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FitBit Charge HR: A Review

Updated on February 2, 2016

Some Fitbit products on the market

This is one of the pages that shows what products are available for purchase.
This is one of the pages that shows what products are available for purchase. | Source
This is what is inside the box of the Fitbit Charge HR.
This is what is inside the box of the Fitbit Charge HR. | Source
This is everything, including the box that it came in.
This is everything, including the box that it came in. | Source

Fitbit Charge HR: A Review

The whole idea of wearable technologies is new to me. One of these technologies that I have seen a lot of advertising for is the Fitbit. I wanted to learn more about wearable technologies, so I decided to try it out. First, I got the Fitbit Zip. It is the cheapest Fitbit out there and it has a retail price of $59.95. Seeing how this article is titled Fitbit Charge HR and not Fitbit Zip, I will now explain why I mention the Fitbit Zip and why I will recommend not to purchase it.

I was really excited with getting a new piece of technology. I tried the Fitbit Zip for one day and it seemed to work great. The next day that I was going to try it out, I noticed that the clip didn't seem to work well. I placed the device on anyways and lost it. I've talked with other people who got the Fitbit Zip and they lost their devices as well. They did not lose it as quickly as I did, but they had the same experience that they had the device on them and then when they checked to see if they still had the device, it was just gone. The clip does not seem to work right. I was not happy about losing the device, but I was still determined to try a wearable technology. After reading some reviews on, I decided to try the Fitbit Charge HR. Another device that I do not recommend is the Fitbit One since it also uses a clip and it seems to have the same problem as the Fitbit Zip with its clip.

The first photo is a snipe off of the Fitbit website that illustrates what the products look like. The second and third photos are of my Fitbit Charge HR. I decided to go for the Tangerine color so that it would be easy to see anywhere that I might leave it. The Fitbit Charge HR has a retail price of $149.95. This is $90 more than the Fitbit Zip. I know that some reviews of the Fitbit Charge HR mention that the device can cause chemical burns and scars and that pictures of that were posted with the review. Another common complaint that I read is that the device is not accurate in tracking your actual activity. I decided to try the device anyways to see for myself how well it worked.

I used it for about a month. I made sure to keep it recharged. There are no instructions for the Fitbit Charge HR. There is a piece of paper that gives you a web site to go to get your device set up.

Snipe of the dashboard from the Fitbit app

Snipe of the dashboard from the Fitbit app
Snipe of the dashboard from the Fitbit app | Source
Data from the Fitbit Charge HR
Data from the Fitbit Charge HR | Source

Fitbit Charge HR: Product Use

I went to the website and filled in all the information that it wanted of me. I also used the cable and charged my Fitbit Charge HR for about two hours. I plugged the cable from my USB port to the Fitbit Charge HR. After downloading the Fitbit app and syncing my Fitbit Charge HR with my computer, I used the Fitbit Charge HR for about one month before writing this review. I did not have any problems with the device. I did not see how accurate the device was. I did observe that the device tracks wrists movements, so it is possible that you can just shake your wrist on which the Fitbit Charge HR is located and the device will register that you took that many steps. It is also possible that if you are not moving your arms while walking, the device will think that you are not taking any steps, even if you are moving. The other thing that I noticed is that you need to record your activity before midnight or the device will reset your step count to zero. I had this happen to me twice. I am not sure if there is any way to change this, but this is the default that this device is set to. Clicking on the Fitbit app will open up the dashboard. If you have your Fitbit synced to the computer, then the Fitbit will transfer its data to the app. Above this text capsule, I have shown the default dashboard and a snipe of what it looks like when data is transferred to the computer. As you can see, having a day when many steps were taken, can make you feel good. The first goal is set for 10,000 steps. The Fitbit Charge HR vibrates at 10,000 steps. I am not sure if you can change this, I just never bothered to try. I never explored the Fitbit app as fully as I could have. I probably can get more out of the app if I put more data in. I let my Fitbit Charge HR charge for about two hours and it was fully charged. The charge is supposed to last for about five days, but I never put that to the test. I did not let my device get depleted when I was using it.

After using the device for one month, I came to the following conclusions. The device may not be accurate, but it can be a good indicator that you are doing physical activity. With the Fitbit app, you can easily keep track of your physical activity. I liked the vibration on my wrist when I took 10,000 steps. It felt encouraging. Buying any type of device will not get you fit by itself, but it can be helpful in getting there and maintaining fitness. This might not be the best device for everyone and it seemed to do what I wanted it to do, which is alright for me. I know that there are other wearable options out there. Trying this device has made me more interested in exploring and researching other options.


Have you ever purchased a wearable technology?

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Have you purchased a FitBit?

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