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Fitness Steppers Help You Lose Weight and Stay Toned

Updated on August 8, 2014

What is a Fitness Stepper and Can it Help You Lose Weight

A fitness stepper is a two platform exercise machine which simulates the stepping movement of walking up a staircase. They vary greatly in design and weight, but all have the same function - to improve your fitness, help you to lose weight, by increasing your heart rate and burning calories.

While some steppers are lightweight and portable, others are made of heavy duty materials and some even have resistance bands (rubber cords) attached, which replicates the exercises you can do with a set of dumbbells, giving you an upper body workout the stepping movements strengthen and tone your legs.

How do Fitness Steppers Benefit You?

A stair stepper is designed to help you lose weight and unwanted calories, as well as develop, strengthen and define your upper and lower leg muscles.

Everybody wants to feel and look good, but sometimes people do not wish to sign up for a gym membership, while others suffer from low self esteem and low confidence levels. This is just one reason why using a stair stepper or mini stepper at home are a great way to build on those weaknesses, because you can exercise at your own pace and in your own time without fear of being 'watched'.

Another benefit is that they do not take up too much space. Some even fold away small enough that they can be stored in a closet while not in use. Although, generally they are light weight enough that you can move them to any corner of a room out of the way.

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Are There Negatives to Using a Stepper at Home?

Although you save money by not paying a membership fee, the cost of buying a sturdy fitness machine can be a draw back if you plan on working out on a regular basis. While most are cheap to buy, they are usually not durable enough to last a long time and you must also bear in mind that the basic types are usually not adjustable.

This becomes a problem when your fitness has increased over the time you have been exercising and you no longer have a strong and intense workout. You should do your due diligence before purchasing any type of stair stepper and choose one to suit your level now, and in the future if you intend to use it on a permanent and regular basis. In this case you probably better off spending a little more to obtain a higher quality machine so your workouts do not become too long, thus making them a boring workout. On our website, you will find out what the best steppers are and where is the best place to buy them from. Visit and view your options.

What Are the Different Types of Fitness Stepper Available?

Starting from the top brands like Stairmaster and working down to more 'affordable' steppers, you have the Stairmaster which was the pioneering company of these aerobic workout machines. (They started with the Stairmaster 5000 in 1983, which was a rotating staircase or step treadmill).

Today they offer you a great workout on the Stairclimber and the Stepmill, but like I said these are unaffordable to normal folk like you and me! Well, unless you have over four thousand dollars lying around for one piece of equipment! (I certainly do not.)

In the mid price range (under $2,000) you have membership gym type steppers, from manufacturers like Life Fitness and Bowflex. And then at the lower end of the market, and more affordable for home gyms at under $1,000 you have products as low as $45.00.

But these 'mini' steppers and the portable ones are not very durable. Although the manufacturers suggest they have a long life span, customer reviews say otherwise.

However, these smaller and cheaper machines do have some advantages. As discussed above, some are lightweight and require very little storage space and workout space. And the tendency for thousands of people is to buy one of these cheaper models and once they realize the health and fitness benefits of using them, they have developed the confidence to join a membership gym. Good on them, I say.

Would I Be Better Off Getting a Treadmill or an Elliptical Trainer?

It depends on several factors. One is personal preference, while the other is your finances. Elliptical cross trainers tend to be a little higher priced (if you want a sturdy one which is going to last you!), while treadmills are reputedly more durable. You can pick up a really great treadmill for under $400. So the mini fitness steppers are a lot cheaper, but don't forget that you usually get what you pay for.

As for exercise benefits, my personal preference is the Elliptical trainer as this seems smoother and kinder on the knee joints than steppers, and I hate running - so I only ever use a treadmill for steep uphill walking, as a change from the elliptical. And elliptical's give a much more intense upper body workout with the 'cross ski' motion, as well as the obvious lower body movements.

What is your preferred exercise machine for fat loss?

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