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Fitness Exercises for Women

Updated on July 24, 2012
Walking to the shops is still exercise
Walking to the shops is still exercise

A woman's work is never done goes the saying and many women are probably nodding their heads as they read this. Wouldn't you love to have some extra time to do the things you enjoy and also keep your body in good shape? The good news is that you don't need to use specific fitness exercises for women and can simply do those little things during the day which will keep you in better shape.

One of the biggest pitfalls for many women is diet. Tiredness and a lack of time often means grabbing for the chocolate of a quick microwave meal. Whilst this is tempting, it would be much more advisable to spend a little time improving your diet. Whatever you do, make sure that you allow a little time in the morning to eat a proper breakfast which includes fruit and wholemeal cereal. This will release energy slowly and help to stop you from grabbing the chocolate. Make sure too to eat plenty of fruit, vegetable and low fat proteins.

Simple Fitness Exercises for Women (and Men!)

You may be surprised how much exercise you can fit into a normal day without too much effort. Try a few of these for example. Always walk up stairs and don't take the lift Walk instead of taking a taxi or bus... If you have to carry a few bags, so much the better. Don't sit at your desk at work to eat or drink coffee, get outside and walk to a nearby park or any nice place. If you have done no exercise for some time, these are gently ways of introducing it into your life before perhaps opting for something more intensive such as the following:

Walk - by this I don't mean that short stroll, but a deliberate longer walk. It may be an effort at first but that three mile walk will help to keep you fit and after a few weeks you will find it comes easy to you; that is the time to walk further. When you get your shopping home; instead of flopping into the chair, take a can of baked beans in each hand and do some star jumps or curls with them. Use a lot of reps and little weight o build up fitness levels.

If you have children; when they come home, don't just sit them in front of the DVD player, Get a ball and go out with them and play in the fresh air. Not only will you get your exercise but you will help them to avoid the obesity afflicting so many kids these days.

Stay Hydrated

You will find that you get thirty during exercise. Don't be tempted by sugary drinks but go for water. This will not only hydrate you but will help to flush toxins from your body.

These few simple exercises for women will help to keep you in good shape and will give you a new energy which you probably forgot that you have. It doesn't have to be hard but you do need to make a little effort - The rewards are worth it.


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