboxone. I'm so happy that I won't have to live in fear of withdrawals now because it can be taken care of! Good luck to everyone. I wish the best for you all, because opiate dependency is no easy battle.

    • profile image

      Chloe420 4 years ago

      Hi I have a question I have met a guy who I was clean for almost a year. He relapsed so now is back to shooting Heroin or what other opiates he can get. My problem is I want so much to be with him But one he is acting very mean. he also said something about sex. and Dope Dick so i read up on it and it seems like it is nearly impossible to have an orgasam . Let alone he hardly knows im even alive. So I guess my question is since he isnt going to pay attention to me because his new "lover" is in his life. should I save a heartache for myself and leave. its not like we have been together a long time. he wants to live with me he has not job right now either. when he is high he loves me I am the best thing on earth he is an awesome person I actually like him better. My heart say love him my head says run like hell......... Oh and I do not do hard drugs I smoke weed thats it. SMH... i am so love struck

    • profile image

      lanemer 4 years ago

      @Chloe420 .. How i started out.. my gf pulled me over the edge.(in a good way) on Subs now. Food for thought. It is just crazy how much every persons experience on this board are pretty close. better than NA

    • profile image

      Trent 4 years ago

      Check out this video on suboxone

    • profile image

      smiley, albuquerquen.m. 4 years ago

      praise god! i am a addict also,i was on heroin for 8yrs.I had a ridicules habbit of H.I also drank alot n took xanex.i recently went to rehab for the first time of my life 6 months ago.Man i went through hell.but suboxone help me out in a big way,i could not have imagined "kicking"without first week was a blur now, but i do remeber parts.anyways it took me about 4months for my body to aclimate to having nothing in my 7 months now and im not going to say "im clean"i still struggle.but dont believe the devil and his lies folks we can do it,we just got to want to do it .its not going to be easy though.good luck to all my fellow addicts ,and beleive me i feel your pain.keep up the good work,and what ever you do dont give up!everyday is a new one. take it easy

      SMILEY (;

    • profile image

      Bean77 4 years ago

      I quit heroin yesterday because I start a new job next thursday, which gives me a week to kick. I was doing about a half gram a day for about 3 or 4 weeks. I have 5 suboxones but am wondering if I should just go ahead and try to kick it cold turkey. I am just afraid that if I take the suboxone it will prolong my withdrawal symptoms. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Do you think that I will be through the withdrawals of the H in 7 days, or should I take a small amount of the sub each day to get me through this?

