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Five Benefits of Almonds and Almond Oil

Updated on November 7, 2014
Almonds grow on deciduous trees that grow as tall as 32 or more feet. Almond trees typically begin to bear fruit in year seven during the autumn season.
Almonds grow on deciduous trees that grow as tall as 32 or more feet. Almond trees typically begin to bear fruit in year seven during the autumn season.

About Almonds and Almond Oil

What's so great about the almond? --Or better yet, what's there to know about almond oil? Almonds and almond oil are reported to have several beneficial properties including anti-inflammatory, immunity-boosting and anti-liver toxicity effects. Almond oil is rich with vitamin E contains essential minerals like magnesium and calcium (almost as much calcium as found in milk).

The oil itself is extracted from the seed of an almond and serves as a base for a variety of resources ranging from cosmetics to aroma therapy.

Almond are the fruit of almond trees. Almond trees are a seasonal variety of trees that grow as tall as 32 feet in height. Almond trees generally begin to bear fruit after approximately five years during autumn months.

This hub will focus on the following benefits of almond oil:

  • Anti-Aging

  • Removal of Scars

  • Hair Growth

  • Digestive Aid

  • Cardiac

Almond oil moistures and softens skin as well as tightens skin to reduce wrinkles.
Almond oil moistures and softens skin as well as tightens skin to reduce wrinkles. | Source

Almond Oil an Anti-Aging Oil?

Want to improve your complexion or tighten your skin to decrease incoming wrinkles? Thanks to those high levels of Vitamin E, almond oil, when applied regularly is reported to slow the aging process as it both softens and tightens the skin, closes pores and delays the appearance of wrinkles. This oil improves skin complexion and has properties that enable it to function as a moisturizer, relieving dry and itchy skin.

Next, almond oil can lighten dark circles commonly seen around the eyes as we age.

Frequent use of almond oil may lighten scars.
Frequent use of almond oil may lighten scars. | Source

Almond Oil may Promote Scar Healing

Did you know that almond oil is a healing potion of sorts for the skin? Regular almond oil application on any scar makes it lighter over time. When applied early in the scarring process, almond oil may improve inflammation and skin irritation. If used on an older scar, the healing properties of almond oil may take a bit longer to achieve but religious application of the oil is reported to still lighten it.

Science is continuing to study how almond oil might be used post-operative to reduce scarring commonly associated with surgery.

Almond oil gives hair a great shine and promotes hair growth.
Almond oil gives hair a great shine and promotes hair growth. | Source

Almond Oil Promotes Hair Growth

Care to add a little shine to your hair? Looking to soften the texture just a smidge? Almond oil is extremely beneficial for hair. Not only does it soften and add shine to the hair, regular use of almond oil can aid in helping hair to thicken and grow at a faster rate. In addition, almond oil may aid in controlling the rate at which hair sheds.

Almond oil supports both cardiac health and digestive health.
Almond oil supports both cardiac health and digestive health. | Source

Cardiac and Digestive Benefits of Almond Oil

Almonds also contain antioxidants such as catechin, epicatechin and kaempferol which aid in the prevention of cell death and may reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

High in dietary fiber, almonds boost digestion and may also prove useful in the reduction of irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. They may also play a role in reducing the risk or occurrence of colon cancer. If you would like to take advantage of these benefits, it is recommended that you might try consuming one teaspoon of sweet almond oil every morning.

Cardiovascular benefits have also been associated with almond oil as studies have shown that almond oil elevates the levels of so-called ‘good cholesterol’, high-density lipoproteins (HDL), whilst it reduces low-density lipoproteins (LDL).

In Summary

So, whether you are looking to improve your digestive track or skin complexion or are just looking to change the health of your hair, almond oil offers a wide variety of benefits.

© 2014 Mahogany Speaks


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    • nanospeck profile image

      Akhil Anil 

      5 years ago

      Good article about almond and almond oil


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