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Quick Tips to Healthier: Give a Priority to Fitness in Your Life

Updated on December 28, 2014

Choose the right attire
Your clothes must make you feel like you are following a regimen, it should make you take your commitment seriously. Especially the shoes should be the right fit.

Every six months, shoes should be changed as with rigorous exercise, the inner or outer sole of the shoes collapses. You will know when your feet feel heavier on one side.

Choose the right regime
Salsa, yoga, tennis, skipping, everything is an activity. Choose your activity and then start loving it. Doing 10 minutes over 10 years is more important than doing an hour sporadically.

To be committed, you need to set aside time for it. It will become a habit eventually. When you were a kid, you started to brush your teeth, and that habit stayed on. Your health regime should also become a habit, not a punishment. Stick to it for three weeks and there! You will have a habit you will have committed to. Practice exercising around the same time every day.

To curb boredom, take a friend along
A friend or a companion adds more value and fun to your regimen. You can rely on them to back you up with their commitment. Also, sometimes seeing one exercise becomes an inspiration for someone else.


Track your changes
Write down what all exercises you do every day. It is easy to track your progress then. You don't realize how much you have changed unless you see yourself in photographs, so it is important to click yourself regularly and see the changes.

Go low-tech
You can burn 200 more calories by going low tech. Get up and change the channels on your TV, do not use the remote. Take the staircase instead of the lift, walk up to your colleagues and spend time chit chatting instead of using the phone.

However, you should use technology for your benefit. Use the pedometer in your i phone to track how many steps and calories you have burnt. Use your mobile to click pictures and track the way your body changes for the better.

Make exercise a priority in your life
A routine can't be followed if you put it on the bottom of your list of things to be done. You tend to do those things which are important to you, hence you need to make up your mind as to how important is exercising for you. Once you know that, you will prioritize and it will be easy to follow.


Quick Tips to Healthier You!!

  • Half an hour of walking may not be possible. Start with two minutes of walking and three minutes of jogging. This is known as interval training.
  • Joining a gym comes with monetary commitments so the binding is deeper. Join a gym and then be persistent in your regime, at least for the money you put in.
  • Joining a gym does not mean you are working out. Most ladies are seen socializing and gossiping amongst themselves when in the gym. Tell yourself what you go to the gym for is to exercise. And stick to your routine.
  • Invest in a personal trainer. Starting the wrong regime takes you nowhere. Hire a trainer, it is his duty to make you committed.
  • Go for group sessions if you enjoy being in a group. Classes that involve a group of people, in yoga or otherwise, will make you more excited about getting up and going that extra mile.
  • Alternative forms of exercise like Tai chi, bicycling etc can be pursued. It works differently for different people.
  • Every one grows a little lazy time and again. Whenever you do, remember to keep a note and do a little extra when you start over again.

Fitness is a state of mind. Just like you eat, sleep and work, fitness should also be a regular part of your life. The time to begin is now!


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