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Fit Female Club Fitness

Updated on May 7, 2014

You Gotta Lift!

No Matter Your Age!

Ladies, You MUST Lift! Here's The Myths Debunked!

When it comes to weightlifting, everyone has a different point of view. Many people believe that women shouldn't lift or else they will look like the HULK, while others say women should only stick to the treadmill and cardio.

Well ignore the naysayers; strength training via weight lifting is good! In fact, lifting heavy can be even better. Let's clear up the common misconceptions:

Myth #1: Weight lifting will make you bulky

This is physiologically impossible for women. While, it is possible to achieve a toned physique getting huge muscles is actually a guy thing due to testosterone.

Women don’t naturally produce enough testosterone to build giant muscles. Female bodybuilders have specialized diets packed with a huge amount of protein. Plus they are probably on a supplements regime as well!

Myth #2: Your chest size will increase

Lifting weights will not increase the size of your chest. This is because the breasts are mostly made up of fatty tissue! So in fact if you are lifting weights and burning a ton of calories your chest may actually decrease in size because the fat is being removed (that is another subject altogether)!

Myth #3: Weight lifting will fix trouble-spots

False, you can't spot train fat loss. Performing the same ab-exercises will not get rid of unpleasant love handles. Fat spot reduction is a myth and the only way you can fix you trouble spots is by lifting and losing with throughout the entire body.

There you have it! So drop the excuses, get off the treadmill, and pick up the free weights!

Sleep Anyone?

How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

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Top 4 Training Mistakes You Might Be Making

Many times while strength training we make mistakes that set us up for failure when we try to achieve our goals! Here are 4 of the most common training mistakes that we make that can hamper us from reaching our goals!

1. Not enough sleep – Not sleeping enough can decrease your alertness, concentration, and problem solving abilities. A lack of sleep will not only affect your training but your overall quality of life! Likewise, chronic lack of sleep can actually increase your risk of depression! All-in-all get between 6-8 hours of sleep a night!

2. Setting up impossible goals – When it comes to seeing results from your diet or nutrition program it is important to remember to set realistic goals! No matter what you choose, give yourself enough time to actually reach it! For instance, don't think that you will lose 30 pounds in a week. Instead try to lose 30 pounds in 5-6 months while setting up realistic achievable sub goals along the way: lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks, run a sub 8 minute mile by month 3...etc.

3. Avoid junk and processed foods – These fat bombs can not only give you a huge amount of calories but they can sap the energy out of you as well! They can even eventually cause things such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease.

Weight loss occurs in baby steps so for beginners try to cut your junk food consumption in half for a month and then eventually eliminate all of it! Sustainable weight loss is a long journey, not a sprint!

4. Over-training – Muscle fatigue can occur if you forget that "everyone needs rest days"! If you are kicking your own butt in the gym day after day, you must realize that your body needs time to rest and recoup! These rest periods are when your body actually grows, which will help you get a toned physique!

How About Running a 5K?

I am not a runner. In fact I hate it and I hardly do it. I realize that it is good cardiovascular conditioning but I like to get my conditioning from circuit workouts or EPOC training! But I participated in my first 5K this past weekend. I realize it was only a Color Run but it was still a great way to get my feet wet in terms of running in such events!

In short, it was an incredibly fun time and workout and a great way to get introduced to such events. I have many clients that aspire to run in events such as a 5K, 10K, or even a full marathon but have no idea where to start. But as I found out, anyone with desire and motivation can participate in these events and have fun while doing it!

One way to start is to quit saying, “I’ll just run one next year; it’s too late to start training this year!” That’s bullsh*t! Start today!

For the sedentary bunch that don't exercise right now you can start increasing your exercise capacity by implementing a walking regiment! Such a regime can be walking 30 minutes a day until you can walk 45 minutes at least 5 days a week (if not more; it’s always good to get your blood pumping daily)!

Training for that first 5K

From your walking regime to finishing a 5K is a different ballgame! Never fear! One of the best ways to train for a 5K is to use the app: Couch to 5K (C25K). Many of my clients have told me that the reason they starting working out to begin with was because of this app!

This great app takes you from a sedentary state and gets your ready for a 5K within 2 months! For a fee, you can upgrade to train for a 10K! If you want to run longer distances and need help planning your training regime for that, here are a couple sources to help you out:

One idea is to do what I did and try a color run for your first 5K. They are incredibly laid back, fun, and have small breaks at color-stations! A color run could be the ideal way to get your first 5K under your belt!

When it comes to training, keep it fun and interesting!

Bloating Sucks! Avoid it!

Here are some tips on how to avoid being bloated!

Bloat inducers: core exercises

Exercises such as crunches, situps, and side planks can cause people to experience stomach pain and bloating after the exercises are over. This can actually be due to not stretching afterwards which can affect the function of the digestive organs.

For instance, after intensely working your abs they are tight. This decreases the circulation of waste products in the digestive system, inducing gas and stomach pain. Make sure to stretch afterwards to relax your muscles and ease the pressure on the underlying organs.

Drink more water during your workout

Many people forget to continually drink water during their workout which can cause dehydration When you get dehydrated, your body draws fluids from the liver and kidneys for bodily functions and this can lead to bloating!

Breath during exercise

Avoid holding your breath during your exercises because it can cause some stomach complications that can lead to bloating. Likewise, while lifting heavy things, holding your breath increases your blood pressure which can cause some major heart complications.

Here's how to fix bloating

In beginners bloating can be common due to a sudden burst in physical activity. Try these techniques to decrease bloating:

  • Walk after your workout. This will relax your body and enhance digestion.
  • Consume ginger. Adding ginger to your diet is a great way to treat bloating. The phytonutrients in ginger can treat digestive problems such as bloating and nausea.
  • More water. Water regulates sodium in your body and therefore reduces fluid retention. Likewise, water also helps to enhance bowel movements.


Here's A Simple At-Home Workout

This workout is designed to be quick and efficient! You can perform this workout at a relatively high intensity (don’t make yourself sick) and get it whipped out in no time (10-15 minutes) giving you time for other…exercises. Anyways, perform each exercise in order 3 times. Perform at least 12 reps for each exercise! Have fun, it’s fun getting stronger! Perform this work 3 times this week!

  • Overhead Tricep Extension – Keep your elbows in towards your head, extend straight up!
  • Perform a Bicep Curl into Shoulder Press – Don’t swing your body when curling, keep your elbows close to your sides and smoothly curl the dumbbell. MODIFICATION: You can try this in a different plane with your arms more in front of you (see Facebook video). If this is still painful, STOP. Perform bicep curls for 40 seconds doing as many reps as possible.
  • Crunches (for 35 seconds; as many reps as possible [AMRAP]): for each crunch you need to at least bring your shoulder blades off of the ground! Make sure to breath as well, exhale as you come up and inhale as you lay back down! Bust them out!
  • Alternating Deltoid Raises: Bring the weight up to eye level (not higher) then back down to sides then back up to the alternating position!
  • Walking High Knees (for 1 minute; AMRAP): Bring your knee up high as possible on each stride as you are walking in a straight line. Make it fast and quick!


  • it's time to take charge of your health!
  • It's time to empower yourself!
  • It's time to build strength!
  • It's time to lose weight!
  • It's time to stop making excuses and take time to make fitness a priority in your life so you can give more back to your family in the long run!
  • It's time to start today!

The full pledge is available at The Fit Female Club

Here's to you and reaching your goals!


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