    • profile image

      REAL 4 years ago

      You want to really get off? FIRST GO COLD TURKEY ALL THE DAMN WAY (im talking halucinating seeing dr's and devils and stuff that isnt there, BMing and puking at the sametime, and hurting like u never have which is worse (2 weeks, 1month for dones)if u are a severe pain patient like me, every 20 minutes to the bathroom, dont take a pill because u have the same symptoms as the flu in WD's have some damn will power. Subaxone is a therapy maitenance like methadone. its counteracted by naloxone and the fact buprenorphine doesnt bind 100% to your receptors. Keep this in mind what you are feeling is not what you would feel without the naloxone. buprenorphine is a MINIMUM 10x stronger than Morphine your bodies used to an extreme dose of opiate you add the high half life to it and the plasma level goes way up but your only feeling a small amount of it. You go down little by litte as doctor says. But once you get ready to stop no matter how little your taking it could be a 1/4 of a mgram a day. a 10th of a mgram. If you take that dose for longer than 3months and stop cold turkey you will withdraw just as hard as 100mg. Makes no difference methadone is harder because u have more freedom there no counteracting built into it. But they are the most similiar synthetics made except one thing Methadone is a pure synthetic. While buprenorphine is synthesized from thebain (MAIN opiate alkaloid) AND NOLOXONE is ALSO synthesized from thebaine, (although a slight methyl removement reverses its effect). Those who have went through the WD's im talking about if it made no difference then you have a severe will power issue which im not bashing many people do. The cravings of course will be intense for 6 months minimum. Now that being said, IF YOU ARE SHOOTING UP, IF YOU ARE ON OPIATES NOT LEGITEMATELY PRESCRIBED BY A NON QUACK DOCTOR OR YOU DO NOT NEED THE MEDS. AND THIS GOES DOUBLE IF UR TAKING A CODEINE CONTAINING MED. (Hydrocodone and Oxycodone big difference in strength no difference in addiction and withdrawal cross typing.)If you are totally legitemately on them and want to quit. If your willpower sucks and you dont trust yourself Sabaxone is all you got, if you have will power if you can hang better u can do it just as good on methadone. your gonna have cravings afterwards. so WHEEN waaaayyy down to where your at a 1/10mg (same with methadone and bupo) or decide how low ur gonna go when u wanna stop. when u get to that dose if methadone stay a month and get off cold right away . if bupo u can go a little longer but rushing bupo isnt a good idea there are things naloxone does to your body infact there are many beneficial effects but thats a books worth of info. with bupo stay on ur jumping off dose at least a month no longer then three and then just swoosh quit, and STAY quited. i went through all this with everything im talking about and everything under the sun when i eat i eat one thing at a time im the same with dope. except ive always been on valium but the same dose for 15 yrs and i never run out early. Being able to just stop doing heroin cold turkey aint cause im special its cause ive went cold turkey so many times and built up my willpower nothing to brag on. I did manage to never let it ruin my life but it all held me back and made me miss a lot. So i get clean for 5 years then i fall 30ft land on my neck somehow i survive. Now im a broke gimp, on damn disability and stuck with high dose morphine and max dose oxycodone. was a biotech engineer in pharma r&d. There are compounds the government is withholding that are 100x as strong as morphine and was human tested an amazing painkiller very amazing (bupo, subutex etc, is as good for pain as hydromorphone because chemically it is nearly hydromorphone) years of dosing high half life med, no arrythmia or heptic impairments. Withdrawals from cold stop. headaches, shakiness slight nauziation for a week no worse then that. Government pulled the license after all licences, and permitting was paid for to start production except the FDA approvals they denied it. This happened whenk Reck got approval on sabaxone and roxanne got approved to be a reproducer almost immediately.

    • profile image

      WhereThereIsAWillThereIsAWay 4 years ago

      I read almost every comment concerning all of your experiences with opiates and I must say that I've never felt so much pity, but at the same time inspiration at the same time. As a current mild opiate addict, I can only partially relate to some of the experiences on here, and for that reason I commend each and every one of you who have battled this deadly disease and defeated it, as well as those of you who are still struggling.

      One thing I noticed with most of your stories is that most of you have had LONG TERM, HARDCORE addictions, such as 5-10 years on heroin, 10 years on oxycontin, etc. I just wanted to share my story, which is a SHORT TERM addiction, and my recent attempts at recovery in hopes of reaching out to those who are currently facing a similar situation.

      I'm 22 years old. I've always been open to trying new drugs since I was a senior in high school. Prior to college, the only drugs I had tried were shrooms once or twice, a lot of weed, cocaine once and adderall. It wasn't until college that I discovered Oxycodone (the 30mg IR pills). These have always been a problem around here and I unfortunately was introduced to them 3 and a half years ago. 4 years ago I destroyed my ankle in a snowboarding accident and was prescribed 100 5mg percocet. I immediately fell in love with the drug and demolished the bottle of them in no time. When I was no longer able to get any refills 3 months later, I turned to the streets to find my beloved drugs. That's when I discovered the 30mg oxycodone which I became addicted to and stayed addicted for about 3 months. After that, my dealer was arrested and I was forced to quit cold turkey. The withdrawals were pretty bad but with the help of adderall, I was able to manage (I was doing about 20mg/day which isn't much, but I did this every day). I then was clean for about 2 and a half years until I relapsed about 6 months ago. I just recently graduated from college this past summer and with only a part time job and not much going for me, I started to feel worthless and depressed, which I knew had always been resolved with oxycodone for me years ago. So, I found another dealer and started back up doing 30mg oxycodones. Only more....MUCH more. My tolerance sky rocketed. For the past 6 months I've been taking about 90-150mg of oxycodone every day, but even that barely satisfies me. I would absolutely take more but I simply don't have the money to satisfy. After the summer, I had about 4k in my bank account and now I have -258 dollars. I find myself waiting for my paycheck every week to be deposited so I can overdraft my account again. The oxys have made me do things that are simply uncharacteristic of me. I've been stealing money from my work, stealing money from my family, anything it takes to get my fix. Well, yesterday I decided spending $100+ every day was too much for me and I took 2mg of suboxone. I will say that this drug has completely eliminated my withdrawals. However, there was a period of time about 3 months ago when I was dead broke and got on suboxone for a week, but once I got more money, I went right back to the oxys.

