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How to become a New, Improved and more Balanced You..

Updated on March 1, 2013
Healthy & Active...
Healthy & Active... | Source

Healthier heart, mind and body along with "Staying Motivated" leads into the road of fitness and balanced eating styles. It may seem like a never ending travel; standing still looking into the distance. Instead of focusing outside the big picture; lets take a good look at your current position and create a plan. Keep reading below and apply some of the tips to your life style. Requires you going into this with a "Positive & Healthy Mind Set".


Eat Your Fruits
Eat Your Fruits | Source
Eat Your Veggies & Lean Meat
Eat Your Veggies & Lean Meat | Source

Diets (Good/Bad)

For those of you, whom do not eat a well balanced diet should rethink your meals. Instead, it should consist of more of lean proteins, fresh vegetables, fruits, some nuts and dairies. These must be applied in every meal at least three times a day, snacks in between meals. Breakfast being the first and up most important meal of the day. Drink eight glasses of water or more daily especially during your workout. Keeping yourself hydrated gets rid of toxins and nourishes the body. All age groups will benefit from these methods.

Junk food is NOT an option here, this will only add unwanted calories, stores fat to areas of your body, slow down your metabolism and possibly other major health issues. For instances: sodas, sugars, chips, cookies and fast foods wrecks havoc on your body and health. Instead of reaching for those, consider more veggies, berries, almonds, whole grains and lean meats. Do not forget to take your daily vitamin supplements, reduce your stress and drink a cup or two of green tea.

I know that this may seem like a repetitive article to you and seen over and over. But, the truth of the matter is: IT'S TRUE about keeping fit and the importance of daily balanced meals. The meals are really what is important here, it's the life essential to your body, muscle and bones.Going back to junk food:It is obvious in facts in all ages in the individuals, that humans whom eat daily doses of fast food, grease, tons of carbohydrates and less fruits/veggies become sluggish in their daily actives and mental focus.(i.e) commonly known as couch potato and/or obesity.

With that being said, I'm sure it's enough to start the change for a new fitter you! While starting with a healthy diet, lets move on to the next step.

Adequate Rest

Be sure to get as close to 8 hours of that beauty rest so your body can mental and physically be productive....


No Matter what your age group is --- we all can benefit from fitness....

my grand kids in motion
my grand kids in motion | Source
grands kids our pool staying in motion
grands kids our pool staying in motion | Source
Different ways to keeping fit
Different ways to keeping fit | Source

BODY IN MOTION = Muscle Tone= Main Muscles

Strenghtening Your Main Muscles

Even though there several diverse exercise techniques to help assist with the new fitness regimen; it's a must that you alternate the muscle sections in your daily work outs. Keep in mind that which ever you choose, you will need to start off slow and at a steady pace along with a healthy diet.

Repetition is the Key- slowly and cautious of movement to rest assure movement is implemented properly!

Work outs relate to the several muscle body parts listed below:

  • abdomens - (body Core), for good posture & healthy back
  • legs - back of legs (hamstrings & calves); front of legs (quads)
  • hips - provides movement for the lower back and upper legs
  • shoulder - the upper top shoulder
  • arms - upper front (biceps) back of upper (triceps)
  • chest - fan shape muscle
  • buttocks - it's function is to extend/laterally rotate the hip, and also to extend the trunk.

This is a must before you begin any exercise, you must eat and stretch out your muscles. The square meal will provide energy and the warm up session prevents any cramps or harm to your body. You need to strive with your inner strength, determination and motivation to implement to your daily routine. Stay & Keep P-O-S-I-T-I-V-E!

It's all about Y-O-U
It's all about Y-O-U | Source


Staying positive makes you strong and motivated. The main focus here, is "yourself" and what inspires the inner you to complete any goal you set forth for yourself to accomplish and to stick through it from now on. It is easy to fall off time and time again, but get back on every single time. Doing so, you will experience the accomplishments of achievement.


To keep you motivated - write it down, keep a mental image or stick pictures on your wall, mirror, fridge and screen saver. Talk about it whether it's verbal or postings; so you will be excited and accountable . Most of all, eat clean, drink plenty of water, beauty rest and get your body moving! Get the support from love ones and friends to boost your confidence.

Mental & Physical Balance
Mental & Physical Balance | Source

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【ツ】Some side affects may include: a stronger ,blissful, healthier and radiant new you. Here's to you...Congrats! 【ツ】

On the right path to New & Improved You!

path to body movement
path to body movement | Source


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    • NicoleMessenger profile image

      NicoleAnn 4 years ago from Illinois

      @billybuc, thanks for stopping by and commenting. You truly got the impression I was expressing here.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      No comments? This is a great hub with wonderful suggestions. Finding balance in live, the eternal quest. :) Thank you for the reminder.