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Fitness Plans for Weight Loss

Updated on December 16, 2010

New Habits for a Healthier You

As with any lifestyle change all people are not equal; some need to change by introducing a dramatic alteration of their daily routine… others require a less drastic approach. If this is your mindset hopefully the following tips will help you begin a path towards change; it may be the only thing you ever incorporate or it may inspire the drastic to follow – either way the results should result in a positive transformation.

If you aren’t quite ready to get up and jog every morning before work at least find ways to challenge yourself that you have overlooked. Rain or shine, whether working or simply running to the grocery store, stop wasting gas circling the parking lot for the closet parking spot. Every time you are parking the car, aside from maybe outside your home, give into settling for the parking space furthest away from your destination.

It may not seem like much, but you will begin to notice how often in a day you’ve stressed over and not burned calories by insisting only the space next to the handicapped spot will do. Unless safety is a concern, go green and use less fuel by not circling the lot like a vulture for the primo spot, move away from the front doors and burn a few extra calories by walking more. Closely related to this is to carry out those bags instead of using a cart. A little extra carrying weight and a few extra steps getting back to the car can help change old habits quicker than you would think.

Ready to take it even further? Act as if the elevator is out of order and take the stairs. It may seem overwhelming if you have a briefcase, two bags of groceries or a baby and stroller to carry, and if so work up to this. If you have already begun the practice of parking away from your destination, congratulate yourself for that, but take this idea as your next step – literally. Again, one of these actions alone may not seem like much but once you start combing a few or all of these the difference will begin to become noticeable.

Avid dietician and fitness enthusiasts encourage this next tip, and it is one I have to agree with: start a food journal. I don’t recommend calculating every calorie you intake for the rest of your life, but making serious notes of every nibble you sneak in a day will begin to shed light on the reality of what you really do consume. Without forcing yourself to take a hard look at snacks, meals sand even bites it is hard to grasp the truth.

Many of us have claimed to be on a diet and therefore are proud of the of carrot sticks we have packed for lunch. So why aren’t we shedding pounds? Because we are not counting the birthday cake we ate during a co-workers celebration, the cookies we ‘tasted’ while making them for our children’s bake sale or the multiple samples “forced” upon us while just trying to grocery shop. It doesn’t mean you can’t ever indulge a little, but it should help you realize all of these examples in a day in addition to a somewhat healthy diet defeats the purpose.

All a food journal should do is first make you aware of what you really, honestly consume in a day, and secondly make you aware enough so that you begin to turn down or stop sneaking snacks. Some people who try to quit smoking have to cut down on the amount they smoke before quitting; consider this the same. If every other time you are offered a small treat you are able to consider what you have already consumed during the day you may find pleasure in your ability to use the words, “No thank you.”

Finally, once you are in a place where you are jogging or going to the gym or finding some other way to try to be more active, listening to your body is still crucial. There is nothing wrong with occasionally waking up to the alarm, realizing you hit the gym four days this week already and that the snooze button is too tempting this particular day. Refusing yourself the ability to relax here and there borders on self-punishment and addictive habits. Besides, often times once you have given yourself permission to sleep in you may lay there awake and decide to just take a brisk walk instead of the usual morning jog entitling yourself to a little less strenuous path that particular morning.

Once you begin to adopt small changes in your habits, you will notice other small ways to create newer, healthier habits as you work towards developing more serious, structured and committed fitness plans for weight loss.



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    • bari.ann profile image

      bari.ann 7 years ago

      thank you both. Hoping a more realistic approach to a healthier life can be motivational !!!

    • gayathri88red profile image

      gayathri88red 7 years ago from Singapore

      I agree.. Very informative and motivating..

    • jdavis88 profile image

      jdavis88 7 years ago from Twitter @jdavis88hub

      Nice hub. Very informative!