      My point is, although suboxone is a heaven sent drug for kicking withdrawal symptoms, it takes more than that to defeat your addiction. I know it's borderline cliche to say it, but listen to everybody when they say YOU HAVE TO WANT TO GET CLEAN. Otherwise, you're going to just substitute the suboxone for your drug of choice. The second you wake up, take the suboxone without even thinking about it. That way, you'll know even if you do dose, it's pointless cause you won't feel it. I will say, one thing that I have not had during this period of trying to get clean is support. I have not attended any narcotics anonymous or anything like that, probably because I have too much pride in myself I guess? Even though I know I'm not a bit better than anyone who attends them. If anybody out there has had a similar situation to mine and has successfully kicked the habit, I'd love to hear your story or if you have any advice for me it'd be greatly appreciated. Please email me at'm about 48 hours clean and I'd like to keep it that way. Not even my family knows about this addiction, you are the first people to know. To everyone on here: keep fighting the good fight and remember, Where there is a will there is a way.

      Peace, Love and Respect.

    • profile image

      kevboy 4 years ago

      Suboxone is a crazy drug.Ive been injecting it for a year now

    • profile image

      bwseager 3 years ago

      I took my last dose of methadone on a Thursday at 10am. My dose was dropped from 30 to 20mg, was at that amount for almost 30 days.

      It is know Saturday at 2-pm. My waiting period was 52 hours. I have taken my first quarter of suboxone, was told to take a half at first but was very uneasy about it. I took the quarter and waited an hour to take the other quarter. My hot / cold sweats have dissipated, I do have a headache I did not have before. My eyes were very dialated when I took the suboxone but they have become smaller. I do feel much better as I am writing this 1hr 1/2 , after taking first dose of suboxone. I hope this helps someone to decide what the best time to take your first dose.

    • profile image 3 years ago

      why is it that when I used to snort the herion I would b abel to kick it with half a suboxone and then I started iv and I tried kicking and half of suboxone didn't do it how much suboxone do I need

    • profile image

      JLB123 3 years ago

      Im headed to doctor now has been a little over 12 hours since my last NORCO... I was taking 10-10/325...2-3 X per day. Again My last dose was about 7pm last night. I will be taking my first suboxone strip in the doctors office....they told me to wait @24hrs...I am gonna tell them it has been 24 hrs. .... cause I am starting to hurt. I will let you know how it affects me taking it only 12 hours after my last dose.

      If I don't come back with an update....assume the worst....LOL!!!

    • profile image

      JLB123 3 years ago

      ok...I am back from the Doctor...I took my first dose of Suboxone 8mg/2mg....right at 15 hours after taking my last dose of Norco...I took 10 pills of Norco 10mg/325mg ...I have been taking narco 10-325 @20-30/day (about 10 at a time)..I was just starting to feel my back starting to ache and the general malaise that comes with initial stages of opiate w/d....I took the sublingual strip in the office.....I feel AMAZING! back still aches alittle ....but the malaise...weakness...running nose.....bubble guts....severe aches...are not there!..

      I know that this medicine will work differently...on different people....but for me it seems so far to be a miracle drug....right now ...almost 18 hours after my last narco....I would be feeling miserable...trying and doing anything to get another Rx for narco...and I would not stop till I got a Rx even if it meant ...illegally!

      I have no desire to take an opiate right now...Thank you Jesus!!!

