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First Signs of Pregnancy

Updated on January 28, 2015

When you ask some mothers-to-be about the moment they discovered they were pregnant, they'll say, "I just knew." However, for many mothers, this intuitive sense of pregnancy is a myth! Thankfully, the body does change with the addition of a tiny embryo. If you know what the signs are, it can be easy to spot the first signs of pregnancy. Here are a few signs that you have a little one on the way.

First signs of pregnancy!
First signs of pregnancy!

1. You Stop Menstruating

The first thing that tips off most women to pregnancy is a skipped period. It is important to remember, though, that cramping and light spotting may still occur during the first month of pregnancy. You may also suspect pregnancy if you experience bleeding mid-month. This is known as implantation bleeding and usually happens about two weeks after fertilization takes place.

2. Morning Sickness and Nausea

Nausea is another traditional sign of pregnancy. Like the name "morning sickness" implies, many newly pregnant women experience illness in the morning, but this nausea can happen any time of the day. Morning sickness occurs as early as two weeks after conception and, for some unlucky women, lasts during the entire pregnancy. As one of the first signs of pregnancy, this sickness happens because the body is not used to the higher level of estrogen and because the sense of smell is heightened.

3. Fatigue and Mood Swings

Pregnancy causes drastic hormonal changes in the body, and this in turn causes mood swings and fatigue. You may or may not experience this, as every person reacts differently to pregnancy.

4. Headaches and Dizziness:

When you're pregnant, the flow of blood is quite different as your blood starts flowing to the fetus. Blood flows to the most important parts of the body, so your brain may receive less in order to provide more to the baby. This can cause headaches or dizziness. Again, every person reacts differently.

5. Breast Tenderness and Swelling

Many women say that one of the first signs of pregnancy is tenderness in their breasts. Your hormones swing drastically to accommodate the baby, which can cause your breasts to swell and feel tender. They may also feel heavier and, as the pregnancy draws on, will begin to grow.

6. Raised Body Temperature or Fever

When speaking about the first signs of pregnancy, it is important to note that one of the most common is a raised body temperature. Don't be worried if you are running a fever unless that fever is higher that a few degrees or your otherwise feel ill. The body is simply attempting to provide a warm, welcoming home for the fetus growing inside of you.

No one expects you to "just know" that you are pregnant. Therefore, pregnancy tests are readily available and are how most women find out for sure that they're pregnant. If you choose to have unprotected sex, keep your eyes open for these signs so that you can see a doctor as soon as possible.

What first signs of pregnancy did you have?

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    • profile image

      Me 2 years ago

      I have dizziness fever headache and it just won't stop think I could be pregnant!!! here is hoping

    • profile image

      lawunmi 2 years ago

      lol...very true. my first suspicious was my breasts becoming fuller and tender.

    • profile image

      Johne666 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      teetee 3 years ago

      I have 101.5 and 100.2 fever and feeling dizzy ..

    • profile image

      natasha kapoor 5 years ago

      I m suffering from fever..dizziness..nausea..headaches..

    • profile image

      natasha kapoor 5 years ago

      I m suffering from fever..dizziness..nausea..headaches..

    • profile image

      Furlar 5 years ago

      My first sign is headache and back ache

    • Silverlining profile image

      Tracy Behr 8 years ago from Port Elizabeth

      Hi! My first sign of pregnancy was heartburn! And some moodiness...cried for nothing!

      Nice Hub!

    • bethkiley profile image

      bethkiley 9 years ago

      For me the giveaway was always sore breasts and nipples--never got these symptoms with PMS, only when pregnant. Check out my site on helping women learn how to induce labor from home to avoid a medical induction.

    • profile image

      vanpangita 10 years ago


    • linmac profile image

      linmac 10 years ago from NE Scotland

      Congratulations :-) My daughter is expecting her first baby....24 weeks now and scan shows it's a boy. Exciting times.

    • compu-smart profile image

      Tony 10 years ago from London UK

      Congratulations on your pregnancy AND your 1st hub I hope you have a successful birth, and many more hubs.