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Fit Flops - Three Hidden Benefits Of The Walkstar Sandal

Updated on September 1, 2010

One of the latest crazes in the footwear industry involves sandals and flip flops actually exercising for you.  As goofy as this sounds, there's quite a bit of science behind this trend.  Even mainstream shoe companies like Reebok are jumping on this bandwagon nowadays.  The leader in this industry, though, is definitely the shoe company that came up with the idea first.  I'm speaking, of course, about Fit Flops.  In this article, we'll look at three of the lesser known benefits of the most popular Fit Flop - The Walkstar.

"Get A Workout While You Walk"

This is the company motto and it's pretty self explanatory.  You walk anyway...  So why not get more bang for your buck every time you put foot to pavement?  One thing that the company doesn't really mention, though - and I feel is a massive benefit - revolves around the time that these sandals can save you.  People are crazy busy these days.  Between work, family and home commitments, who has time to go to a gym?  Fit Flops allow a man or woman to combine exercise with other activities.  Need some milk?  Instead of driving down to the supermarket, throw on your Walkstars and march on down to the corner store.  You'll get all the benefits of a good cardio workout while toning your lower body at the same time.  Along these same lines, I find that these sandals actually encourage you to get outside and walk.  Knowing that a decent workout simply involves putting on a pair of flip flops and going for walk is wonderfully motivating.  Anyone with a gym membership knows that the hardest part of working out is actually going to the gym in the first place.  Why not eliminate that step altogether?  Anyone can put on sandals and walk!

Typical Fit Flops...
Typical Fit Flops...

On top of providing users with an efficient, convenient way to exercise, the Fit Flops also tone multiple parts of the body. While their adverts focus mostly on the fact that one can get a "tight butt" if they wear these sandals, there are other notable benefits. The Walkstar's patented sole uses three different density's of foam across the bottom of the foot. The heel, mid foot and toe are all slightly different, offering muscle toning qualities that reach from the calf, through the legs and up into the gluteal area. This sole also provides for a very comfortable, low impact walk.

The final "hidden" benefit of these sandals revolves around foot health. It isn't well known, but shoes like the Walkstar can actually do wonders for men and women who suffer from some pretty painful conditions. Plantar fasciitis, for example is a very common foot problem that affects people in many walks of life. Athletes, in particular, often develop this condition when they "overdo it" in sub par, unsupportive shoes. The Fit Flop's toning abilities strengthen the entire lower body, helping to prevent things like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. Even people with back problems can benefits from using a sandal like this. Talk to your doctor or podiatrist for more information.

I hope you've found this article helpful. Keep in mind that I'm not the only fan of these sandals. The Fit Flop Walkstar's comes highly recommended by some seriously knowledgeable men and women. Most noticeably, the American Podiatric Medical Association. This group of doctor's don't put their "Seal Of Approval" on too many products. The Walkstar proudly sports this honor. Thoughts or opinions on the Fit Flop or similar products. I'd love to hear about your experiences!


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