      I hope this medicine works as well for others who are suffering and who are imprisoned by opiates...God Bless

    • profile image

      Cody 3 years ago

      i get a script of hydro morph contins and i was wondering how long id have to wait roughly between taking sub and the hydros

    • profile image

      Amanyvill 3 years ago

      All I know is it takes more than 24 hours after extended heroin use befor your not put into with draw symptoms from the boxes. Trust me you should wait like 24 to 36 hours. usually 24 hours you don't get to dope sick but its really the third day befor you feel normal again.

    • profile image

      Amanyvill 3 years ago

      All I know is it takes more than 24 hours after extended heroin use befor your not put into with draw symptoms from the boxes. Trust me you should wait like 24 to 36 hours. usually 24 hours you don't get to dope sick but its really the third day befor you feel normal again.

    • profile image

      Brantley 3 years ago

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      Contact: or text (224) 733-1542 for more details...........

    • profile image

      Sarah 3 years ago

      Ive just switched from methadone to suboxone this week i was on 25 mg of methadone and was put on 4-6 mg of suboxone I waited 24 hours befor etaking suboxone but i wasnt really felling any withdrawals like i was supposed to. I took the suboxone and it slightly mae me fell better although i had an awful night ,sweating, tossing turning with leg and arm pain. It's my 5th day on suboxone and im still unable to sleep. I'm hoping its just a short term thing transitioning from methadone to suboxone has anyone else transitioned from methadone to suboxone and whats your experience? Does it get better with time?

    • profile image

      Sarah 3 years ago

      Id also like to add that i was on subutex and suboxone about 6 year sago them went on methadone after falling pregant. Iv'e been on methadone for the past 5 years never missed a day, tapered 120mg to 60mg to then down 5mg to 25 mg before asking to be put on suboxone. Am i experiencing the ceiling affect? I'm worried my body may be so used to methadone that suboxone is not going cut it.

    • profile image

      Sarah 3 years ago

      * 5mg at a time

    • profile image

      m.cee.3 3 years ago

      I've done everything opiate wise you could think of for 12 years. My veins are dust, I've been in and out of prison and I'm finally sick of it. I'm doing 1000mg's of codeine right now or around a g of h. I'm going to kick with 4 subs. Its not my first rodeo but wish me luck anyway! Everybody trying, hang in there too! Lifes great with out it!

    • profile image

      Trainspoter 3 years ago

      Is it possible that Suboxone dont work for everyone? I've been a heroin addict for over 20 years. I tried the Suboxone film strip for 3 days & it did nothing. Didn't make things worse just didn't do anything @ all. Or am I doing something wrong? Can someone with knowledge about this please let me know? I'm more than ready to quit for the 1st time in my life I actually want to stop i'm overdue. Thank you, T,Spot.

    • profile image

      The red pen 3 years ago

      This is a horribly written article. The grammar and punctuation (or lack of) made it impossible to read. Get an editor - or fire your current one.

    • profile image

      Jennifer 2 years ago

      I waited 8 hours after taking oxys 30 (on the daily) & i was fine

    • SubotexGuy profile image

      Leslie Bichon 2 years ago from Heathrow, Florida

      Nice info on Suboxone - Kudos. How do I follow your hub?

    • profile image

      Mdizzy 2 years ago

      I took 8mg suboxone on Friday, Saturday morning I started to iv roxy 30s I probably did about 10-12 threw out the day a one day binger,, now my boss just called me he needs me to work tomorrow.. I did my last 3 roxys at once at 7:30 pm. So stupid I've been clean 8 months. Anyway my main concern is tomorrow if I did the roxys at 730 pm will it be fine to take 2mg sub at 9am Sunday?? Thank you...! I'm such a dummy 8 months and this fun day really wasnt worth my worries for tomorrow if anybody can give advice id appreciate it

    • profile image

      S.B. 19 months ago

      Suboxone cleaned my life up. Methadone is the worst thing to try to help yourself its the Devil. If you are really wanting to get off pills or heroin please go to a suboxone clinic and don't stay on the subs for long-term or it will be to where you have to have it everyday. You can get your great life back with suboxone but you only need it on short-term like 3 month's and taper down and you are back to normal. The best high is life without drugs!!! I have did it all went to prison 5 times!!! Don't throw your life away I wish I could go back in time and change all I had done. But today I can say I am free from addiction. Change is a awesome

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