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Active kids = healthy kids.

Updated on November 14, 2013

You often hear the statement about obese children and how the Countries population is grossly overweight. How we are a nation of under active people but, overactive when it comes to our diet. We as adults, have a huge amount of fast food advertising to contend with and it is far too easy to succumb to the quick fix of take away food.

We also have that choice to make for our children too. We, again too easily go for the quick option of take away food. This has changed somewhat over recent years, with the promotion of healthier school dinners courtesy of Jamie Oliver and his school dinner program. He has recently launched this program into the US, it will be interesting to see if he has as much negativity there, as he did here.

I don't understand how we are becoming a fat nation. We have more sports clubs available, with better facilities. We have more qualified coaches available, at every sport. The numbers of participants for most sports is on the increase. There are a lot of health programmes on TV, trying to shock us with morbidly obese images. So, how can we be getting bigger?

I suspect we are eating more healthily but, i suggest portion sizes have increased dramatically over the last 15 years. No matter how hard you train and exercise if your calorie intake is greater than the burn off, you will get fatter. We have also had it drummed into us, 'that you must finish whats on your plate' by our parents. We are now doing the same thing to our own children. Give them a smaller portion and then let them eat whats on the plate, with no snacks between meals. Follow the same diet as the children and exercise together. Go on family bike rides but, don't stop at the pub halfway. Get out and jog together, if the kids can't go as far as you then let them go on their bike or scooter. Just encourage the healthy option, you may even enjoy it. Even if you just go to the park and throw a Cricket ball to eachother, it would also get them away from the games consoles.

I do see children walking to school eating crisps and munching on chocolate but, they are walking to school, so surely are burning off the extra calories. Schools need to encourage more physical activity. The fact competition and winning has been discouraged in UK schools, has not helped. Healthy competition in young people is a healthy option for body and mind. Tests show, class lessons are improved, when exercise is actively encouraged at school. Fitter people tend to have fitter brains.

In a positive move, one local authority has urged parents to let their children go to school on a scooter, rather than drive them to school. With schools now providing safe areas to practice just as we did with the cycling proficiency tests when we were young.

There are many things we as a nation can do to improve the health of our nation. If we did one of the many options, we would save a fortune on the NHS, allowing more money to be diverted, to improved health education.

I have been coaching young people at Cricket and Rugby for years. We have also started an education program on diet and fitness, within the teams we coach


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    • stwcar profile image

      stwcar 7 years ago

      Thank for your comments.

    • Garden Games Girl profile image

      Garden Games Girl 7 years ago

      Getting active and out of doors is key to all fitness not just for children.

      Getting the family outside any playing together builds memories that your child will cherish and gives them skills to take into later life

    • Gift Experts profile image

      Gift Experts 7 years ago

      Watching diet and activity (not exercise) young is key. GOod points here.