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FitFeud: A Unique Approach to Workplace Wellness

Updated on April 22, 2011

Workplace wellness is certainly an important issue in the modern workplace. After all, finding ways to encourage workers to improve their health and fitness levels can result in significant savings on healthcare costs for workers – as well as reduce the costs associated with lost time – as many illnesses and injuries can are directly related to to obesity and poor physical condition.

With so many business owners and human resources professionals recognizing the link between the health of workers and their ability to be productive on the job, more and more companies are investigating ways to incorporate workplace fitness and wellness programs into their employee benefits plans and workplace activities. FitFeud provides a unique way to motivate employees to improve their fitness levels.

About FitFeud

It’s one thing to talk to your employees about the importance of proper nutrition, maintaining a healthy body weight and the importance of exercise. It’s another matter entirely to find a way to engage them in working toward improving their own overall health and well-being. A little friendly competition among co-workers can certainly be a powerful motivator.

Chances are that you have some employees who already enjoy watching competition-oriented reality television programs based on health and fitness (like The Biggest Loser series). Why not bring some of that interest into your own workplace? That’s what you can use FitFeud to do.

How FitFeud Works

FitFeud is a unique web-based system makes it easy for companies to encourage weight loss and progress toward fitness goals among team-members in a fun, competitive way. With FitFeud, employers can set up and manage competitions based on any fitness goal that you want. Employees can log in – privately – and record their progress, view their own stats and see how they are ranking among everyone who’s participating in the competition.

You can literally set up competitions for anything – minutes or steps walked per day, time spent exercising, the quantity of vegetables consumed, pounds lost, etc. With FitFeud, you can establish company fitness competitions and challenges based specifically on your organization’s wellness goals and/or the interests and needs of your workforce. FitFeud allow you to create an atmosphere of friendly competition that can serve as encouragement and incentive for employees to reach their own health and fitness goals.

Is FitFeud Right for Your Company?

If you’re interested in incorporating a wellness program focused on weight loss into your company, be sure to check out FitFeud. You just might find that it’s the solution you’ve been searching for. Visit to learn more!


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