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Fitbit's First Step Into the Smartwatch Arena - Fitbit Ionic

Updated on July 27, 2018

Welcome to the Smart Watch world Fitbit!

This watch was the first toe in the pond of "true" smartwatches for the organisation and even with the introduction of the Fitbit Versa, I think it is still their best product

Fitbit has basically started down a new path of late, more so after they snapped up Pebble's parent company Pebble Technology Corporation. The wearable's technology that Fitbit acquired through this move has formed the backbone of the new operating system simply known as Fitbit OS.

SmartWatch Features

The 1.42-inch LCD touchscreen display is brighter and more colourful than previous Fitbits. The screen gives off about the same brightness as an Apple watch and has a higher resolution than the Blaze. It now also looks better in sunny conditions so we don't have to dance around trying to hide the screen from the sun to read it.

Out of the box, the Ionic also comes with 17 different clock faces with more surely on the way, given that the SDK has been released (early days yet, so we will wait and see).

The touch interface has been somewhat re-imagined with the upper-right button giving you access to your daily activity stats, which can be rearranged with a long press (like iOS), while the lower right button takes you training options.

Both buttons use can change organically depending on the screens displayed, a sideways swipe left on the clock face takes you to additional menu screens, and pressing the left button returns you to the last visited screen.

I like to control my music with the watch rather the controls on my X3's so one of the first things I did after syncing with my phone was tested that. It can be accessed by swiping down on the clock which will bring up the music controls and inversely swiping up reveals any smart notifications from your devices.

Still no ability to reply to texts or take calls like with apples watch but most find that a bit of overkill anyway. You can accept calls which is a nice option if you're utilising a Bluetooth speaker or headphones etc.

There is a wallet app but being from Australia that will be more of a wait and see if it becomes supported here.... as usual.

Design Worth Writing About!

As a previous owner of the Fitbit Surge, there was one thing that really made me nervous when I first bought it (the Surge), I'm sure owners of these watches know what I'm talking about. It is the picking of the right size of the watch as the bands aren't interchangeable. Thankfully this time, they have advanced things by including both a large and a medium-ish size for the little tackers with thinner wrists, they also have on offer through their website a leather option which I like the looks of, third-party bands are already popping up from the looks of it as well.

The face of the watch looks quite angular and is something that I don't mind completely, though it does cheapen the look somewhat. I'll let you guys decide on what you think though as it is all on personal taste. Given that the screen is using Gorilla Glass, means that the watch can take a knock if need be.

A new thing for smartwatches is the use of nano moulding, which is a process of bonding metal and plastics together gives the watch a slightly more reassuring look especially now that it is waterproof. The result is definitely a smoother more futuristic look, which stands out from other trackers in the Fitbit line of products.

As I said before it is now waterproof allowing you to wear it in the shower or the bath, as well as more importantly you can wear it swimming (which it can track also, awesome).

Your Tunes

The Ionic comes with 2.5 gigabytes of internal storage for music tracks, but you will have to use the Fitbit Connect app.

In Conclusion

The Ionic is Fitbit's most advanced device out at the moment having improved on past device and by marrying with the pebbles benefits. The build strength is something that I like as previously some devices felt like they were a bit too much plastic to last. The battery life is a real winner in my mind as my personal use has shown that it can last 2 to 3 days with normal use.

I think it is a good first step into the smartwatch area, I think a few more generations down the track it will be a real force to reckon with, and the moment though with the lack of apps and a few missing things function wise, they still have a little ways to go.
In the meantime, I reckon it is well worth having and I will surely enjoy wearing it for some time yet.

What Smart Watch are you using?

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