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Fit at 51 Tips

Updated on August 25, 2015

No Pain No Gain!

Hard Work Worthwhile.
Hard Work Worthwhile. | Source

Worth The Effort

For a source of fitness inspiration, we can use how we feel good about ourselves as a sort of thermometer. It doesn't hurt us to be hungry sometimes, rather than stuffed. We can learn and apply basic nutrition principles, and just have the attitude that food is fuel for our bodies not unlike gasoline is fuel for vehicles. We can look to Oprah's diet advise of not eating after seven p.m. in the evening and her seven day cabbage soup diet. In my own plight to stay fit, I walk a LOT just doing chores and walking the dogs. (They get some bites too which contributes to being at one's proper weight.!) I highly recommend an active lifestyle and wish you all the best in staying fit.


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