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Five Core Blasting Ab Exercises With TRX Suspension Trainer

Updated on October 7, 2013

Why use the TRX Suspension Trainer for ab exercises?

As you get further and further along into your fitness journey, there are certain exercises that will eventually stop producing the results that your body once saw from these exercises. Your muscles have muscle memory and as a result, simple exercises such as crunches and sit ups become almost ineffective after a while.

So how does one break through this plateau? Switching your ab routine from simple single muscle group exercises to more complex exercises that engage multiple muscle groups is the perfect solution to seeing results in the form of leaner ab muscles and a stronger core. The more muscles that are involved in any one exercise means the higher your heart rate will be which in turn leads to you burning more calories. Burning calories, burns fat and burning fat is the key to finally seeing those stubborn abs come out to play!

What is the TRX Suspension Trainer?

The TRX Suspension Trainer allows you to suspend part or all of your body whilst performing an exercise. The added element of suspension forces you to use many of the smaller muscles in your body (especially in the joint areas) to stabilize yourself during exercises.

Developed by a navy seal, the TRX Suspension Trainer is used by fitness experts around the world and by trainers in all sports. It’s versatility as a piece of fitness equipment is superior to a lot of other competitors on the market today.

The TRX Suspension Trainer can be used to build up almost any muscle in the body, the abdominal muscles are just one example of the versatility of the TRX Suspension Trainer.

TRX Plank
TRX Plank

TRX Ab Exercises:

1. Plank

Placing your feet in the stirrups, you will assume a regular plank position. Things to keep in mind are that your elbows should be directly under your shoulders and you should keep your core tight at all times (thus, not allowing your hips to sink). Keep your back flat and hold the position. Work your way up in terms of time, start with 20 or 30 secs and work your way up to 1 minute. Try doing 3 or 4 sets per exercise with a short rest in between for best results.

TRX Side Plank
TRX Side Plank

2. Side Plank

As with the regular plank place your feet in the stirrups but this time place one foot in front of the other. Again, make sure your elbow is directly under your shoulder. Keep your core tight and hips up to really engage the oblique muscles. Work your way up in terms of time, start with 20 or 30 secs and work your way up to 1 minute. Try doing 3 or 4 sets per exercise with a short rest in between for best results

TRX Suspension Trainer
TRX Suspension Trainer
TRX Suspended Crunches
TRX Suspended Crunches

3. Knee Tucks/Suspended Crunches (from elevated plank position)

For this exercise you want to make sure that your wrists, elbows and shoulders are aligned. With your feet in the stirrups, start by raising your hips as you slowly bring your knees as close to your chest as possible (hold for a one second count) then slowly return to the starting position and repeat. You can do these either for a period of time or a set number of reps. Be sure to keep it to slow and controlled movement to get the most out of this exercise.

TRX Pike
TRX Pike

4. Pike

Start in the elevated plank position, again making sure that your wrists elbows and shoulders are aligned. With your feet in the stirrups, raise your hips and glutes upwards. Keep your legs straight and bring your feet in towards your body. Hold for a one second count then slowly extend your legs back out to the starting position and repeat. You can also do these either for a period of time or a set number of reps.

TRX Mountain Climbers
TRX Mountain Climbers

5. Suspended Mountain Climbers

This exercise is great for tightening up the lower belly area. With your feet in the stirrups assume the elevated plank position (wrists, elbows and shoulders aligned) then bring your right knee to your chest while keeping the left straightened then alternate legs. This exercise does not need to be as slow and the other ones but still maintain control as it is very easy to lose balance.

Perfect for at the gym or at home use, the TRX Suspension Trainer is extremely portable and extremely versatile. Needing only a small space and your body weight, the results that can be achieved with this piece of fitness equipment rivals that of most of it’s competitors on the market today.


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    • profile image

      Roy Edwards 

      3 years ago

      Great article and really informative to anyone who doesn't own one of these types of trainers. As a personal trainer, this is one of the best pieces of kit that I use. Versatile, lightweight and portable it can be adapted to suit all levels of fitness. Combined with high intensity activity my clients rave about their achievements.


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