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Fitness Series #1

Updated on March 8, 2015

Workout/Fitness Tracking

Fitocracy is a website designed for people to keep track of their workouts, interact with other people working out, and receive training. Its goal is to develop a community that supports each other in their efforts to improve their bodies. It also partners with trainers to help the members achieve their goals. It will help you keep track of your workouts, as well as any personal records. Personal records in this case are defined as the highest amount of weight that you log for a given exercise. In addition, any exercises they do not have they may be willing to add to their database so that it shows up on your list of workouts. In order to allow you to customize your experience, they allow you to create custom workouts, which are saved and can be pulled up easily, either through their website or through their phone applications.

Livescape is a Windows phone application that allows you to keep track of what you eat. It has an extensive menu of items available for you to search and add to your consumption. While it has other features, I use it to keep track of not only the foods I eat and the things that I drink but also any vitamins and supplements that I take. It is also good to keep track of the amount of water you have taken in during the day.

Workouts Used

The workouts that I used combine body weight exercises with visits to Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness has been the gym. I’ve used since the summer of last year. The gym consists of treadmills, ellipticals, cycles, weight machines, Smith machines, cable machines, and free weights. When I began with the gym I used almost exclusively, the weight machines. While that allows you to get some impressive numbers, it limits the benefit you get from the workout. A weight machine limits your range of motion. This means that, for example, using the leg press works only one set of your muscles. If you are do the same activity, a squat, using a barbell you would use far more muscles because you would need to keep the barbell straight and keep yourself balanced. In addition, I did not use any of the other machines available. Over the course of the improvements I am going to list, I used everything but the weight machines. The only exception was if everything else was in use or if I just wanted some variety.

The body weight exercises that I use are from a book entitled You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren. The book is an easy read, and he clearly lays out exercises in ways to perform them to get varying intensities.


The supplements that I used include vitamins, creatine, and a testosterone booster. These I take every single day, and consider them part of my improvement. In addition, I use a whey protein powder to supplement the amount of protein I get in a given day.

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Supplements I Use

I use vitamins from an online vitamin house called Vitacost. I use their Aro Black Series Men’s Opti-Vitamin. It is an inexpensive supplement and contains over 75 nutrients. The dosages three capsules per day, so one container is good for about two months.

I take creatine made by Optimum Nutrition. It is there micronized creatine powder. As with the vitamins I take this in the morning and it is only 1 teaspoon of powder per day.

I use a testosterone booster made by MuscleTech. It is their Test HD hard-Core Testosterone Booster. The dosage for this is to capsules a day. I take one in the morning with my vitamins and one about 30 minutes before I begin my workout at the gym each day.

I use Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard 100% Whey Powder. I take this in the evening when I get home, mixed with almond milk. This provides me with a kick of 24 g of protein


Rather than putting a bunch of pictures of myself online. I’m going to approach this from a pure measurement standpoint. On January 11 of this year. I had begun taking the testosterone booster in addition to the protein, vitamins, and creatine that had already been taking. As of this writing, March 8, 2015, I’ve increased the size of my neck, chest, biceps, and size. The chart below indicates the actual size improvements. These were achieved over an eight week period. All measurements are in inches.

Left Biceps
Left Forearm
Left Wrist
Right Biceps
Right Forearm
Right Wrist
Left Thigh
Left Calf
Right Thigh
Right Calf


I want to point out again that these results are what the exercises and this diet plan did for me. I wish I was compensated by the companies that I have mentioned in this post, but I am not. Nor could these be the best things for you to use, I only post this as my own experience. In the next article, I will go over my exercises. If you would like a preview, just join Fitocracy.


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